Inner Empire [v1.6] [Defiant Explorer]

Inner Empire [v1.6] [Defiant Explorer]

January 25, 2024F95

«Inner Empire» is a text-based narrative role-playing game in a fantastic setting inspired by ancient civilizations.

Let’s give the word to the protagonist:
«I’m not a chosen one, not a special, not a savior. Just an ordinary girl of flesh and blood. The world around me is changing. The time of bronze is passing. The time of iron is coming. Only the blood they shed remains the same. Red. Something new is rising to shake off the old into a void. But who gives a shit? All I care about is the difficult situation I find myself in…»

Thread Updated: 2023-11-03
Release Date: 2023-11-03
Developer: Defiant Explorer Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Adventure, Character creation, Cheating, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Groping, Humiliation, Interracial, Lesbian, Male domination, Oral sex, PoV, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Religion, RPG, Sexual harassment, Spanking, Teasing, Text based, Twins, Vaginal sex, Virgin
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1. Extract and run.
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Update 1.6 (public)

Other changes:

1. Replaced 3 arts with hilly terrain with more suitable stylistically. Now hills will look more homogeneous. Anyway, I like it this way more than in the last version.
2. Replaced 12 portraits of… oh yeah, you might not have played the update. Okay, replaced 12 portraits of someone with neater portraits in terms of size and color palette. At least, that’s what it looks like to me.
3. Now phrases in dialogs with sound description and emphasis through asterisks (**) will also be emphasized with dashes (-). My impression is that this way they stand out better and are easier to read by eye. This applies only to lines in dialogs. In general descriptions, everything is the same.
4. In the dialog with Barnabas from Chapter 1, the protagonist’s thoughts section regarding his proposal has been expanded a bit. Previously, only whether Selene was hungry or not was taken into account. Now it also checks if she owes money to Jardissa.
5. Fixed a bug with a broken answer link on Cadonis’ arc at the very beginning of 1.5, in case Selene asked him about Meralion but hadn’t talked to Iolanta about Tabius in the golden fields before. Very specific conditions, as you can see, which is why the bug wasn’t discovered earlier.
6. Fixed a lot of small things throughout the whole game. Mostly right-centering of some dialogue lines, missing punctuation marks, and other similar stuff.

Update 1.6 (patron version)
Freshy steaming update 1.6, straight from an oven to your desk. If you notice anything odd, like nasty little bugs or typos – I’ll bake this cake some more and fix all, just… Let me know, okay? All right, bon appetit.
Update 1.5 (public)
Same as the patron-only version + a few corrected typos in Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2.
Update 1.5 (patron-only)
Chapter 2 is gaining weight. 1.5 is the biggest update of the last three updates. Now Chapter 2, which is only half finished, is already larger than Chapter 1 in word count and significantly larger in the number of choices. Yay! Right?
Other changes in 1.5:
1. Added a tracker (textual description) of bisexuality to the Sensuality section. Will only appear for those who had sex with Iolanta in Chapter 1.
2. Two new states have been added to the Physical State page. You can get them in 1.5. and, who knows, later in the game as well. It’s just a couple of sentences. They will disappear as soon as the state causing them passes away.
3. Added a (possible) extension to the Relations section, on the character page if the requirements for it are met.
4. Some fixes across the whole game. Small things; I don’t even bother keeping track of them, an adjustment here, a replacement there… That kind of thing.
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Update 1.3 (public)
Another part of Chapter 2 goes public.
1. Fixed a lot of typos from 1.3
2. Fixed a couple of typos from Chapters 1 and 2 (thanks to DamnedFrog)
3. And fixed a couple more typos from 1.3 and 1.2. Typos… typos never changes.


Update 1.3 (patron-only)
Another part of Chapter 2.
Other changes in 1.3:
Lots of minor fixes and adjustments throughout the game. Well, the ones I found, anyway.
Players suggested changes in 1.3:
1. Added the line «Be resentfully silent» after the (possible) scene with Cadonis, thanks to _DarkDesires_
2. Corrected a couple of grammatical errors in the Intro, thanks to Z3r0K00l.
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Update 1.2
The beginning of Chapter 2 and the first content update since the release of Chapter 1.
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Bugfixes and changes in the numbering of updates.
Removed the Back to Abilities, Back to Ethnos, and Back to Origin sections from the character generation. They are redundant and, unfortunately, contained a mistake in the code that could have caused a critical bug that could potentially make the game unplayable in the future.
How do you know if you caught this bug or not? While playing, you should have access to specific clickable choices for your Origin only. If this is not true and you also have clickable (non-gray) dialogs and actions, as well as text descriptions, from any other Origin = you have this bug. Saves with it are corrupted.
The easiest way to solve the problem is to delete these saves, download version 1.0 or higher and start a new game.
Everyone else has nothing to worry about! If you didn’t have access to other Origins options during the game, then everything is fine and your saves are valid.
2. Corrected typos and grammatical errors in Chapter 1. At least the ones I found.
3. Changelog section added to the game.
4. New numbering of updates. The game will now be released in «versions» instead of «chapters».
Where the first number means a completely finished chapter. For example v. 1.0, v. 2.0, v. 3.0 and so on are, respectively, completely finished chapters one, two, three, and so on.
The second number denotes the approximate degree of completion of the next chapter. For example, version 1.3 would mean that it has a completely finished first chapter and ~ 30% of the second chapter.
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Technical Update.
Fixed bug with not displaying logo, background and all maps for Linux users.
2. Different versions of the game are no longer relevant. Now a single universal version for all (with forward and backward functions and no cheats).
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Initial release.
Prologue and Chapter 1.
Developer Notes:
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Game features.
1. No repetitive stuff. All scenes, situations, and dialogues are unique and not repeated. All of them.
2. Developed dialogue system. You choose every line of the protagonist, and the NPCs react specifically to them.
3. Your choices matter. Mostly.
4. Simple, but fairly versatile role-playing system that doesn’t encourage metagaming or save-load scamming.
5. You play as a sexy chick. What? I think that’s an important feature.
6. Explicit sex scenes. Always optional or avoidable. For realism and immersion purposes only, of course. The story doesn’t revolve around them, but they are here. Waiting for you. In the dark.
7. Emphasis on social interactions and dialogues. No combat system. The violence by itself is more than present.
8. Written in my beautiful broken English. Ah ah ah. Don’t complain. Just don’t.
9. Viewer discretion advised. The game isn’t shy about bringing up sensitive topics. Yeah, those savages…
Pregnancy System.
If you have questions, curiosity, doubts, or anything else about this aspect of the game, please read this post first.

Alternative Portraits: Skaggg or lookinoff

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