Mental Blast Negative Power [v0.7.5] [DiDongo]

Mental Blast Negative Power [v0.7.5] [DiDongo]

May 19, 2024F95

You take the role of reaper Elexis aka (Veil). She starts dreaming and seeing strange and hypnotic visions after an accident has happened on one of her previous missions. Now she wants to get rid of them but for that, she wants to visit a man known as Alun the Blind, who helped her once before hoping he could be able to do it again. Her goal will be not so easy to complete as she thinks. There will be many obstacles, foes, and friends that she must overcome to save herself from this ‘Mental Blast’!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-02
Release Date: 2024-01-31
Developer: DiDongo Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7 Hotfix
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, 2D Game, Animated, Female protagonist, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Aliens, Big tits, Big ass, Sex toys, Futa
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1. Extract and run.
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25 new xxx animations.
3 New Side Quests.
New features “Depravity” and “Stealing”
Added “Quickjumpers” (teleport device directly to the “Safe”)
Added “Sticky Path” (Using “Sticky Larva” to make a path between empty spaces)
Added MHC (Multi Hacker Card to open special locked door)
Added more weapons and armor to the shops.
Fixed Baela’s bug hunting.
Fixed Mutagen “Hygiene” recipe.
Fixed disappearing succubas if the player hasn’t enough NP.
Fixed duplicated animation with Larn in the gallery.
Fixed Zolod defeat Veil bug.
and more…
FIXED bug after quest adding Demon Hunting
There are a lot of new animations, but only two side quests.
New characters: Baela, Atresi, Izsla, and Geah.
More than 25 animations and a lot of new images.
One Achievement Added: Impregnating Veil
Veil now preserves TP after a battle.
Easier foes/mobs/monsters etc…
Spawning Anarchon in Big Halls fixed.
Map of the Gramonoth ship in Key Items.
Cheaper “Cleric’s Pray”
Two new monsters. Corrupted Mechanic and Scorched One.
14 new xxx scenes
4 new side quests
Save file just after completing the main quest “Sinful Revenge”. With two “Cleric’s Prayer” equipped.
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Hi everyone! Here are the new things.
18 new pose animations
new places: Brothel, West Collapsed Sections, and Filtration Sector.
new characters: Pvt. Alline, Dardo, Nyra and the servant.
new enemy: (buffed) Distressed Mistress (defeat animation: from the Mistress’s Favor quest)
New Quests: Three new main quests and one side quest
CHANGES: The side quest Mistress’s Favor is removed from the game and is replaced by the new side quest, but with a different story AND ending animation. The animation with Nyra and Veil from the last update is added to the new buffed mistress enemy which can be found guarding a treasure.
Option to watch servant while doing her job in the Brothel.
Animated XXX sprites.
TIPS AND HINTS: To start the new side quest Veil must have 150 negativity and the servant must be overloaded with cum from the brothel visitors. Finding more negativity is possible by acquiring negative crystals which contain more negativity.
To unlock the special animation between Nyra, the servant and Veil must have 200 negativity and choose the option to watch them while Nyra punishes (relieves) the servant.
That’s all for now friends. If you find bugs, glitches, or game crashes you can text me and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll upload the HQ vids and pose animation files tomorrow. See ya.
EDIT: There’s a SAVE FILE in the game just before starting the new main quest. Please do not overwrite with old save files from older updates. Thanks.
Negative Power II stand alone
Two new enemies: Sukuba and Blodoid Devourer
New recipes: Mutagen Power, Mutagen Hygiene
6 new animations with Veil and Nathy
7 new animations with Tobi and Veil
1 new animation with Veil and Sukuba
1 new defeat animation with Blodoid Devourer
Edited defeat animation for Dickfungle Plant.
Edited skills
Added tips which give 50 exp.
These are the new features of the next update for the game. I’ve tested it for bugs and hope I found and fix them all. If you find any please PM me.
That’s all, for now, see you next time. Enjoy the game.
Not available.
There is a save just before the new main quest for those who already played the older version of the game.
32 new animations, and many new sexy images.
7 new quests. 2 Main quests and 4 side quests.
Fixed some of the previous quests.
Fixed some of the skills.
Updated enemies. (Not hard)
New skin for Veil (Obtainable by perfect completing of ‘Undercover’ quest.)
Changelog: 22 New Animations
The followed animations are with Veil and…
6 anim with Sham
2 with Scrang Mother
4 anim with Melinef
2 anim with Reliene
1 anim with Sorrlag
4 anim with Zhen-Shen
1 anim with Urona
the others are without Veil
1 anim with Bodri and Yrin
1 anim with Anfalel playing with herself
New Images. I really don’t know how much they are but are not a lot.
3 New Side Quests. You can discover them around the ship after finishing the main quest
”Find and Kill”.
Completed main quest “Find and Kill”
Guiding Icons
Remaded side and main quests. Now they’re much easier and simplified.
3 New Locations with Cyber Forges. The first one is in “LowpartsLv”1, the second is in “LowpartsLv2” and the third is in “South Lowparts Lv2.”
Showing the names of the current map when the player enters. I don’t know why I didn’t do that before. My big mistake again.
Four new animations with Tiana, Veil and Rive, five more animations with Scrang, Tentacle, Veil and Larn.
Story Quest ”Missing Archive” is now complete.
Side Quest ”Malakin’s Tears” is now complete.
Added notes wich explain few things about the game’s features and mechanics.
After the side quest ”Netranyr’s Issue” Veil will be placed right next to the keycard for Diza’s cabin. It makes the event for Diza and Veil easier.
Now you can get in total 3 ability points from story quests. ”Telepath” or ”Persuade”. From you depends what you going to choose. Even if you need more of this points you’ll be able to buy them after finishing the quest ”Missing Archive” from your cabin.
New 9 animations. Two animations for Veil and Haral, one animation for two elder scrangs and Veil, two animations for Diza and Viv, two animations for Diza, Viv, and Veil, and two animations with Veil and her new toy ‘The Auto-dick’.
Now you can loot the piles of junk multiple times after some period of time 15-20 min.
The piles of junk now can drops ‘Piece of Raw Verelium’.
New side quest: ‘Unsatisfied’.
New craftable item: ‘The Auto-dick’. (but you first have to find the blueprint for it 😉
New location: Passenger’s Quarters/Passenger’s Living Zone. I will change the name next update probably.
New NPCs: Loro, Urona, Mr. Belinhoff and Zhen-Shen.
– Remade quest ‘Netranyr’s Issue’. Because its causes a lot of bugs.
– If you finished the ‘Virginrunner’ quest and after that speak with Greylan the next quest with him will not start, but now it’s fixed.
– If you talk with doctor Yrin after start the quest ‘Old Knowledge’ there is no longer option to ask her about the encyclopedia.
– Now If you start the quest ‘Netranir’s issue’ after start the quest ‘Old Knowledge’ the dialog with Rive where you ask him where is Viv which doesn’t show up before now are showing.
– Veil will no longer be in looping with Rive when you don’t have ‘Persuade’ skill while negotiating with him for the reward.
– The switch in the Lowparts Lv1 is removed and you can open the door.
– Now you can skip the scenes with ‘Enter’ and ‘Space’. If you’re an old player and don’t want to watch the previous videos.
-12 new animations. Four with Veil and Greylan, one with Veil only, four with small scrangs and Veil, one with Veil and mature scrang, one with elder scrang and Veil, and one with old scrang and Veil.
– Added sound effects to previous quest events of the game.
– Changed picture ‘I miss you’.
– Added new levels with dangerous scrangs with who Veil can fight now.
– Added new character ‘Bodri the Armorer’ from who you can buy items like segments, chips, and implants which can boost Veil. You can sell any metal parts you found to him.
– Added a ‘Cyber Forge’ where Veil can craft different items when finding recipes or blueprints. Only one recipe is added for this update for now.
– You can sell organic things that you can find from enemies or something else.
– Added teleports which can help you to teleport Veil back to the control room of Gramonoth (the ship).
No new content except for the new electric level.
Much more easy Electric level.
Change the position of the ‘pipe’ which you need to open the door to the next level.
First release
Developer Notes:
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Sorry if my grammar is messed up and hope to understand what is happening in the story of the game. If there’s someone who wants to improve the grammar and help me too please PM me. For bugs and something else contact me or do not your choice.

Negative Influence I + Negative Power II v0.07
(Old content not in the new release)

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Other: Compressed*

lumley thanks for the links

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