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Luna Reloaded [v0.16] [Frozen Synapse]

July 1, 2024F95

She doesn’t know who she is. Just her name. Luna.
She doesn’t know how she ended up in the cursed lands, an area any sane person avoids.
The Hellions, a tribe of warrior women, found her in the ruins, unconscious but unharmed.
They rescued her, welcomed her into their home…and now they need her help.
Surrounded by enemies, disliked by their neighboring nobles, and targeted by their own king.
The Hellions are going to need a miracle if they want to survive these times of turmoil.
Or maybe they need the help of one woman.
A sequel to Diatima’s Isekai.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-01
Release Date: 2024-05-12
Developer: Frozen Synapse PatreonSubscribestarTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.16
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
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– 700 + renders
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First of all, the way this update unfolds is HEAVILY dependent on your previous choices.
That’s also why, at the beginning of the update, you get the option to cheat (which I am going to remove in future updates) in order to explore the other options regardless of your previous choices.
1 – Boudicca’s route : Luna did pass Boudicca’s test and dominated Boudicca.
2 – Boudicca’s route : Luna accepted Boudicca’s training and started working at the countess’ establishment.
3 – Baron’s route : Luna works for the Baron as a maid.
4 – Barons’ route : Luna dominated the Baron.
Boudicca invites Luna to be her plus one to the Baron’s mansion.
If Luna accepts, she can convince Boudicca to wear an anal plug. (Convince Boudicca to get along with your other’s self-crazy plan.)
If she does that, Luna will tease the countess during the dinner. After the dinner, Luna can decide to have sex with Boudicca (strap-on).
If Luna chooses not to convince Boudicca to wear the plug, she will have to choose if she wants to tease Boudicca during dinner or not. (the sex scene with the strap-on that follow is similar)
Boudicca asks Luna to come back to work at the place.
If Luna accepts, she will have to choose if she wants to continue interacting with the clients.
Option one: (Straight – pole dancing) – or if she wants to be Boudicca’s assistant: Option two (Lesbian – Female domination)
Option one: In this case, Luna will have to please the patrons.(the more she pleases them, the more money she gets.)
First, she will have the option to flash the patrons (no consequences.)
After that, she gets into a private room, and she can give them a lap dance.
If she refuses, the update will end. If she accepts, she can continue, and the patrons will ask to have sex with her – …hot. (Keep going.) – (blowjob + missionary)
Option two:
In this case, Boudicca will use ‘training’ as an excuse to make Luna pole-dance for her and the customers.
After that, Boudicca will ask Luna to give them a striptease.
If Luna refuses, Boudicca will be really disappointed and angry at Luna (the quest ends for the moment)
If Luna accepts, she will give them a striptease, and Boudicca will make her lick/suck a dildo.
After that, Boudicca wants to fuck her with the dildo in front of the customers.
If Luna refuses (…moved away), Boudicca will be really disappointed and angry at Luna (the quest ends for the moment)
If Luna accepts, (…held still)Boudicca fucks her with the dildo while the patrons masturbate.
The Baron demands Luna to go back to work.
The Baron will say he is going to hold a dinner for his vassals.
He is going to give Luna two options. She can either…
A) go to work as his maid. (Unwilling – humiliation(punishment)
B) become his mistress. (willing)
A) Maid
Luna will work as a maid during the dinner.
One of the guests, Lady Vivian, will try to get Luna in trouble.
She will drop a fork on purpose to get Luna to pick it up, and she will try to force Luna to lick her pussy.
In case Luna disagrees, the Baron will try to punish her (whipping).
She can accept punishment or refuse (permanently ends quests)
If Luna agrees (Do it), Luna will give her head.
After that, Vivian will offer her 30 coins just to humiliate her.
She can refuse (with no penalty) or accept, in which case Vivian will order her to give a bj to the butler.
After the bj, Vivian will try to humiliate her further (watersports.)
Once again, Luna can refuse (no penalty) and move again or let Vivian humiliate her.
B) Mistress
The Baron will ask Luna to bring his vassals to his side.
1) Luna can try to convince the captain – Bring him to the Baron’s side – (he will coop a feel)
2) Luna can cheer up sir Hastings – Try to cheer him up – handjob scene
3) Lady Vivian will try to humiliate Luna.
If she goes with her (Do as she says.), Luna can either
– follow Lady Vivian’s orders (…do as she says), in which case Luna will lick Vivian’s foot.
– get creative and give her a cunnilingus.
Luna will have to convince at least one of the vassals, or the Baron will be angry/disappointed (and Luna will get no money).
The more people she convinces, the happier the Baron is, and the more money Luna gets.
4) The Baron invites Luna to dinner with his vassals.
Luna will be able to tease the Baron and give him and handjob (no consequences either way.)
During dinner, she will meet Lady Vivian, one of the Baron’s vassals who seems to have a bone to pick with Luna.
Lady Vivian will insult her, and the Baron will not do much to stop her.
Luna will have to decide if she wants to do something about it(listen to your other self) or not (in which case nothing happens and the update ends)
if she (listen to her other self), the Baron will beg to give him another chance.
Luna can:
a) Punish the Baron (pegging scene)
b) force the Baron to punish Vivian. The Baron will first whip her, then have sex with her.
By that point, Luna can leave it at that point or punish Vivian further (watersports).
– 400 + renders
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1 Mordred’s sidequest (bimbo path)
Luna can go to Mordred to ask for help.
It’s pretty straightforward.
Luna can decide to drink or not. If she doesn’t, the quest ends there.
In case she decided to drink, she can either try to resist or surrender.
If she tries to resist, she is going to remember what happened (slightly different scene.)
2 Interrogate the witness.
Whether Luna met with Mordred or not, the captain will allow her to interrogate the witness(one of the tavern’s patrons.)
Luna will get three options:
A – Manhandle him(basically intimidate him) – Dominant option
B – Bribe him (Only if she has 30 coins or more)
C – Listen to his request – Submissive options
In case A:
She will basically beat him out. After that, Luna can decide if that was enough punishment or if she also wants to humiliate him.
In case C
Luna can either “act like an innocent maiden” (resisting the patron’s advances) or act like an experienced wench.
The two scenes are a bit different, but they end the same way (blowjob + sex scene)
3 Night-out with Jirvah
After she comes back to the inn, Luna realizes that Jirvah is feeling a bit low
She can :
A: Go out with Jirvah.
B: Go to sleep (in this case, update 0.15 ends here.)
If she goes out with Jirvah:
Jirvah will stop to gamble (
three-card trick).
Unless Luna has at least 20 coins, Jirvah will lose.
If Luna has at least 20 coins, she can help her recoup her losses. (Luna’s dominance must also be 15 or higher, otherwise Jirvah will just lose again).
After the game, Luna and Jirvah will start drinking.
There are two options here:
A: Drink (submissive choice)
B: Drink but try to retain control. (dominant choice)
A – Drink
Both Luna and Jirvah get drunk. A few minutes later, a thug starts molesting Luna. Jirvah saves Luna.
After that, Luna will have to decide if she wants to kiss Jirvah.
If she does kiss her, Jirvah will say that she wants to feel good. Luna will have to decide if she wants to thank Jirvah for saving her (with a Cunnilingus)
B – Drink but try to retain control
There is a dominance check here (Required dominance:15).
If Luna doesn’t pass the check, she will lose control and get drunk (see above A – Drink.)
If Luna does pass the check, Jirvah will get drunk. A few minutes later, a thug starts molesting Jirvah. Luna saves her.
Only if Luna trained Jirvah :
Luna will be able to punish Jirvah for misbehaving. (spanking scene)
– 700 + renders
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1 Jirvah’s training. (it happens at the beginning of the update)
Short scene -> Only available if Luna decided to ‘train’ Jirvah in update 0.13
2 Side quest: Go talk with the baron/Countes (warning: complete this before starting the main quest)
If you completed the previous tasks in the baron or the countess’ storylines,
Boudicca – sub route:
Only if Luna chose the countess and acted submissively in update 0.12 (Boudicca taught her how to dance. Luna gave a lapdance to the butlers), Boudicca will ask Luna to continue her seduction training.
If you accept, Boudicca will bring her to the “Saint and Sinner” (that it’s similar to an ancient strip club). Here, you will get a few different options (Luna can be a willing or unwilling participant – the scene will change accordingly – or she can refuse the offers she’ll get.)
Boudicca – dom route
Only if Luna chose the countess and acted dominantly in update 0.12 (Luna took the lead when dancing and asserted her dominance)
Boudicca will propose Luna to spar. A spar with a bet. WARNING: There is a dominance check (required dominance : 15). If Luna loses, Boudicca will bring Luna to the “Saint and Sinner” (see Boudicca sub route for more info.)
If Luna wins, she can ask Boudicca to dance and, later, to serve her (option: rebuke her gently.)
Baron – Dom route
Only if Luna chose the baron.
Luna goes back to the baron to ask for more info about the disappearances. The baron doesn’t know much, but Luna can use interesting techniques to get more info (this is for your inner sadist).
Later, she can ‘reward’ the baron with a footjob.
If she decides to interrogate the baron, she will get some money. If she decided to give him a footjob, she’d get more money.
Baron – Sub route
Only if Luna chose the baron.
Luna goes back to the baron to ask for more info about the disappearances. The baron will convince her to work another shift as his maid.
Luna can either
1) Submit to the baron (she is forced to work for him, and the baron humiliates her) – option : Say it. (Unwillingly submit to him)
2) she can work for him willingly and seduce him. option : Lean forward. Give him a show. (Seduce him)
You will get two different scenes depending on your choice.
After that, the baron will ask Luna to give him a bg.
Luna can
1) refuse – less money
2) Do it. Unwillingly – less money.
3) Do it. Willingly. – more money.
Either way, the scenes will be a little different.
The tavern – Main quest
Luna will get back to the tavern to talk with Camilla.
As she goes back, some patrons will ask her to sit with them to get her drunk.
Luna can
1 Refuse (dominant option)
2 Accept.
If she accepts, they will ask her to drink.
1 Drink, if her submission is 13 or more, she will get drunk (sub option)
2 Refuse to drink.
3 Drink without caring about consequences (This bypasses the submission check.)
If she gets drunk, the patrons will take advantage of her.
Luna can still get away (option: run away), but not before giving one of them a bg.
In case she doesn’t run away, the patrons will have sex with her.
If Luna doesn’t sit with the patrons, refuses to drink, manages not to get drunk or runs away:
Luna will find Camilla in front a glory hole (You can stop them before they start)
The options here are:
1 Intervene.
2 Make some noise.
The main difference is that in option 1 Intervene, Luna will intervene directly and punch one of the patrons.
Either way, the patrons will run away.
– 400 + new renders
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In this update, Luna has to find a way to free the Raven’s believers whom the baron unjustly imprisoned.
There are a few ways of doing that.
1 Through Mordred.
You can either ‘convince Jirvah to apologize’ and then ‘Push her to apologize’ (this opens the submissive training for Jirvah)
Or Luna can apologize to Mordred herself (this opens the bimbo training for Luna if she fails to resist Mordred’s compulsion/hypnosis)
2 Luna can follow her other self’s advice and go directly to Sheridan’s mansion.
(This is an alternative option, but it’s not suggested since you are not going to see the content with Mordred)
In either case, Luna will go to Sheridan’s Mansion to pin the assassination attempt on Sheridan.
First, she will have to get past the guards. In order to do that, she can either knock them out or pretend that she is a hooker till the end(she gives them a blowjob)
Keep in mind that if she fails to knock them out(The dominance required is 10), she will be forced to give the guards a blowjob, and the mission will fail.
After getting past the guards,
Convince the dumb servant (No requirements)
Luna gives the servant a handjob and convinces him to testify against his master.
Convince(bribe) the smart servant (30 coins requirement)
Convince(intimidate) the smart servant. (10 dominance requirement)
In the end, if Luna succeeds, the Raven’s believers get released.
If Luna pushed Jirvah to apologize, you will get the option to start ‘training her.'
  • 1100 new renders
  • 12 animations
  • Several erotic scenes (most of them are mutually exclusive)
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WARNING: Finish the other quest BEFORE ‘continue with the main quest’. Otherwise, the other quests will become unavailable (the update ends with the main quest).
1 ) Date with Jirvah:
The quest will only progress if you accept the bet with Leonardus.
After that, the scene will vary depending on your choices.
If you take a more active (dominant) role -> “I will do it.”, you will have the option of ‘playing’ with Jirvah -> “Give in to your…mischievous side.”
If you take a passive role (submissive) -> “Stay silent” Jirvah will play with you.
At that point, you will have to decide if either A) accept her advances reluctantly, B) Accept her advances eagerly, or C) Stop her.
2) Visiting the Baron
This is probably the messiest quest of this update because it’s very dependent on your previous choices.
A) In your previous interaction with the baron, Luna played along/submitted to him.
B) In your previous interaction with the baron, Luna was aggressive to the baron (slapped him several times).
C) Luna didn’t meet the baron at all and went to visit the princess and then Countess Boudicca.
In case A) The baron will try to force Luna to work for him as a maid.
Luna can accept reluctantly, she can accept willingly (different scenes) or she can refuse.
After that, the baron will demand sexual favors from Luna. Again, Luna can accept reluctantly or willingly (again, different scenes. If Luna accepts willingly, she also gets a small extra option and a little more money)
or she can refuse.
In case B) Luna was aggressive with the baron. He will cooperate out of fear.
However, Luna can also extort money from him.
In case she chooses to do so, she will have a couple of sexual choices. (If Luna “Throw him a bone” and later “Allow him to jerk off” she will get more money.)
In case C) okay, this could present some problems.
Mainly because Boudicca will keep testing Luna (her will and confidence mostly)
1 If Luna passes the test, Boudicca is dominated by Luna
2 If Luna passes the test initially but then gives up, Luna is dominated by Boudicca
3 If Luna immediately gives up, Luna is dominated by Boudicca who teaches her how to seduce men (and can give the butler a lapdance and later a handjob).
If you want to achieve option 1 (Luna dominates Boudicca), just always pick the dominant choice. You can’t go wrong with that.
If you want to achieve option 2 (Boudicca dominates Luna), always pick the dominant choice until you have the option (Let Boudicca lead – submissive choice)
If you want to achieve option 3, either you pick the submissive choice immediately (Everything’s fine) or you first pick (express concerns – dominant choice) and later (back away from the challenge and apologize)
A clarification about option 3: Luna can either accept reluctantly or willingly Boudicca’s proposal to give a lapdance and handjob to the butler.
Even in this case, you will get slightly different scenes.
3) The tavern
There’s not much to say here. The choices are quite straightforward.
The main difference here is:
If Luna helped Camilla with the molester, she will apologize to Luna, and Luna will get the option to kiss her at the end of the shift.
If Luna didn’t help Camilla, the patrons will ambush her, and at that point, Luna will not be able to escape or fight back. She can only accept willingly or reluctantly.
But don’t worry, the game will warn you before this (warning: groping) so that you can avoid this scene if you want.
– Day 2
– 750 new renders
– Several erotic scenes (most of them are mutually exclusive)
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  • 1 ) If you decided to “Convince the brigands to let you through. Agree to follow with Knuckles.” Knuckles will offer you a deal. You can accept or refuse. Either way, you’ll get a sex scene. (Accepting or refusing leads to two different scenes)
  • 2) You can only convince Boudicca to help you if Luna either sends the prisoners to jail or sentences them to death (default dominant choice.)
  • 3) If Luna paid the toll or “Convince the brigands to let you through. Agree to follow with Knuckles.”, Luna can get a massage from Jirvah (erotic scene). This option is not available if Luna killed the bandits (In that case, you will get a different scene though)
  • 4) If you choose the baron, it’s possible to get his help without submitting to him (Choose: Turn tables on him)
Dream(or nightmare):
There is an extra scene at the end of the update, but it’s only available if:
  • 1 Luna killed the bandits and sentenced the prisoners to death (After talking with the princess and choosing countess Boudicca) – dominant
  • 2 Luna killed the bandits and ‘Turn tables’ on the baron. (after choosing the baron.) – dominant
  • 3 Luna “Convince the brigands to let you through. Agree to follow with Knuckles.”  and “play along” with the baron (after choosing the baron.) – submissive
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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The Setting
The visual novel is set in a medieval world, hundreds of years after the events narrated in Diatima’s Isekai and Luna’s fall from grace.
Although there will be some references to the previous games, Luna Reloaded is a standalone. Having played the previous games is NOT required.

A few extra clarifications:

  • In the game, you play as Luna (a female protagonist with agency).
  • It’s possible to avoid having sex with men, but if that’s what you want, I strongly suggest you avoid submissive choices (those in blue).
  • Some choices are more important than others. Making the wrong choice could lead to graphic violence or worse.
Additional information
  • Game engine: Ren’Py
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Type: Visual novel
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Language: English
  • Tags: Adult game, Erotic game, female protagonist, voyeurism, bdsm, male domination, female domination, lesbian, corruption, prostitution, romance, graphic violence.
The game does not include explicit depictions of bestiality content, incest , underage characters, or any other content forbidden by the Patreon TOS.

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