Missy [v0.8] [Trinian Games]

Missy [v0.8] [Trinian Games]

June 12, 2024F95

In a land populated entirely by women, you will guide Missy, an 18-year-old schoolgirl through a series of hilarious and sexy mishaps that comprise her daily life.  Deal with cruel bad girls and psychotic teachers at her super-strict all-girls school then explore the world in which she lives and find more adventure.  Missy will learn and comment on your actions as you go, developing her own unique relationship with you.  Will you play her as a disobedient wild-child and get in lots of trouble?  Or an angelic good girl… and get in lots of trouble?

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I’m often asked how much of the punishment and humiliation meted out to the MC is avoidable.  The short answer is some of it, but there are already a number of unavoidable scenes of Missy being dominated with many more planned.

The game’s world is a pornified parody, in which all the characters are permanently horny, sadistic BDSM fiends. Much of what happens to its inhabitants is beyond their control, and this is particularly true in the case of the MC.

With that said, players wishing to play a dominant Missy are always kept in mind, and will find something for them in this game. Please see this Patreon post for more details.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-12
Release Date: 2024-06-12
Developer: Trinian Games Patreon itch.ioSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, OSX, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, RPG Maker, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Schoolgirl, Spanking, BDSM, Groping, Teasing, Oral Sex, Domination, Masturbation, School setting, Humiliation, Slavery, Lesbian-Protagonist
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1. Extract and run.
2. If updating, move all files in save folder from previous version.
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v.0.8 (12th June 2024)
Major Changes
– Chapter Six concludes the Reign of Jess storyline. To begin it, return to Fivaviana through the portal in Missy’s room, or if you are already in Fivaviana, go back to the hotel bedroom where you slept with Emily.
– Many new Fivaviana locations to explore, including the port area, Old Town North and Governess Kisimi’s mansion.
– The Office spanking at home (one of the oldest scenes in the game!) has been fully remastered.
Minor Changes
– Missy now differentiates between coming to school with incorrect panties on and having them taken by the bad girl in the wrapup at the end of Chapter 1.
– Prevented the player from getting up on the stage in the slave auction.
– When the player is naked in public, a new state, public nudity will be applied. This is the first step towards allowing the player greater freedom to be nude in public by choice, accepting whatever consequences that entails, in a future update.
– A note will now appear on the wall in Missy’s room after Chapter 3 telling you what you need to do to trigger Chapter 4.
– Created character models for Tina and Rose and updated their face sets. Updated Abbie’s face set.
– All buildings in Fivaviana are now marked for easier navigation.
– Further tweaked the combat system:
—- Added a TP cost to counter-grapple and increased its success rate.
– Fixed a bug that could prevent you from leaving the summer house if you needed to plant the bug in the dream sequence.
– Discovered a intermittent bug that could prevent Carmella from inviting the player to eat and prevented it from reoccurring.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the player to become stuck in the ring at the Pussy Pit and also added an escape ladder in case another such bug occurs.
– Removed the reference to a deprecated image in the Bad Girl’s Bitch ‘Good Ending’ scene.
– Various minor tweaks, invisible code improvements and fixes.
– The problem with the Karen’s bath scene appearing has finally been identified and fixed.
v.0.7.2 (11th January 2024)
Adds the missing scene and fixes some bugs
v0.7.1 (10th January 2024)
Adds The city of Fivaviana, The Reign of Jess (Part 2), Miss Paris’s 4th photography scene and a new Pussy Pit opponent: Raquel. A number of scenes have been reworked and narrative mode is introduced, allowing you to ignore all combats.
v0.6.7a (31st August 2023)
The mini-update changes the school based on what happened in Avenging Angel. There are also a number of new scenes to find, a lot of code improvements and a ton of bugfixes.
v0.6.1 (8th July 2023)
Adds Avenging Angel, the second part of Poppy’s story, the strip poker minigame, many new school events and a lot of bugfixes, misc content and quality of life updates.
v0.5.6 (30th December 2022)
v0.5.4-5 (10th-13th December 2022)
Numerous bugfixes
v0.5 (7th December 2022)
Adds the fourth chapter of the main story, plus new events for Poppy and Stacey, a complete gallery rework, a ton of fixes, quality of life upgrades and a timeskip utility that will allow you to bypass content you have played already.
v0.4 (9th February 2022)
Adds new quest Queen of the Ring, plus a number of new home and school events.
v0.3 (3rd November 2021)
Adds chapter 3, the gallery, new home and school events and wrestling.  421 new renders.
v0.2.2a (20th August 2021)
introduces 2 new quests, many new events, quality-of-life changes and 564 new renders.
v0.1 Initial Release. (5th June 2021)
Developer Notes:
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You no longer need the RPG Maker RTP Files.
Saves from VX Ace versions will not work.
Linux users please read FAQ.
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Q. Help! I can’t start [Insert name of quest]!
A:  Please refer to this list of quest dependencies to find out what you need to do.
Q.  Will the game work on Android? / I am getting the “Fossil must be the first plugin” bug.
A.  Unfortunately, the project is already too big for Google Play, however, it is possible to get it working on Joiplay.
Q.  Will the game work on Linux?
A.  Yes, as far as I know.  However, Linux requires case sensitivity whereas Windows does not, so if you find a case mismatch bug, please feel free to report it and I’ll fix it before the next build.
Q. I moved my saves but they’re not listed in the new version
A. Please see this post.
Q.  Can I romance Miss Paris yet?
A.  No.  Soon.
Q:  Hey, man, where are all the dicks?  And when are there going to be dicks?  And why aren’t there dicks now?
A:  This is a lesbian game.  There will not be any dicks in it.  If vaginas aren’t your thing, you may need to look elsewhere.
Q: Why only lesbian though?
A: Because I’m not attracted to men.
Q:  Will you include [insert favourite fetish here]?
A:  If it’s not in there now, the chances are probably not.  If what you’re looking for is basically more of the same, or something closely-related, then you may be in luck, but nothing is going in that I don’t want to put in.
Q: Why RPG Maker? Don’t you know all the cool kids are using Ren’Py?
A: I believe that giving you an expansive world to explore is more immersive, and I enjoy world building. I hope once you’ve experienced the game, you’ll agree with me on this.
Q.  Full gallery save pls?
A.  If someone would like to provide one, I’ll happily add it to the links.
Fan Signatures:
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Reign of Jess Signature Images
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3273346 07Signature1 | Free Adult Games
3273347 07Signature2 | Free Adult Games
Avenging Angel Signature Images
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2777349 06Popularsignature | Free Adult Games
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2777347 06Badsignature | Free Adult Games



Missy Christmas special 2022 – A Christmas Karen

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Extras: ITALIANO* (Win)

Missy Christmas special 2021 – Christmas Eva
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Extras: ITALIANO* (Win)

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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