Hero Corruption 2 [v0.65b] [diogaoo]

Hero Corruption 2 [v0.65b] [diogaoo]

January 30, 2024F95

Play as a Hero in this Roguelike RPG: Fight girls and challenge yourself for the highest Score while preserving you Hero’s sanity. Will your Hero be a Legend or a Sex Slave?

Thread Updated: 2023-11-10
Release Date: 2023-11-04
Developer: diogaoo PatreonTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.95c – 0.65b
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Male protagonist, Real porn, Religion, Anal sex, Combat, Fantasy, Female domination, futa/trans, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Prostitution, Teasing, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex
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  • Added 3 new exploration events: Lost Girl, Fountain, Goddess of Memory.
  • Added 1 new side-job event: Melissa’s Job
  • Every exploration has a 5% chance of finding a random event, this percentage increases by 1% for each day and resets when an event is triggered.
  • For now exploration events are not tied to a specific area, meaning that you can find any event at any area.
  • The new side-job event can be found after doing a couple of jobs at the tavern, the more you do, the greater the chance of triggering it.
  • Exploration events no longer advance time by one hour, so don’t worry if an unexpected event pops out of nowhere, it won’t mess with your daily planning.
  • A new major branch has been added, you can now increase the amount of EXP gained after an encounter.
  • Golden perks were added, these can be acquired as many times as you want, there is no limit to how strong your hero can get.
  • Not all perks are found on a branch of the tree, some of them are at the roots. You can acquire these perks at any time, as long as you have enough fame.
  • Acquiring a root perk increases the cost of other root perks, so choose wisely.
  • Added Dreams*
  • Added 1 new enemy: Melissa(Bonus)
  • Added 1 new bad ending: Melissa
  • Added 3 new equipments: Twin Blades, Hungry Wyvern, Heart Pendant
  • Added 1 new achievement
  • Red and Purple potions now add bonus attributes instead of base attributes
  • Updooted the skill tree tutorial
  • Removed Anxious and Oblivious from initial traits
  • Increased Hardmode Fame Gain +20% > +25%
  • Slightly increased Dodging QTE difficulty
  • Added Purple and Red potion base pricing (5)
  • Increased Swamp enemies base HP ~+5%
  • Increased Jungle enemies base HP ~+10%
  • Fixed getting the Experiment #804 trait even when attacking Gabrielle
  • Fixed Dakota applying her debuff twice
  • Fixed bonus attributes not working in attribute checks
  • Fixed Lost Girl loop
*Dreams will be triggered when the player is about to break (beeping noises during encounter), it sets the hero’s lust to the amount of the highest addiction at a 1:1 ratio.
For now it’s not very creative and there aren’t many pictures, but I’ll add more in the next version.
15/09: Added the Tower (End Game area)*, Reworked Highscore system
21/09: Added Dakota (Shemale) (Jungle), Shemale related debuff
*To unlock the Tower, the Hero needs 1000 Fame and visit the Tavern
As the highscore system has been reworked, the game will automatically update related persistent variables. Keep in mind that this will delete your current record. (Perks and previous gained Fame are unaffected)
  • Players now have the option to open the backpack during an encounter
  • Orange, Pink and Green potions were added, these new potions fully restore hp, lust, and stamina, respectively.
  • A new screen has been implemented that shows all consumables owned by the hero.
  • When buying the backpack in Janna’s shop the player will receive the three new potions for free, so be sure to use them when needed.
  • You can buy new potions in this same shop, their initial price is minimal, but increases with each transaction.
  • Clothes can also be equipped during an encounter.
  • Nicole is willing to try to make it work again, how about you?
  • Liz is a freak, we don’t talk about Liz
  • Natasha is the last woman standing, just be sure to hold your breath while in her room
  • Current Fame is now displayed on Status Screen
  • Added 2 new Bad Ending: Nicole, Liz
  • Added 1 new Bad Trait: Pheromone Weakness
  • Added 2 new Achievements
  • Removed the “Almost broken” text dialog
  • Added more initial dialogs for diogaoo
  • Added a sfx sound accessory proc
  • Status button added to quick menu
  • Options button added to the main menu
  • Options button removed from quick menu
  • Decreased Recipe Store perk cost 200 > 150
  • Decreased “loot chance +2% increase per enemy defeated” perk cost 150 > 100
  • Decreased “loot chance +3% increase per enemy defeated” perk cost 350 > 300
  • Increased Bonnie damage multiplier x2 > x5
  • Increased Charlotte HP check 30 > 40
  • Increased Caroline‘s HP 280 > 300
  • Decreased Polly‘s HP 340 > 320
  • Fixed Charlotte picture 31 not being displayed properly
  • Fixed Gabby displaying a black screen when being knocked off by Serenity’s Shawl damage
  • When starting a new run, you can choose to start in the Forest, Plains or random.
  • After choosing the starting area, you can still buy the alternate area map from the shop.
  • As it is an area currently under development, the Plains has new enemies while also borrowing some girls from the Forest. There are no bosses in the Plains yet.
  • A new area selection screen has been implemented both when exploring and purchasing new maps from the shop.
  • Michelle is doing some training, the fun kind. Care to help her?
  • Bonnie is all for funzies, in her own way.
  • Rebecca is into some dark stuff, I would stay away if I were you
  • Added 6 new girls to side jobs
  • Added 1 new Bad Trait: Mother’s Blessing
  • Added 2 new Bad Endings: Michelle, Bonnie
  • Added 2 new achievements
  • Game now automatically deletes unfinished runs from previous versions
  • Improved Traits text formatting
  • Base Addiction Resistance set to 10%
  • Base Corruption Resistance set to 20%
  • Increased first areas EXP (~15%)
  • Decreased overall fame cost on skill tree gold branch
  • Revamped Bad End trigger formula*
  • Potion counter now resets once the Hero founds an alchemy lab**
  • Increase effectiveness of Blue Potion -2 Addiction > -3 Addiction
  • Tweaked Sidejob formula
  • Increased Dixie HP Damage 1x > 2x
  • Increased Caroline‘s HP 250 > 280
  • Increased Bianca‘s HP check 50 > 80
  • Increased Bianca‘s CON check (N°Defeated x 2) > (N°Defeated x 3)
  • Increased Gabby‘s Anal check 10 > 15
  • Increased Gabby‘s passive lust damage
  • Fixed Confusion not having the 1 second base time
  • Fixed Lexi’s pics misbehaving
  • Fixed Sigrid sfx not playing properly
Bad Endings now require less corruption to trigger, however the weight of CON in this new formula is slightly higher.
This change along with the increased base corruption resistance should allow heroes to continue playing with a bit of corruption as long as they can keep it in check by increasing their CON stat.
In summary this should allow “lost runs” to end sooner while still being able to recover from a bad/unlucky encounter in a good run.
BE coding have also been optimized to allow for better interactions with possible traits or equipments in the future.
After two encounters in a single day, the hero has access to a guaranteed potion.
Previously it was possible to find a second potion right after one more encounter. Now the alchemy lab will only appear after two encounters, whether you already discovered an alchemy lab on that day or not.
Wake Up > Encounter > Encounter > Potion > Encounter > Potion > Encounter
Wake Up > Encounter > Encounter > Potion > Encounter > Encounter > Potion


  • Fixed Fame flipping to negative values
  • Fixed EXP Ring crash
  • Fixed Polly Confusion crash
  • Fixed Caroline Gallery
  • Added dialogs to complement Gabby’s hot fix
  • Fixed Gabby Dominated debuff
  • The Hero can now choose to do side jobs at the Tavern, this new mechanic doesn’t need to be unlocked via the skill tree.
  • Two sets of each addiction were added, totalizing 12 girls. Sets vary between 8 and 10 images, which are update as the Hero’s Lust increases.
  • Players have the option to “Resist” or “Seduce”, each action modifies the client’s and the player’s lust, amount of gold tipped and Addiction gain. The main variables in the formulas are the Hero’s VIT and client’s Lust
  • The goal of a session if to bring the client’s Lust above it’s threshold, which raises with each passing day. If the Hero’s Lust and client reach it’s maximum at the same turn, the player will be punished.
  • Players will find it easy to earn small tips during the first few days with little investment, but if they want to keep the Tavern as a source of income, investing in VIT and knowing which action to take is necessary.
  • Gabby is back, but she is minding her own business now, why don’t you leave her alone?
  • Is it possible to hypnotize someone against their will?
Rei(Deep Forest):
  • Rei is late to the party, but she’s finally here… Don’t be scared, go on, introduce yourself.
Morning Star
  • Damage +2. Heavy Blow multiplies damage by 3% of Current Stamina and depletes it
Whispering Stone(Caroline):
  • Adds a RefinementLv% chance of increasing damage by INT% during an encounter
Quicky Bracelet(Rei):
  • Adds a RefinementLv% chance of not consuming Stamina after an attack
  • All Images were converted to .webp (Greatly decreasing file size)
  • Added 3 new Bad Endings: Rei, Gabby and Caroline
  • Added 1 new Buff: Insight
  • Added 3 new Achievements
  • Accessories description now show base values+values increased due refinement
  • You can now buy materials in a bulk of 4 and 5
  • Added gold and coin sfx
  • Changed Kali’s achievement icon
  • Removed excessive dialog when sleeping at the Tavern
  • Changed Lexi’s dialog when being spared
  • Updated tutorial skill tree image
  • Revamped Fame Penalty*
  • Fame Gained in Hardmode increased by +20%
  • Church costs now increases over time
  • Increased overall common EXP gain
  • Confusion now has 1 second base time
  • EXP Ring refinement scale decreased
  • Increased EXP Ring base gain 5% > 20%
  • Decreased Polly‘s HP 380 > 340
  • Bianca base CON check increased: 25 > 30
  • Increased Forest bosses EXP 30 > 40
  • Increased Deep Forest bosses EXP 50 > 60
  • Polly now has a counter that may advances it’s bimbo thoughts
  • Fixed Lexi’s loot
  • Fixed Polly and Kendra small pics
  • Fixed Iron Fist being available to unlock sooner then expected
  • Fixed Sigrid not reproducing sounds correctly
  • Fixed Serenity’s Shawl description not appearing
  • Fixed Victoria’s old achievement being displayed
  • The new Recipe Store is located in a new area within the City, the Central Square. You can access it by unlocking the new Perk at the Skill Tree
  • The Store opens every three days, so be sure to plan ahead
  • Three recipes will always be available for sale: A weapon, an accessory and a last special one.
  • Weapons and accessories now have a rarity factor, this means that some recipes are more likely to be on sale than others.
  • The special recipe ignores the rule above, so all recipes in this slot have the same odds. However, you will have to pay a little extra for it.
  • Alternative bosses have been implemented, these new girls are here to introduce a little more variety to the Forest, Deep Forest and the Swamp
  • Sigrid (Forest):
Remember Sigrid? She’s back, as strong as ever. Luckily for you, she has other interests now.
  • Lexi (Deep Forest):
Lexi is here, aaand she is kinda crazy… But we’re not here to judge
  • Lucy & Angel (Swamp) (Shemale):
Lucy is teaching Angel some new techniques, and guess who’s gonna help them?

Heavy Sword

  • Deals double damage when equipped by a hero with 30+ STR
  • Just a Hammer, swings very hard
INT Ring(Charlotte)
  • STR Ring was swapped out of Charlottle, you can only get it by the Recipe Store now
CON Ring(Paige)
  • AGI Ring was swapped out of Paige, you can only get it by the Recipe Store now
  • Added 3 new Bad Endings: Sigrid, Lexi, Lucy n Angel
  • Added 2 new Perks: Recipe Store, Purity Buff
  • Added 1 new Bad Trait: Lexi’s Cum Cow
  • Added 1 new Buff: Purity (+2 All stats if the Hero never reached climax)
  • Added 3 new Achievements
  • Altered potions dialog
  • Images displayed during an encounter are now pseudo-random
From now on, images/dialog already shown to the player will be temporarily stored. If the next image appeared in the last two turns, the game will look for a different one.
  • Image conversion to .webp
Some random images were converted to .webp. This should improve performance and significantly decrease the file size in the near future. Let me know if you notice any pictures acting weird.
  • Increased Easy Mode EXP 30% > 60%
  • Increased CON effect on Confusion debuff 1.5x > 3x
  • Time from the City to the Base increased 1 hour > 2 hours
  • Increased Swamp Map cost 30 > 40
  • Increased Jungle Map cost 40 > 60
  • Increased Samantha’s Attack 15 > 16
  • Increased Serena’s Attack 15 > 16
  • Dixie decreases attributes every turn after an orgasm
  • Decreased Kendra’s Lust check 80% Max. Lust > 60% Max. Lust
  • Polly‘s Confusion now advances when the player reaches orgasm
  • Hard Mode: Decreased April’s Vaginal check 15 > 12, 12 > 10
  • Hard Mode: Ass Worship Bad Trait is applied right after being defeated by Samantha
  • Fixed potions increasing Addictions even with the Alchemist Good Trait
  • Fixed Victoria Gallery crash
  • Accessories can now be refined at the forge after unlocking a specific perk.
  • Accessories can be refined up to +20, each attempt consumes 1 Iron.
  • Attribute gain is exponential, every 5 refinements the amount of bonus Attribute received increases by +1.
  • EXP Ring is now refinable too

Confusion Debuff:

  • Reaction time now takes into consideration the difference between the player’s current and maximum Lust, current Corruption and current CON attribute
  • The higher the Hero’s Lust, the number of wrong alternatives also increases
  • Choice positioning is now truly random
Escape Mechanic:
  • Chance of a successful escape no longer increases by 10% with each failed attempt. Instead, this chance is increased by AGI%
  • Unsuccessful attempts keep stacking up normally
  • The Jungle is the new hardest area in the game.
  • Unlike the Dark Woods in Hero Corruption 1, the Jungle is pretty straight forward, similar to the Swamp, Deep Forest and Forest.
  • Two common girls are hanging out here, there is no bosses just yet.
  • New enemies: Paige, Polly, Bianca
  • Added 1 new Equipment: AGI Ring
  • Added 2 new Perks
  • Added 1? new Bad Trait(s?)
  • Added 3 new Bad Endings: Paige, Polly, Bianca
  • Added 3 new Achievements
  • You can now increase attributes by +5 or decrease by -1 instead of having to press the Reset button
  • Desktop players can pick actions via 1, 2, 3,… keys instead of a mouse
  • Added Attribute checks
  • Updated Main Menu and icon images
  • Added an sfx to Level Up
  • Added titjob sfx for Charlotte
  • Updated Tutorial images
  • Renamed Bisexual Trait to Shemale Lover
  • Removed all “Defeat x Enemy 10 times” Achievements
  • Early Bird Good Trait wakes up earlier 2 hours > 3 hours
  • Increased Iron Fist Good Trait Bonus Damage +3 > +5
  • Decreased Corrupted Bad Trait Base Corruption 5 > 2
  • Increased Lucky Good Trait bonus 10% > 20%
  • Laura no longer masturbates when the Hero’s Lust is below 10
  • Increased Megan 2° and 3° stages threshold 30%, 70% Lust > 40%, 80% Lust
  • Decreased Charlotte‘s HP 300 > 260
  • Decreased Kendra 2° stage threshold 125 HP > 100 HP
  • Decreased base chance of escaping sucessfully
  • Kendra now check for Lust instead Foreplay Addiction at her Event
  • “Clear All Data” button was causing a bug in persistent data, it has been temporarily removed. Players can still delete the HC2 folder in AppData to start a fresh save
  • Fixed Tablet layout
  • Fixed Attribute cost increasing when drinking certain potions
  • Fixed Intoxicated debuff being applied twice
  • Fixed recipes being dropped when the player already has them
  • Mobile UI has been reworked
  • All choice buttons are now at the bottom of the screen for easier access
  • Some text formats and sizes have been readjusted
  • This new version was practically playtested entirely on the mobile, so I personally think it’s much more comfortable, but please let me know what you guys think about it.
  • For now bonus attributes can only be acquired through the new accessories
  • They are very similar to normal attributes, but should help in the completion of possible builds and individualize each hero
  • At the moment, the only practical difference is that they cannot be decreased by enemy moves, but I already have plans for them in the next updates
  • Enemy increased spawn times are now randomized every new run
  • The increased spawn times can still be seen on their profile screens and these are updated accordingly
  • This means you still have some control over which enemies you want to fight, but if you’re just exploring blindly, there will be more enemy diversity, which should improve replayability
  • The game now also tracks the amount of times a girl has been defeated in a single run
  • The enemy profile screen has been readjusted to accommodate this new addition and now also display the EXP gained from an encounter
  • This info is now being used to change the behavior of certain enemies (Olivia, Megan and Kali)
  • Charlotte (Swamp)
Charlotte likes diversity too, how about learning something from her?
  • Dixie (Swamp)
Dixie can do it for pain or for pleasure, but thankfully it’s not up to you to decide
  • Added 2 new Equipments: STR Ring (Charlotte), VIT Ring (Dixie)
  • Added 2 new Bad Endings: Dixie, Charlotte
  • Added 4 new achievements
  • Added tooltips to all buffs and debuffs (These can be better described, yes, I agree)
  • Optimized Encounter coding
  • Being defeated no longer increases Addiction
  • Blue potions no longer reduces Corruption
  • Red and Purple potions no longer increase Corruption
  • Readjusted EXP and Gold gain
  • Decreased the amount of Addictions decreased by Blue Potion 3 > 2
  • Increased Church Corruption decrease cost 10 > 20
  • Decreased “Broken” Corruption Check base value 20 > 10
  • Decreased CON influence over “Broken” Status Effect
  • Anastasia now strips instantly after being defeated 4 times in a single run
  • Samantha Attack Increase by +15 after being defeated 4 times in a single run
  • April now changes her moveset earlier 6 defeats > 3 defeats
  • Kali Lust Check Decreased 50 > 30
  • Cindy Shemale Addiction Check Increased 12 > 15
  • Fixed Hannah BE triggering before her blowjob scene
  • Fixed Victoria Gallery displaying the incorrect amount of times defeated
These balance changes can severely alter gameplay, overall I felt that they made HC2 a little less punishing, but the actual hero corruption is now more inevitable, even though it may take longer.
To complement this change, I thought about increasing the cost of reducing addictions at the church as well, but I guess that would be too much.
This is the moment where the game is shaping up, and to be completely honest, I really like where this is going. How about you guys?
On a unrelated note: Achievements are great, but I have a feeling that “Defeat 10 enemies” are kinda uncreative and redundant when there’s already a better reward for this feat (Enemies photos).
The achievements screen is also being flooded waay too quickly, and this may diminishes their importance a bit.
I’ve been playing with the idea of removing specifically this type of achievements and making room for more interesting ones, like “Deal x damage in a single turn”, “Survive until day x”, “Stun an enemy for x turns consecutively “, etc…
Please let me know your thoughts on that as well.
And one final **********HUGE DISCLAMER:*********
I plan to mess with the persistent data in the next update, there’s a high chance your saves will be deleted on v0.30, so please be aware !
Have fun !
  • The Swamp is here ! Get the new map with Janna and face new April, Kendra, Cindy and the new boss, Victoria.
  • April
April may look innocent, but she knows what men like
  • Kendra
You don’t have to hide anything from Kendra, she knows how you feel.
  • Cindy (Shemale)
You’re not sure, but there’s something about Cindy…
  • Victoria (Boss)
Victoria is actually very helpful, but her patience also has limits.
  • EXP Ring
Accessories are back ! Look for Samantha if you want to have the first recipe in the game
  • Nameless Blade
A new legendary blade that seems to grow stronger along with its wielder
  • Windy Knuckles
This new legendary weapon is for those of you who love to combo on your enemies and hate running out of stamina.
  • Iron Fist
No luck with weapon recipes? This new unlockable good trait can help
  • Calm Mind
Count on Victoria’s help to get this new good trait
  • Pacifist
Weapons are a thing of the past, but you don’t have to settle things just by talking either
  • Uncontrollable Lust
Maybe Kendra is right, why hide it?
  • You can now sell materials at the shop
  • You can now store clothes in your backpack
  • You’re now able to buy the remaining materials on-the-fly while forging
  • Added 3 new Bad Endings: April, Cindy, Victoria
  • Added 11 new perks
  • Added 7 new achievements
  • Added 1 new Buff: Whirlwind
  • Renamed Knuckles to Gloves
  • Readjusted Loot
  • Readjusted EXP gain
  • CON now increase resistance to Broken status effect
  • Added Day Penalty to Final Score calculation
  • Added critical damage sfx
  • Improved Addiction Check screen
  • Improved all Shops screen
  • Decreased Gold gained from specific perks +10, +20, +30 > +5, +10, +10
  • Increased Icepick crit chance 10% > 20%
  • Decreased Claire‘s HP 500 > 350
  • Decreased Amy‘s chance of applying Confused debuff 100% > 40%
  • Decreased Amy‘s Confused base react time 120s > 100s
  • Decreased Samantha‘s HP 150 > 130
  • Decreased “Ass Worshiper” Addiction Check debuff 5 > 2
  • Fixed last two perks not increasing Points
  • Fixed Claire Restrained debuff not being cleared
  • Fixed Megan spawn decreased
  • Fixed Samantha spawn decreased
  • Hero Corruption has a new look, let me know your thoughts on this new appearance.
  • Some screens didn’t receive the new treatment, which is the case of the Gallery, for example. I’m also not a fan of the shop screens yet, but I’ll be improving their appearance over time
  • Now you can give unique traits to your Hero before each run
  • Traits are permanent and cannot be removed in any way during a run
  • Your Hero can develop new traits involuntarily
  • Samantha
Samantha likes heroes with a very specific personality. Be careful or she might get inside your head
  • Megan
Megan may look tough, but let her lust grow and you’ll find her weak point… Maybe…
  • Added the Portrait in the Tavern
  • Added the Tavern Room
  • Added 2 New Bad Endings
  • Added 4 New Achievements
  • Added a Reset Button to the Attributes Screen
  • Added a Materials Screen in the Backpack
  • Improved Shop Screens
  • Improved and Optimized Backpack Screen
  • Improved Sex Sound Effect
  • Added a Heartbeat sfx to Kali’s attacks
  • Adjusted Gallery UI
  • Added new dialogs to Allie
  • Switched some girls Increased Spawn Time
  • Losing Attributes now decrease its cost
  • Potions no longer increase Attribute cost
  • Being defeated by HP now decreases Current Gold by 33% (50% in Hard Mode)
  • Fixed Olivia, Anastasia and Laura Addiction Checks showing the wrong value
  • Fixed Serena not defeating the Hero by HP
  • You can now complete the Hero Corruption tutorial, even if you already have a previous save
  • Choosing the Hero name: “tutorial” Will start the tutorial even if you have already completed it
  • Completing the tutorial grants the player a new achievement
  • You can now choose between Easy, Normal and Hard Mode
  • Easy mode disable achievements
  • This toggle will only be available for completely new saves, previous saves are set to “normal” difficulty
ADDED A “Clear All Data” BUTTON
  • You can wipe all your Data in the Options, doing so will enable the new difficulty and shemale toggle
  • You will lose ALL your progress in HC2 if you use this button
  • This is kind of experimental, so please let me know if you notice anything weird
  • Added 1 New Achievement
  • Added more diogaoo’s tips
See More
1. Extract zip file
2. Launch “teaseViewer-win-b_0.4.2.jar”
3. File – open tease
4. Find “Hero Corruption v0.95c – diogaoo.tease” in the extracted folder, and open it.
Make sure you have both Java and JavaFX installed
This update (v0.65b) resets all your progress. It’ll crash the first time you run it, just run it again after.

Hero Corruption 2



Hero Corruption 1

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