Inquisitor Trainer [v0.4.4 Basic] [Adeptus Celeng]

Inquisitor Trainer [v0.4.4 Basic] [Adeptus Celeng]

April 24, 2024F95

The game based on naughty and perverted dark gothic era of the far future.
Which you, Player will take the role of a young female protagonist, tasked to investigate the disappearance of several officials and other mysterious cases in the city which might be related to certain heretical cult.  However, she will not conduct her investigation in a conventional manner, due to her lack of training and proper equipment.
She will have to ‘improvise’ and to use whatever means necessary to achieve her goals.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-22
Release Date: 2024-04-02
Developer: Adeptus Celeng PatreonDeviantArtTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.4 Basic
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other games: Dungeon Ravager
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2DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Combat, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Groping, Humiliation, Lesbian, Masturbation, MILF, Monster, Parody, Point and Click, Posession, Romance, Science Fiction, Sexual Harassment, Striping, Teasing
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1. Extract and run.
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– Loyalist Path Storyline rewrite
– NPC asset replacement (Celestine)
– Two NSFW scenes
– Dialogue fix
– Sound FX
– Background Art and Transitions
– Heretic path Story
– A new Lewd Minigame
– Two NSFW scenes
– Dialogue fix
– New ultimate combat move
– Heretic combat attacks
– Loyalist combat attacks
– New High tier level enemy
– NSFW scenes
– NSFW animations
– Combat polish
– UI polish
The Continuation of our main character’s journey into heresy.
Multiple NSFW scenes, this is due to the fact that Previously we have been able o change the looks and gender of the greater demon
A lot of bug fixes and improvements. I have fixed some of the issues that you reported, such as crashes, glitches, balance problems, and UI errors.
v0.3.7 Basic
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– New Locations
– New Quests (Heretic Route)
– New NSFW Images
– New NSFW Animations
– Quest Log Updates
– New Dialogues
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  • A new NSFW “group action” animation for the privateroom click HERE for preview
  • Karol now uses the new purchasing system like Styx
  • additional NSFW portraits
  • additional animated portraits
  • The Daemonette art scene is now added to the gallery
  • We’ve reorganized the Gallery.
  • A glitch for the equipped armor and weapons in the shop are now fixed
  • Fixed some missing sprite issue in the dark eldar dungeon and the palace
  • Many other bugs have been fixed, and some new ones have probably been added.
1. The introduction of two new Characters : Alicyra the felinid abhuman and Sister Genevana the repentia
2. Four New NSFW scenes in the brothel.
3. A new place called ‘The Pink Pearl’ Which is a Brothel, and it is accessible in the mainmap during the night.
4. Heidi will be able to choose to be a female or a futanari in all of this content updates sex scenes
1. The introduction of the romance feature or relationship side story in the game, and in this content update the character will be Roxxi the Jungle Fighter that was introduced before.
2. Added several Roxxi new character portrait
3. Added 3 LEWD scenes of Heidi and Roxxi
3. Added new animated sprites for heidi when she sleeps in her quarters and when she reads in the library
4. Added a new area in the game that are located in the undercity. This area will be accessable via the Turbo elevator.
5. Cargo cult Karol will now have her own shop and at this moment she will sell stuffs that are related to the relationship side story in the game.
1. The continuation of the main storyline “Trouble in the Undercity” Which focused around the Alien Creeper Cultist, and the disappearance of the Governor’s daughter.
2. A new NPC called Lionel who is a son of a rich and important person from Holy Terra. (A parody from a canon 40k character)
3. NEW enemies for the new sexy combat system where you can strip the enemies of their armor before killing them.
4. A new animation style for a new lewd scene (this scene will be related to the ‘trouble in the undercity’ story arc.
2020-09-06 ~ v0.21b
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Greetings Loyalists and Heretics.
I have a mini update this weekend, this update contains several fix regarding the skill and currency system, also some additional lewd scenes
The details are:
  • You can talk to the servo skull to check the current skill level that you have (from reading books). He can also give you hints on what things you should do next. So, in order to talk to him, you need to click on the bed and there will be an additional menu option.
  • The amount of money earned will not be a fix amount. Instead it will be random amount within a certain range (e.g 5-15 credits and so on) we think this will make the grinding a little more interesting. Like for example when you clean the Bar, Vugnog will give everything he has on the tip jar for you. Hence, the money that you get everytime you’ll have clean the bar will be different. This will also happen when you earn money in the stripclub. I found that it would be more interesting if the credit is random because you can’t predict how much tips would be given by the guests. Though, of course.. The more crazy you dance or give them ‘extra services’, the more money you will likely to get.
  • – New lewd scenes in this update are:
    1. The shower scene ( in the apartment)
    2. The lapdance scene.
  • I provided a saved game for day 2 of the game so that you no longer have to talk to the guardsman, squeeze Cordelia’s bewbs and so on, in order to test this update.
  • The Dark Eldar scene is still work in progress. I need more ideas about femdom (female domination) stories. I hope this can be done by the end of September.
  • Stay tuned, because I will have another mini update coming soon, but this update will be about testing the new Combat system. I would like to tune the basic combat system in this month before publishing the more polished version of it at the end of the month.
2020-08-31 ~ v0.21
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  • What’s new:
    -Day/Night Cycle System — player can cycle the time of the day by waiting from noon till evening (done by clicking the hourglass icon in the mainmap) and by sleeping from evening until morning the next day (done by clicking on the bed in the apartment room)
    -Number of days — the total cycle of the day are now shown in the upper right corner of the screen at this time there are no date limit for the game, it can run indefinitely, and no event are triggered by the date yet.
    -Currecy System — Players can now obtain dan spend credit points in the game. There are multiple ways to earn money in the game, and there are also multiple ways to spend them. These will be needed for storyline progression.
    -Several new unlockable areas — a library in the headquarters, a stipclub in the bar, a dark alley in the undercity, a drukhari torture dungeon, and a mechanicus pawn shop.
    -A new merchant NPC — A goofy mechanicus called Styx the Broken can be found in the undercity. His shop only opens during daytime. He is the only merchant
2020-07-28 ~ v0.1.1c
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  • July Update
    What we’ve done :
    1. Made the dialogues better (including what you’ve seen in the demo). So we hope you could replay the game from the beginning.
    2. Adding more NPC and background
    3. Made the first assignment for Heidi.
  • Playable Demo released
Developer Notes:
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Hello! This is Celeng
Celeng makes adult video games, illustration and comics
The first game is still in early development, called “Inquisitor Trainer” and it is a visual novel styled point and click adventure game. This game will be updated monthly with additional story, more characters, more feature based from the feedback and resource availability.
This game is a fan-based parody of WARHAMMER 40K (owned by Game Workshop).
Celeng is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Game Workshop.
Please support the official products.
The game will be updated with additional story, more characters, more feature based from the feedback and resource availability
Development of this Game by voting for key decisions and leaving feedback, Celeng would be happy you would choose to stay. Help Celeng to continue, many thanks and hope you enjoy!

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