League of Domination [v0.11 Dev] [ElatedOwl]

League of Domination [v0.11 Dev] [ElatedOwl]

June 4, 2024F95

You enter a magical tournament by accident. You cannot leave until a winner is declared. You must do your best to
defeat the other champions. But beware, they have ideas and goals of their own. Will you make allies or enemies? Will you
create a harem of hot women, or will you be enslaved by them?

Game features a ‘vanilla’ combat system that slowly shifts to become more perverted over time as your relationship with
each character changes. There will be both dominant and submissive routes to explore, but currently there is much more content for the latter.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-04
Release Date: 2024-06-03
Developer: ElatedOwl PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.11 Dev
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Female domination, ass worship,  foot fetish, CBT, RPG, turn based combat, male protagonist, combat, 2D game, BDSM, parody
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.11 Dev
Morgana has received a huge update, with plenty of new content!
v0.10 Dev
Morgana is a hottie, in-game guides and more!
v0.9.2 Dev
v0.9.1 Dev
v0.9 – Turning the Tables on Lux
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V0.9 – Turning the tables on Lux – Patch notes:
This update finally allows the player to dominate one of the girls -Luxanna. I didn’t want to force players to pick either the Dom or Sub route and be locked into it, so you may shift between the paths during your playthrough.
To achieve this, a new Dominance/Submission meter system has been implemented for Lux.
Most scenes will increase or decrease the D/S score by varying degrees.
Some scenes now require a minimum D/S score to trigger.
This will allow you and Lux to attempt to dominate the other, based on the results of your battles, and any town events that occur, and finally give you a reward for consistently winning!
This system also applies to current Dom Lux content, but of course there’s no guarantee that you’re skilled enough to defeat her.
Progress Tracking:
A fancy new progress tracking screen has been added for Lux, accessible in the vacant room above the blacksmith. Her content is divided into:
Dom Core Progression, Sub Core Progression, Dom Misc Scenes, Sub Misc Scenes, Group scenes and Weekly Wins.
The game will now track your progress in each of these areas, telling you if there are scenes you are yet to see in each category. There is a lot of dialogue that isn’t counted for this system, but it’s a good measure of how much content you’ve seen!
In-game Guide:
A lot of players told me it was hard to see what they had to do to progress, so I have added a new in-game guide! The guide will tell you exactly how to progress the Dom or Sub progression route for Lux.
It will also tell you which repeatable, misc or group scenes you can currently access for her. Most of these are based on the current D/S stat and your progression with Lux, although some have other requirements, such as fetish levels.
The guide can be accessed in the vacant room above the blacksmith, for a small price of 50g. The intent is for players to only use it if they are truly stuck, not every single time they progress, and will be moved to the magic shop keeper in a later update.
New Content:
A huge amount of content based around dominating Luxanna. Check the guide if you get lost, but the general advice is to beat her in battle to progress!
Plenty of new dialogue when talking to Lux around town, depending on how dominant you are over her and your sub progress level.
Plenty of new repeatable scenes for dominating Lux. Some are accessed by chatting to her in town, some in room, and one in her bedroom specifically. These also have different variants based on D/S levels.
A variant of the Lux battle where she is angry, and one where she is much weaker and has no weapon. Also many new battle moves and variants for Lux to use, and a fancy battle clothing damage system.
New battle moves for the player.
Can eventually purchase her bedroom’s key from Miss Fortune.
Can spike Lux’s delivery from Lulu.
Alternate dream for Lux’s ass now displays if you are dominant over her.
Alternate dream for Lux’s feet now displays if player is dominant over her.
New repeatable dream for Lux’s boobs.
New variants of interacting with Lux’s boots while she is submissive (requires high enough foot fetish lvl), and scene where she catches you.
Can spy through her keyhole at night for a scene.
v0.8 – Weekly WInner Scenes + QoL
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V0.8 – Weekly Winner Scenes + QoL patch is now released!
Join your fellow competitors in the inn every Friday evening for a grand feast to celebrate the winner of each week!
Whoever has the most round wins is imbued with a small taste of ascension!
How will each girl put these powers to use?
This update features 3x winner scenes each for Kat, Lux, Irelia, Ahri, and 2x winner scenes for Qiyana.
If you’ve seen all scenes for a certain winner, it allows you to choose one to replay, or skip.
QoL Patch:
Katarina forcing you to worship her ass when you’re trying to sleep now has a shorter repeat variant.
Cleaning Katarina’s armpits/breasts at the training dummy now has a shorter repeat variant.
Kat’s breast tempt battle move has been sped up.
Lux asking you for a foot massage when you are at 50%hp mid-battle now has a shorter intro repeat variant once Lux P>=21, and a shorter massage scene once you’ve massaged her post-battle 3 times.
Ahri’s spirit rush now has a shorter repeat variant that will play once it’s happened 3 or more times.
Kat and Irelia refusing your surrender to continue beating you up lowered from 50% to 25% chance.
Ahri giving you a handjob after surrendering lowered from 100% chance to 25% chance.
v0.7.1 – Alliances, Rivalries and Tentacles, Oh my!
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Qiyana and Katarina’s friendship continues to grow!
New group scene at the Inn table with them!
Qiyana grants the player a repeatable ‘reward’ scene for their service!
Katarina and Irelia are out to get each other!
They have a new argument scene in town!
Afterwards, the PC may side with either of them, and help them teach the other their place!
Siding with each girl can be done on the same playthrough, so no need to save before.
Miss Fortune sells a perverse Forbidden Idol!
What secrets does it hold? Perhaps a certain mage knows more.
Once Lux has -examined- it properly, can use it from inventory for a repeatable scene.
Lulu continues to practise her enchantment magic, but something goes wrong!
Lux’s panties in her POV art have been made a lighter shade of blue, as per request.
Lux’s feet up on table art, no longer has two right feet hahaha.
Many many bug fixes!
v0.7 – Captain Fortune
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Captain Fortune, is now available!
The pirate captain, Miss Fortune (as voted by our wonderful Patrons) has taken over the item shop in the middle of town!
-A wide variety of dialogue as you get to know her better, and get into certain situations.
-She sells a variety of new items, including new potions, new misc. items with various uses, and even some artifacts she’s plundered from her travels.
-She has a new gossip system, with over 75 tidbits of information for the player to view.
-Be careful not to talk to her for too long, lest you find your eyes wandering.
-Work in her shop, stocking shelves.
-Perv on her nice round ass.
-Dream of her bountiful chest.
-Give her a foot massage.
-Ask about her thoughts on the other champions.
-Prove you can win an arena round to unlock placing bets.
-Make bets with her to win it big, and even receive a helping hand.
-Being so nice, she will give you loans to make bigger bets.
-If you get too deep into debt, she’ll present you her terms.
-Receive a boobjob, if you play your cards right.
This update is comprised of 45 pages of dialogue and scenes, making it one of the biggest yet! Let us know if you find any bugs, and feel free to give us your feedback and ideas for future scenes!
We hope you enjoy it.
All the best,
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  • New Lux ass dream!
  • New scene as Lux’s assistant!
  • New repeatable scenes in Lux’s library!
  • New minor Lux dialogue scenes!
  • New Irelia boot cleaning dialogues and options!
  • Can now skip the boot cleaning scenes if desired!
  • Continue bringing Irelia health potions to unlock a new training scene!
  • New repeatable Irelia scene in her room!
  • New minor Irelia dialogue scenes!
  • Find Ahri walking around town at night for a new scene!
  • New repeatable Ahri scene!
  • New battle move for Ahri!
  • New minor Ahri dialogue scenes!
  • Praise Qiyana enough and she will grant you a new scene!
  • New repeatable Qiyana scene!
  • New minor Qiyana dialogue scenes!
  • 2 new Kat dummy scenes!
  • New Kat’s prisoner scene in her room!
  • New minor Katarina dialogue scenes!
  • Many minor bug fixes across the game!
  • “Our favorite broken-bladed ex-noxian, Riven, has now joined LoD!
  • They serve as the town blacksmith, with plenty of dialogue and content available!
  • Trade her ores for *payment*! 😉
  • Help her out in the forge!
  • Compete against her in a battle of sweaty sword-making!
  • + Much more!
  • This update also features a major item rework, giving the player new weapons of war to use in the arena (unlock access to T2 blacksmith items by progressing Riven).
  • A new spin the bottle group scene featuring your competitors!
  • A new inn cleaning chore + reactions from each character!
  • As per your feedback, Lux should be much easier to find around town now!
  • Let me know if you think these new rates are fine, or if she should be made even more common.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Dream scenes and night-tent visits now properly have images again!
  • Lux boots should no longer get stuck on screen from her room.
  • Lux assistant scene should no longer clash with her quiz results scene trying to play at the same time.
  • Old fetish lvl text removed from Irelia loss scene.
  • Kat escorting you through Inn1f when taking you to her room should trigger properly now.
  • Interacting with Lux will no longer repeat the Spirit seal stuff once the player has it.
  • Qiyana will no longer appear twice in her room in rare circumstances.
  • Irelia will no longer appear twice in her room when being delivered to and dancing.
  • Qiyana’s feet move will now properly finish off the player.
  • Should no longer get stuck with a group of champions around the Inn table and no dialogue available – this allows the critical group inn scene to occur, which is a pre-requisite for some
  • Irelia’s boots can now only be cleaned when you are in the town map, preventing the teleporting to random locations bug.
  • Post-round misleading “You did terribly” text changed; the post-round gold award is now also increased by champion wins, but champion wins no longer give gold themselves.
  • Game now mocks the player if they use ‘struggle’ while not currently grappled.
  • ‘Dream scenes’ now only play once, then are unlocked in the new system below.
New Content:
  • New ‘Masturbation’ option in the tent, works as a mini gallery for certain scenes. More are unlocked over time; Current options are the two Irelia dreams, the Kat ass dream, a new Lux feet dream, a new Qiyana thigh dream and a new Ahri boob dream.
  • Watching one of the above scenes will give a flashback when initiating a battle with that champion, causing you to lose 25% of your resolve (hp).
  • Lux will now ask the player to be a footstool when she’s having food at the Inn, with variants for being caught by Katarina or Irelia.
  • Player may now offer Lux a repeatable massage in her room.
  • New Lux magic training scene, with the player serving as her ass-istant.
  • Qiyana takes up residence in the empty Inn room, but she’s not happy about it!
  • Many new Irelia night-time perving scenes. What is Ahri up to??
  • The new Qiyana and Irelia content are multi-step mini quests. I will give a detailed guide if requested!
  • New battle moves for Lux, Irelia and Qiyana!
  • Many other small changes such as typos fixed, dialogue options etc!
  • New title screen art!
  • Now shows day of the week in the top left!
  • Game now has time periods and days, altering what events can be found within each! Certain events in town pass the time period to the next one, sleeping sets the time to the next morning.
  • Town visual upgrade including new variants for morning, afternoon, evening and night!
  • New ‘Progression Stat’ for each champ, allowing for easier troubleshooting and seeing how much far you’ve progressed for the current update (find these stats in tent).
  • Update version and day counter now displays in bottom right (to help with bug reports!).
  • New ‘Fetish levels’ replacing the old addiction stats, featuring a fancy new GUI. Can also be found in the tent menu! The old champion ‘Lust’ levels were removed! Fetish levels are increased by events based on that fetish, and after a battle if enough moves of the same fetish type were used.
  • Improved the text in the introduction!
  • Player can now purchase food at the Inn table to receive temporary stat boosts for the next round!
  • Irelia dream sequences made less common!
  • Player should be able to access Lux and Irelia’s rooms more consistently!
  • Many new champ events around town, including multiple group events!
  • New scoreboard system!
Lulu replaces the Innkeeper!
She offers temporary enchantments to buff the player!, among other options…
Kat can also get ‘enhancement’ from Lulu, giving her an altered battle variant and new defeat scene!
New Lux training scene, allowing player to learn a new move!
Ahri is now beatable, so you can win back the stats she’s drained from you!
Ahri losing scene added!
Qiyana losing scene added!
New Qiyana and Katarina teaming up scenes!
Increased Irelia’s breast size in her battle art!
Qiyana’s command skill will now keep doing the “Give me praise” variant until the player learns the skill!
Some extra small dialogue scenes around the place!
Bugfixes! Lmk if you find any other bugs in this release.
This link will continue to be updated as more scenes are added!
Added 17/08/2022 – ‘Bugfix1’
+Lux boot interaction scenes in her room
+Extra Kat + Qiyana inn dialogue scene
Player now has a certain item from Qiyana as an accessory in their equip screen (after the event).
Qiyana now teaches the player the ‘Praise’ move, which can be used against all champions.
Escape scenes added to all battles.
Lying to Lux early on about beating a champion no longer locks you out of her route – a few extra dialogues around the place to apologise to her and continue onwards as her student.
Lust affinity stats for each champion now change throughout all old scenes – Ahri’s works a bit differently, being added at a much greater rate by some of her skills, but also draining off when going to sleep. These stats make the corresponding champion’s moves stronger, and harder to escape (subject to balance changes).
Two new Lux training scenes added!
Lux spanking battle move added!
New Lux quiz rewards event, with a new battle move the player can learn!
New Irelia post-battle scene!
Irelia foot worship battle move + extra variant!
New Irelia dream sequence event!
New kat scene in town, and battle move!
New kat tent scene at night!
Lux VS Kat rivalry – first stages implemented!
Other small content changes/additions.
Bug fixes:
Can no longer immediately re-enter Irelia’s room after a training session.
Rare bug that caused you to get stuck in Lux’s room fixed.
Lux looping CBT move fixed.
Double kat dialogue on 3rd loss fixed.
Various other bug fixes!
V0.4 – The Elemental Empress!
  • Qiyana added to the game! :O
  • New Irelia training scenes, including the inn choice reward scene being changed.
  • Irelia HP potion stuff, new battle move, new dream scene.
  • Irelia teaches player ‘Beg’ move after her 3rd win.
  • Kat now teaches the player the ‘Surrender’ move after her 3rd win.
  • New Kat chair scenes in her room.
  • New variant of Kat’s facesitting battle move.
  • Kat can come to the player in the morning with an offer, allowing a choice of reward.
  • New ahri battle move.
  • Player now has “lust” combat moves unlocked in certain conditions.
  • Struggle now has a much greater chance of working, with this chance being reduced based on your %HP, and addiction level to certain things and people (eg being a Kat Ass addict will make it harder to escape her facesit grapple, but not impossible!) – game scenes will be updated over time to increase/decrease these values!
  • Player can now view stats in their room, including new addiction levels, losses to each champion etc. A lot of bug fixes, including Lux quiz answers being changed to be correct.
  • Ahri ass temptation battle move added
  • Group inn table event 1 added
  • Irelia training 1 added
  • Irelia ass event added, and battle move
  • Inn second floor added
  • Player can now visit Irelia’s room
  • New Lux magic training scene added + new battle move
  • “Would it help if I apologised” voice line added to lux CBT scenes
  • Kat punishment scene added
  • Kat reward scenes added
  • Fixes:
  • Typos fixed (Lmk if you find more)
  • Lux early training skip forced by kat scene fixed
  • Irelia boots remaining behind tent fixed
  • Decisive strike properly buffs attack now
  • Ahri has been added to the game!
  • Lux has one new magic training scene and an additional move in battle. T
  • he player can now ask Katarina to use her training dummy. Katarina can now take the player to her room
  • Katarina has 2 new battle moves.
  • Some additional town dialogue options.
  • Irelia added to the game.
  • Lux will now offer a chance for player to surrender during her battle. Of course, she wants another massage as payment.
  • Katarina now has two new battle moves; another grapple and a temptation.
  • She also has a defeat scene now too!
  • Extra paths made through the forest map to save time walking.
  • Players now earn money based on their performance in each round!
  • Various other changes not mentioned.
  • Initial release
Developer Notes:
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Check for updates on our Patreon or Discord.
We are looking for people to brainstorm future ideas, write dialogue etc.
Disclaimer: This is a fan-made game made in my spare time, purely parody work. I do not intend to sell this game, and make no claims of ownership over any trademarks.
Come join our discord for more updates, or check our Patreon for newer releases!!!


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