Isabella – Chasing Shadows [Ch. 4.2] [badtimetales]
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Isabella – Chasing Shadows [Ch. 4.2] [badtimetales]

January 15, 2024F95

Isabella: Chasing Shadows is an adult visual novel story crafted as an erotic thriller, where your choices will matter, as you find yourself deeply entrenched in trying to uncover those responsible for the murder of your fiancée.

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Life with your fiancée, who was a dedicated reporter, comes to a bitter end when she dies in a tragic hit-and-run that claims her life.
Despite the police closing the case as a mere accident; haunted you are left with the lingering suspicion of murder that they’ve failed to investigate.
Determined to unveil the truth, you’ll embark on a relentless pursuit for justice, using your skills and enlisting the help of both old and new allies in your quest.
As you delve, ever deeper into the city’s dark underbelly, you’ll encounter a captivating supermodel; you’ll rely on an old friend wielding incredible resources and on a network of shadowy figures.
Will you be able to uncover the dark secrets of the city you once loved? And the most important question is: Will you seek justice for your lost love… or… will you succumb to the allure of revenge?

This is a game where your choices matter!
Every decision you make will affect how the game proceeds and how people will behave towards you.
And, in the end, those choices will determine if you choose the path of JUSTICE or one of REVENGE.
These choices also include the relationships you’ll have, such as:
Alex, your naughty ‘Friend’s with benefits’, or maybe you’ll choose a solo path with Isabella, a ‘world class model’ who needs your help… or, perhaps you’ll have a relationship with both… the choice is yours in this story driven game where your choices really do matter.

Trailer (SFW):
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Trailer 4.1 Update (SFW):
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Thread Updated: 2023-12-06
Release Date: 2023-12-06
Developer: badtimetales SteamPatreonSubscribestarTwitter Discord
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 4.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, French (4.1), Spanish (4.2)
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3DCG, Animated, Mobile Game, Male protagonist, Small tits, Big tits, Small ass, Sporty, Supermodel,  Handjob, Oral,  Vaginal, Creampie, Facial, Deepthroat, Romance, Teasing, Crime,  Thriller, Masturbation, POV, Footjob, Rimming
Future Tags: throuple, Anal, Graphic violence, Group sex ,  Lesbian, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Domination, Submission
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1. Extract and run.
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Chapter 4.2
– 900+ renders
– 18 animations
– 1350 lines of dialogue
– Story progression
– added opacity option for the textbox
Added French translation (4.1)
Added Spanish translation (4.2)
*********** OLD SAVES PRIOR 4.1 WON’T WORK  ***********

Chapter 4.1

Reworked Chapter 1-3
– cleaned up the script
– new and rerendered animations
– minor text changes
– improved render postwork
Update 4.1
–  840+ renders
– 1600+ lines of text
– new favorites gallery/function
– Story progression
Chapter 3.3
1426  lines of text with 9197 words
723 stills
41 animations
Playing time 60-90 minutes.
Chapter 3.2
396 stills
20 animations
Newly proofread Chapter 1-3.1
Chapter 3.1FIX
– fixed relationships
– added a choice in the Val scene
Chapter 3.1
752 lines.
4979 words.
314 pictures plus animations.
Four new characters introduced, two of them important for the story.
Story progress, one sex scene with a certain someone.
40-60  minutes play time
Chapter 2.3
– 529  Lines
– 3456 Words
– 289 Pictures
– A few thousand animation frames
~30 minutes
Story progress, end of the “Introduction”
Chapter 2.2
– 470  Lines
– 3354 Words
– 239 Pictures
– A few thousand animation frames
Story progress with William and Isabella.
20 minutes game time
Chapter 2.1
– 260+ renders
– a few thousand animation frames
– 1334  lines of text, 9399 words, 51850 characters
–  about 20+ minutes in game time
Story progress
– background information about Isabella
– background information about her ex manager
– more relationship building with Alex
– Introducing your favorite gay barber
– general story building
– set up for the beginning of the main story
Chapter 1.fix – NO NEW CONTENT.
Initial proofreading by ArbitraryName.
Edited by Pixieblink.
Changed some renders.
Chapter 1.
~400 still renders
~a few thousands animation frames
Developer Notes/FAQ:
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  • Is this a harem game?

    No. It will be Alex, Isa, or both ladies.
    There will be one side girl (Val), but there is (in this version) no happy ending with her.

  • Is sex with Alex (the girl with the unusual haircut) forced on you?

    The first sex scene with her is not avoidable, as she is not a new LI, but has helped you to manage to deal with the death of your ex GF over a year back.
    She’s the one that got you back to life.
    I do understand that some people don’t like her looks or her attitude, but as this is a story driven game, she is there and allways will be.
    You can deny every sexual content with her after the first night and dump her later in the game, and still she will be there. Just without sex.

  • Why do updates take so long?

    The usual update cycle in Chapter 3 was 6-18 weeks and I’m planning to get back to this schedule.
    Still it’s a “It’s done when it’s done and I’m happy with it”.
    I decided to rework the first three Chapters, which took a few months.
    In my opinion it was worth the time and to honor the Patrons I told them what I’m planning before and paused billing for two months.

  • Will there be a Steam version?

    Steam Storepage will be online with Chapter 4.2.
    Steam demo version will be Chapter 2, first Steam buyable version will be Chapter 4 final.

Fan Signatures:
*********** OLD SAVES PRIOR 4.1 WON’T WORK ***********


Extras: Walkthrough Mod* –  Cebs Android with JL*

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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    Isabella – Chasing Shadows [Ch. 4.2] [badtimetales]