Home Together [v0.22.0] [Home Together Dev]

Home Together [v0.22.0] [Home Together Dev]

May 16, 2024F95

Home Together is a real-time adult game with next-gen graphics

Thread Updated: 2024-05-16
Release Date: 2024-05-15
Developer: Home Together PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.22.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Game: Monolith Bay
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3d game, animated, simulator, female protagonist, male protagonist, footjob, vaginal sex, creampie, big ass, big tits, sandbox, oral sex,
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1. Extract and run.
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-add objects in creator, with over 20 objects
-New clothing “Meido Apron”
-New animation “deep throat on back”
-Adjusted scenario command value ranges for VagOpen and BreastJiggle
-Scenario answer hotkeys
-Two female kissing
-Kissing POV
-Fixed male editor breaking when in two female mode
-Fix emotions stacking on second female
-Fixed controller getting stuck in male chest collision
-Fixed character creator values not displaying properly
-New animation “Hug”
-New sex animation Cunnilingus from behind
-New Voice “Milf” with over 100 new voice lines
-New piece of clothing “Japanese lingerie
-New 4 new teeth shape sliders including “fangs”
-skin sweat slider in sex scene ui
-anus open slider in sex scene ui
-Creator slider values can now get typed in
-New advanced mode which allows to go over the limit of slider values
-Added many user created characters and positions
-New scenario creator commands
-Fixed teeth settings sometimes corrupting
-Fixed pov cam during kissing
-Fixed D jittering during kissing
-Fixed genital wetness system not working for all animations
-Fixed hole that appeared for cheerleader outfit
-Fixed moaning when starting a level
-Fixed GoTo command not working in choices
-Emotion now changes for both characters if playing with two female characters
-Create your own Scenarios
-Example Scenario “Concert”
-New cheerleader outfit
-Close hands in pose editor
-Improved pose editor UI
-Create cinematic cams in pose editor
-Fov and rotation slider for pose editor
-Sex position controller moves the complete position, this makes it easier to move around positions
-new Male offset controller
-Reworked visuals of main menu play tab
-Emotion amount  slider in sex UI
-Undress all und dress all button works for male in sex UI
-Enabled boob physics for all positions
-No boob grab in pose editor
-During sex voice lines (shy voice only for now)
-People walking around town
-Anal doggy sex animation
-Kissing animation
-New piece of clothing “pullover”
-thicker hair in path tracer
-Fixed a bug where one sex pose spawned double and one was missing
-Fixed black eyes of second female
-Many minor fixes
-mod support for creating custom levels
-Two new example mod levels: “Victorian Living Room” and “Safe House”
-Sex positions for mod levels
-Sex position folder
-Hide hand for png character save
-Path tracing screenshots
-Day light for main menu
-New optional sex modes
-Default mode,  like before change speed and watch animations
-Thrust mode, click to initiate sex movement
-Rhythm mode, click in the rhythm of sex to make combos
-New optional character voice “shy” selectable in character creator.
-Also added “mute” as optimal voice in character creator
-Improved and more smooth pov mode
-Fixed scoopmeup animation
-Fixed orbit camera in photo mode
-Improved and more smooth pov mode
-Face anim for tpose in creator
-Added missing sound for many sex animations
-Disabled openCV plugin as it might have prevented the game from starting on old PCs
-Fixed sex not updating when starting new animation
-Many minor bug fixes
-Female x female is now supported
-new sex animation “Fingering”
-Strapon or attached penis
-Cloth selection for both characters in sex scene
-Fixed a bug that caused a floating eyebrow
-Fixed a bug where mod shape was applied in game even when set to 0
-Substantial performance optimisations up to 100 more fps on our setup
-Fixed cam sometimes breaking when using “have sex here”
-Many minor bug fixes
-New face animation demo
-3 new sex animations
  -Pinball Wizard
  -Scoop Me Up Anal
-T-pose in creator to more easily create standing poses
-Possibility to change color and intensity of the lights in the creator
-Updated all example sex poses with the new light options
-Slider to open and close vagina
-Mod support for normal maps
-Mod support for body opacity maps
-Many minor bug fixes
This update adds mod character support to the game!
It will allow you to add your own, hairstyles, clothes, body textures, and body/face shape. Basically everything to bring any character to the game!
Creating mods will require some knowledge of Blender and Unreal Engine. For more information on how to create mods and share mod creations come to our discoid channel https://discord.com/invite/TdMDvKgdXZ
Mods will be shareable by putting the created mod file (one . pak file) into the games Mods folder. A example mod called “Zuna” is present in the mod folder of v0.14.
Clothes used for the mod example in the image: https://www.daz3d.com/zuna-character-and-outfit-for-genesis-8-female
Hair used for the example mod (because Zuna does not come with the hair in the image): https://www.daz3d.com/janey-hair-for-genesis-8-and-81-female
-New Masturbation animation
-Female squirt added
-When starting a sex position it will use the camera angle that was used when creating the pose
-Switch characters during sex scene
-New outfit swimsuit
-Camera POV light settings with strength and radius options during sex scene
-Environment light brightness slider during sex scene
-Sex position selection shows preview of safe image
-Keep some settings in photo mode after closing it
-Renamed sex position folders from “used” “unused” to “Game” “Creator”
-Car wheels rotating
-Fixed modified nippels sometimes clipping
-Fix photo mode errors for outside
-Made text color for sex pose creator dropdowns more visible
-Disable instanced stereo (this is not VR) as it created issues for some people
Hi everyone 🙂
we made some good progress with what we want for the story of the game, more details to that in the future. But we already added two locations that will have a place in it to our outside world, a diner and a gas station which you can use as new locations to create sex position.
Here the major changes:
-Two color hair with gradient settings
-Nipple shape sliders
-Added diner location to outside world
-Added gas station location to outside world
-Added cars driving around outside world
-Cum at any time with button in sex scene UI
-Added valedictorian sex position
-Tweaked tear sack and nose shadow
-Updated to UE5.2
-DLSS 3 support
-Many small bug fixes
Developer Notes:
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2068225 1663244834268 | Free Adult Games
Play as male in first person and female in third person
Choose between many adult sex poses across the house
Advanced adult techs, like skin impact waves, genital wetness system, and more
Voice acted female character
Next-gen powered by Unreal Engine 5
And much more to come!
2062985 1662997500848 | Free Adult Games
Updates will be released on a monthly basis around the 15th of every month.
Shape the future of the game by voting in polls for new sex animations, outfits, character creator and game features.
Thanks for everyone’s support, this project wouldn’t be possible without you!
– Home Together Team

Adult scene controls:

-Hold left mouse button to rotate camera around focus point
-Hold the right mouse button to move the focus point
-Hover bottom right and mouse scroll to change animation speed
-Mouse scroll anywhere else to zoom
Q: When will be the next content update/version? And when will a new public version release?
A: We aim to release an update to our beta tester patrons on the 15th of each month.
Q: My game crashes, won’t start or I have low FPS.
A: Consider installing this: GameBaseFolderEngineExtrasRedisten-usUEPrereqSetup_x64.exe. Update your graphics driver. Also overclocking programs like msi afterburner can cause crashes.
Q: Will this run on my hardware?
Your system needs to support at least DirectX 11. A GPU  better or equivalent to an gtx 960 is recommended, but it is probably playable on something much worse. We even got it running fine on a decent CPU without a dedicated GPU.
Q: Where can I find the save files?
A: Character saves are stored at: GameBaseFolderHomeTogetherCharacter Game saves like graphics settings are stored at: ” C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalMonolithBaySavedSaveGames ” or ” %LocalAppData%MonolithBaySavedSaveGames  “
Additional content key: 8VD4UBH


Extras: SignaturesContent Keys
RandomX1 thanks for the link

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