Heat [v0.5.7.1] [Edef]

Heat [v0.5.7.1] [Edef]

January 11, 2024F95

Welcome to Heat! An immersive adult video game featuring anthro characters. We focus on having detailed character interactions in a variety of fun scenarios, supporting both VR (through SteamVR) and traditional (2D) screens! (Although 2D mode is still experimental currently)

VR is NOT required to play this game.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-24
Release Date: 2023-12-16
Developer: Edef Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Animated, Furry, Groping, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Handjob, 3D Game, Virtual Reality, Spanking, Sex Toys, Anal Sex
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1. Download game and crack from the provided Crack link.
2. Extract game with 7zip and replace the “HeatSDK.Core.dll” file in Heat_Data > Managed with the file from the crack link.
3. Run Heat.exe.


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  • A new Atlas reindeer skin, set to default for the holidays!
  • Fix jaws of Riley, Atlas, and Garret
  • Fix some voice lines for characters variants (like penis Marina/Hera)
  • Changes for modding system
  • Fix turning off command mode too early on Marina
  • Hopefully fix black stool in Riley’s cabin pose
  • Scale menu will update properly when opening the menu now
  • Properly sync the state of the switch for the dialogue enabled or not
  • Hopefully fix climax button working only the second time
  • Add more optional logging for bugfixes
  • Fix Index controller so it respects the grip binding in SteamVR
  • Holiday socks set to default for now
  • Fix Astera collisions in 2d
  • Character skins now can have an image as an icon
  • Fix error when skins swapped too quickly on a character
  • Fix some POI issues in bathroom
  • Fix changing colours on vertex after a skin swap
  • Fix characters trying to look at themselves and breaking their necks
  • Fix synth eyes not changing colours
  • Fix buttons overlapping in the radial menu toy list
  • Fix tail bounds in the gym
  • Fix collision issue with atlas dick
  • Fix scaling menu for Garret’s sheath
  • Add Riley dialogue and redo all his audio! Voiced by Lance Hall!
  • Other characters can now stuff Atlas in their mouths
  • Significantly reduce size of some textures
  • Holiday socks are now default for the season
  • Fix character head jitteryness in some situations
  • Fix hand getting stuck after dodging riley boop
  • Hopefully solve some cabin crashing/lag issues
  • Alt-f4 works to close the game again
  • Optimize character shaders
  • Fix breast scaling
  • Fix overbright gym lighting
  • Fix tails spazzing out in Emmy/Garret duo
  • Fix drawing on glory hole dicks
  • Fix player having trouble sucking Atlas
  • Fix custom pose switch on startup
  • Hopefully improve Marina’s speed up/down commands to be more reasonable
  • Fix Garret’s kinked tail in some poses
  • Voice lines will be interrupted by boops now
  • Adjust voice line cooldowns slightly
  • Demo mode for MFF
  • Reduce memory usage and change the way characters are spawned
  • Cabin holiday theme with lovely lights!
  • Selected skin now saves to the custom pose profile
  • Lovense API updated
  • Change all the scaling and micro/macro menues into one unified menu
  • Try to prevent synth kisses from merging their head with their chest
  • Fix skin and character gender toggle edge case
  • Fix possession issue
  • Improve the way hints look
  • Fix spawn logic and gender toggles
  • Fix race condition with watersports
  • Improve synth presenting anims
  • Fix animation speed with the staged anims
  • Fix garret sheath collision
  • Make vibrator add pleasure properly again
  • Fix hands losing collision sometimes
  • Fix lighting on bedroom pillows finally
  • Fix Avery eyes
  • Fix fullbody turning
  • prevent watersports voice lines from the character’s own pee
  • Give Marina dialogue and a dominatrix mode
  • Add ability to spawn multiple of the same character, each with different skin!
  • Add a skin selector ability for each character
  • Optimize Vertex’s connectors
  • Fix Avery POIs in mod system
  • Add new BJ audio for Marina
  • Fix cum void in cabin
  • Fix some character’s asses spazzing out in cabin
  • Internal changes to the dialogue system
  • Add light switch to cabin
  • Optimize cabin for performance
  • Adjust some character dicks to be less twitchy when growing erect
  • Fix seams on wet marina
  • Fix possession
  • Improve shadow quality on ultra graphics option
  • Improve Hera’s collider around her pp
  • Fixed characters who won’t stop suckin’
  • Fix errors when mashing UI buttons
  • Adjust tails in cabin poses
  • Cabin Collider Updates
  • Camera screen will scale to cabin TV properly
  • New atlas fireplace pose since his dick wasn’t cooperating with the old one
  • Adjust character arm twists so cowgirl position looks better
  • Fix ghost hands knocking things around when possessing a character
  • Un-quantam the fireplace light so it keeps flickering when you look away
  • Take away Vertex’s ghost dick that could only pee
  • Make fireplace relaxation poses not get erect since they’d get erect into the floor
  • Fix turning whilst holding cabin objects
  • Fix sink collision
  • Fix atlas’ eyes being super creepy when kissing player
  • Fix Garret’s dick clipping through his taint
  • Lightning will now play in sync with the thunder sounds
  • Fix things in cabin disappearing when you’re not looking
  • Add cabin UI image
  • Fix character’s heads jittering when they look at something at the edge of their vision
  • Make Vertex’ detached dick behave better
  • New cabin location!
  • New cabin-specific poses for all characters
  • Toys can now be scaled individually in the scale kinks section
  • Balls will now clench when cumming
  • Game will now warn you if you install it in a directory with invalid characters in it
  • Fix Hera’s face in Atlas duo pose
  • Update Hera’s collision
  • Other character’s feet are now valid lick targets for characters
  • Fixes to allow the cabin to be the default scene for now
  • Updates for mod system
  • Add Duo poses to other locations
  • Add a duo pose of Marina/Hera making out
  • Improve BJ slurp sounds for all chars
  • Fix possession when using controller relative
  • Improve neck movement between chars
  • Fix Marina/Aurora duo missing climax sound
  • Stop kissing when kissing is toggled off
  • Fix kiss sounds playing before there’s any actual kissing
  • Fix spacing between some kissing chars
  • Add a bit of variance to the kissing animation to make them more natural
  • Prevent kissing between large and tiny characters
  • Fix Synth buttons in bathroom
  • Fix some error spam in rare cases
  • Marina/Aurora now have the long staged animation that Emmy/Garret have
  • Fix yet another instance of too many characters spawning at once
  • Fixed possessed arm control
  • Improve kissing smoothness
  • Fix duo menu issue
  • Fix eyelids in the new cuddle poses
  • Some code for modding tool release later
  • Improved kissing animation lip movement
  • Fix tip detection for player character
  • Add a loop to cuddle poses to vary them a bit
  • Slight adjustment to Atlas’ head
  • Characters will now make out with each other when positioned!
  • New cuddle poses, meant for possession
  • Add option for duos poses to automatically climax over time
  • Add proper outline when hovering hand over Vertex’ limbs
  • Vertex’ detached limbs will now adhere to finger/toe posing
  • Significantly improved BJ audio
  • Fix allow 3 characters with duos
  • Add option to disable 2d hand model
  • Added Vertex boop
  • Add character sensitivity slider
  • Shower pose will now reposition characters when more than 1 is enabled
  • Disable ghost hands on detached Vertex body parts
  • Fix penetrable toy on Vertex pp
  • Detached pp balls now collide with shaft
  • Vertex can now fuck himself with his own dick
  • Took away Vertex’ coffee so his animation no longer has micro-jitters • Fix Vertex despawn dialogue
  • Vertex/Astera will blush after being kissed uwu
  • Shrink location of door handle menu
  • Fix double kissing
  • Detaching Vertex limbs will eject them slightly away from the body now • Vertex’ detached limbs now adhere to the floating toys settings
  • Stop Vertex from getting aroused just from his dick lying on the floor
  • Fix eye close when touching Vertex’ face
  • Fix various head state issues
  • Add missing hip thrust options
  • Fix bad texture around Vertex’ shoulders
  • Eyes will now still look around when head is locked
  • Smooth out kissing start motion
  • Reassign dumbells to gym POIs
  • Fix errors whilst scaling
  • Give Vertex a favourite toy
  • Make playerbody Emmy’s neck not so stubby
  • More progress on Vertex detachable parts
  • Vertex’s pp can now be detached and should function fully
  • Fix eye graphics overlapping eyelids
  • Fix cumflation clipping
  • reduce size of some textures that were way too large for no reason
  • Add graphics to Vertex’s limb ends
  • Fix various enors with mods
  • add limb removal dialogue
  • Add new welder model and audio
  • Fix rmuth errorsa detached arm and legs can be attached to groin, spanked with, and penetrate
  • add masturbation speed control to atlas masturbate
  • Fix glory hole moans
  • Fix Riley’s chastity aage collision
  • Vertex will look at his detached parts
  • Added Vertex! Guess the voice actor and get a cookie!
  • Add the first dialogue system to the game. Vertex will react to things you do
  • Add a welding tool to detach Vertex’ limbs. This feature is still very early.
  • Add horizontal/vertical orientation option in the possession radial menu to control where “up” is whilst possessing, for laying poses
  • Whole bunch of internal changes and refactors
  • Add missing imax audio to Emmy’s bondage pose
  • Set Astera and Vertex default RGB colours
  • Fix voice pitch change on scale
  • Custom poses will now save scale
  • Ghost blowjobs fixed
  • Fix ghost hands appearing when they shouldn’t
  • Minor menu updates
  • Fix Garret elbow being hard to grab
  • Add Astera to the spawn block checker so you can’t spawn her inside other chars
  • Add instructions on how to activate the camera in the camera submenu
  • Fix Garret’s trembling legs
  • Fix Sauna effects not spawning when possessing
  • Reposition Astera squirt spawner
  • Fix Emmy’s bondage strap toggle in lockers and gym
  • Adjust binding descriptions for smoothturn and toycum
  • Add a new look target for characters
  • Allow toys to cum in 2d with open menu
  • Disabling posing during possession so you can’t grab yourself
  • Move the head with the VR camera in the mirror so you don’t have a creepy death state anymore
  • Disable teleport during possession
  • Fix Emmy/Garret duo look targets
  • Fix the playerbody faces in mirror for Emmy and Atlas
  • Improve possess elbow location
  • Fix camcorder light
  • Fix aurora fullbody nails disappearing
  • Re-do a lot of the character posing system to behave a lot better
  • Possessing characters in duo poses will now give you control of the character hands
  • Added a new duo Garret/Emmy animation that’s multi-stage, meant specifically for possession. Advance to the next state through the UI
  • Character shoulders can now be grabbed and rotated
  • Add a tail collision toggle in custom posing menu
  • Add finger posing controls to the radial menu
  • Grabbing character’s heads will now allow you to pose their upper body. Grab their heads and pull them in for a kiss :3c
  • Add ghost hands to show where characters can be grabbed to be posed
  • Added twist to character’s arms and legs so their wrists and arms should turn smoother when rotating their wrist
  • Loading poses will check if they’re in the right location now
  • Allowed every pose to be poseable
  • Add Alternative atlas textures to fullbody player
  • Improve radial menu item placement
  • Add atlas masturbating pose
  • Fix missing inflation anims
  • Big refactor for the character’s internal head controllers since the system was a huge kludge before
  • Add ghost hands as a non fullbody hand option
  • Remove Astera texture compression for better text clarity
  • Fix your finger growing back if garret bites your bit finger again
Bug Fixes
Minor Bug fixes
  • Added kissing characters uwu
  • Added Garret boop, but don’t boop him!!
  • Tons of backend changes for char modding, releasing soon
  • Add a felatio speed slider to the radial menu
  • Add a eyes open toggle to the radial menu for eye contact
  • Added canine Garret to the bathroom
  • Align other Garret’s dick a bit better with physics
  • Fix muffled character voices
  • Fix hand poses when scaled
  • Fix Marina’s flat ass
  • Players can walk all over scaled large characters now
  • Fix fullbody feet trackers from pointing in weird directions on calibrate
  • Added a binding option to the left controller for teleport
  • Reposition menu when changing player scales
  • Fix various times players would get black screen in VR cuz they’re in 2d mode
  • Adjust Riley’s balls to prevent ball spasms.
  • Fix Emmy’s balls doing horrible things when scaling
  • Fix various issues with Lovense integrations
  • Fix various horrors that happens to dicks when scaling a lot
  • Fix scaling characters in the bathroom
  • Fix error with stroking in the bathroom
  • Fix error when changing scenes with the door handles
  • Add in basic controller vibration, just when using vibrator for now
  • Fix Aurora’s vag from sagging after the masturbating pose
v0.4.6.1 + v0.4.6.2
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  • Added a muffle to character voices when their mouths are ‘occupied’
  • Fix aurora gremlin snoot after scaling
  • Fixed marina eyes in pose 3
  • Move marina a bit so her tail stops clipping in pose 2
  • Fix the verifyIntegrity script always failing
  • Fix player dick infinitely leaking cum
  • Fix characters not receiving pleasure when thrusting into the player. You’re not that loose
  • Scale props along with character when they use them, like weightlifting
  • Fix Hera’s vag in the gym
  • Peeing should no longer be the default for player over cum
  • Change player watersports to function when trigger is held instead of running for a while
  • Fix marina’s ass flipping out when sitting
  • Fix atlas playerbody hand poses
  • Fix avery pose 3 speed slider
  • Fix bathroom thrusting
  • Characters will be scaled around a more correct point now, so they won’t disapear into the bed anymore.
  • Significantly improved dong scaling so it should be more stable at ridiculous sizes
  • Update modding package to Unity 2021
  • Fixed Riley’s asshole growing to umbrella sizes
  • Fix gloryhole climaxes.
  • Bunch of changes to prepare for character modding
  • Allow grabbing of flaccid dicks when scaled up
  • Fix various issues with lovense connections
  • Add logging to help fix lovense issues if they come up
  • Fix Emmy foreskin when his dong is scaled up
  • Increase cum scale with dick/char scale
  • Improve atlas playerbody autothrust
  • Gym outdoor floor will collide with cum now
  • Fix Marina’s stanky leg when she hip thrusts
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  • Update Unity to 2021 version
  • Add a ‘Scale’ kinks menu, allows character and naughty bit scaling to crazy proportions. The sheathed character need some big changes still for this.
  • Add a way to get ‘outside’ the Gym so you have space to scale the characters to huge sizes. Instructions in the Scale kinks menu.
  • Rewire all the dicks in the game to be more stable at large sizes
  • Rebake all the lighting
  • Add Atlas playerbody
  • Add mod install instructions to the mods folder
  • Add slider to scale arms playerbody arm lengths
  • Fix Marina backthrusts
  • Hip thrust now works on oral between characters
  • Stop an error with no headset
  • Fix character sweat slider in some cases
  • Fix characters getting stuck climaxing when switching
  • Fix IRL toys not responding to playerbody holes
  • Fix playerbody dick not activating cumflation
  • Fix Garret floof moistness
  • Fix a memory leak with IRL toys
  • Hand will auto pose when hand scale is too different from character
  • Fix audio plap sources
  • Fix hip thrusts on grabbing character dicks
  • Remove holiday sock defaults
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Very often requested; we’re finally tackling a playerbody! We’ve got most of the functionality in but there’s still a fair bit to work on.
Currently, the player has the one body (an Emmy reskin) that has a functioning penis and butthole. The penis will thrust if inserted into a hole when no hip tracker is connected. We’ll be adding the other character’s bodies soon, with a female one for sure up next.
3 trackers are currently supported – waist and feet. You need to set you trackers to waist and left/right foot in SteamVR for the game to recognize them. Press calibrate in the fullbody options menu to set everything in place.
This build also includes a massive rewrite to the radial menu and the dildo thrusting system, this is to prepare it for modding 😉
The fullbody system might still be a bit rough since it’s such a massive change, but I’m excited for it since it definitely makes the game more immersive. I can’t wait to see what it’s like playing as Atlas!
Naturally, the fullbody system does not work in 2d mode. If people really want a body in 2d mode we could try it, but the system would be limited to standing up, so it wouldn’t have much functionality. I can’t think of a meaningful way to have a 2d fullbody without spending months on 2d-specific code and animations.
Check out the full changes below and please provide feedback in Discord! Thank you everyone for your continued support of Heat! Your support allows this game to exist!
  • New Garret pull-up pose in Gym!
  • Fix character -> player penetrations
  • Improve playerbody calibration further
  • Fix errors when Atlas penetrated player
  • Move playerbody options to their own section
  • Fix ‘T-rex arms’ when moving locations
  • Player can now cum with the trigger
  • Move bathroom spawn a bit
  • Fix characters looking at player pp
  • Fix lag when going micro
  • Fix flying into the air when micro
  • Various other micro fixes and improvements
  • Fixed highlighting objects when hovering with hand
  • Fix hand collision when grabbing character’s upper back
  • Fix player pp grab
  • Fix duo character possession
  • Fix painting on Emmy’s pp
Add new long dildos
Fix character’s butthole depth
Fix Garret drooling all over his mouth
Fix Canine Garret’s belly bulge
Fix Garret’s face disappearing at some angles, causing horrifying things
Fix Marina’s tongue clipping through her mouth
Make pre drip more accurately to the penis
Fix Riley/Emmy duo pose flipping out when you put a dildo near them
Garret’s viagra finally wore off
Add Garret duo animation with Riley, Avery and Aurora
Fix Garret in duos
Updated Garret model
Change the way cumflation happens with duos
Fixed character mouths not making dildos wet
Fixed Garret moistness in sauna
  • Latest Garret model with a bunch of fixes
  • Garret will wag his tail now, but pretend you don’t notice
  • Add Sauna and shower poses to Garret
  • Fix texture seams
  • Break then fix Garret anims like 5000 times
  • Fix Garret toe spacing and improve foot detail
  • Fix Garret’s stupid idiot eyelids which took like 2 days
  • Garret should no longer look around the room with closed eyes
  • Assign Garret UI colour
  • Change the way spanks are calculated to hopefully lower chance of ghost spanks
  • Fix infinite cumming dildos, sorry.
  • Make boy titties less saggy
  • Make laser pointer behave better when scaled
  • Fix belly rubbing in 2d
  • Fix Garret icon in the bathroom
  • Fix infinite pre bug
  • Fix Garret blowies
  • Fix an issue making it difficult for Atlas to penetrate others
  • Fix Garret seams when painted on
  • Make it easier to grab Garret’s shaft
  • Fix shaft threshholds when jerking Garret, so you can do a proper full jerk now
  • Garret
  • Tit collision for girls should be much more accurate when breasts grow
  • Breasts should look better when expanding now
  • Big breasts should bounce more naturally
  • Girls now have an option to drip whilst aroused
  • Fix door menu in locker room
  • fix 2hand grabbing dildos with waist bind point
  • Fix 2d camera not looking towards characters in other scenes when spawning
  • Fix wetness fade speed
  • Autothrust toys can now cum with either the trigger or M on keyboard
  • Refactor character chests
  • 2D Player can now fly by holding space. This is mostly useful when scaled down.
  • Attempt to make spanking more consistent
  • Reduce vibrator mass to make it behave better
  • Fix Marina’s tits and several character’s asses from being wack in some poses
  • Penetrable will work on Marina’s dick when she’s jogging now. Jogging while thrusting into a penetrable is an amazing physical feat
  • Fix a lot of autothrust scenarios and make canine toy knot reliably
  • Fix tiny hole in sauna collision
  • Fix Avery’s butthole overlapping their vag
  • optimize the way character sweatiness is handled in sauna
  • Re-fix Riley’s tail in bed pose
  • Fix socks on socked characters
  • 2D grabbing hand scales properly with player now
  • Fix Riley’s saggy tits, especially in Sauna
  • Rewrite the way tracker/groin bind point works, hopefully fixing a few issues
  • watersports with it’s various options added to kinks menu
  • fix cum appearance that got broken ages ago
  • tails will stiffen at the base now when grabbed and let go
  • radial menu should scale with player now
  • makers will only paint when held now
  • change default hand pose a bit
  • fix marina dick colliders
  • fix penetrable on glory hole dicks
  • add keep erect button to radial. Don’t leave it on for more than 4 hours or they’ll have to call their doctor
  • optimize Emmy, Atlas, Hera, and Riley colliders
  • Atlas’ keep floppy will still allow him to cum now
  • fix issue where character physics wouldn’t generate properly
  • add climax button to radial
  • add mouth open toggle to radial
  • add colliders to toilet lid in glory holes
  • improve radial spacing menu with many items
  • Entirely new hand engine that has left us husks of our former selves
  • Fixed Atlas jog pose monstrosity
  • Marina boop!
  • Spank tools and redness
  • Character thrusting in radial menu! (this breaks previously saved poses)
  • Marina jog and BJ poses
  • Added locations to main menu cause too many people miss the door handle
  • Pose numbers should be more consistent across characters, like pose 3 will always be the animated pose
  • Refactored some auth code to not use ancient tech (lemme know if there’s any auth trouble)
  • Add 10hz limit to irl toy updates
  • Duo poses should no longer have synced breathing
  • Fix character’s elbows and knees moving funny when posing in pose 2
  • Increased max speed for animated poses
  • Removed unused code
  • Updated Marina’s collision to respect her chub slider
  • Blocked loading of poses immediately after entering a scene whilst things are still loading
  • Fixed marina againstwall pose jitter
  • Refactor character mouths
  • Fix gloryhole character thrusts
  • Fixed bottom UI hint text loop properly
  • Made boobies teleportable
  • Adjust Marina and Gym UI colours
  • Fixed open mouth radial option
  • Add IRL toys submenu that lists connected toys and has some options
  • Add pose saving functionality and it’s respective menu
  • Added ability to move knees and elbows and upper back
  • Added a laser to show where the player can grab and move the character when their hand is near a grab point
  • Add Atlas/Emmy duo climax
  • Add gape kink feature. Spread em wide!
  • Greatly improve how character sucking looks on Riley
  • Partially improve character sucking for all other chars. They will receive Riley’s new system in the near future.
  • Add submenus for kinks
  • Add Atlas leather harness accessory, still needs some work in some poses
  • Greatly improve the sucking animation in Riley/Atlas duo pose, for splitroasting the fox, as well as a few other poses.
  • Reorganize Menu
  • Add ‘open mouth’ option to characters in the radial menu
  • Internal refactor of the way character holes are handled
  • Possibly fix infinite arousal bug
  • Fix sock options missing in gym
  • Fix characters teleporting to look at a dildo you’re holding behind them
  • Fix Riley’s dick clipping through his cage in duo poses but then break it again
  • Added a pause after duo character climaxes so it looks a lot more natural
  • Refactor the way characters and animations are referenced
  • Move Riley’s hip grip points to a better spot
  • Refactor Main menu to be easier to work with across locations
  • Refactor Riley’s boop
  • Refactor the way accessories are handled and toggling on/off
  • Fix Emmy’s eye anims in Atlas/Emmy duo pose
Changelog Milestone
  • Add penetrable to radial menu auto-thrust where applicable
  • Penetrable toy can now handle Atlas
  • Make hand grip open large enough when penetrable on Atlas
  • Add shlick audio to penetrable
  • Add option to disable collision for characters with smooth locomotion, to help position yourselves under them
  • Make penetrable respond a bit nicer to things stuffed in it
  • Add mouth to radial menu for jogging poses
  • Change the way the physics sounds in the gym are played
  • Add physics sounds to dumbells in the gym
  • Significantly improve the way the penetrable feels, but there’s still more to do, especially on Atlas.
  • Add climax audio to all jog poses
  • Add radial menu entries to jog poses
  • Penetrables can now be attached to waist
  • Add an Atlas-sized penetrable to use on Atlas
  • Fix penetrable not pleasuring characters sometimes
  • Other end of penetrable will now work the same as the front
  • Penetrable won’t break their dicks off anymore when you crank it too far past them
  • Change the angles at which you hold the penetrable
  • Penetrables now float when “enable floating toys” is on
  • Fluids will now collide with penetrables
  • Large internal refactor to the toys, to include the penetrables
  • Add some more physics sounds to the Gym, like on the yoga balls
  • Fix penetrables sticking to your hand sometimes
  • Add textures to penetrables
  • Fix audio in many cases not properly being placed in 3d space
  • Make Emmy not float in the gym anymore. He can’t help himself sometimes
  • Custom music by Anthemics!
  • Aurora has sockies now!
  • Autothrust and the accompanying radial menu
  • Riley and Emmy dual pose owo
  • Added a white marker, by popular demand. Now you can make Atlas into a Zebra!
  • Add an “effects” volume slider, for spanks and shlicks
  • Update Unity
  • Fix seams on toys when painting them
  • Fix some weirdness in a few of Rileys poses, like his head going through the cupboard
  • Make it less likely cum goes through characters
  • ‘C’ on the keyboard now makes the girls goo as well (this is a debug key)
  • Make the inside of Riley’s butt not super shiny
  • Add collision to the player’s wrists so you can fist a bit better
  • Fix the awful hand poses when grabbing Riley’s or Emmy’s pp
  • Fix markers not painting the base of character’s tail
  • Fix a weird fold in Aurora’s butt texture
  • Make character’s eyes not close in on themselves when climaxing and cummed on
  • Improve some bad animation transitions for Emmy and Riley after climaxing
  • Optimize their eyes closing when cummed on
  • Make UI laser go through furniture and walls
  • New controllers configs to accommodate the radial menu
  • Fixed a small error when trying to change Riley’s socks when he’s not spawned in
  • Make it less likely Riley’s mouth will clip when toys are inserted
  • Adjust and lengthen Riley pose 2 climax
  • Fix floating toys breaking things when being attached to waist
  • Fix fluid colours when the lights are off
  • Fix toy fluids shooting too far in high fluid amounts
  • Riley sockies!
  • Added Riley pose 2 and his animated pose 5!
  • Update tooltips on UI
  • Make Atlas’ goo THICCER
  • Toys now only spoo once per trigger pull
  • Toys now spoo with trigger as well as thumbstick down
  • Only held toys will now spoo
  • Add scrollbar and names to credits
  • Fix Riley’s collar clipping and other minor fixes
  • Attempt to improve Riley’s balls physics
  • Update Riley’s icon
  • Improve system by which characters close their eyes when they get cummed at
  • Internal clean ups
  • Fix Riley jitter from way too much coffee in his ‘side’ pose
  • Implement a different slap system, hopefully this will work for those for whom it doesn’t work
  • Fix Riley spank noises
  • Forgot an internal component the the glory hole area
  • fixed fluidamount 0 errors
  • fixed fluids looking differently in glory hole area
  • fixed phantom fluid dick on the boys
  • hopefully fix fluids on AMD cards
  • Added Riley! :O
  • New fluid engine! :O
  • Toys can now shoot cum, press the thumbstick in while holding one (or down on the pad on the vive)
  • Hopefully fixed some users unable to get slaps to occur on characters
  • Fixed characters looking at unused toys
  • Make it less likely the boy’s dicks will fly off into the stratosphere when spawning for the first time
  • Updated for milestone release
  • Orifices will now make sounds for any insertion, not just dildos
  • Tongue now makes wet noises when licking
  • Add Pose 2 climaxes to Hera and Aurora
  • Fix spanking the boy’s flaccid dicks
  • Add gasp sounds for Emmy
  • Optimize some animation trees
  • Fix potential race conditions
  • Update Unity
  • Added wet noises when thrusting dildos in and out of characters
  • Added spanking to all character’s jiggly bits, to which they will react
  • Improve spanking noises based on spank velocity
  • Added gasp noises to most character when spanked hard (not including Emmy, need some soundproof foam before I can record his)
  • Fixed breakage when moving to glory holes with controller set as waist
  • Fixed some error spam with Hera’s vag
  • Internal refactors!!!
  • Fixed smooth turning not rotating around the correct point
  • Fixed waist stuff when possessing characters
  • Fixed bad things happening if you stuck a dildo all the way into a character’s mouth with floating dildos enabled
  • Fixed a case where dildos might not spawn
  • Renamed some saved values. Some option sliders you had saved will be reset to default
  • Add new Hera/Aurora duo pose owo
  • Implement spanking noises when slapping their butts fast. This is an initial proof-of-concept for this feature and will be improved and expanded upon
  • Add toggle to suspend toys in the air, so characters can use them without your help~
  • Adjust eyelids when giving BJs to stay open, so they can look at you with those beautiful peepers <3
  • UI now shows in front of geometry and is no longer affected by bloom and post processing
  • Add toy position reset button
  • Add smooth turning options
  • Add scrollbar to options menu. You can click and drag anywhere in this page in VR
  • Adjust character view limits so they can find you when giving a BJ
  • Add slider to adjust marker brush size to make painting them all one colour easier, like you guys love to do for some reason :T
  • Rename dildos to toys in the menu cause it sounds more sophisticated
  • Fix credits screen in the glory hole bathroom
  • Fix 2d mode UI issue
Pre-Cracked. No need to crack.


Extras: Game controls

Jolly_The_Jester thanks for the crack!

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