Mageroyal Academy [v0.310] [Vortex Cannon Entertainment]

Mageroyal Academy [v0.310] [Vortex Cannon Entertainment]

January 11, 2024F95

Imagine a world where there is magic.
And there is a school of magic.
And this is not a Potter and pink unicorns.
There will be sex, drugs, and devastating spells.
Parallel worlds, fantastic creatures, mystical events.
In general, magic for adults. And no magic wands.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-07
Release Date: 2023-12-07
Developer: Vortex Cannon Entertainment WebsitePatreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.310
OS: Windows, Android, macOS, Linux
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and other
Other Games: Last ManRed Pill
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2DCG, 2d game, Animated, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist, School setting, Superpowers, Big ass, Big tits, Teasing, Interracial, Vaginal sex, Graphic violence, Adventure, Fantasy, Point and click, Puzzle, Mobile game, Lesbian, Monster, Monster Girl, Turn based combat.
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1. Extract and run.
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In this build, we updated the introductory scenes of some characters. They received new art and narrative adjustments.
A new quest has been added in the Academy garden. It unlocks a fast way to move around the garden. To access this quest, you must first meet the librarian Jonesey and complete his tasks.
New spells have been added for both heroes and enemies. The talent tree section has been improved, but we haven’t activated spell reset and free spell selection yet.
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This major game update brought many changes, both visually and in game mechanics.
We have completely updated the UI of the game. This affected absolutely all game systems: quest mode, boss fights, loot, talents, and much more. World maps have been completely reworked. Added a lot of tips for the game.
The Cafe and Little Asia locations have received a new design and become much more interesting. And the Academy has new quests. Chat with NPCs to start their storylines.
We have also activated the New Game+ system. Once you’ve completed the intro to the game at least once, you can skip it when you start a new game. At the same time, all your experience, found items, talents, etc. will stay with you.
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In this build, we have added a new location with a Bar. It is filled with new NPCs, with their own stories, and a little later it will launch its own storyline with the performance of a local pop diva.
You can get to the Bar by continuing the main quest of our heroes, or simply by using a Waystone in any other location.
NPCs in Bar, like in other places, can react differently to the heroes you play as. These can be either separate remarks and dialogues, or changes in the quests themselves.
Other smaller locations have been added or updated in both the Academy and Little Asia. There are new NPCs and dialogues with them.
So that you can keep track of whether you have completed all the events or quests in the current build, we have added a counter to the pause menu. Now you will know for sure if you missed something interesting.
0.180 Preview Build
In the new build, we continued to improve various game systems.
The isometric mode has become available again, in which you can explore some locations, fight monsters and get yourself new items. At the moment, this mode is available in the Mage’s Tower. You can reach it by completing the current story quest.
Now you can change the character at almost any time. This can be done through the game’s pop-up menu between story quests, or through character icons during a story quest.
The quest system has been updated. You will now see a brief description of the quest and its rewards. The game will also show with an arrow where to go to complete the current quest.
Added new locations in the Academy and some new NPCs.
0.170 Preview Build
In this build, we continue the main plot of the game. You will enter the academy itself and get into the first trouble.
Many locations have been added both inside and outside the academy. Some NPCs have appeared.
Added basic functionality for magical items of heroes and their skills. You can already check it, but you won’t be able to use it until the next update 🙂
Many bugs have been fixed that you have found and reported.
At the moment we publish only the Windows version of the game. Other platforms will appear a little later.
We are actively working on an update for Mageroyal Academy and will be ready to show you new content soon.
During this time, the game received a new engine, the mechanics of movement and interaction with objects in locations were updated. Character control has become more responsive, and NPCs are more alive.
There are new types of secondary quests, both single
In the new build of the game, we have continued the main storyline. A continuation of the second lesson was added, a new location – the headman’s room and even a small preview of the new world.
In addition, many bugs and game freezes have been fixed.
The movement speed of characters has been increased to make it easier to explore large locations. We are also working on the running mechanic, which should come with the next update.
Added new tips for the gameplay.
Added new translation languages.
In the new build, we have a lot of new features and improvements.
The night sandbox event with Dolores has been updated and completed. This mode will be expanded significantly soon. In the sandbox, you can choose any of our 4 heroes to visit the locations in which you have already been, chat with the NPCs you met there, and find new quests. Or love adventures
We also continue the main storyline, which starts with a new lesson. A bit of erotica and humor are guaranteed.
Added a new control mode – wasd + mouse. As before, you can control with mouse only, or your finger if you play with a touchscreen device.
We continue to optimize the game. It is now significantly more stable on many devices.
v0.11 Alpha
In this update, you will find a continuation of the main storyline and some improvements in game mechanics.
So all four of our heroes return to the academy and went to the director, who will tell them what is happening and what our heroes have yet to face.
Isometric action mode has received many improvements. Added WASD control and tips, both on the control itself and the use of skills. Improved display of the animation of the skills.
In turn-based boss fights, new skills and more fatal blows that tear your enemies apart have been added.

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