KoboldKare [2023-12-14] [Naelstrof]
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KoboldKare [2023-12-14] [Naelstrof]

February 11, 2024F95

KoboldKare is a farming game where you can buy, grow, and sell cute kobolds.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-10
Release Date: 2023-12-14
Developer: Naelstrof TwitterDiscordSteam
Censored: No
Version: 2023-12-14
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, 3D game, Point of view, Furry, Sandbox, Breast expansion, Inflation, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, sizeplay
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1. Extract and run.
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Kobold Kare 28 Mar 2023 (test build)
Should fix some errors, especially with glass containers being purple, and a lot of small bugs
Patch 16Mar
saving issues (mainly due to the game expecting Steam, which it shouldn’t according to Naelstrof)
mod management and storing mod settings
popup bugs
defunct nipple pump (removed from game)
equipment save bug
steam deck support
EDIT: A new issue arose after the nipple pump was removed, the glass in the inflater cum storage is not clear. This will be fixed ASAP.
More stable than v629.
Patch 443:
18+ warning now supports Arabic. (Accidentally missed it in my pass).
Resolution can no longer be saved as “0x0_0” in special cases when settings are saved while the game is minimized or shutting down.
Star doors now properly remember what their star requirements were on save and load. (Must make a new save).
Patch 452:
Money only spawns in one pile instead of 4 now.
Fixed bug where dropdowns didn’t scroll incrementally.
Kobold inflation blendshapes have been adjusted. (Thanks Kristaph!)
KoboldSpaceProgram objective no longer breaks when kobolds are deleted while the objective is active.
Fixed bug where opening the stats screen in free cam mode would break controls until escape was pressed.
Explosions are no longer saved to disk if they haven’t been cleaned up before a save was triggered.
Female kobolds fed their own hearts now properly track themself as the parent rather than thinking a kobold with default genes inseminated them.
Added a sell box at the casino for easier cleanup of pachinko spam. This will hopefully be more directly addressed later.
Patch 455:
Added a few new animation stations. (Thanks Fancyneer!)
Fixed bug where having ExplosionPrefab objects in your save data would break the save. They should load normally again.
SpikeyBracelet display is no longer offset by 100 meters underground.
Patch 468:
Audio sources are no longer using a buggy spatializing plugin.
Saves no longer give up loading when running into an exception. This can cause save corruption, but I think this is better than half-loading. (For example, Farm plots not spawning…)
Fixed bug where the Multiplayer lobby would delete old rooms even if they were still active.
Locale preference loading is now entirely handled by Unity and hopefully this should fix some bugs relating to languages failing to load or loading the wrong language.
Patch 469:
Mac build should work again.
Fixed occlusion on the rock door cave entrance.
Patch 484:
Kobold press now has animations.
Grinder now actually spins up with the kobold.
Grinder now ejects kobolds with appropriate force.
Re-added a missing rectangle UI image.
Possibly fixed bug where DirectX on integrated hardware didn’t render English alphabet letters correctly in French.
New mushroom recipes that can explicitly target certain stats.
Fixed a bug where the breeding quest would only advance for the host of the server.
  • Localization updates.
  • Added a Y-Axis invert option under Controls.
  • Two new animation stations at rock and fence. (Thanks Fancyneer!)
  • Zarni’s ZanyZtuff dialogue works again.
  • Objectives with multi-stages now save and load properly.
  • Arabic locale now renders RtL, and with proper unicode combination characters.
  • Sleeping now gains you up to three energy.
Patch 430_35214450
  • Fixed various objectives that weren’t easily completable in multiplayer.
  • Objective progress is now properly synced when online.
  • Kobolds now gargle and open their mouth when drinking fluids again. (And they stop gargling if they’re full).
  • Fixed crouch bug when saving and loading.
  • Fixed a few bomb bugs related to saving and loading.
  • Increased size of some popup UI.
  • Motion sickness option no longer gets the camera stuck while doing animations.
  • Default FOV is set to 65 now.
  • Fixed shader issue that caused odd outlines on slick surfaces.
  • Entering the caves now turns off the sun.
  • Alt-tabbing no longer gets kobolds stuck permanently ragdolled.
  • Getting disconnected through arbitrary means no longer soft-locks the game.
  • Saves are now stored via json. They are now extremely resilient to changes or modifications. They also shouldn’t break in future versions.
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Been a long while since an update has hit the public branch.
KoboldKare has been a project that has been in constant turmoil as I learn more and more about game development.
I realized at some point that I was using my technical ability as a crutch to avoid doing art.
Instead of just spending an hour or two making some fun clouds, I’d overengineer the problem into oblivion trying to make “technically correct” clouds via raytracing and tearing into the render pipeline to get what I want.
Many of the changes for this build is me replacing awful, overengineered, and slow solutions with some basic VFX and game-design.
I’d say I’ve gotten KoboldKare 90% to where my vision is. I still have lots to do, but now I actually can see the finish line. I plan to get KoboldKare to 1.0 within 5 weeks from this post.
That’s enough of me rambling about my thoughts,
  • Penetration tech refactor. This change is large enough that I wrote all of the details on the official KoboldKare website as a technical article. You can check it out here. In general, I’m no longer flubbing the math on penetrations, and the shaders I use are more optimized.
  • Ray-traced clouds were replaced with standard VFX work. Drastically reducing rendering cost.
  • Fluid visuals overhaul, replaced the expensive and touchy fluid simulation with some standard VFX.
  • Eclipse and the concept of night has been completely eliminated. No more worrying about nighttime, or being outside. With the introduction of other mechanics, it was largely unnecessary to keep.
    Plants simply grow after 30 seconds of being watered, energy can be restored on kobolds by resting on the bed, quests are received as soon as they arrive, stores restocks over time. Etc!
  • Three new kobolds stats: Energy, Belly capacity, and Metabolization capacity.
  • Kobolds now have energy bars, they consume energy to do the vast majority of their tasks. Tuck them in bed to get it back! Soon there will be ways to increase or regenerate energy…
  • Belly capacity is limited, don’t overfill them. Use the toilet to empty their belly if they’re too full. Soon there will be ways to increase this limitation.
  • Metabolization capacity is limited, kobolds can only metabolize so much fluid before they max out! There is currently no way to increase this limitation, except for breeding of course.
  • Introduction of Kobold traits and breeding! Kobolds now track a set of traits that are passed onto their offspring, this includes traits that have modified via juices! Offspring also spawn with an empty metabolization bar– meaning you can repeat the modifications to begin breeds of kobolds with specific traits! You can guess the relations by just looking at the colors.
  • The ability for players to change themselves in game has been drastically limited, you can no longer equip dildos, you cannot customize yourself real-time via the options menu, and you are subject to the same metabolization limitations as any other kobolds. However…
  • Added a consciousness swapping machine, for the low low price of losing your original vessel, you can embody one of the Kobolds on the farm that suits you better.
  • Buckets and several other containers are now drinkable. Simply use them to drink some of their contents.
  • New item and reagent: Mushroom. It poisons your kobolds! Shrinking all their stats and making them pale. Careful with this one!7Ed2699A9F2F49240A52C840C8290F8Da110F43A | Free Adult Games
  • New machines are found on the farm. The Grinder, Milking Table, Breeding Mounts, Kobold Press, Consciousness Swapper, and Egg Laying machines are all usables that cost various resources to use.
  • All animation stations are now usable just like Machines are, the bottoming kobold will always go first.
  • Kobold AI will now “use” things you set them near, careful with setting them near buckets of expensive fluids!
  • Networking is now ownership based, when a client “owns” an object, they are fully responsible for relaying its state to other players. This means when you own an object, there will be zero lag for interacting with it.
    Included a security feature where jumping will force ownership back to yourself, so you can prevent other players from grabbing or interacting with you.
  • Ragdolls are now fully networked, tossing players, pinning them, and doing various things with them are now sent through the network as a “playback”, and everyone will see the same thing!
  • Ragdoll refactor, all ragdolls use ConfigurableJoints instead of CharacterJoints in order to simulate muscle tension. This leads to ragdolls crumpling less and looking more natural.
  • Precision grabber refactor!

    This has taken a long time to figure out. Ragdolls in Unity are special and cannot actually be affected by angular velocity sets like other Rigidbodies. I learned I must use constraints instead!
    Now always ragdolls kobolds, respects player colors, can properly rotate ragdoll limbs, and is visible to all players holding shift.
    Making kobolds and objects pose exactly the way you want has never been easier.
    You can see above that a green player has posed this kobold to sit near the table and wave.
    You can also now unpin individual pins by aiming at them and tapping Q, holding Q will unpin all active pins.

  • Farm plot is now a discrete grid of plantable terrain. Unlock new grid tiles with explosives.
    Holding the rotate key (R by default) now takes direct control of the hips.
    This even works on animation stations, but not during ragdoll.
  • Mousewheel now gives analogue control of crouch height, use this in combination with hip control to very precisely do things with your lower body.
  • You now recieve mail, they come as objectives from the mysterious Dragon Patron. The objectives are currently a TODO, but you can complete them and earn stars which unlock parts of the city!
    New dick stubbiness customization. Dicks can be stubby and thick, or long and thin, by up to 50% in either direction!
  • Body proportions have been temporarily disabled as I learn how to integrate them with inheritable traits in a fun way.
  • Jiggle physics refactor, all jiggle physics in the game has been replaced by a much more physically accurate and stable system.
  • Money is now a consumable physics item. Money is now also tracked per-kobold, collaborate with your fellow kobolds!
    Terrain is now static and no longer generated on the fly. This leads to much faster load times.
  • Since there’s no more dynamic day cycle, reflection probes are now also static. This should lead to less hitching while playing the game.
  • Decals now use a dilation technique to hide seams. It still isn’t perfect, but it no longer relies on Conservative Rasterization which simply wasn’t supported on lots of platforms, and looked really bad in other situations.
  • Alternative graphics APIs have been disabled. DirectX, Metal, and Vulkan are now the only supported graphics APIs. This was too difficult to maintain as a solo developer, and may come back after the game is more complete.
  • The Overall Graphicsoption has been reduced to “High”, and “Low”, this is to reduce the number of variants needed to compile the game. It still takes a ridiculous amount of time to compile, but I managed to get it down to around 20 minutes.
I probably missed a ton of changes. Oh well!
There’s still a lot of greyboxing, temporary effects, and barely realized mechanics. Though I’ve played it with a few friends and its an absolute blast! I’m hoping to clean it up over the course of the next few weeks.
Changes (from what I noticed):
– Actually implemented quest system
– Blocked off casino and quarry
Fixed fruit spawn They spawn in the trees on day 1 and vanish after, whoops.
– Fixed bugs
– Moved the positions of the grinder, milker, etc.
– Removed the buckets that spawned near the grinder
Im also trying to learn cheat engine so I can make a table for basic stuff (infinite money and energy). Cant promise anything, but Ill upload it if I actually get it working. Lmk if there was more changes cause I didn’t play too far into this build yet.
sex animations fixed.
Terrain and grass was vastly optimized, terrain details no longer render in reflection probes or Mirrors. This was an improvement of 30ms during reflection probe updates. And slight performance increase on mirrors. Terrain will have some mismatching layers while we clean up some of these broad optimizations.
Jigglebones and softbody physics now run on a partial fixed timestep, should keep them looking consistent at low framerates.
Graphics memory footprint reduced by around 400mb by deleting unnecessary shaders.
Decal system rework and optimization, I had an epiphany when I realized GPU’s automatically solve memory fragmentation problems. Don’t optimize when you don’t have to! Now it’s stupid simple and stupid fast to decal basically everything in the game. (Except terrain, terrain is impossible to decal due to how hardcoded they are into Unity…)
Added a seed extractor! It barely works, but it serves its purpose well enough as I focus on some other aspects.
Added seeds and plant types for every type of fruit, most of them are stand-ins, though they work! I bet you can figure out where you get the seeds.
Items now have big indicators that help you find them in grass or in trees, finding fruit has never been easier!
Reduced the scale of lots of the farm so it’s a little more sane, it’s probably going to take a few more passes to get the scale of things dialed in.
Physics animations now use derivatives of the animation curves to figure out their velocities. They’re much more sharply animated now– though the hands still flop around. This’ll probably be tweaked for quite a bit more until I get happy with it.
Fixed GenericInflatables from being unable to translate or rotate jiggleboned bodies (balls now properly drop when they get bigger).
This is a big one: Kobolds can now have equipment, and they have equipment slots. All dildos are now equippable dicks.
Customization options from the main menu has been pared down, customization is now primarily a gameplay and loot feature. If options have been removed that you wanted, you’ll have to find the corresponding customization feature within gameplay.
4 new kobold dildos, all being equipment that can just be plopped on by any Kobold that tries to “use” them.
Construction hardhat, and nipple piercings as equipment. Currently cosmetic, though it opens the path to lots of other kinds of cosmetic customization!
All equipment can be found as loot by exploring the world for chests. Keep an eye out for them!
Penetrators’ shader has been upgraded to do some bezier curve adjustments to make them look malleable, and to correct for misalignment. This also allowed for physics constraints to be loosened, it looks and feels pretty good. Though probably will be iterated on continually as I learn more about it.
Networking refactor: It’s only half way done, but I realized I probably shouldn’t be over-optimizing things by writing custom events and managing the cache myself. Most of everything has been converted back into basic Pun observables and RPC calls. Player configuration is now done through Pun’s PlayerCustomProperties feature. The few things that haven’t been refactored are still pretty unstable. (Animation stations, and attachables like flasks). Over the next couple days it should get better and better as I get more familiar.
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  • Unity upgrade from the 2019 LTS to the 2020 LTS! This comes with a variety of benefits.
  • Screen-space Ambient Occlusion is back, enabled by default in the Graphics Settings.
  • Dynamic Bones asset has been replaced completely. This new in-house jiggle bone system has trouble with completely inverting bones sometimes. Though allows for squash and stretch!
  • VertExmotion asset has been replaced completely. The new in-house softbody physics is simpler and more efficient.
  • DoozyUI asset has been completely replaced, this includes icons, button click sounds, animations, and other things. UI is much more static now, though still works!
  • Amplify Imposters was completely replaced by simple hand-made imposters. They have much less fidelity, but they can be open-sourced!
  • Map has been replaced with another work in progress by Firgof! This one uses Unity’s built-in terrain which we’re still getting used to. Things might be unoptimized for a while as we figure things out. Make sure your computer meets the recommended specs on the store page!
  • Player movement rework, now it’s proper source b-hopping! Channel your phoon to go fast. A speedometer was included to help me debug it, and it’ll stick around for a short time.
  • Complete ragdoll physics rework. I spent a lot of time flipping random switches on the black-box that is Unity’s physics system. I learned a good number of things, and ragdoll physics have been improved immeasurably!
  • With the new improved ragdoll physics, animations are now physics driven! There’s a bit of tweaking left to do, but in general any physics mishaps can be fixed by (or caused by) a proactive player!
  • Players with dicks now only get marginal slowdown from bumping into their own.
  • Feet now IK to the ground, it can look really goofy sometimes, but in general grounds kobold in the world.
  • Shadows no longer have seams in them, at the cost of having a bit more shadow acne. This was important with the number of structures that were affected by the shadow normal bias.
  • Dicks have staged flaccidity now, going from packed -> floppy -> erect. All done with generic monobehaviours. New dicks can have much more complex configurations!
  • Flared Equine was replaced with one done by the lovely uniform_vixen on Twitter.
  • I know I say this every other patch, but penetration physics were reworked yet again. Re-thought from the ground up, it includes fun stuff like solving things in an orbit, and does some cheating to purposefully stabilize most configurations. (This also had to be done to support non-centered penetrative shapes.)
  • Some VFX cleanup: splashes, goop, strands, and fluids were all touched up on.
  • Optimized a number of scripts, realized a lot of scripts that don’t need to run very often should NOT run on FixedUpdate– this leads to vicious cycles of trying to catch up on lost time by over-running expensive code.
  • Added VSync, and target frame rate options under Graphics.
  • Freecam now hides the UI.
  • Completely reworked the reagent system, it now supports heat, potency, and serialization for multiplayer networking. (Though right now heat and potency aren’t used yet.)
  • Added a banana fruit, it has potassium. Careful!
  • Added the ability to customize your Kobold within Options.
  • Options are saved as a JSON again, this is so lower powered laptops can change the settings without launching the game.
  • Added support for integrated GPUs. Game launches with Vulkan, Metal, Direct3D11, and OpenGL options.
  • Temporarily disabled clouds, they’ll come back when I figure a graphics api agnostic way to render them.
  • Temporarily disabled two of the extra camera angles, going to replace it with a more robust 3rd person camera soon when animations come around.
  • Created a new procedural skybox.
  • Added multiplayer! This was a long time coming, but I’m comfortable enough with the structure of the game to add it!
Not a big list, most of my time was spent trying to stabilize Multiplayer, and get the game running on all kinds of hardware. I’ve partially succeeded at both! Though there’s still quite a bit that needs to be done.
  • Added basic quality settings for lower-end hardware.
  • Male kobolds can be jerked off now by left clicking on their dick.
  • Male kobolds can cum, and their cum amount depends on their dick size.
  • The grab system was reworked a bit to be less buggy. There’s still a few known bugs that should be ironed out for the Steam release.
  • I accidentally reduced the max speed when bhopping, it’ll be faster when I release on Steam.
Build 10:
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• Completely reworked pretty much all code to be more modular, in the future this will allow for intricate machines and pipes.
• Added Advanced Interaction, you can now intricately manipulate objects, press buttons, and not accidentally pick up a bunch of stuff (kinda).
• Multi-core IK system for all Kobolds, this is really heavy CPU stuff in order to dynamically IK every character. If you got CPU cores, the game is going to use them.
• Fluid streams are super neat looking now, and are less buggy when transferring fluids.
• Kobolds can spawn as either sex, males are pretty non-functional right now and are permanently excited.
• Atmospherics/Volumetric lighting, as well as tree/brush optimizations. Looks cool and is more optimized.
• Added a shop-keep that currently yawns and has their jaw permanently open as of now.
• Fixed a lot of character controller stuff involving crouching or walking over tiny obstacles.
• Added a much more detailed home, still is a WIP though.
• You can attach nozzles to things like boobs, not much purpose yet but it’s pretty funny.
• I broke blood decals, will fix later.
• Added tons of menus and general polish.
• Almost everything uses buttons/switches to operate now. Need to figure out how to make a button the bed make sense to sleep.
• Buffed the crap out of money and starting money, there shouldn’t be any reason to grind.
Build 8:
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  • Added saving and loading. (hit escape)
  • Tons of optimization from reducing tick-rate, optimizing allocations, switching from deferred to forward, to adding a jiggle budget.
  • Added a new stand-in for milkers instead of a bunch of unity cubes.
  • Added a deathbarrier below the map.
  • Adjusted some money formulas so that milking is more worth it.(The tupperware gives a 1.5x fluid sale bonus, while kobolds only give a 0.3x sale bonus for fluids)
  • Grinder now outputs it’s entire contents within around 20 seconds.
  • Fixed player physics from being fps dependent.
  • Fixed kobold models deformation on large breasts from having a vertex sticking out the back.
  • Probably some other things I forgot about.
Build 7:
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This build has milking machines, some game juice, and bug fixes!
Build 5:
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First Release
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WASD to move, hold left click to grab, right click to activate/throw, and E to use.
Q also kills you.


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Masterdragon0 thanks for the link
*These extras are not released by the developer. Download at your own risk.

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