Life After Victory [v0.03] [ObliviousNTR]
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Life After Victory [v0.03] [ObliviousNTR]

July 7, 2024F95

The Hero Yuto, alongside his childhood friend Lisa and the Hero party, defeat the Demon King and bring peace back to their world. Their life seems set after Yuto proposes to Lisa, to which she happily accepts. However, they delay their wedding until the kingdom is rebuilt as Yuto decides to help the people with re-construction efforts, leaving Lisa alone at home with a guest for most of the day, every day…

Thread Updated: 2024-07-07
Release Date: 2024-07-07
Developer: ObliviousNTRPatreonSubscribestarPixiv –  Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.03
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Female Protagonist, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Mobile game, Multiple Protagonist, NTR (not optional), Slave, Vaginal Sex, Virgin
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Added 6 New scenes (2 H-Scenes)
  • New Kord-Lisa maximum favor (20->25)
  • New side character: Lily
  • Can only do one “room action” in the morning/daytime and one at night – Have to sleep in order to start a new day
  • Day/Night switch button only switches between the times of the day
  • Added sleep button for convenience
  • (Sleeping does not skip events that you haven’t already seen)
  • Added texting app
  • Added “Convenience Settings” to settings & help
  • Convenience Settings – Added option to skip morning send-offs (Unless new scene)
  • Added new scenes to the gallery
  • Added new favor screens
  • Some other miscellaneous changes (Favor based dialogue changes, etc)
Favor progress:
  • Yuto-Lisa minimum favor – 125
  • Kord-Lisa maximum favor – 25
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  • Main gameplay system (Map)
  • Gallery
  • 6 Story events (1 Yuto-Lisa H scene)
  • 2 Animations (4 With angles)
  • A few short repeatable scenes (Non-H)
Favor progress:
  • Yuto-Lisa minimum favor – 125
  • Kord-Lisa maximum favor – 20
More detail on my Patreon & Subscribestar.
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v0.01 (Prologue)
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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The game in its early stages revolves around Kord trying to get closer with Lisa. In the future, there are many more heroines planned whose corruptions you can enjoy in their viewpoint.
  • Netorare
  • Slow, willing & complete corruption
  • Closeted nympho heroines
  • Hidden H/Sex
  • Unlockable Outfits
  • And more…

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    Life After Victory [v0.03] [ObliviousNTR]