Milfrim: The Elder Fuck 69 [v0.999] [Omar Company]

Milfrim: The Elder Fuck 69 [v0.999] [Omar Company]

May 22, 2024F95

this is a world in which you will make every inhabitant, from your obnoxious sister, to the insidious and inaccessible vampire, adore you, and share your skills with you.
Do you think your mother is only capable of shaking her form in front of you? It’s not! She is an experienced woman, and she has a lot to teach you! And when it’s accompanied by passions and various fetishes, the learning will be more interesting, right?
Become a dream for over a dozen maidens of different races, shapes, and even bloodlines. Protect them, go on various adventures, and develop your trading shop.
And most importantly, become part of our society, and forget about the stresses! After all, in the world of Milfrim you will always have fun and relaxation.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-22
Release Date: 2024-05-22
Developer: Omar Company PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.999
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Milf, Male protagonist, Animated, Humor, Masturbation, Big ass, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Sandbox, Exhibitionism, Skyrim, Sister, Mother, Monster, Furry, Body art, Fantasy
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Extract and run.
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– added a new backdrop “House”
– added new backdrop “Hall”
– changed closet icon
– changed the icon of the exit from the location
– changed the icon of sleeping at home
– added Kyle’s chibik in his room
– added chibik Kayla sleeping in her room
– added Suzanne’s chibi hanging laundry
– added Suzanne’s chibi washing dishes
– added Suzanne’s chibi mops the floors.
– added quest for collecting things
– added eavesdropping quest
– added NSFW scene with Kayla in her room
– added NSFW scene with Suzanne during cleaning
– Fixed a bug when installing on Mac
– completely improved and reworked “Home” code for your convenience
– new game cover
– completely changed and improved prologue with 54 frames animation
– added animated carriage ride at the beginning of the game
and so many jokes that it’s impossible to count.


added a new backdrop “Magic Shop
– added mini game “Compose a ritual
– added mini-game “Collect runes into words
– added Emotion Brerlyn
– added NSFW scene with Kayla
– added NSFW scene with Serana.
– added NSFW scene with Serana and Karita
– added cursor to the game
– added game icon
– added new male character
– All new quests have already been added to Milfinf for your convenience.
– added Brelyna’s summoning animation
– added magic scroll summoning animation
– added rune highlighting when correctly pressed
– also fixed previous bugs
– mini-quest of collecting mushrooms
– humor, pleasant communication is included
– added a new character
– added a quest with a new character
– added visualization of more than 10 quests
– added buttons for unloading and selling (there is now a simple choice between characters)
– changed textbox
– added visual display of heroines fatigue after unloading
– added Spriggan fear emotion
– Added Karite’s shock emotion
– added ability to visit the forest
– added quest log
– changed and improved icons in the house (kitchen, stats, prize room, sleep)
– changed and improved project cover
– added the possibility of training from our favorite Suzanne
– changed NSFW scene “threesome”, now the body of the main character has been added (all for your full immersion).
– added a lot of buttons sharing stats, trophies, etc.
added new animation of shop improvement
– completely redesigned background with the shop
changed system of selling fish
– changed system of unloading and just selling
changed shop improvement system
– added possibility to leave the backgound
– added a crowd of people to the backgound with the shop
– added a crowd of people to the backgound of the central square
– added bathhouse background
– added new masseur character
– added a new character
– added background of the fitting room in the house.
– added background of the lingerie store
– added a chibi version of the salesgirl
– added NSFW scene with Suzanne in the fitting room
– added NSFW scene with Suzanne in new underwear
– added NSFW scene with thief
clothing catalog (outfits for Suzanne)
– added quest to find the thief
– Added ability to find clues
– the lingerie fitting scene has been painted on all 4 girls
– and also painted a scene of Suzanne trying on new lingerie.
– added the store icon to the map
v 0.732
– added a new background  “Spiky Woods”
– added new background  “Central Square”
– added clicker game with Lydia
– added more than 3 new elaborated NSFW scenes.
– added quest with the search for the broom
– added costume for Nirney
– added public NSFW scene, which won the vote
– added a second voting-winning scene (find out what kind of fetish you’re in for)
– added a magic needle to help create clothes
– added berry picking quest
– added new trophy prize
– added full-size version of the Elf beauty
– as well as amazing humor, beautiful artwork and many adventures with unexpected twists and turns
v 0.6842
– spriggan’s background added
– added kitchen background
– added activity in the kitchen
– added cookie molding quest with mother
– added long awaited NSFW scene with mother
– added new character
– added a quest to free a hostage from bandits
– bug fixes
v 0.4808
a new garden backdrop
– new characters (redneck, presenter and cousin)
– the ability to grow a pumpkin
– new backdrop scene
– global NSFW scene
mini game in which you will be able to paint (pumpkin)
– contest participation
trophy room (and one exclusive prize PERSONALLY for you)
v 0.3246
– added ability to train Nirni’s khajiit to level 1
– added new NSFW scenes with Lydia
– added ability to teach archery
– added 15 or more pages of script
– added a new character with medium-sized boobs (this is the size that won our vote)
– added new Garden backdrop
– added Serana’s hut (you will be able to visit it in the future)
v 0.2842
5 new NSFW scenes, one of which will feature three characters at once
– a system of skill upgrades. Such as pickpocketing, archery, and trap-making
– a new voting-winning character
interesting quests, with the application of new skills
– the first global journey with an exit from Riverwood
– first encounter with a mud crab
– removed the restriction on earning funds, after the 5th level of the shop
added visual display of current liking for you
added visual display of your shop’s progression
– fixed bugs of previous version
added more than 20 emotions for all characters
added a backdrop of the training camp
v 0.1016
– beautiful juicy elaborated backdrops
– girls for all tastes from submissive to perky
milf content
– resource animations
– character stats
– replay nsfw scenes
– change of day and night
– global interactive map
– trading and upgrading your shop
– catching fish and strange creatures
nsfw scenes with unexpected moments
– unforgettable charismatic characters
– humor
– dragons vampires woodland creatures and other mythical creatures
– animation in nsfw scenes
Developer Notes:
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A sequel with exclusive nsfw scenes is waiting for you on patreon!
Hello everyone, and grab Omar’s claw!
We are an excellent company of two excellent people, and we are here to immerse you in the world of Milfrim.

Thanks obzen07 for sharing the links!

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