Last Strike [AMBER OWL]
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Last Strike [AMBER OWL]

July 4, 2024F95

Easy controls to smash enemies away!! 2D Fighting Action Game with Elaborate Pixel Arts!!

Updated: Oct/21/2018
Developer/Publisher: AMBER OWL
Censorship: Yes
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Vaginal Sex, Fighter, Sidescroller, Tanned Skin, Big Tits
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “LastStrike_Full.exe” to start playing.
Extra Info:
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POINT1: Easy Controls
There’s no need for complicated command inputs!
You can use many special moves only by pressing a button.
POINT 2: Smashing Away
When using a special move against an enemy in an off-guard moment,
the attack becomes a “Last Strike” which smashes the enemy out of the screen!
POINT 3: Clothing Damage System
Receiving too much damage causes clothing to damage and makes her naked.
If she falls to the ground, of course…
POINT 4: Short Playtime
A single session would take only 3~15 minutes. This is a score attack type of game.
POINT 5: Quality Pixelated Graphics
Please enjoy smoothly moving pixel arts! All H scenes are in pixel art too!
* The retail version includes 8 game modes to play, whereas
the trial version contains only 1 mode and 1 H scene.

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    Last Strike [AMBER OWL]