Lethargic Angel Lacks Credits in the Sexual Activity Department… [1.093_MOD1] [Nakayoshi Honpo]
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Lethargic Angel Lacks Credits in the Sexual Activity Department… [1.093_MOD1] [Nakayoshi Honpo]

January 9, 2024F95

The Service Department… It is one of the most important subjects for apprentice angels who will eventually help and guide humans.
However! Mika, a lazy and listless apprentice angel, has skipped too many classes and is now in danger of being held back a year!
If things continue this way, she’ll be an apprentice angel forever…!?
To break out of this situation, she descends to the human town along with fellow apprentice angels Bell and Azu, as commanded by the goddess Freya-sama.
But what awaited them were men with sticky, glinting sexual desires…?
Set in a town of sand where an anomaly has occurred, apprentice angel Mika takes the stage for some big action! Or… maybe not…!

Thread Updated: 2023-11-26
Release Date: 2023-05-27
Developer: Nakayoshi Honpo DLsite Ci-en
Translator: JustXuXPatreonDiscord
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.093_MOD1
OS: Windows
Language: English (FanTL)
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1. Extract the archive, open “Game.exe” and play.
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  • Nov/26/2023
    Translated the game to English.
  • Jul/12/2023
    Bug fix
  • Jun/29/2023
    Bug fix
  • Jun/20/2023
    ・Bug fix
  • Jun/06/2023
    Bug fix
  • Jun/05/2023
    ・Bug fix
Developer Notes:
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★Michael (Mika) CV: Hinata Yuka
The protagonist of this game, she is a downer and a lazy apprentice angel.
Because she skipped the “Service Department” classes meant to help humans, she ends up being sent to earth for practical make-up classes…
While resisting the men in town who try to take advantage of her at every opportunity, can Mika complete her supplementary lessons…!
★Beelzebub (Bell) CV: Akino Kaede
A ditzy and energetic apprentice angel. She doesn’t get along with Mika and ends up fighting with her every time they meet.
Being too foolish to earn credits in the Service Department, she ends up having to take make-up classes with Mika.
On earth, she is taken advantage of due to her ignorance…?
★Azrael (Azu) CV: Ayame Hina
A somewhat cold and honor student angel. She is a junior to Mika and Bell.
Although very excellent, her slightly arrogant attitude is her flaw. While taking care of the two failures, she is also commanded by Goddess Freya to soften her demeanor through interactions with humans, but the proud her is not likely to warm up so easily…
★Freya CV: Bubaigawara Shiho
The goddess who gently instructs and guides Mika and the others.
Always with a gentle smile, she truly looks like a goddess… but in reality, she’s quite lascivious, and gets aroused easily over little things, a closet pervert.
Occasionally, she descends to earth to check on Mika and the others.
A variety of situations woven by progressive eroticism!
The system is the same progressive eroticism as the previous work!
As the story progresses, the protagonist Mika becomes more erotic, and the erotic scenes become more intense!
Numerous naughty events unfold in the desert town of “Dahlshika”!
Furthermore, the NPCs who add color to the story!
Carefully considered exquisite situations!
From orthodox SEX to slightly maniacal play, we have prepared a wide variety of erotic scenes that will satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced players!
■ Supposed to be a part-time job in the confessional, but a penis comes through a hole…!?
■ Magic show at the circus! Object disappearance magic with a pussy…!?
■ Power harassment at the guard training school! Saluting pose for a massive bukkake…!
■ Chugging down semen from a beer mug…!
And so on… the game is packed with attractive erotic scenes!
Dress-up & Erotic Accessories! All of these are reflected in the standing picture erotic scenes!
We have prepared the popular dress-up and standing picture erotic scenes from the previous work for this game as well!
Enjoy the various shapes that change with clothing, nudity, and a pregnant belly, as well as a wide variety of costumes and the many lewd acts that unfold around town! But that’s not all this time…
We have also prepared a plentiful supply of erotic accessories!
Hair color, hairstyle, skin color, underwear… and even tattoos, nose hooks, graffiti, piercings, and tan lines…!
From cute to maniacal, we’ve got a huge variety to choose from!
Of course, all of these are reflected in the standing picture erotic scenes!
Combine all kinds of accessories to play with your very own Mika!
Erotic Stats! Pixel! Titles! We’ve packed in all the elements you desire!
Everyone loves Erotic Status!
The development degree of various body parts will be detailed in Mika’s monologues!
Even the condition inside the vagina and the stains on her panties!
We’ll fully reveal all her embarrassing secrets without holding back!
Enter a room and it switches to side-scrolling!
We’ve scattered 14 types of dot erotic animations throughout the map, each corresponding to the dress-up costumes!
Don’t miss the dot eroticism in a variety of positions like sleeping back, I-shaped, spider cowgirl…
For situations too difficult for Mika, we’ve left it to the three sub-characters!
You can enjoy the unique lewd acts of Bell, who specializes in ignorance situations, Azu, who faces a little harder humiliation, and Freya, the closet pervert goddess!
With the recollection room that can be fully unlocked from the start, the quick battle skip feature, the on/off option for pubic hair, and the erotic title system that you can mix and match to your liking!
As a user, we’ve made sure to pack in all the nice-to-have features!
Event Basic CGs: 47 images
Total Event CGs: 528 images
Standing Picture Erotic Parts: 974 images
Standing Picture Parts: 402 images
Translator Notes:
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A save folder with gallery unlocker included.
The game folder contains translated files, consult them if you’re stuck, want to learn more about the game, or how to fix some common issues.
I also included a file which has all the answers to the Quiz game.
Enjoy. If you have any issues or untranslated text, report please.
If, for some reason, you get stuck or just want to cheat, you can use MTool.

Use one of those apps to upscale the game window and enjoy the game, full-screen, in your native resolution:
Lossless Scaling (paid) –  Recommended preset: Anime4k OR LS1 .
Magpie (free) –  Recommended preset: Anime4kGAN .


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    Lethargic Angel Lacks Credits in the Sexual Activity Department… [1.093_MOD1] [Nakayoshi Honpo]