LAB -Still Alive- [Neko no Meme]
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LAB -Still Alive- [Neko no Meme]

January 25, 2024F95

Deep in the jungle is a certain research facility. A place where robots to soldiers to biological organisms are studied.
One day an incident of unknown cause triggers chaos. The facility is locked down in quarantine mode.
Researcher Misa has to figure out what went wrong. But more than that, she needs to survive.
Censorship: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.25 (but can be considered Final)
OS: Windows
Language: English (but given the fact that there isn’t any text inside the game, it refers more to the Inventory)
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Vore, Violation, Restraint, Rape, Tentacles, Robot Sex
1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “LAB-Still Alive- 1.25.exe” to start playing. Or if you want to play the Hard mode of the game, “LAB-Still Alive-Hard mode 1.03.exe”.
Download: MEGA

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    LAB -Still Alive- [Neko no Meme]