Hounds of the Meteor [v2024-05-31] [DogFactory]

Hounds of the Meteor [v2024-05-31] [DogFactory]

June 13, 2024F95

“Hounds of the Meteor” is under development.
We aim to create a game that combines both side-scrolling action and command-selection-type adventures, with both gameplay and eroticism.
The direction of eroticism is “fighting heroine’s insult/different sex”.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-06
Release Date: 2024-03-30
Developer: DogFactory – Ci-en
Censored: Yes
Version: 2024-03-30
OS: Window
Language: English (MTL)
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Female protagonist, Monster, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Platformer, 2d game, Shooter
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1 – Download both files, extract, and merge.
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This is an update for March 2024.
This time it will be a duel with Bagan, the mercenary commander.
Once you finish the conversation at the Goto-gumi office, the Avin Abandoned Factory will be newly displayed on the map, so you can fight Bagan there.
The two erotic scenes that were implemented were the defeat and humiliation against Bagan, and the subsequent humiliation by the soldiers.
It’s been a little over two months, so there haven’t been many updates. very sorry.
As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been in a slump for a while now.
The amount of time we spend idly in front of our PCs is increasing.
I feel like I have to do something about it, but the reality is that I can’t come up with any effective measures.
I am truly sorry for your support.
I will continue to deceive and deceive, so please support me whenever you feel like it.
I’m so sorry.
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This time I created an erotic event for a detour.
The creature that was parasitized last time does naughty things even in the city.
If left alone in a parasitized state, mating will begin.
When they start mating in the city, the police catch their eye, and a naughty interrogation event begins.
Next time, we plan to advance the story and implement a decisive battle with mercenaries.
We are almost at the end of the story.
I would like to complete the story part by the end of this year
My Pixiv account has been frozen.
It seems that Daz’s 3D model conflicts with the guidelines of “something that is equivalent to or extremely realistic as a live-action film, and has a sexual intent.”
I thought it was a false positive caused by AI, but it seems other Daz users are also starting to be frozen, so I guess this is Pixiv’s policy.
I think you can tell it’s CG at first glance, but Pixiv apparently didn’t like it.
Pixiv has also become more difficult to use due to stricter regulations.
I would appreciate it if DLsite created a new posting site.
There are many other wonderful creators out there, and I would like to thank you for your support.
If you like, please support us again.
The ant level now consists of 3 zones.
1 – Ants that fuck Rena.
2 – Sucking ants. (In a standing and lying position)
3 – Small parasitic ants. (Lying and sitting position) The suit must be torn in advance.
The scene with the treatment of pregnancy due to ants will be later.
his time is a continuation of the last time.
Implemented a special attack for large ants.
The ants tried to take Lena away, probably because they thought she was weakened by the ants’ continuous rape.
If you are taken to the edge of the screen as it is, a game over event will occur.
Details are as follows.
  • First of all, you will be attacked by ants, leave it alone for a while.
  • Then the ants try to bring Lena into the nest.
  • If you go to the edge of the screen as it is, you will be taken to the ant nest and the game over event will start.
This time we will proceed with the story.
After defeating Gauza, go to Pregnan Clinic.
A new story begins and a new stage is added.
And the enemy that appears this time is here, as I introduced in the article the other day.

In the new stage, we plan to introduce three types of ant-type creatures.
This time it’s the first of them.
There are two types of grab attacks: “Bite” and “Mating”.
If you leave mating alone, you can enjoy a little change.

I added 3 scenes this time.
The first is the treatment scene of Gauza, who was parasitized following the last time.
If you go to the hospital while being parasitized by Gausa, the event will start.
The other two are events that are committed after the rescue.
When Isolda’s debts grow, other rescues come to her aid, not Isolda.
At that time, if you don’t have enough money, an event will occur.
One has already been implemented, but this time we added two more.
One occurs when you are defeated in the Rotten Forest (fly stage) and the other at Lao Family Farm (dog stage).
  • Gauza battle defeat scene implementation
  • Implementation of the birth scene after winning the battle against Gauza If you win after
    being violated in the battle against Gauza, the birth event will start a few days later.
    In that case, the clothes will be reflected, so please try it.
    Actually, I was planning to implement the event after this, but I would like to turn it around next month.
  • Rear attack (suit undamaged) – Forced foreplay
  • Front attack (while suit ripped) – Forced Cunnilingus
  • Rear attack (while suit ripped) – Mating
This time it’s a continuation of the main story.
This time I decided to have this creature attack me.
It is a creature of a certain person.
There are two types of erotic scenes added.
By making the wrong choice, you will be fucked in quick succession.
One more erotic scene is scheduled to follow, but this update didn’t make it in time.
I would like to go back next time.

As a procedure, after defeating the Rao family, please go to the Goto group office.
The event will start there.

Next time, we plan to implement a continuation of this time and a battle scene with this creature.

This is an update for August 2022.

This time is a continuation of the last time.
Implemented enemies in the back of the stage.
There are only two erotic motions:
The post-defeat scene has not yet been implemented.

This time I added 4 etch scenes.
The contents are as stated below.

1. 1. Win after being raped in the last Chimpira Leader match.
The police will come after 2.1 and will be “cross-examined” by them.
3. 3. You can now receive “decontamination treatment”. Please go to the hospital with a pollution degree of 5 or higher.
4. After winning the match against the Chimpira leader, go to the Goto group office and the story will go on.
  After that, you will receive a time-limited mission from Gauza.
  Since it is about to take a day off at home and the expiration date is approaching, if you ask Gauza to extend the deadline at the Goto group office, it will shift to the etch scene.

He notes this is also the last 32bit version. Thoughts and prayers go out to those on obsolete 2008 hardware.
The contents of this month’s update are as follows.

Update contents

  • Implemented the emergence of parasitic maggots
  • Implemented the defeat scene of the “Forest of Rotten Forest” stage
  • Added new items “Growth Promoter” and “Forced Pregnancy Drug”
  • Added new enemy “Smell Flower” (appears in the Rotten Forest)
About the etch motion of the new enemy “Smell Flower”
It was not possible to implement all the elements in this update.
It has been implemented halfway, so I think you can enjoy it for the time being.
Sorry, the full implementation will be updated next month.

About next month’s update
In addition to the full implementation of “Smell Flower”, we plan to implement another new enemy.
At the end of the updated stage, the traces will come out.
I’m thinking of re-appearing that enemy that appeared in the previous work in a refined form.
That’s why I want to put a break on the stage of “Forest of Rotten Smell”.

It’s been four months since I started making this stage.
I regret that it would take a little too long to make one stage.
Recently, the evolution of the surroundings is really fast, and if you spend too much time, it seems that you will be really left behind.
Every day I’m afraid that the game will look like a fossil by the time it’s completed.
However, I can’t cut corners, so it’s difficult to get a good balance.
Anyway, I want to somehow speed up the production from now on.

Specific update contents
  • Implemented fly mating and spawning motion in the down state.
  • The laid eggs will hatch over time.
    It only hatches in the battle stage, not in the adventure part.
    It takes about 3 minutes to hatch. It gets shorter when it is ejaculated by a fly.
  • Parasitic motion implementation by hatched maggots
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Alright you stank ass bitches, time to unzip those britches because there’s an update!!
Sorry I made you wait.
It is an update for October.

First of all, from the supporters of the 500 yen plan.
Supporters of the 100 yen plan will be on November 29th, one month later.

The contents of this update are as follows.

Last time, I added a continuation of the scene where a passerby gets raped after losing to the infectious agent that I gave birth.
I will be raped by a fat passerby.

“Forest of rotten smell” implementation
A new hunting ground will appear when the hunter rank reaches 3.

The fly-type creature, which has been requested for a long time, is finally implemented.
It’s the most popular creature in the previous work.
This time, we will follow the previous one and make it with the aim of further powering up.
However, this update is still a partial implementation.
Not all elements are implemented.
The only etch scene implemented this time is a small fly sucking attack.
Please wait for the full-scale implementation from the next time onwards.

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Update contents
This time, the part that was put off until now.
The main focus is “defeating creatures that have given birth”.
There are 4 types of sex scenes

Two types of naughty creatures using tools
・ Human

Will be.
The procedure up to the etch scene is described below.

1 Creature (Small)

It is an event to exterminate the creatures that have been born.
First, get raped by a creature, get pregnant, give birth to a creature in your room, and escape.
Then go to Plengnan Clinic and talk to your doctor about this.
Then, “back alley” will be added to the destination from Godrom Town.
Then select “Attract larvae”.
At this time, you can also collect the “etch scene using tools” at the same time.

Rena is pregnant. Gave birth in my room.
The creature that gave birth should escape.
Move to> “Hermer Medical Offecew”.
Talk> “About escaped larvea”
Move to> “Godorom Town”
Move to> “Back alley”
“Lure out the larvae “

2 Creature (Large)

First, complete the creature (small) event.
Then give birth again and miss the creature.
Please allow about 5 days after giving birth.
Go to the back alley and select “Let the larvae” to reveal the adult creatures.

Let the event in the previous section occur.
Give birth again.
Allow 5 days to pass.
Move to “Back alley”> “Lure out the larvea”

3 Human (Chimpira)

Do the creature (large) event.
Get pregnant again and trigger a small creature event.
If you are defeated there, a thug will appear.

Trigger the event of 2.
Generate event 1.
You will be defeated there.

Last save data
You can start from the previous state with the save data of 28 to 30 respectively.
Perform the “Let the larvae” option.

You can start from the previous state with save data 28 ~ 30 respectively.
Do the “Lure out the larvae” option.

Event skip

From this time, we have newly implemented a skip function for etch scenes.
Once you see the etch event, you can skip it with the pause button.
However, if you start with the save data from the previous time, you can not skip unless you see the etch scene again because there is no history of seeing the etch scene.

In addition, the display of the message window has been changed to a cancel button accordingly.

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Sorry I made you wait.
It is a game body update.

First of all, from the supporters of the 500 yen plan.
Supporters of the 100 yen plan will be on July 29, one month later.

This update is a continuation of the previous one, and will be a battle with the Uva creature.

The contents of the erotic scene are two types of motion during the battle (kiss / insert) and a
defeat scene.
I really wanted to have a two-stage defeat scene, but I didn’t have enough time. Please do not overwrite the save data before the battle as
it will be used for the next update .

  • For English users
The folder name of the English text has been changed.
Please change the name to “English_Main” in the config.

Thank you for your support.
I’m really saved.
I look forward to working with you.

How to See Latest Additions:
This storyline will trigger when you defeat Sweep.
Defeat Sweep in the slums, then proceed to the bar and talk to the bartender and Isolda.
After that go to the office and talk to Zetu, he’ll give you some info about a drug called “Heaven” between a group called the HLF and Masuda.
– Good time to Save.
You’ll notice a new Sortie option in the office. Start when ready.
Do the drug deal and.. fight the guy named Woova:
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Success: If you defeat Woova he will transform, now see Fighting with the suit On
Defeat: If you are defeated by Woova it will enter a defeat cutscene with a game over rape sequence.
See More
Woova will transform into a big nasty monster and he is LETHAL however it is possible to defeat him if you’re of a high enough level.
Success: A small success dialog sequence occurs and you return to the city.
Defeat: If you lose to him it will result in a game over.
Note: You cannot replay this section as of yet and there’s nothing beyond this, you can’t even return to the office.
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This time, I added about 4 etch scenes.
We have completed all the sweep-related events that have been neglected until now.
If you lose once and then fight again and lose, a more dire fate will be waiting for Lena.
I’m sure some of you have already defeated Sweep. ..
We have prepared a remedy for such people.
I installed a reset sphere in front of the room where the sweep is.
Now even those who have won the sweep can enjoy the event without having to start over.
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A lizard shaped creature… its a f**kin dangly-dicked velociraptor! :sneaky::
You can see the first one right away.
It becomes a lizard-shaped creature.
Another one, if you look closely, there is a small one in the lower right.
These two are the newly added creatures.
You can see at a glance how the lizards will attack.
I will come to commit Lena with this constantly erected Ichimotsu (thing).
As for the other bug, this size is not big enough to commit Lena.
Yes, this time we finally implemented the long-awaited “parasitism”.
This bug invades Lena’s hole and keeps wriggling inside Lena’s body at all times.
I couldn’t implement it yet this time, but I’m thinking about parasitic events in my room and in the city, so please enjoy it.
My Notes:
Ok so the raptor is beyond the bandit gang in the Sang Rocky Hills, as are the beetle-like parasites on the ground. Its… kinda boring if I’m perfectly honest
Raptor: When Rena is down and there are a large group of them, they will bite Rena repeatedly causing more damage. If only one is nearby it will attempt to vaginally rape Rena. Pregnancy does not appear to be possible with this enemy and there appears to be only one rape animation.
Parasites: These will not attack you until your suit is damaged. When it is, they’ll jump in the air and attempt to burrow in Rena’s backdoor. It seems as though there’s a % chance they will fail to parasitize but I think that’s only if one is already implanted. There is no gameover sequence with these and there appears to be 2 animations, one for standing and one for on knees. Treatment for these hasn’t been implemented so anywhere you go, there will now be an x-ray indicator showing the parasite and it will wriggle causing Rena some excitement but at this time there’s nothing to do about it.
Update: If you urinate at the apartment or go to the bar there’s a reference to a ‘todorokishita’ which is something that will remove the parasite.
Possible Bugs:
  • Ok so be aware. If you just let the raptor bite you until you fall then continue letting him bite you it will fire the sex action incorrectly. You’ll end up just stuck on the ground and can’t get up again. At least, this happened to me on the first attempt, have not tried to reproduce.
  • When interacting with a parasite the ‘break-free’ bar does not appear although you can smash the Z and arrow keys to force the action forward.
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If you lose to a bandit, there is a decision to escape or not, and if you fail there, the insult will move to the next stage and become a bad end.
The other is to implement the option of “pay by body”.
This choice is possible if certain conditions are met.
The conditions are as follows (please read in reverse to prevent spoilers)
Please contact the bandits with the suit energy zero.
I was hoping that I could implement about one creature, but it was a bit difficult in terms of time.
That’s why I want to implement two of them next time.
Also, from this time, we will start updating with the difference version.
The file that was 1GB has been reduced to 200MB, so if you have a strict line speed, please download this.
Bad End:
Ok so to trigger the new scene.. go to the bandit location, attack them and fail. From here you’ll be repeated raped until you get a second choice to #1 to give up or #2 continue. If you continue, you’ll just transport back to your room. If you give up you get a Game Over.
Ideally you’ll want to continue, from this point you can return to the bandit camp and fail again, THIS time however they will string up the MC on a rape pole whilst driving across the countryside. From here on its a Game Over. I think its implied based on the other bodies around the camp and on the rolling convoy that you’ll die after be impaled with the pole but that isn’t shown.
Pay with Body:
This is the third option in dealing with the bandits but this still hasn’t been implemented yet. You are simply re-asked the question.
Developer Notes:
See More
Movement: Arrow Keys or WASD
Confirm/Execute: Z
Command Menu: X
Hotkey Menu: C

Extras: Cheat MTLSave

sgt_bilko thanks for the link

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