Kana Sensei [v0.4.2.1] [Kana]
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Kana Sensei [v0.4.2.1] [Kana]

January 24, 2024F95

You play the game as Kana Sensei, a teacher at an all girls school in Japan. Your job is simple. Teach students and give out spankings when necessary. Kana is an expert in discipline and seemingly has full authority at the school she works at. Will she become a tyrant or a saint that students look up too? You will decide.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-17
Release Date: 2023-12-07
Developer: Kana pixivFANBOXSubscribestarPixivTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Japanese, Espanol, Chinese (Simplified), French
Voices: Japanese
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Animated, Spanking, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Anime, School, Mystery, Ahegao, Yuri, Parody, Bondage, Watersports
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Various bug fixes and performance-related issues were addressed, no new content added.
##Bug Fixes
  • Proper implementation of MMX acceleration has been added to allow better handling of VP9 animations on Android and older Windows/Linux devices. Prior workaround has been removed as of this build.
  • Fixed an issue where if the player loaded a save from a prior version of the game that was in the middle of an interactive scene, the buttons would not appear.
  • Minor timing adjustments for animations that had the audio played in a separate channel for better syncing.
  • Language: EN | Various grammatical corrections.
  • Added additional autosave triggers for certain locations that had lengthy dialogue.
  • Removal of the (x86) compressed builds. If you’d still like a copy of the 32-bit version you can find an archived copy here. As a reminder, [Day 3] v0.4.2 was the last version to support (x86) 32-bit systems.
  • Various font legibility and alignment adjustments made for better contrast, especially on mobile devices.
##Known Bugs*
  • Day 2 | Girl’s Dorm: Depending on the order the player completed each location, the girl’s dorm hallway event will repeat itself.
  • Day 3 | Staff Apartment: The player is able to visit the staff apartment before finishing all quests in the questbook.
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• Official Public Release.
• Android Build.
• About 3-4 hours worth of new content to play through in Day 3.
##New Content
• Added 6 animations for Marin & Mai riding crop scene.
• Added 1 additional animation to the RPG Battle Minigame (PC only).
• 10 new cards added to the Memory Card Game. Including a UNIVERSE card.
##QOL Changes
• Lowered the default BGM volume during certain spanking scenes and VA voice-overs.
• Adjusted the frequency of the enemies’ AOE attack in the RPG Battle Minigame and modified the damage distribution of his main attack.
• Updated all interactive spanking scenes in Day 3 for a near-seamless transition between Idle <—> Smack animations.
• An auto-save will now be performed every time you visit the School Map.
• Modified textbox and text style in the desktop version.
##Bug Fixes
• Day 1-3 | Language (All) | OS (Android):  Compressed all animations in the Android build and added certain flags to remove some of the troublesome transitions that caused performance issues.
• Day 1-3 | Multiple | Language (EN): Various grammatical corrections.
• Day 1 & 2 | Courtyard, Shrine | Language (All): Fixed the audio file that was played when Kanako(Courtyard) and Asia(Shrine) sigh.
• Day 1 | Nurse’s Office | Language (All): Replaced the audio files for Yui’s spanking scene and fixed the audio playback delay issue.
• Day 3 | Multiple | Language (All): Replaced all the accidentally placed mono sfx with stereo sfx.
##From Prior Version
##New Content / Additions
• 21 girls get a spanking in Day 3.
• 7 Japanese Voice Actresses are featured in Day 3!
• 330+ animations.
• 1500+ new images.
• 2 new interactive spanking scenes (cane + paddle)
• 19 new memories to unlock in Kana’s Memories (Arcade Mode)
• RPG Battle Minigame System. (Abandoned School).
• Memory Card Minigame. (Classroom 1-2).
• And a whole lot more spanking stuff! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
• UI: 95% of the in-game buttons and icons have been updated.
• Added a Mute BGM button to all spanking scenes in [Day 3] and to all scenes in Kana’s Memories [Day 1-3].
• Overhauled the UI and replay functionality in Kana’s Memories.
Added Credits screen.
• Preferences, Load, and Save pages have been updated.
• Higher compression ratios applied to all animations in the Android build.
##Bug Fixes
• Day 3 | Staff Room | Language (All): Fixed an issue where clicking the naked button toggle during the first Sagiri diaper spanking scene would unintentionally change the camera view.
• Day 3 | N/A | Language (All): Fixed the abrupt audio cut in/out for some spanking scenes.
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1. Corrected a couple small English and Japanese grammatical issues.
##Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where if a player started the game > Kana’s Memories > Replayed a scene > Main Menu > Start game > then when the replayed scene was encountered in story mode, the game would then send the player back into Kana’s Memories.
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1. Game is being packaged for the early access supporter release and the public release.
1. Translations from volunteer translators have been added:
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Only Day 1.)
##Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the arrow overlay in Taiga’s OTK scene where the button persisted and caused a black screen unless the player clicked again.
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Hotfixes made on the Beta Tester build.
##Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed a bug where the in-game load/save screen would crash the game when playing the game in Chinese during certain scenes.
2. Fixed a bug at the end of Day 1 when going to bed where the game would complain about an undefined clock variable and cause an error,
1. Fixed a bug where the radial inventory menu would sometimes allow a player to “click through it”, which made the player enter the main school building while keeping the radial inventory menu open.
2. Fixed a visual bug in the questbook where players would rollback past a quest flag and cause the quest state in that category to not properly update in the questbook anymore.
3. Fixed a bug in the questbook where mousewheel scrolling up while viewing the questbook would cause the player to rollback to previous scene/location unintentionally.
4. Fixed a bug where the questbook would reset all quests to (not complete) when the player opened the the questbook more than once while on the school map.
5. Fixed a small issue in Taiga’s punishment select screen, where if a player Ctrl skips through an animation, the punishment select screen will render all the buttons unclickable.
6. Fixed a bug in Rock, Paper, Scissors minigame where the result text was not properly being translated when playing in Japanese and Chinese for certain outcomes.
7. Fixed a couple gramatical mistakes in the English version.
8. Added a missing “end replay flag” in Ichika yuri vibe scene when in Kana’s Memories.
9. Fixed a small bug when replaying Taiga’s scene in Kana’s Memories where the camera button would not work when clicked a third time. (Replaced with a continue arrow.)
10. Small bug fix during Sena’s spanking scene when playing in Japanese. (Translator copy only)
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Beta Tester Build
1. Game packaged for Beta Testers and Translators
2. About 2 hours worth of new content to play through.
1. Day 2 content has been added (all 9 locations now available).
2. 4 new interactive spanking scenes.
3. 15 girls get a spanking in Day 2.
3. About 200 new animations (majority are short loops for interactive scenes)
4. 600+ new images.
5. 1-1/2 Yuri scenes added + spanking/pleasure machines.
6. Quest Notebook (Quest Tracking) added to map menu.
7. Inventory system added to map menu.
8. Updated Kana’s Memories (arcade mode) to include new unlockable scenes.
9. Optional Fetishes included: Orgasm Denial, Urination.
10. And a lot of spanking stuff.
1. Added machine translated Simplified Chinese.
2. Added machine translated Japanese.
3. Changed game font to a universal one to support translations to other languages in the future.
4. Persistent variable flags added for certain choices the player has made.
5. Improved interactive spanking scenes (Day 2 only).
6. All images and animations compressed to reduce game size. 7.64GB -> 2.68GB
7. Day 1 (Courtyard): Changed dialogue to address instances where the player speaks to the girl on the bench before seeing the girl stuck in bush.
##Bug Fixes:
1. Removed the Kana’s Memories button from the in-game menu (not main menu) due to a bug where entering Kana’s Memories from the in-game menu and then exiting back to main menu would cause all the buttons to still be clicklable.
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Public Release.
Bug Fixes:
  •   Fixed red butt persistence on Yui spanking scene. (Every 4 smacks will save progress between camera switch)
  •   Fixed 3rd person Yui spanking and removed idle animation.
  •   Reduced spank icon overlay block from 1 sec –> 0.4 sec.
  •   Increased preloaded image cache to 1GB to increase performance.
  •   Added in updated Japanese translations.
  •   Fixed “resume” point when switching between Japanese or English language.
  •   Updated renders on snowman animations (smoother playback).
  •   Replaced Nurse/Daughter spanking scene assets 30FPS –> 60FPS.
  •   Fixed the “cheat” button in tic-tac-toe mini game when executing a rollback to round
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Initial Version.
  Game packaged for Beta Testers.
Developer Notes:
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A special thanks to all the Translators who are helping with the translations and to all my Beta Testers and supporters.

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