Lust n Farm [v2.0.5] [Bewolftreize]

Lust n Farm [v2.0.5] [Bewolftreize]

May 2, 2024F95

You step into the shoes of a young man who just got rejected from an art school. He could have taken a darker path (yeah we all know that), but fate decides to throw him a curveball—a farm! He has neither the desire nor the profile for farming, but he’s… “persuaded” to give it a shot.
Lust’N’Farm takes place in an alternate world, inspired by our own but filled with its own delightful peculiarities. Like the vegebubbles—quite powerful aphrodisiac vegetables. Join our protagonist as he dives into the world of farming, cultivating these unusual plants and discovering the secrets they hold.
Stay tuned for updates and get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey through Lust’N’Farm!

Thread Updated: 2024-05-01
Release Date: 2024-04-27
Developer: Bewolftreize F95zonePatreonSubscribeStarItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 2.0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex, Pov, Romance, Sandbox, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Management, Rpg, Dating Sim
Planned: Blackmail, Furry (optional), Gilf (optional), Harem, Lactation, Lesbian, Oyakodon, Parody, Pregnancy, Prostitution (optionnal) (more could come)
Never considered: Gay, Gore, Horror, NTR, Scat, Vore
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Unzip the file and simply launch the game.
Save files will appear directly in the game folder (not somewhere on your PC). For future updates, unzip the new game directly into the old one and replace the files (saves should generally be compatible… feel free to create backups).
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New Content:
  • All the content from version 1.10 is now integrated into the Unreal version
  • Scenes featuring Leslie and Ninie, complete with an animated scene
  • The escape game leading to the scene has been revamped for improved intuitiveness (and yes, you can still bribe the organizer in case of failure)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the scene with Tracy that was preventing progression
  • No more images appearing during loading in the middle of a dialogue
  • Fixed the bug that prevented vg from growing once bankrupt (if you have a saved game with the bug, you’ll need to wait a day for the fix to take effect).
  • Addressed bugs causing music overlap (there may still be some; if it occurs, save/load a game).
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Bug fixes (following the first test version):
  • Menu music should no longer overlap.
  • Movement arrows should no longer mistakenly appear during fast travel followed by a return to the menu.
  • Hitbox correction for the hammer during animated scenes, enabling seamless hammer strikes.
  • Right-click should indeed allow saving during dialogues, as promised.
  • Immediate use of fast travel options (such as the bed or map) after loading.
  • No more crashes when changing pages in the gallery.
  • The game tended to overly stress the processor, this has been corrected.
Changes compared to the previous version of the game:
  • Numerous interface icons and images updated (menu, settings, gallery, etc.).
  • Vegebubble harvesting system revamped. Each harvest yields multiple vegebubbles in a single field (the number is random and depends on the planted vg in the field).
  • Animated scene functionality has slightly changed. Now, it’s possible to change cameras during finishes. It’s necessary to press the cross to exit a scene.
  • Adjustments made to Lisa’s video night on the Love path. In case of successive failures, assistance is provided.
  • Giving Leslie a high-quality zynkable via the usual menu option instead of the new dialogue option should still trigger the next scene.
  • Visuals have been added for the state of the house in Lisa’s LOVE path.
Known bugs:
  • Waste visuals in the kitchen aren’t placed correctly depending on the time of day.
  • The girls’ locations don’t appear on the map; I want to change the functionality a bit to make it clearer if it’s possible to interact with the character (typically when one of the girls is in the bathroom, we can’t interact with her).
  • The settings are not working properly (it works, but the changes are not saved when you quit the game)
Next task:
  • Release the Android version.
For the next update:
  • Escape game with Leslie and Ninie (I’ll make a few modifications).
  • The return of character localization on the map.
  • New content!
-The animated “wiping” scene featuring Lucy has undergone a complete makeover, with the addition of a new camera.
-The animated Grope-Domination scene with Lucy has been partially revamped, specifically focusing on the scene’s introduction. (More updates to follow in the future.)
-You can now skip the intro and explanations of the escape game.
It’s also possible to bribe the organizer to win the game directly (this option may be removed as the game gets re-balanced).
-Various bug fixes have been implemented.
– Irina’s Storyline
– Two New Animated Scenes
– Usual Bug Corrections
Progression in Leslie’s storyline.
Progression in Ninie’s storyline.
A new animated scene (no spoilers!).
The animated BJ DOM scene with Tracy has been entirely revamped.
The animated BJ DOM scene with Leslie has been entirely revamped.
Lisa’s hints have undergone some corrections.
Obtaining information on Lisa’s favorite shows (LOVE) is now simpler.
Fixed a bug that prevented progression in Lisa’s storyline in DOM if you had chosen Leslie in LOVE.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if you attempted to clean Lisa’s room at noon (LOVE).
v1.07 (Early Access):
  • Progress in Lisa’s storyline
  • Featuring 2 new animated scenes with her !
  • New location : Lisa’s Room
Bug Fixes and Changes:
  • Spaces are now allowed in the MC’s name.
  • In Tracy’s DOM storyline, searching for the detective is now done through the computer, not the bed.
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New Scenes:
New Lisa’s scenes : As you progress, you will have the possibility to chose your path with her (LOVE or DOM)
New Ornella’s scenes : Featuring a new animated scene !
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
You can now change the main character’s name using the computer in your room. The character limit has been extended from 8 to 12. The possibility of adding spaces will come in a future update.
Resolved a bug during Lucy’s breakfast scene in the Love path
Fixed a bug affecting the gallery display in Berry’s scene
Addressed an issue where some text fonts were not updating after a resolution change
Corrected the size and placement of certain sprites to align with the new version
The countdown for the fourth vegebubble field’s growth should now be visible again
Fixed a display problem when growing a dobble on the first field
Refined, modified, and corrected various tips for better clarity and accuracy.
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  • Ability to replay Nora’s scene
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Tracy’s storyline from progressing
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the sale of items other than zynkables to Irina
  • Adjusted the font in certain scenes
  • Fixed a display issue with the video that MC shows to Hilda in Tracy’s storyline (dom)
  • Attempted to clean up the code when clicking on ‘New Game,’ hoping it resolves the bug for those who couldn’t do it
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Resolution Change:
I’ve made a significant adjustment to the game’s resolution, transitioning from 1920×1080 to 1280×720. This change allows for smoother gameplay and a reduced overall file size. However, it’s important to note that this adjustment comes with a minor trade-off in graphical quality when playing in fullscreen mode. Simultaneously, I’ve optimized the game files, resulting in a more compact game size of less than 1.5GB.
New Features:
  • Gallery: Accessible from the in-game menu, the gallery feature enables you to revisit animated scenes and discover those that can no longer be unlocked through regular gameplay (by visiting Olga).
  • Autosave Function: To implement autosave, I had to remove the last page of save slots, but I believe that 32 slots should be more than sufficient for a game like this.
  • Save Tags: I’ve introduced a “latest file” tag to make it easier for you to locate your most recent save and identify the current in-game day (please note that this will be visible the next time you save).
  • Right-Click Menu: The right-click feature has been restored for easier navigation.
  • Text Speed Adjustment: You can now customize the text speed in the options menu to match your preferences.
In-Game Content:
  • New Scenes for Lisa: no animated scene yet ! Be patient, it will come !
  • New Scenes for Nora: This update includes new scenes for Nora, including an animated one.
  • Dialogue Options for Leslie and Penny: I’ve added new dialogue options to allow you to change between dom and love paths, right before making the significant choice.
  • Progression Options with Lisa: There are new choices and options to advance Lisa’s storyline.
Bug Fixes:
  • You can now repeat the last scene with Tracy in the evening at the farm.
  • The last scene with Leslie should now correctly trigger when you’re in the dominant (dom) path.
  • Achieving the highest promotion rank with Debbie is now possible.
  • The option to exit an animated scene should always be accessible, eliminating the need to quit the game to exit.
  • Several character tips, including Ninie’s, have been corrected.
v1.04 (Bugfixes):
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  • It should be possible to replay the animated scene with Karen without encountering a permanent black screen.
  • You should be able to progress with Penny when the message ‘I can perhaps try something new with her now…’ appears in the hints.
  • The issue of save files crashing the game should be fixed! You should be able to use your save files that weren’t working anymore. Note that a short loading time now accompanies every game load (it should remain modest, lasting 1 second on my computer).
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New content:
  • Advancements in Lisa’s storyline (no animated scenes just yet)
  • Progress with Berry, featuring an animated scene
  • Advancements in Halley’s storyline, also with an animated scene
Revised content:
  • The first animated scene of Leslie in Love path has been entirely redone
General upgrade:
  • The loading of different areas in Terapolis should be smoother now, especially the living room, kitchen, and park.
Bug fixes:
  • The game should no longer freeze if you don’t have enough boldness to access Karen’s final scene.
  • The game should no longer freeze when you knock on Berry’s door on Wednesday evening.
  • Various corrections (missing music, missing dialogue box, missing images…)
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New Content:
New Character: Olga
-> This character will grant access to the entire gallery when it becomes available.
New Animated Scenes:
-> Karen (not alone…) -> Olga
Revised Content:
Revised Animation Scene with Rachel (BJ)
-> This scene has been entirely redone for a better visual experience (and coherence).
Added Features:
Intro Skip Option:
-> Regular Skip
-> Skip with an advance (lvl1 in all stats and $2000)
-> Working for Debbie now grants trading (previously efficiency).
-> Berry no longer increases stats when snacking.
-> Working for Debbie and Karen can increase their respective affections.
-> Paid stat gains now add 10 points instead of 8.
-> Multiple ways to raise stats for free have been added:
-> Farm work with Tracy (+efficiency)
-> Reading economics blogs on the computer (+trading)
-> Watching adult content on TV (+boldness)
-> Exercising with Halley (+charisma)
Bug Fixes and Visual Enhancements:
  • Noon scene in the park with Nora and Rebecca.
  • Night scene at Ornella’s place.
  • The settings menu has been cleaned up and no longer contains oddities, although it remains limited.
(1.02) Quick Fixes :
– Fixed a major memory leak issue that could cause a permafreeze when entering the bedroom
– All sex scenes should be now replayable by interacting with the corresponding character (sometimes at a specific time)
– Added a new visual for the options menu, not everything is finished yet, but it is now possible to adjust the game’s volume up or down.
(1.01) First release :
– Approximately 2-3 hours of gameplay
– 18 characters
– 5 of them currently have a developed storyline
– 30 interactive animations distributed among 9 characters (24 for the main 5 characters)
–  Probably a whole bunch of bugs (I didn’t count them, though)
Developer Notes:
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Please take into account that the developer (me) no longer wishes to adapt the game for Mac and Linux (it doesn’t work, and for now, I don’t have the time to fix that).
I will first focus on ensuring the game runs smoothly as it was launched, but I will soon turn to adding a character that will provide a new feature I believe will be greatly appreciated: a medium, which will allow either resetting a character’s progression or accessing missed scenes (thus avoiding having to replay the entire game).
Alongside this addition, I will try to add animated content for a secondary character among Karen, Halley, or Nora.
Since the game’s launch is a bit less stable than expected, I will post a unique link to the very latest version here, which will hopefully fix any issues encountered. Once the build is entirely playable without major problems (meaning it doesn’t completely block the player), I’ll switch to less frequent and more stable updates.
Saves Information:
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If you wish to keep your saves from versions prior to 1.05, it’s important to create a new folder to unzip the game in version 1.05, then copy the saves (which are located in the same folder as Game.exe in previous versions and have the names “SaveGame_X.vndata” and “SaveGame_X_Header.nvdata,” as well as the settings.vndata file) and paste them into the new directory (the same one containing Game.exe, it doesn’t change). Please note: if you have saved games in the 5th tab, these saves will be overwritten by autosaves! To keep them, you must rename these files (which are named “SaveGame_32” to “SaveGame_39”) with a number lower than 32 !
Please note that if you import saves from before version 1.05, the save images may appear glitched in
the load menu, but they still work! You can simply overwrite them to restore their normal size.
Note: Mac version may not work.



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