Human Dairy Farm [v0.6] [BiggestDickest]
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Human Dairy Farm [v0.6] [BiggestDickest]

January 14, 2024F95

Having never weaned off his mother, our protagonist developed an affinity for breast milk well into his adulthood. Raised on a dairy farm by his mother alone, his love for his mother grew beyond that of a normal mother and son. But when she rejected his advance, an inner demon awakened in him. He began to question the morality of the human society. He believed his mother shared the same love for him as he did for her, and that the taboos made up by other people are the only reason she rejected him. In order to get her to show her true feelings, he must change her views on the world. But with the world standing between him and his mother, will he succeed?

(The choices in the game will lead to different endings, but ultimately this is a quite linear game with few choices.)

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At the same time, the dairy farm he grew up on had a terrible disease that wiped out all the cows. No longer bound by traditional morality, he formed his own version of morality. He began kidnapping women to be the replacement for cows, which he believed was more moral because he thought humans should drink human milk. But such actions are bound to draw attention.  Between him and his mother, between him and his values, the world would not sit idly by as he made his move. Will he be consumed by the old world, or will he forge a new one?

Thread Updated: 2023-12-06
Release Date: 2023-12-03
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Foggy Hill
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3DCG, Male Protagonist, Rape, Pregnancy, Lactation, Incest, Slavery, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Creampie, POV, Harem, Male Domination, Mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
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-Continuation of the story
-Continuation of the story. Well, this again is a fairly small update. I prefer to release updates in small sizes. Surprisingly this update was quite hard for me to write, despite being quite short. It has undergone many many iterations, but I’m still not quite satisfied with the end result. But let me know what you think.
-Continuation of the story
-Discontinuation of the Demon route
Well, this update is pretty short, because I have been working pretty slowly, and I want to see people’s reaction to the direction of this update first. This update is the beginning of the “corruption”, I guess you could say, of the girls. It’s not so much corruption, but rather trying to get them on his good side. You’ll see what I mean what you play the update.
The bad news is that I have decided to discontinue the Demon route. It’s not because I don’t like it, since it’s actually how I originally envisioned the game. But since I tried to diverge the two routes, I found the workload to be exponentially higher. Initially I thought it would only double the original workload, but it’s much more than that. All the planning, additional branches from these two routes, and whatnot make it very difficult to develop two versions of the game with such different themes. I’m really sorry if you liked the Demon route, but I really can’t develop both routes at a reasonable pace. I can only pick one and I think most people like the Human route more, and it’s easier to develop anyway
-Added many scenes in the old chapters
-Changed some music and sound effects in the old chapters
-Further diverged the Human and the Demon routes
-Small continuation of the story
-Added 2 animations in chapter 1
-Added the ability to name saves
-Continuation of the story
-Added a Human and a Demon route, where the Human route offers a more realistic experience. Both require a restart to activate.
-Added more choices to chapter 1
-Continuation of the story
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Rape, pregnancy, lactation
These three themes pretty much summarise the game. The game revolves around capturing new girls to breed and milk, while advancing the storyline. If you like these themes, then I think you will like this game. This is quite a departure from my first game, but I’m actually going back to my roots. I first made fan arts for Vae Victis which you can still see in my signature that were based on these themes.
Frequency of updates
So the first version of the game is quite short. I understand that might put off some people. But for me personally, I prefer releasing the game in small updates, because it gives me more motivation to work on the game every time I feel I have finished something by releasing a new version. Besides, I need some feedback on the game first before I invest too much time into it that maybe no one likes.
Inspiration for the game
Well there are quite a number of inspirations for the game. Real porn is where I mainly draw my references from. But there are a few games that are similar to mine. The first one is of course Vae Victis – Khan, which is what I first used Daz3d to make fan arts for. I think Goblin Lord and Goblin Burrow are also quite similar in that all of these games revolve around capturing defeated girls to breed. But this game doesn’t have complex gameplay systems like theirs, only a very linear storyline because I just want to make renders and write stories.
Virus detection
A few people have said they detected a virus in my game. I have scanned the .exe with ESET, and it didn’t find anything. I also scanned the .exe with some online malware scanners, and here are the results.
While VirusTotal shows 1/69 of its scans, all the other scanners say my game is safe. You can scan my game on your own to make sure it’s safe. If your antivirus says it’s a malware, there’s nothing I can do. Sometimes there are false positives.
German translation
In the base game, you will find a German translation option, but it is outdated. You can find the latest German translation in the link below.
Patch Only

Extras: WalkthroughGerman translation* Russian translation*Italian translation*Spanish translation*Chinese translation*

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    Human Dairy Farm [v0.6] [BiggestDickest]