Le Dernier Saint Chevalier [Final] [Chihiro]
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Le Dernier Saint Chevalier [Final] [Chihiro]

January 28, 2024F95

An evil wizard called Neville threatens the world with extinction.
The monsters he creates turn the men they defeat into more monsters, while captured women are turned into brood mothers, increasing their numbers.
This is the tale of the girls of the Order of the Shirayuri Knights, who protect the temple city of Reine, the last bastion against the monster onslaught.

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[Battle System]-Aside from some events, loss in battle means game over (enjoy seeing the girls stand against the monsters with spirit even as they are violated)
-Stripping system – attacks that erode your armor’s resistance will leave the girls stripped, and monsters will start to use restraining attacks. Do nothing and you’ll switch to violation mode…
-A range of dirty status effects – no poison, silence, paralysis etc. Instead you have sexual status effects like rape scars, whip marks, creampies and impregnation
-Multiple lose conditions – in addition to running out of HP, you can fail by losing virginity, or from being violated multiple times during battle

[Contents]-One true ending and 10 bad endings. Basically not possible to get the true ending on a first playthrough. Enjoy the bad endings, carry your skills over to the next playthrough, and aim for the true ending.
-The aim of the game is to protect the town. You must keep an eye on the town’s levels of defense, peace, and resources. These will all affect the ending.
Thread Updated: 2021-06-30
Release Date: 2020-11-27
Developer: Chihiro DLSite
Translator: MuninKai
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese/English Translated
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2d game, 2dcg, Rape, Pregnancy, Vaginal Sex, Twins, Fantasy, Multiple Endings.
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1. Extract and run.
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Game Version are JPNvx.x. Translation releases are ENGrx.x
ENGr1.0 – Release
– Updates to Walkthrough
– Minor tweaks
ENGr0.4 – Pre-Release
– Changed apostrophe characters in text to have less excessive spacing
– Tweaks to all text
– Fixed error with summonable enemies
ENGr0.3 – Beta Release
– Updates and tweaks to CommonEvents
– Updates and tweaks to States, Troops, and Maps
– Updates to yugifan3 translation of Weapons, Armours, Items, Skills, and Enemies to bring in line with my translation
– Accelerated Raina’s movement speed and slowed enemies
– Translated the Quest log
– Completed Walkthrough for Virgin Run
– Included fullsave
– Translated the Prologue, which I had not even realised was untranslated after 14h of playtesting
ENGr0.2 – Second Release
– Second draft of CommonEvents
– First draft EMTL of States and Troops
– First draft EMTL of Maps 1 – 29
– Added Armour Durability to the stats displayed in combat
ENGr0.1 – Initial Release
– Updated to from JPNv1.0 to JPNv1.2
– Integrated yugifan03’s translation work on the Items, Enemies, Skills, and System files
– Combined first draft EMTL of CommonEvents with MTL of States, Troops, and all Map files
Known Issues:
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1) In both the Tutorial and when skipping it there is some kind of speed modifier causing Raina to move very fast for the first two or three map transitions. This issue does resolve itself.
2) Quests and research dialogues can overflow, causing weird interactions while selecting an option. To my knowledge they are all fixed, but I could be wrong. Hold down Ctrl when selecting an option to bypass if it is behaving strangely.
3) The Giant Demon enemy speaks in some kind of slang/slurs their speech and I can’t figure out what the fuck he’s trying to say. If you are fluent in Japanese and want to translate about 30 lines of probably very simple dialogue, shoot MuninKai a DM on F95. In the meantime, his line are just made up whole cloth based on him being an idiot.
Translator Notes:
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Walkthrough is included. Requires Japanese locale.
This is edited MTL. My knowledge of Japanese is at best rudimentary, so I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translation. My intention is to create a readable, coherent, and functional translation, not a perfect one. To that end, I do also sometimes change lines to add little Easter eggs, or make a joke in English that is not a direct translation of the Japanese. I will also take the occasional liberty with leaving Japanese terms in the game, nothing you shouldn’t know from memes or general weebery.
I do not own RPGMaker, and do all of my translation and modding work directly with the base Ruby files.
Particular to this game is that I am also a French speaker, which I didn’t expect to use in a Japanese H-RPG, but it pops up now and then. Nothing story relevant, but don’t be surprised if a French word or phrase pops up where appropriate.
Fullsave included in Slot 32. You can also use it for a NewGame+ if you want a really, really easy time.
In addition to translating the game, I made the following changes to the base DSC experience:
1) Added Armour Durability to the stats displayed in combat
2) Accelerated Raina’s base movement speed to 2x, slowed enemies. Dash will accelerate to 4x speed.

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