Lockdown 2024 [v1.19.4] [480 Games]
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Lockdown 2024 [v1.19.4] [480 Games]

February 12, 2024F95

This is a point & click adventure about a guy about to enter his last year of school when another Covid pandemic hits the world. His dad died from the pandemic while traveling to China on business in 2019 (at least that is what he believes). He is stuck in his house with 7 women. Our hero will discover why he is smaller and weaker than the others his age as well as other mysteries about his and his family’s past.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-11
Release Date: 2024-01-22
Developer: 480 Games SubscribeStarSteamItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.19.4
OS: Windows
Language: English – Machine Translations in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, & Portuguese
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Handjob, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Adventure, Point & Click, Big tits, Big ass, Footjob, PoV, Anal Sex, Ahego, Interracial , Sex Toys, Stripping, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Virgin
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Fixed issue when using Pen Testing Kit on Emma’s Door.
  • Updated start of game to show Loading message until game loads completely.
  • Fixed several instances when picking up items now get added to the end of inventory
  • Players can now pick up the make-up, hair dryer & hair spray once access to the 3rd-floor bathroom is obtained
  • If the player has the additional items when giving the maid the uniform the game will autoplay both cutscenes
  • Fixed several spots in the text where character’s names were not updated if changed by the player
  • Fixed some dialog where the wrong character was speaking
  • Fixed issue when starting crib builds, exiting, then restarting.
  • Replace “Tommy” with the variable token in one line of dialog.
  • Fix the issue with translations not accepting changes to character configurations.
  • Added new mission with Devon
  • Fixed Devon’s animation during the chat with Harold
  • Added option to ask for Devon’s measurements during maternity shopping mission
  • Fixed issue with Skip button not turning off after beating Jasmin in basketball
  • Removed interim scene with Amber when the player finishes the current release
  • Changed ending to start final mission when the new mission is completed
  • Other bug fixes
  • Added new mission with Mrs. Jones
  • Fixed issue when skipping dialog at the start of the pipes puzzle and the skip arrow disappearing
  • Fixed animation in the last mission with Amber
  • Added mission and unlockable scene with Mrs. Jones
  • Fixed the SFX during  Emma’s training scene that kept repeating
  • Recreated hamburger-building graphics to add condiments and allow for more combinations
  • Added new Making Dinner mission & unlockable scene with Amber.
  • Removed the “Add to front” on several inventory items when picked up
  • Update navigation arrows in Amber’s bedroom when the stripper pole is shown.
  • Added response after using Metal on Grill so the player knows that it did something.
  • Remove the yellow fuse from the inventory after giving it to the mechanic.
  • Fixed issue during scene when learning about new outbreak on the News where the TV & Backyard hotspot images were on top of the character images.
  • Several regression bug fixes
  • New mission/unlockable scene – Clothes shopping with Devon.
  • Updated all basement items to include shadows to make them look more natural.
  • Updated image of sunscreen on the shelf near the dining room to include reflection & shadow to look more realistic.
  • Added shadows to MC walking animations to make them more natural.
  • Added MC animations for each stage of growth so the MC will change in look when walking around in his bedroom.
  • New mission/unlockable scene with Harold’s mom
  • New mission/unlockable scene with Emma
  • Fix issue with missing car keys
  • Remove Addressables implementation
  • 2 new unlockable scenes
  • 3 new characters
  • Added Translations for Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese (all machine based)
  • Implemented Addressables feature in Unity to provide allow update-only releases.
  • Created initial MAC release.
  • Fixed an issue where Jasmin says “Thanks sugar, meet me in mine and Devon’s bedroom later.” should be “Amber’s”
  • Updated help text for finding the blueberry lube
  • Fixed issue with memories not being unlocked
  • Updated help text in “Get blueberry lube” task.
  • Updated “Tell Devon the news” task, player will now receive the car keys in inventory
  • Updated “Check the car” task to allow using keys that are given to player by Devon
  • Updated the interaction on the car, so it checks the status of the “Check the car” task before “Drive to airport” task.
  • Updated “The Dragon Queen” hotspot location so that the player can take the book at any time.
  • Updated the code that handles the car fuses to remove them from the drawer after the player takes them.
  • Added ability to briefly flash all hotspots in a scene (space bar). This will quickly highlight all clickable objects in the scene.
  • Fixed the issue with the “Dressed to clean” mission not advancing when picking up the school book.
  • Fixed cameras in Gym when Devon is present
  • Fixed initialization of scenes
  • Fix the Lawyer scene cutting off before the good parts
  • Fixed so Amber asks if you would like to play the ending every time. This will start/restart the final mission.
  • Fixed text on page 5 of memories screen
  • Fixed issue with To be continued scene not playing at correct time
  • Edited nurse scene to remove references to end of pandemic
  • 1 new unlockable scene
  • Added option to show ending scene when To Be Continued scene plays
  • Fixed new memories linking to wrong scenes
  • 2 new missions with 2 unlockable scenes
  • Extended 3 ending scenes (Nurses, Lawyer & Stewardess)
  • Updated control mapping to include Inventory as “4” key, moved build app to “5” and removed Shopping App (can still get to it from the phone).
  • Updated images of MC in ending scenes to include facial hair to be consistent with start of game.
  • Rewrite of ending scene. This isn’t a major content change.
  • Over 70 changes to text throughout the game.
  • Replace hover inventory with a clickable icon.
  • Move Phone icon to top right of screen.
  • Added Close hotkey to Dad’s Puzzle and Dr. Note dialog so user can use the ESC key to close them.
  • Re-rendered Maria’s (Nanna) massage scene to fix lighting issue.
  • Fixed latest Memories variables not staying unlocked.
  • Added loading screen to avoid black screen between scenes.
  • Added ability to change names and relationships of primary NPCs after starting a game. Use the “Contacts” app to make the changes.
  • 5 new unlockable scenes
  • 3 new unlockable scenes
  • Add skip feature to Naomi’s jigsaw puzzle.
  • Added a variable that tracks the last memory page the player was on and restores the position on the next visit.
  • 5 new unlockable scenes
  • Changed Dad’s will, requiring only 6 heirs to work a new ending for Devon’s storyline.
  • Re-rendered Devon HJ scene.
  • Change the text in the Making Copies hint from “dinnerware” to “flatware”.
  • Updated help info for “Equipment delivery” task.
  • Fixed issue when player places the stripper pole in Amber & Jasmin’s room but doesn’t secure it then comes back to the room, the pole won’t be there.
  • Fixed issue with coding puzzle if all spots are filled in the wrong order the puzzle would get stuck. Now code snippets can be reordered after placing all pieces.
  • Remove more restrictions to navigation.
  • Fixed link from Memories to “Her first time”
  • Fixed issue if player doesn’t complete fixing the pipes and laundry room and tries to go back to it the hotspot is disabled. Updated the logic so the hotspot is always available.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible for 2 missions that are dependent to be active at the same time (Stripper Pole & Equipment delivery). Now you’ll need to complete the Stripper Pole mission before the second get activated.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to create a copy of Devon’s key before starting the mission which would cause the “Get the cream” mission for Maria to get stuck. Now, when the mission starts if the MC has the copied key, the “Making copies” task is skipped.
  • 1 new unlockable scene
  • Fixed: The pipes mini-game would break missions were completed out of order form the games original design. We’ve updated the mission start logic so only one of these missions is available at a time and they must be completed in the correct order. We also modified the pipes game logic to account for doing the stages out of sequence.
  • Fixed: We removed the inability to navigate during the “Swap the pills” mission.
  • Fixed: Issue when player places the stripper pole in Amber & Jasmin’s room but doesn’t secure it then comes back to the room, the pole wasn’t there.
  • 4 new missions
  • 4 new unlockable memories
  • Fixed an issue so the “Get some ice” mission doesn’t restart after watching the Dream sequence.
  • Unlocked system cursor to allow for resizing in windowed mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the pipes game where it could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Get batteries” mission if the player creates the battery pack before talking with Maria by the pool.
  • Fixed new memories links.
  • Fixed issue where menus stay disabled after Emma’s lesson in her bedroom.
  • Fixed: When Stripper Pole is created but the task “Create a stripper pole” is still active, the player will be allowed into Amber & Jasmin’s bedroom to install.
  • Fixed: Game freezes when clicking on bench in Devon’s changing room after showering.
  • Fixed: Game freezes when navigating backwards when zoomed into shelf or potter’s wheel in the garage. Now the player will be sent back to the main view when using the back shortcut key.
Known issue: When loading a game from a previous version, variables can get in an incorrect state. We’re looking into mitigating this issue. However, you can avoid it by immediately creating a new save after loading a game from a previous version. This will save the default value of the new variables and . If you don’t create a new save and find there are issues, quitting and restarting the game should also fix the issue.
  • Added new mission to continue Amber’s storyline.
  • Added new mission advancing Devon’s storyline.
  • Changed UI elements to make more consistent across the game.
  • Fixed Camera issues & sequencing for the scene with Devon in the Gym
  • Added Gym Scene with Devon to Memories
  • Fixed a few navigation issues
  • Fixed a couple dialogue issues
  • Added a few more SFX
  • Updated the “Swap the pills” mission to make it more reliable and less complicated
  • Fix issue caused by using Devon’s bedroom key on the bar of soap before showering which then prevented the user from progressing further.
  • Removed ability to open menus when cutscenes are playing, to stop breaking bug.
  • Unlocked system cursor to allow for resizing in windowed mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the pipes game where it could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Get batteries” mission if the player creates the battery pack before talking with Maria by the pool.
  • Fixed new memories links
Known Issues:
  • Using the phone by using shortcut keys (1, f2) will not work in the Basement at the beginning of the game. The phone will open but only the Quit button works. Click the phone at the bottom left still works. After clearing the basement and setting up the bedroom the opening the phone via shortcut keys works.
  • When loading a game from a previous version, variables can get in an incorrect state. We’re looking into mitigating this issue. However, you can avoid it by immediately creating a new save after loading a game from a previous version. This will save the default value of the new variables and . If you don’t create a new save and find there are issues, quitting and restarting the game should also fix the issue.
  • Added Mission “Learning to Last”
  • Added “Lessons with Emma part 3” Mission
  • Added support for keyboard only lock picking.
  • Added control mapping for Lock picking in controls screen.
  • Add new Navigation to Backyard location.
  • Added hotspots to 2nd, 3rd & 4trh floor hallways as alternative navigation
  • Add hotspots & Keyboard navigation to Roof location
  • Made it possible to pick up the Batteries, Protein Powder and Cup prior to the tasks requiring them.
  • Made it possible to pick up the items necessary to make the deep fake video before they are needed. When a task like, Find a Camera, is being activated we check if you’re inventory and advance the task list accordingly.
  • Task list changed
  • The task list will now show differently depending on the difficulty (or option) selected.
  • Updated settings to have 3 levels of Mini-game skipping (No skipping, Allow Skipping, Auto Skip)
  • Updated all mini-games to implement new skip setting.
  • Created new menu to display skip icon in consistent location (next to phone) when Allow Skip is selected in options.
  • Added ability to skip the Clock & Bed Building puzzles.
  • Reorganized new game dialogs to ask for the player’s name even if they do not choose the custom option.
  • Also added a Difficulty Settings option before choosing the Relationship settings.
  • Updated design of Main Menu and new game dialogs
  • Added help text to all task items with a few exceptions where the tasks were obvious enough to not require additional help
  • Updated “New Game” script to update what Devon, Amber & Emma call the MC based on his name.
  • Completed updated the “New Game” dialogs structure. It now progresses through MC Name, Difficulty Settings, Relationship presets. You can also move back through the screens if you want to make a change.
  • Fixed several bugs (spelling, grammar and sequence issues)
  • Fixed issue in some cutscenes that were not changing animations correctly
  • Completed cut over of navigation. Now it’s possible to hide almost all the arrows.
  • Add ambient background music.
  • Added sound effects to more areas of the game.
  • Fixed issue with Relationship Configurator. WASD keys no longer exit the input fields.
Known Issue: If you open the Phone menu and go into options when the “Skip” arrow is showing is will disappear when you close the menus. If you want to use the “Skip” you can leave the level/scene and reenter and the “Skip” arrow should reappear.
  • Added skip to lock picking & hacking mini-games.
  • Fixed issue when in Devon’s office and you leave before you’ve finished the tasks. Made several changes for this fix. First, disabled the exit (door) if you still have stuff to do in the office. Secondly, when entering the office disabled the menu system so you can’t accidently use the map. Lastly, if you do (or did) exit the room and now you’re stuck, you can get back into it but clicking on the office door from the first floor hallway.
  • Updated the Quest sequencing so that the “Swapping Pills” quest is only active after completing the remaining quests in the current chapter.
  • Fixed issue with hacking game. Last symbol was not working correctly.
  • Updated text on the mission to replace the pills. Instead of being instructed to take the pills it now says pick up the pills.
  • Fixed issue with Memories not showing new scenes that were unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where in specific circumstances the variable that controls locking the navigation from the first-floor hallway during the Swap the Pills quest doesn’t get reset. We’ve added a check when you enter the scene set it if the quest has been completed.
  • 3 new missions
  • 3 new H-Scenes
  • Important Note: As a result of adding the subtitle minimize feature, the left mouse button no longer advances dialog/speech. There are 3 ways to advance dialog:
    • Right-click mouse
    • Space bar
    • Click the “Play” button in the subtitles area
  • Added ability to minimize subtitles.
  • Reduced the transition time between subtitles to speed up text.
  • Updated most navigation arrow to be consistently in the bottom center of the screen. There are still some navigation hotspots to move between connected rooms like the garage, front door, kitchen, etc.
  • Added timer & tension movement to lock picking. The tension meter will move down unless you add more (left arrow).
  • You’ll only have 30 seconds to pick the lock to Devon’s office or you’ll get a random cutscene and the lock is reset. Currently, there are 3 short cutscenes that may play if you fail to pick the lock in time.
  • During the mission “Swap the Pills” the background images for the 1st Floor hallway and media room show that it’s dark outside. Also, you are unable to navigate around the house during this mission.
  • Fixed issue with Skip mini-games toggle in Options menu
  • Added a Controls App to the phone to allow viewing of the keyboard / mouse control mappings
  • Added functionality to allow combining batteries & package from the inventory menu removing the requirement to use the crafting/build app.
  • Updated access to 3rd floor bathroom to handle multiple active missions/quests.
  • Fixed issue with Dr. Notes in Secret room reappearing after reading it.
  • Updated “To be continued” scene to put player back in their basement after playing.
  • Fixed issue with script that may have shown To Be continued scene too early.
  • Added ability to skip some mini-games (Basement cleanup, Get to Step-Grandma’s room, Basketball, Fix Lawn Mower)
  • Fixed issue where makeup and hair product are left in bathroom after taking them for the maid.
  • Reduced the number of levels required to fix the lawn mower from 10 down to 4 and made level 3 easier. Levels 5-10 will be added to other quests. If the player has completed all 10 levels, the mini-game will auto skip when they appear in subsequent tasks.
  • Fix Maria (step-grandma) hotspot in pool when not active.
  • Fixed issue where Jasmin & Amber images near pool were behind parts of the chairs.
  • Updated version & mission checks each time player goes to bedroom/basement
  • Fixed Map issue when clicking on Roof
  • Fixed Hotspots showing up on roof after taking them for the studio
  • Created script that checks the current status of missions and updates the gallery if unlocked prior to version 0.3
  • Increased speed of text scrolling
  • Fixed bug with clock puzzle restarting “Talk with Harold” if tasks are completed in a specific order.
  • Some reported getting a black screen when launching Options from the Main/Title screen. We corrected the issue.
  • Resolved issue with tasks not linking to descriptions correctly.
  • Updated task list so that the list doesn’t overlap the details section.
  • New Mission – More help around the house
  • New Mission – Corruption of Amber Part 1
  • New Mission – Training of Emma Part 2
  • Updated Missions to a To-Do list, now shows current active tasks. In addition, improved the UI with a notebook feel to it.
  • Fixed 2 animations in Training Emma mission on rooftop.
  • Added response when trying to pick Devon’s bedroom door
  • Resolved bug that was resetting the status of unlocked memories when starting a new game.
  • Add Scenes to memories
  • New Mission – Training a Stud
  • New Mission – Finding the maid a uniform
  • Added Scene Gallery
  • Fixed issue with lightbulb search during Help Around the House quest.
Bug fixes
  • Updated the starting of some quests.
  • Create new Quick Travel Map and add to Phone
  • Disable Pause menu during Game Startup.
  • Better crafting UI
  • Increase to 20 save slots w/Screenshot (Add to main screen)
  • Add shortcuts for Phone Apps (1 – Phone, 2 – Quests, 3 – Map, 4 – Building). Escape key will only close windows (not used to open Phone).
  • Changed multi-use hotspots (made icons bigger and pinned them to the center of the object)
  • Updated Missions (Quests) window and added more descriptive text and added hint button with detailed information about the current task.
  • 4 New Objectives/Quests
  • Fixed camera issues
  • Several bug fixes
  • Some performance optimizations
  • Added Windowed Mode


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