Luxury nursing house『Haven』~Busty beauties and geezers~[v2021-10-16_MOD1] [Quiet Northern Lands]
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Luxury nursing house『Haven』~Busty beauties and geezers~[v2021-10-16_MOD1] [Quiet Northern Lands]

July 11, 2024F95

The president of Touka Industries, Inc., Ichijyo Touka, has created an ultra-luxury home for the elderly called “Haven”,
which provides heavenly services to the wealthy elderly.
What those services are? Well, the 10 staff members of “Haven” will show you.
In this game, you control the female protagonist, “Kyoko Aihara”, and experience naughty events while working at a nursing home.

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–Contains Netorare.
–39 base CG, not including standing pictures.
–Save file with Reminiscence Room Unlocked is included.
–Cosplay sex scenes present.
–1 ending.
–No grinding at all.
–No long ass poetic dialogues.
–Very straightforward.
Thread Updated: 2022-09-07
Release Date: 2021-10-16
Original Title:  超高級老人ホーム『ヘヴン』~爆乳美女と変態老人~
Developer: Quiet Northern Lands DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: 2021-10-16_MOD1
OS: Windows
Language: English (50% Edited Translation )
Length: ~2-4 hours
Translator: JustXuX – Discord ServerPatreon
Other Games: Justice on the side
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1. Extract the game and play.
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Version v16-10-2021_MOD1
  *Translated the game to English.
  * Fixed some small typos in the original.
  * Deleted unnecessary onomatopoeias, where sound effects and images were enough to represent the action.
  * Added a plugin that enables text skipping.
  * Added a plugin that enables “Dialogue Box hide” functionality.
  * Turned off the default splash screen plugin. You’re welcome.
  * Added a save file with unlocked gallery.
  * Compressed images that are not used in the game to maximum, so decreased the size from 220MB to 42.5MB. Images used in the game, including tilesets weren’t compressed at all since the compression rate was negligible.
  * Compressed audio files without noticeable difference in quality. Was 119MB, became 58.5MB.
  * Translated and edited the title image.
Translator Notes:
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If you want to translate the game to your language, contact me. I will handle all the technical details, so you can focus only on translating the text. You can translate either from English or Japanese.
A save file in the gallery room is included.
Changelog that contains Translator’s modifications is included.
For a better experience it’s advised to use this utility.
Interested in translating? Join Translator’s Hub
100% Save included

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    Luxury nursing house『Haven』~Busty beauties and geezers~[v2021-10-16_MOD1] [Quiet Northern Lands]