Milfcreek [Shorts v1.1] [Digibang]

Milfcreek [Shorts v1.1] [Digibang]

February 28, 2024F95

Milfcreek is the story of a young man that is about to face the adventure of his life.
You travel to a nice little place called Milfcreek, a small country town where milfs and girls are starving for young studs.
But it’s not that easy to get into a woman’s panties… You have to solve puzzles, test your abilities and reactions, and put together information that unlocks some dark secrets…

Thread Updated: 2024-02-28
Release Date: 2024-02-22
Developer: Digibang PatreonDiscordSubscribestarItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Shorts 1.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Milf, Incest, Teasing, Virgin, Gilf, Animated, Sleep sex, Rape, Mobile game, Sandbox (optional), VN (optional), NTR (only in mini-game scope)
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Shorts v1.1
Added Milfcreek Eve ’23
Content: Dorothy, Connie, Vanessa, Bella, Jessica, Julie
Lewd events:
Dorothy: 2 lewd event (sex on the stairs, sex upstairs)
Connie: 1 lewd event (leg massage)
Vanessa: 1 lewd event (sex at Pussbroke Motel)
New characters: Ellie
New locations: Pussbroke Motel
Added (4 new minis included)
Road Trip and Christmas Special removed since they are with in Shorts included.
Road Trip
Lewd Content:
  • Dorothy: Family Dinner (partial)
  • Hannah: Bathroom and Master Bedroom events
  • Rhonda TV event
  • minor fixes
Android version is now fixed. The root cause for the failed installations was due to the 2GB file size limit. A temporary fix was to reduce the size of the package. For the future though I will have to find a long-term workaround.
+ 2 new characters: Miranda and Sasha
+ Anne: 1 Fantasy
+ Dorothy: 1 Sex scene
+ Julie: 1 Sex scene + 1 Fantasy
+ Sasha: 1 Fantasy
+ Jasmine: 1 Sex scene
+ Jasmine hints
+ Dorothy bathroom sex scene (Many thanks to wizardcock!)
+ minor graphic glitches
Milfcreek Eve 2022 (preview)
v0.4b Changelog:
+ Dorothy 7 lewd events (24 animations)
+ Miriam 1 lewd event (1 animation)
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+ 2090 new renders
+ 25 new animations:
  + Camila: 6 animations
  + Connie: 3 animations
  + Diana: 1 animation
  + Dorothy: 5 animations
  + Hannah: 4 animations
  + Hellen: 1 animation (2 angles)
  + Jennifer: 4 animations
  + Sophie: 1 animation (multiple angles)
New Characters:
+ Dorothy (Anne’s sister)
+ Connie (Dorothy’s daughter / Sheriff Sarah’s sister)
+ Hannah (Anne’s cousin / Rose’s mother / Camila’s sister)
+ Percy (Hannah’s Husband / Rose’s father)
+ Leah (Hannah’s neighbour)
+ Hellen (Client)
+ Jennifer (Client)
Lewd Events:
+ Diana: 1 event (fantasy)
+ Dorothy: 3 events (ride, bathroom, tea, night)
+ Hannah: 2 events (massage, bathroom)
+ Sophie: 1 event (fantasy)
+ Connie: 2 events (changing, sleeping)
+ Hellen: 1 event (outcall at the camping site)
+ Jennifer: 1 (outcall at Jennifer’s house)
+ Camila: varius events (car, signing the contract, domination path trigger)
Other events:
+ male prostitution job + automatic outcalls from Camila
+ Camila domination path
+ new minor event: Anne Changing for Picnic (to increase corruption case picnic event is stopped by George)
+ pickup Connie (for love)
+ new daily job for Dorothy ($140 max per day)
+ new daily job for Hannah ($140 max per day)
New Locations:
+ Dorothy’s Farm (+2 secondary locations: Dorothy’s stables and The Meadow)
+ Hannah’s House
+ The Camping Site
+ Downtown Milfcreek (accessible only via outcalls)
+ Old Oak
Gameplay and UI:
+ New Music, Ambient and Sound Effects (music is Youtube friendly)
+ Updated gallery to support pagination
+ New Stat: Domination (replaces the Corruption stats for certain characters if triggered)
+ Save button in all menu choices (mainly for android users)
+ Mute button for Game mode
+ Hints Panel: Love, Corruption or Domination points displayed in real time
+ Hints Panel: Option to preview all scheduled events for the selected character with date and location
+ Visual highlights in the bike and phone panels when new locations / contacts are unlocked
+ Fixed Julie bathroom fantasy
+ Fixed gallery errors for Sheriff Sarah, Sophie and Miriam
+ Fixed graphic glitch at Vanessa’s Shop
+ Fixed Julie bathroom peek
+ Fixed some backwards compatibility issues for the save files
+ Corrected some typos and scene transitions
+ Fixes for scheduled events
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+ 3 animations with Anne
+ 3 animations with Rose (1 animation is conditioned by the choice in the kitchen)
+ 1 daily event with Anne: Picnic (requires dish washing)
+ 1 girlfriend event with Rose: Rose in the boysroom
+ 1 daily money source: Rose via phone
+ 480 new renders
+ minor bug fixes
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+ 1 event with Julie: Julie at the pool (with variations depending on sleeping pill choice)
+ 1 story event with Bella: Date on the Naked Peeks
+ 1 story event with Rose: Rose’s failed date
+ 1 location: Naked Peeks (KUDOS TO THOSE WHO SPOT THE EASTER EGG)
+ 1 job (evening): deliver pumpkins for Anne
+ 300 new renders
+ backwards compatibility for save files
+ fixed access to Anne’s bedroom at night after accepting George’s help (previously the bedroom remained closed regardless of the choice)
+ with the implementation of the save compatibility, most of the previously reported bugs should not occur anymore

Milfcreek Shorts/NTR scenes

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Shorts (v1.1)

George and Julie Mini-scene (NTR)

Classic Poker Minigame (NTR)

Patches: Incest Patch

Extras: Fan Art ThreadSpanish Translation* – SavegameCheatmod*
SonsOLiberty thanks for the links
* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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