Her Fall [v0.9.4] [TwizSin]

Her Fall [v0.9.4] [TwizSin]

July 8, 2024F95

Misaki has recently fallen head over heels in love with Ryou.
They both want their relationship to move forward but are having a tough time getting through to each other.
Misaki goes to college in central Tokyo, while Ryou is attending college in Sendai.
The distance is not too far away—only a short train ride—
but still, it is too much of a strain on the already sexually strained relationship.

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Chapter 9 Part 2 Release
Newly added Chapter 9, This chapter is beginning of the end of the story.
When I started this project I announced I wanted to make 10 chapters. Due to some ideas I had the amount of content I wanted to add would have
made it closer to 16 chapters. So how did I solve this? Chapter 8 Part 1 and Part 2. Chapter 9 Parts 1-3, and Chapter 10 Parts 1-3.
During the course of chapter 9 There are 3 wholly different routes you can take as the player.
There will also be branching points allowing you to swap from one route to another during the course of chapter 9.
Though once we reach chapter 10. The route you were on last in chapter 9 will be locked in.
An easy way to think of the Routes are:
1. The Bob Route
2. The Ryou Route
3. The Kishimoto Route
Also the Routes are also divided in a way that the tackle different tags.
Whereas Route 1 is the darker more hardcore NTR route.
Route 2 Follows a more Swinger Route
And Route 3. IDK what tag to call it? Is it still NTR? Essentially it’s more about Ryou moving on from Misaki.
Now the tables are turned and she has to watch him with someone else and she is left alone.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-07
Release Date: 2024-07-07
Developer: TwizSin Itch.ioPatreonDiscordSubscribestarBoosty
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Female Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Futa, Big Tits, Virgin, Masturbation, Romance, Cheating, Groping, Titfuck, Animated, Swinging
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1. Extract and run.
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Adds the second part of Chapter 9
Renders: 535
Animations: 421
Totals so far
Renders: 4188
Animations: 2209
Adds the first part of Chapter 9
Renders: 627
Animations: 435
Totals so far
Renders: 3653
Animations: 1788
Adds the second half of Chapter 8
Renders: 627
Animations: 530
Totals so far
Renders: 3,026
Animations: 1,353
Adds the first half of Chapter 8 of the story.
Renders: 611
Animations: 109
Totals so far
Renders: 2399
Animations: 823
Added Chapter 7 of the story. Adds  171 new animations and 231 renders
Renders: 231
Animations: 171
Totals so far
Renders: 1788
Animations: 714
Added Chapter 6 of the story. Adds 77 new animations and 458 renders
Renders: 458
Animations: 77
Totals so far
Renders: 1557
Animations: 543
Added Chapter 5 of the story.  Adds 67 new animations and 172 renders.
Like chapter 4 it has not been remade yet.
Renders: 172
Animations:  67
Totals so far
Renders: 1099
Animations: 466
Added Chapter 4 of the story. Combined the Remake with the chapter 4 release.
Things added in this chapter
Renders: 185
Animations: 79
Totals so far
Renders: 927
Animations: 399
Complete overhaul of chapter 2s animations, UI, Menu screen, and added all the image buttons and alternate angles and povs and stuff like in chapter 1s remake. Deleted the existing 24 animations that were in the chapter and replaced them with 99 new ones. Though 2 of the positions have a little bit of annoying clipping. I was not able to get the clipping completely removed since I was dealing with a condomed penis which does not follow the rules of the Better Penetration mod, also I could not adjust the individual bones of the condom penis model. After a few hours of struggling I decided fuck it its like 4 total animations out of 99 I am ok with those numbers.
It also gives me something to add to the go back and fix this list of shit to do.
Completely redid all the animations and scripting in chapter 1. Overhauled the UI, Optimized the routes, by adding toggles into preferences.
More Image buttons and Label commands than you can shake a stick at. Essentially I removed all but 4 of the animations that were in chapter 1 and added 78 new ones. essentially massively improved the quality of the animations and gave alternate angles and POV views for every animation that was in the chapter previously.
Rewrote and condensed the script for Chapter 1 brought it down to 800 Lines, Then added routes which brought the total lines for Chapter 1 up to 2,136, added 18 new animations
and added 10 new renders, changed some dialogue.
Optimized script for Chapter 2
This added this update
Renders: 10
Animations: 18
Lines: 1,108
Renders: 742
Animations: 144
Lines: 3,980
Added Chapter 3 of the story,  which follows Misaki as she goes on a weekend getaway to a hotel and beach. Misaki is joined on this trip by Ryou, Kishimoto, and Kishimotos girlfriend Kashi.
Things added to this chapter
Renders: 341
Animations: 74
Lines: 1,247
Totals so far
Renders: 732
Animations:  127
Lines: 2,872
Added Chapter 2 of the story. Follows Misaki’s first big date with Ryou.
Kishimoto is upset about stealing Misaki’s first time away from Ryou sets things up so that Ryou can
finally lose his virginity to. Play to find out how the plan goes…
Things added in this chapter
Renders: 178
Animations: 24
Lines: 597
Totals so far
Renders: 319
Animations: 53
Lines: 1,625
Initial Release, Chapter 1 of the story. Follows Misaki as she graduates High School and starts College
During a party she gets very drunk and drugged, She gets raped, and loses her virginity.
Renders: 213
Animations: 29
Lines: 1,028 (though to be fair, the initial release has VERY sloppy coding and could have been brought way down to around 600 Lines…. I need to go back and fix this at some point…)
About The Remake:
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Due to the feed back I was able to get on discord, I decided to go ahead with the plan of remaking the old chapters, essentially chapters 1 and 2 made me ill to look at since I was so new to Ren’Py and Charastudio. The clipping was terrible, the scripts were awful, I would get headaches from going back to see those chapters. So I am remaking them all. Using the new Image button, Multi Cam, Picture in Picture, and POV stuff from the demo. I am remaking chapters not as a main priority but as a side thing. Because of that though they are not something that will be patreon exclusive. As soon as they are done they are going live to everyone. Chapter 1 took me about 32 hours of work to finish. Chapter 2 was finished slightly faster than Chapter 1 since I was able to copy and paste a fair bit of the code. Chapter 2 now has 99 animations instead of 24. I cut some of the renders as they looked horrible and were no longer needed.  Since I used animation scenes to replace them. Now I can start working on the remake for Chapter 3. I do expect that chapter to take awhile though as it was already much larger than the first 2 chapters and had more than double the animations. So remaking it is going to be a pain in the ass. Luckily though chapter 3 is when they stop using a condom for Misaki so that makes life LOADS easier for me when it comes to camera fuckery to minimize the visible clipping. I really don’t think I will have it out before Friday, either way chapter 4s launch day is Friday. Hopefully I can get the chapter 3 remake done this weekend sometime and then I will have 2 weeks to get chapter 5s remake done so that the remake will launch instead of the one that has been done for weeks.




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