Juicy Futa [v1.0.2] [Juicy Eliot]

Juicy Futa [v1.0.2] [Juicy Eliot]

January 25, 2024F95

Welcome to Juicy Island !
Juicy Futa is an open-world visual novel/dating-sim, set in a jazzy, black and white atmosphere.
You are Eliot, a horny Futa time traveler who gets lost on a very special island. You are stuck in the past and need to find a way back to your time.
Immerse yourself in the life of the islanders, get to know them, gain their trust, become their friends and maybe more…
You will have to help people and please them if you want to go home !

Thread Updated: 2023-11-28
Release Date: 2023-11-24
Developer: JuicyEliot PatreonItch.io Twitter DiscordSubscribestarSteam
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: METAL PLUG
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2DCG, Animated, Footjob, Handjob, Anal sex, Oral sex, Futa/trans protagonist, Futa/trans, Adventure, Sandbox, Romance, Dating sim, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Big ass, Big tits, Mobile Game
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1. Extract and run.
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[What’s new ?]
– New RP with Andy (2 alternative scenes)
– New scene with Hope and Zoey
– The confesionnal is no longer buggy after confessing 5 times
– Vicky’s name is no longer buggy if you trigger the event with her before talking to her.
– Beth and the castaway event in the main square is no longer looping.
– Brad, Bret and Beth storylines were buggy depending on the order you achieved their steps. It should be fixed for:
– Second sex scene with beth (at her place)
– Brad and Bret event asking for help (in the street of juicy village)
– Beth epiphany (at the police station)
There was an issue with the Twin’s cabin scene. That is now fix!
v0.21.0 Juicy Horror Story
[What’s new?]
  • 1 scene with Jasper
  • 1 feature with Beth
  • 1 new scene with Beth and the castaway
  • You can convice Brad, Bret, Beth and Jasper to leave or stay
  • Report to Hope
  • 1 new achievement
  • New scene when people are leaving the island
  • Wednesdays with the twins was buggy if you took some specific route, it has been fixed
  • Jasper tip name has been fixed
  • Some portraits of Mara were missing, it has been fixed
  • Some memories was not available in the main gallery, it has been fixed
  • Improvements
– New location : Nina’s house
– New animations ans interactions on most of backgrounds
– Most of rooms has new clickable items
– All the cllickables item have a visual feedback
– New UI (save, load, main gallery…)
– Player can now choose their name
– New mechanism: You’re not forced to sleep after a date, so you can date 2 people the same night
– Eliot will warn you if you try to sleep on a date night
– You can pet the cat properly
– Cheat codes: You’ll find a text document in the folder with the instructions. New cheat codes will be added later
  • New content
– New mast urbation scenes with : Becky, Cleo, Jack and Jill, Brand and Bret, Nora, Vicky
– 1 New achievement (Honesty)
– You can convince Fran and Igor to stay or leave (scene if stay).
– New character + storyline + scene “The Castaway” inspired by the community <3
1/ There was a missing image during Cleo’s party. This new version fix the bug, if you don’t want to dl this new version, just hit the “ignore” button when you get the error message on 0.19.1
2/ So the were an infinite loop in a dialogue. The section below contains spoiler. Do not read if you didn’t met Hope yet. Just DL the new version.
[ISPOILER]If you choose to get your revenge on the Juicy Islander with Hope, there was an infinite loop in her reporting dialogue.[/ISPOILER]
[What’s new?]
– 1 scene with Nora and Becky
– 1 quick event with Jack and Jill
– 1 new scene with Hope and Zoey
– You can convice Mara to be friends with the Futas or to leave the island
– You can report to Hope when you’ve convinced someone
– 1 new achievement
– Hope arrival is now triggered even if you don’t sleep on Juiciest island on day 27 or later.
– Progress in Fran and Igor storyline. (1 event)
– Sex scene with Fran and Igor.
– Meet Sam the itinerant merchant. (1 event)
– New village ! Discover Juiciest Island.
– 2 new places to visit on Juiciest Island.
– Meet Cleo on Juiciest Island.
– 1 sexy scene on Juiciest Island.
– Progress in the main storyline (learn about the governor, futas and amber).
– Arrows to go right or left directly on each maps in addition to scrolling.
– [FIX] Content tab is now clearer.
– [FIX] A lot of grammatical errors were corrected.
– [FIX] Confession about Andy redundancy has been fixed.
– [FIX] You don’t need to have interactions with the cops to progress in the main storyline anymore.
– 2 sex scenes with Liam or Emma. (Can’t access both depending on your choices)
– 1 new sexy event with Gloria (You have to unlock the achievement “You need to confess” to access it)
– The sunday mass on day 14 is now available.
– 4 new confessions
– A new place to visit “The hotel”
– 2 new characters to meet : Fran the frenchy and depressed former model and her husband Igor, a taciturn Russian man.
– 2 new achievements (“Ding Ding!” and “Bon appétit”)
– 2 new goals
– You can now move up or down almost every elements on the avatar maker
– New place to visit “The restaurant” (available from day 8)
– 2 new characters to meet Emma and Liam. Discover their terrible family secret.
– New content with the twins (1 event available from day 13)
– New content with the deputies (1 event available from day 11)
– New content with Gloria (4 confessions)
– New dating system. You can now choose the day you want to meet with people.
– Gloria design has been remade.
– 2 new achievements
The notebook on your desk is now an avatar maker. Create your own futas in Juicy Futa artstyle!
This avatar maker will be usefull later in the game.
The cuff bracelet GUI has been completely remade.
In addition to your goals and achievements, you’ll now also find:
– A video gallery of your “memories”. Watch the previous sex scene over and over again!
– Your contacts
– Dating schedule (will be improved)
The main menu has been improved (new buttons, splashers etc…)
Characters stats : mood, trust, lust, love… watch the characters you’re talking to react to what you’re saying.
8 sex scenes :  futaxgirl, malexfuta, futaxmale.
10 characters to meet (6 can be seduced)
7 achievements
A village map with many places to visit : Bar, shoe shop, fruit shop and the church available in V0.6 (The hotel, police station and more will be available soon !)
Your own house ! You’ll be able to customize this house on next updates.
A week day and day/night events system + Nap/sleep system
A notebook where everything you know about the islanders is recorded
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Available features:
Characters stats : mood, trust, lust, love… watch the characters you’re talking to react to what you’re saying.
4 sex scenes :  futaxgirl, malexfuta, futaxmale.
4 characters to meet and seduce
A village map with many places to visit : Bar, shoe shop and the church available in V0.4. (The hotel, police station and more will be available soon !)
Your own house ! You’ll be able to customize this house on next updates.
A week day and day/night events system.
Wanted next features :
A lot of locations. The island is big !
More than 15 characters and sex scene.
A money/job system.
Deeper relationships stories.
Customize your house : Get souvenirs from your conquest and friends, buy some decoration.


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