Headpats & Handholding [v0.18] [Insomnimaniac Games]

Headpats & Handholding [v0.18] [Insomnimaniac Games]

June 14, 2024F95

Sup dudes and lady dudes! Are you ready for a no holds barred, high flying, epic adventure? No? Good cause this ain’t it. This is a game about a white haired futa’s journey of love, acceptance, and of course copious amounts of sex. Oh yeah, there’s a plot about an evil goddess or something, but who the hell cares about that? You can even pet a dog.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-23
Release Date: 2024-05-23
Censored: No
Version: 0.17
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, 3DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Handjob, Milf, Oral Sex, Swinging, Cheating, Teasing, Footjob, Titfuck, Adventure, Turn based combat, Fantasy, Romance, RPG, Humor, Ahegao, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Virgin, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Pregnancy, Anal Sex, Harem, Sex toys, Marriage, Based Parenthood, Incest
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1. Extract and run.
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Chapter 17 (We’ve got a time skip people!)
Scenes with Lily, and Danica.
Bug/Typo fixes
Monica (Item Shop Owner) finally has that model she should have had months ago.
Headpat Tabi!
New World Map. It’s the greatest map to ever exist. Press T, or use the key item
Pressing T or the map item while in the desert will instead bring up the desert map.
Probably something I’m forgetting to mention! (There was a lot of little stuff)
Chapter 16 story
Scenes with Carna, Shanice, and Selene (Lily is present for all of them!)
Bug/Typo fixes
(Selene’s scene is a small addition to Lily’s public sex scene.)
Scenes for Lily, Emilia, Krystalia, Melissa and Tia! (All optional)
Some minor typo fixes
That’s it…
(I know it’s a short update, you don’t need to tell me!)
Chapter 15 quests!
Scenes for Lily, Tia, and Ava! (Alicia has now had sex with every legal woman in town)
Added a fullscreen option in the settings menu, per supporter request.
Bug/typo fixes!
Chapter 14 Quests!
Scenes for Marge, Danica, and Lily! (Lily’s is a small one)
New option in the companion menu
You can now pet the dog AND cat at the same time! (Temporarily bugged)
Bug/Typo Fixes
-Chapter 13 quests!
-Scenes for Lily, Melissa, and Krystal!
-Tons of new stuff for build variety! (With brand new OP combos)
-Bug/typo fixes
-And four very special words!
-Chapter 12 quests
-Scenes for Selene, Shanice, and Tia
-Bug/Typo fixes
-Backend code organization. You won’t notice this, but my sanity certainly does. I went through and changed the conversation system for every important NPC. Let me know If I broke anything.
-Message log. Pressing tab during dialogue, or B when you’re walking around will bring up a message log, just in case you accidently skip something. Why is it two different keys? IDK, ask yanfly.
-Chapter 11 Quests! (The main quest is a bit short, and ends kinda abruptly. As I mention in game, I have to start moving the plot along.)
-Scenes for Emilia, Darren(Optional), Danica, and Carna (Lily is in Danica’s Scene)
-Minor bugfixes/spelling mistakes
-Chapter 10 Quests
-Scenes for Marge and Lily (Lily is in every scene this update)
-Bug/Typo fixes
I included two saves for you guys. File 24 is a 100% save, and file 25 is a save at the start of 0.09. Just for anyone who wants/needs them.
-Chapter 9 quests
-Scenes for Krystalia (optional), Selene, Aveline, and Lily (She’s in 3 scenes, actually)
-Bug/Typo fixes
-Chapter 8 quests!
-Scenes for Lily, Emilia, Darren (optional), and Din (re-introduced)
-New “emergency menu” for if you encounter a stuck image/animation, black screen, or you cannot move. Press P to bring it up!
-Bugfixes/Spelling corrections
-Made Orchid a bit prettier
-Other stuff I can’t remember
v0.06 Hotfix 2
You probably don’t need this. It just fixes some minor bugs that most of you probably never encountered. Hotfix #1 is included.
v0.06 Hotfix
You only need this if you can’t access chapter 5’s main quest. This only happens in specific circumstances, so if you are at, or past that point, you DON’T need this.
Sup dudes! Finally done with 0.06, and that means we’ve not only caught up with the pre-rework game, we’ve passed it! That didn’t take too long, but I still appreciate your patience. Now, onto the stuff you really care about.
-Chapter 5, 6, and 7 story/quests.
-Scenes for Lily, Carna, Marge, Krystalia, Danica, Melissa, and Tia.
-Camping re-introduced
-You can now hide the textbox with the H key. It’ll come back if you progress dialogue, or press H again.
-Fixed the hotkey tutorial
-Bug/Spelling fixes.
-Code optimizations. You probably won’t even notice these.
With future updates, I’m planning on retro-actively enhancing previous scenes. Only one or two an update, if I have time, so they’re not a focus. Don’t worry about missing anything, I’ll be enhancing their repeatable versions as well.
v0.05 Rework
I’m sorry this is so late, but it took an extremely long time. It’s basically a full game overhaul. Everything received an upgrade. Story, Combat, Scenes, Backend Systems, everything. So much changed that I had to build the game from the ground up.
With that said, it should be obvious but OLD SAVES ARE NOT COMPATABLE. I don’t do this lightly, I made a decision to do this now, instead of later. Going forward all saves will be compatible with future versions. Honestly, you’d be missing out if you could use your old save.
Since so much is different, I couldn’t put it all in one changelog, I’ll just give you the highlights.
-Up to Chapter 4’s story has been completely revamped and improved. It flows better, and isn’t so in your face at times. Things make more sense.
-Conversations with important characters now have bust images instead of just having a face in the corner.
-New combat mechanics. You now have a separate attack/defense style for increased build variety.
-Speed up combat has returned! Hold CTRL during combat!
-Most dungeon layouts/maps have been improved so they aren’t so boring.
-Some dungeons have a new mechanic to them called The Dream World.
-Cat adoption!
-Scenes have been improved with softer lighting that fits the games themes better. Certain scenes have been extended/slightly altered. One scene (Aveline) has been “moved” to a later chapter because it didn’t make much sense where it was at.
-Side quest progression adds additional lines to scenes where applicable.
-Backend systems were built to make things easier on me. These took a while, and are the main reason this took so long.
-And many, many more things.
This ONLY GOES TO CHAPTER 4! The next release will feature chapter 5,6 AND 7. After that, I’ll go back to the regular release schedule. As this took so long to come out, I’m making it public immediately.
Before the Rework
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-Chapter 6 Quests
-Fancier message windows, let me know if you don’t like them, it’s real easy to change.
-Scenes for Carna, Marge, and Shanice. (Carna’s has a Lily Cameo)
-Bonus scene for Lily. It’s not part of a quest, so you gotta find it.
-The start of the Arena side activity. I’ll add more to this as the game goes on.
-Short introduction of a new character, Din, the shortstack goblin milf. Concept by ShiggyWiggly on discord. She’ll play a bigger part in the next update.
-Bigfixes/Spelling mistakes
Chapter 5 quests
-Scenes for Lily, Danica, and Krystalia (Krystalia is optional) (Lily gets 3 new scenes)
-Mini scenes for Danica, and Hana (A new character)
-Updated NWJS for better performance. This’ll probably set off windows defender, because it’s windows defender. It’s a false positive though, defender just doesn’t like RPGM
-Bug/Spelling fixes
Chapter 4 quests & scenes added.
– New scenes for Aveline, Shanice, and Selene.
– Mini scenes for Emilia, Shanice, and Lily.
– Shake paws with the dog.
– Pet the cat
Minor bug and grammar fixes.
QOL Changes
– Calling/Dismissing partner changed to the R key. Usable in town when outdoors.
– Easy mode added to the encounters menu with the E key.
– Added item drops to monster that you can sell for gold.
– Added a key item that lists hotkey in case you like me and forget everything.
– Added an end of content message.
General spelling and grammar cleanup.
Bug Fixes
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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I’m going to say it outright, there will be NO NTR. EVER. No “Um, actually it’s not technically NTR” The LI will NEVER be engaged with another character when not part of a two girl x MC scenario. The cheating and swinging tags are for side stories and do not apply to the LI.
The incest tag applies to the MC having a threesome with the LI and that Li’s mother. The MC herself has no living relatives.
Saves made with v0.04 and prior are not compatible with newer versions


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