Kyomusume Koku Tokouki [I-Raf-You]
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Kyomusume Koku Tokouki [I-Raf-You]

July 12, 2024F95

It is the year 1689 A.D., in the Edo period. Our protagonist who lives in Osaka is drinking together with Gulliver who has stopped by for a visit. He hits it off with Gulliver straight away, and decides to join him in his travels. However… they become adrift on a strange peninsula.

There they then encounter a huge, towering giant girl… ?!
Well that country turns out to be the country of Brobdingnag, where people are 12 times the size of normal humans!

Title: Kyomusume Koku Tokouki
Original Title: 巨娘国渡航記
Aliases: A Voyage to Brobdingnag
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Year: Japan 2011-12-06, English Version 2011-12-06
Developer/Publisher: I-Raf-You
Censorship: Pixelated Genitalia
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voice: English
Genre: Fantasy, Group Sex, Macrophilia, Male Protagonist
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Install Adobe Air if you don’t have it.
3- Install “BrobdingnagEn.air”.

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    Kyomusume Koku Tokouki [I-Raf-You]