Lust Hunter [v0.99.0] [Lust Madness]

Lust Hunter [v0.99.0] [Lust Madness]

June 4, 2024F95

The world was full of lusts, everyone had sex until the witches came and took all the lust for themselves.
You need to fill all beings with lust and exorcise witches.

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Open world map:
There is no more small map. Now the location is huge, and it will be constantly updated. The location with which you can interact is in the center, from which you can go to neighboring locations. A system of camps will be used to quickly move around the world. When you find a new camp, you have the opportunity to immediately move to it. There is only one camp in the first version of the game.
You can take quests to get coins. You can take an unlimited number of quests available to you. The quest ends right on the map, you must click on the flashing quest and click сcompleted.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-01
Release Date: 2024-06-01
Developer: Lust Madness PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.99.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
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2d game, 3dcg, advenrure, animated, fantasy, RPG, dom/sub, female protagonist, male protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, monster, monster girl, crafting, sandbox, futa/trans
vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, footjob, scissors, titsjob, anal fisting, vaginal fisting, deepthroat, handjob, prostitution, swallowed cum, cunnilingus, anilingus,lesbian, gay, cum on face, cum on tits, cum on abdomen, squirted, card battles
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1. Extract and run.
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4 new weapons
2 new bonus suits for patrons [may]
2 new mantis cards for mantis story
Add new Mantis dialog in King place
Improve bag inventory:
Add weapon selection
Add new UI for select inventory opntion
Bugfix with door in Jungle
Bugfix with Mirana and Nun quests selection
Bugfix with quests 22
Minor buggfixes
0.98.0 Hotfix 2
3 new suits in the clothing shop for all
25 New animations for male/male and male/futa
UI impprovements:
Improved quest description
More space in your private inventory
Quest items in a separate inventory
Pin quest
Change name is the patrons of church
UI Urgent quests improve
New version naming
Bugfix with Save error: TypeError: cannot pickle ‘weakref’ object
Minor buggfixes
Bugfix with NPC presents inventory
Bugfix with NPC presents inventory with story items (like candle)
Bugfix with Jungle bridge area doors
New places in jungle location
1 new enemy: Mantis soldier
6 new quests for HR 9
22 New high quality animations
2 new april bonus suits for Hunter 3 tier or higher in the church patrons
3 new items
Now you can catch Amazonians and send they to the Prison
Small bugfix with enemy attack in the battles
Bugfix with quest 14 for male enemy
Bugfix with infinity coins
Minor buggfixes
v0.11.0 Hotfix 3
New big location Jungle
6 new enemy:
3 fuckable amazonian (female, futa male)
New animations
3 non-fuckable: Rhino, Frog (and redfrog reskin) and Stobe man
2 new tools: Pickaxe and machete
new mechanics with tool: Mine the ore or cut your way through the jungle
10 new quests
20 new items
HR9 is now available
A lot of bugfixes/ small changes
New fastest sever authorizations
Minor buggfixes
Hotfix 1
Bugfix with Frog counter in 1st cave
Hotfix 2
Bugfix with urgent quest increase HR to 9
Add animation jungle male for male
11 new animations
New weapon and tools system
1 new weapon
2 new March bonus outfits
1 new relict: Weapon attack x2
New NPC in the Brothel: Mantis merchant
New mantis merchant in the Brothel: buy new cloth or card
Quest #94 has been updated, you can now dig a red dildo out of the sand
Improve quest #94 added wagon to navmap
The basic hairstyle for female and futa has been updated
New auth server
Minor buggfixes
Fixed animations path
Replaced the login icon with a refresh icon for the authorization option
Fixed the android UI in the home place. Wardrobe, Home chest
13 new animations
3 new cards for battle
You can buy a new card at the kingplace from the mantis queen
3 potion slots available in battle now
New Enemy in the Snow Forest location
1 new item
4 new modifiers for cards
Fixing building issue in locations
Bugfix with build
Minor buggfixes
19 new animations for female
2 new february bonus outfits
2 new relict:
When your turn starts one random card is cost 0 until the end of the battle
When your turn begins, one random card is upgraded until the end of the battle
1 new hair with 5 colors
3 new clothes in the shop
Improve quest #94 added wagon to navmap
Minor buggfixes
New version for android Unite all playable characters
New small event with new NPC Mantis man on Town Square location
56 new animations:
10 for female
32 for realfuta (15 for futa)
14 for male
Improve pregnant system for female and realfuta
1 new item (Abortion potion), 1 new combo
1 new «finish» image for realfuta
bugfix with T dress
Bugfix with King place dialog
Minor buggfixes
10 new animations
New wardrobe improve filters by slot
2 new bonus January outfits
Upgrade version of RENPY 7.4 to 8.1.3 (Python 2 to python 3)
Big improve game perfomance
Online updates for all patreon tiers
I buy a new server for online update
Tons of bugfix
Minor buggfixes
Hotfix 1:
Fixed bug with Wardrobe
Hotfix 2:
Fixed bug with Shop wardrobe
Hotfix 3:
Fixed bug with animations (only for Android)
Hotfix 4:
Fixed bug with home chest (only for Android)
35 new enemy tamed images. Now you’ll see when the enemy is defeated
2 new bonus december outfits (8 new pieces of clothes)
New relict – add 2 block when card is played
New outfits in the Clothes store. Mantis cape boots and buttplug
Bugfix with satyr male for female animations
Bugfix with nymph male squirted image size
Bugfix with male beard view
Bugfix with hair view
Improve game perfomance
Minor buggfixes
Dozens of new cards with different genders are now available to you
New futa and male style carddeck
Several cards are improved
Now you can change gender decks in your home
1 new quest in the tavern (desert)
Increased game performance!
New male beard at hairshop
Bugfix with mummy in SRD3 location
bugfix with harpy female tits cum
Minor bugfixes
Meet the new king of the village, Mantis Queen.
New NPC Mantis Queen in the King Place
A new little event to change the king
4 new animations with muscular futa
2 new bonus suit in Church of Patrons (10 new pieces)
1 new outfit in the Clothing Store (for female and futa)
2 new mofidicators for clothing
Improving navigation in the clothing store
Bugfix with headdress display in the clothing store and locations
Bugfix with home animations with NPC
Minor buggfixes
Bugfix with orc futa for female
Bugfix with Lumberjack home animations
Bugfix with Top patrons rating
Improve Top patrons rating
*Increased the size of the wardrobe in your house (from 5 to 10 pages)
*New event with MiranaElf for new futa and male NPCs
*Now you can invite MiranaElf futa or male to your home
*Mirana Elf now has all content available for either gender!
*7 new animations with Mirana Elf futa and Mirana Elf male
*Some small but important changes to the game engine
*Minor buggfixes
BIG UPDATE! 32 new gender of existing NPC
Now you can customize the game’s NPCs however you want
Now it’s completely a lesbian, futa or gay game!
2 new bonus suit in Church of Patrons (10 new pieces)
I fixed a lot of bugs in the game. Now the game runs faster
Minor buggfixes
Lumberjack event improves (added 3 animations)
Now you can invite Lumberjack to your house
1 new exhibitionism skill when you naked
6 new sex animations with Lumberjack in your home bed
New realfuta pregnant animation
5 new animatiotns for realfuta
Bugfix with remove items after quest is completed
Minor buggfixes
v0.9.1 Changelog:
New big event with Lumberjack in the tavern
Unque story event with dialogs and snimation
2 new bonus outfits for september
1 new additional bonus outfit for september in Church of the Patrons
New relict for outfits
Bugfix with desert entrance
Bugfix with frozen cave location
Minor buggfixes
25 new animations:
5 for female
6 for futa and realfuta
14 for male (include 8 male vs male anim)
1 new hidden place in mysterious cave location
1 new HR 3 quest in the Tavern
Bugfix with auth and logout. new auth option in preferences
Bugfix with show icon on the map in android versions
Minor buggfixes
New underground location in Desert
1 new quest
5 new goldenchests
New relationship with LumberJack in the Tavern
2 new unique clothing in the Church of Patrons
1 new unique hat in King Place
1 new card in king place
Minor buggfixes
29 new animations:
10 for female
10 for futa and realfuta
9 for male
3 new enemy is now available for catch
Bugfix with server path
Minor buggfixes
The new largest location is the Desert
Tons of new places in Desert
4 new enemy: 3 egyptians with different genders and Mummy
9 new animations:
3 for female
3 for futa and realfuta
3 for male
11 new items
3 new Combos in combo list
8 new quests in the tavern. You can get HR 8 NOW!
2 new july bonus outfits in the Church of Patrons (10 unique parts)
2 new relicts
Craft and use dynamite in a battle! But be carefully
Minor improves with skeleton and mummy
Small buggfixes
Now toy can invite Slutty Kathy to your home bed
3 new animations with Slutty Kathy
New NPC in Snow Forest place. Tentacle Monster
New animations for tentacle monster
New place in the Snow Forest cave
New optimizations preferences
Bugfix with satyr handjob sub for male animations
Small Bugfix
New relationship with Slutty Kathy in the brothel
New NPC story event with Slutty Kathy! Open a door in Snow forest
2 new minigame in npc event
2 new June bonus suit in Patron Church for Hunter 3 or higher
7 new item whore stones in the 2nd florr Brothel
1 new place in Snow forest location
small Bugfix
New feature Glory hole in the Brothel
New 2nd floor room in the Brothel
27 new animation in the game:
9 for futa and realfuta
9 for female
9 for male
Bugfix with frozen slime
Small Bugfix
New feature Pregnant system for female player and enemy
14 new pregnant animations (13 enemy and 1 player)
New enemy statistics – pregnant
2 may bonus suits in Patrons Church
1 new quest (HR 7)
35 new animation in the game:
10 for futa and realfuta
18 for female
7 for male
Bugfix with centaur restore health ability
small Bugfix
New global feature – Statistics
32 new animation in the game:
4 for futa and realfuta
4 for female
24 for male (vs male sub and dom)
Bugfix with hide head cloth
Small bugfix
2 new bonus cloth in Patrons Church
Large adjustment of the balance of enemies. Some enemies are now weaker
Update 90% cloth for female, futa and realfuta for new boobs size
1 new quest (HR 6)
1 new cloth modifier. Vampirism (Heal when deal damage)
Unlocked navigation map for all players
Bugfix with flydick in gay mode
Bugfix with wardrobe in android version
4 new body modifier potions
Drink potions and increase or decrease your tits or penis!
5 new tits size for female, futa and realfuta
5 new penis size for male, futa and realfuta
New feature: now you can hide any cloth if you want
New ability to transfer all items from private inventary to home chest
21 new animations:
6 animations for female
6 animations for male (4 gay sub)
9 animations for futa and realfuta
fix brothel quest #4 for male (gay)
fix bug when popup is not dissapier (tavern and any places)
Small fixes
5 new quests to rescue whored in the Tavern
5 new NPC luts in slut room in the brothel
1 new secret location
2 new item: Treasure map to secret locations in the Traveler Merchant shop
2 new plae in location (orc cave and mysterious cave)
3 new March bonus suit in the Patrons Church
New system of bonus suits in the Patrons Church. You can buy it now
15 new animations for Female
Improve brothel sluts list. Add Clients list and pay coins counter
Brothel clients calculate: 3 * Brothel lvl + count rescued sluts
If you have 100% escape skill you can move through enemies now
Add random client nameing in the Brothel
Bugfix with grid overfull
6 New animations at your home bed: Do it solo and eat your fluids if you want
1 new item
3 new animations for Nun at your home bed
6 new regular quests in the Brothel
Bugfix with Brothel regular quests
Improved pathfinding algorithm to move around locations. Now it is faster (it is 1 of 2 updates on optimization)
2 new bonus february outfits for female, futa, realfuta and male:
5 pieces for female, futa and realfuta
5 pieces for male
50 new animation in the game:
15 for futa and realfuta
17 for female
18 for male
Bugfix with Rascal glassful quest
Bugfix with grid overfull error
Bugfix with android futa version
Bugfix with new attr
Bugfix with futa vs futa hand dom animations
New place in the Brothel – second floor
New place Room of rescued whores in the Brothel
New place Room of bath for cum in the Brothel
New way to increase your max HP
3 new animation in the Brothel with Katthy:
1 for futa and realfuta
1 for female
1 for male
Bugfix with Traveler merchant appear
Bugfix with Borthel quest types
Bugfix with android futa version
Filled in the location FLAT LANDS
10 new items
5 new quests in the tavern
1 new NPC – Traveler Merchant
New shop with special items
LumberJack is appear in the Tavern after quest #75!
2 new posion potions
2 new combos
Bugfix with catch several enemy
Bugfix with quest 110
Bugfix with auest 71
New big location – FLAT LANDS
1 new enemy Centaur (female, futa and male)
9 new animations:
3 for female
3 for futa and realfuta
3 for male
New rank quests in the Tavern – HR 7
3 new quests in the Tavern
3 new items
2 new Bonus outfits for female, futa and realfuta in Patrons Church
Bugfix with orc animations
Bugfix with patreon unlock (all location)
New event with Nun in the Church of Patrons
Invite Nun into your home
Balance improvement
2 new dress for female, futa and realfuta
Bugfix with poison cards
Hotfix with huts enter from 0.7.2
New pics on change genders screen
3 new male Enemy
New sort Enemy options in the sex skill list
26 new animations:
3 for female
3 for futa and realfuta
20 for male
Game optimizations in the battle
Bugfix with outfits in the world map and in the Haircutter
Bugfix with nymph animations in the Brothel
Changelog: Link
Developer Notes:
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  • 3 Playable character: male, female and futa
    12 enemies (3 male, 7 female, 2 futa)
    Card Battles with Enemy! Collect card and build your best deck
    Over 100 animations in a game!
    Dom/sub skills tree
    Over 25 quests in rpgm-like world
    Crafting. Over 40 items that you can combine and create new items
    Dozens of clothes you can wear however you like. Combine clothes to activate abilities
    Catch enemy mode! Put the enemy in jail and do what you want with him!
    Online Top player rating
  • Patrons Church code: 778899
Read the changelog before downloading
WARNING! Be sure to make copies of your save files before uninstalling the previous version of the game.
Path SD:/Android/data/me.lustmadness.lusthunter/files/saves/


Patreon Unlock Mod*

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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