Ilias: Alcyone Legends [v0.1 Demo] [Ozecat]

Ilias: Alcyone Legends [v0.1 Demo] [Ozecat]

January 24, 2024F95

You live in a world where everything is decided by wealth and power, but the only thing that you’re actually good at is . . . cooking? A worthless skill, some may say. But why not use that talent to the fullest and see what happens? And romance as many cute girls as you want along the way. After all, the path to a strong woman’s heart does run through her stomach.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-18
Release Date: 2023-11-17
Developer: Ozecat PatreonBoostySubscribeStarDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.1 Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Voiced: English
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2DCG, Animated, Big tits, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Puzzle, Sandbox, Rpg, Point & click
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1 Demo
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In Version 0.1, we’re introduced to the fantasy world of Alcyone and some of its colorful inhabitants, including Illias, the hero of our tale. Illias has just come of age, and the (relative) quiet of his day-to-day life shows signs of coming to an end. An unexpected guest is coming, a major festival is on the horizon, and members of the opposite sex are starting to look at Illias in a new way.
Version 0.1, “Demo,” Patch Notes:
  • Added the prologue
  • Added quest: “First Time Fishing”
  • Added quest: “Curing the Carnivorous Plant”
  • Added quest: “Buy Meat and Two Bottles of Cider”
  • Added quest: “Wrenna’s Good Graces”
  • Added quest: “Registering for the Festival”
  • Added incomplete quest: “A Bouquet for Blaine”
  • Added incomplete quest: “Inquire about the Woman from the Flyer”
Added the following characters:
  • Illias, the protagonist
  • Tifa, the demoness
  • Wrenna, the blacksmith
  • Fisk, the fisherman
  • Eraina Iden
  • Lifa, the warrior
  • Blaine, the trader woman
Added the following new locations:
  • Illias and Tifa’s home
  • Smithy
  • Fisherman’s house
  • Market
  • Castle gates
  • Tavern
Added the following game mechanics:
  • Blacksmithing
  • Fishing
  • Trading
  • Food orders
  • Drinking contest with Wrenna
  • Relationship system (rudimentary mechanics)
New scenes in the game:
  • “Good morning” scene with Tifa
  • Three chibi scenes in the market
  • First meeting with Wrenna scene (X-ray)
  • Eraina Iden’s homecoming scene
  • Tifa’s fight scene
  • 0.1 finale scene
  • Awakening scene
  • Bath scene with Tifa
  • Two chibi scenes with the carnivorous plant
Partial voice acting for the following characters:
  • Wrenna — @KassioppiaVA (Kassioppia)
  • Iden — @Aife_VA (Aife)
  • Tifa — @OpaluVA (Opalu)
  • Lifa — @OolayTiger (OolayTiger)
  • Blaine — @RubyRed_VA (Ruby)
  • Fisk and assorted male voices — @IRecshun (van E. Recshun)
Completing the main storyline from start to finish takes 20-30 minutes. Fully exploring all the game’s current content takes roughly 60-90 minutes.
Here’s a little guide to getting some scenes that might be missed when playing through the game (SPOILER WARNING):
  • The scene with Iden can be triggered by visiting the castle after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces.”
  • Chibi scenes with the carnivorous plant are accessible after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces” and curing the plant.
  • The beginning of the incomplete “Inquire about the Woman from the Flyer” quest can be triggered by talking to the guards at the castle after Iden’s homecoming.
  • The “Curing the Carnivorous Plant” quest will start a few days after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces.”
  • After meeting Iden for the first time, interesting rumors can be heard at the tavern, then at the market, and then at the tavern again.
Developer Notes:
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Ilias: Legends of Alcyone is an interactive story and dating simulator with RPG elements. Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy realm with beautiful demonesses, dwarfettes, beast-women, and many other monster girls! Use cunning tactics to claim victory over monsters by utilizing your ability to cook dishes that can defeat even the most powerful monstrosities. Invite strong friends to join your team, enticing them with your unbelievable charm! Assemble an entire harem or choose a single soulmate — it’s a world chock-full of possibilities! And no NTR!
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Game features already implemented in the game:
3 beautiful girls with unique personalities and 1 supporting character.
Lovingly-crafted minigames that offer you tools for success.
✔ Dishes to cook that are integral to building relationships with other characters, completing quests, and vanquishing monsters.
✔ A fleshed-out world with many interesting stories.
✔ The ability to travel around town using point-and-click mechanics.
A progressive system for relationship development.
✔ Partial voice acting by talented voice actresses and actors.
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Game features planned for the future:
8 girls with their own unique personalities, stories, and preferences, whose hearts can be won.
Monster girls you can face on the battlefield or in the bedroom.
A combat system that allows you to develop and apply your own tactical style.
The ability to build your own team to defeat enemies.
Dating simulation with the ability to give gifts, change outfits, and offer compliments. Girls can invite you on dates themselves!
Full voice acting for important scenes.
Animated and fully-voiced sex scenes.
And many exciting adventures! Help us realize our collective vision for the game  — support us on Patreon and take part in the game’s development!

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