MonGirl Conquest [v0.2.1] [Yeehaw Games]

MonGirl Conquest [v0.2.1] [Yeehaw Games]

June 4, 2024F95

Staging in the same world as Yorna, MonGirl Conquest takes place after Yorna’s original history. Humans and monster girls learn to co-exist with each other, but everything is far from ideal. Humans start to expand and create settlements close to monster girls’ territory. This calls for a new job – monster girl hunter. You will be one of them. Catch monster girls, seduce them, and teach them that not all humans are dangerous or evil.

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Features: fully animated and voiced sex scenes with monster girls, naming of your own character, dynamic exploration, and management system. Build your own Mongirl bar and reap the profits!

Expand your camp, fill it with monster girls, and mount expeditions to different islands and biomes with various girls. Find different monster girls with their own characters and have fun with them in animated and voiced sex scenes. It’s up to you how you want to approach each encounter.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-04
Release Date: 2024-05-14
Developer: Yeehaw Games Patreon Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, sandbox, turn based combat, vaginal sex, oral sex, big ass, big tits, monster girl, monster,
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.2.1 Public
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H content
Let’s start with the lewd stuff. v0.2.1 comes with 4 Spine scene updates. You can see the updated Titwolf’s BJ scene here. And here’s a new version of werewuff’s BJ scene. Mommyfly got an update to her doggy scene with a more active wing flutter that makes it much more livelier. You can check the scene here. The young butterfly got a similar upgrade. You can see the preview here.
You don’t need to re-seduce the girls to see the new scenes. The upgraded scenes are available in exploration zones, home evening dates and gallery automatically, if you unlocked them earlier.
New features and activities
In this update, you will uncover a hidden lair with Cleo’s help. Who could it belong to? Solve the puzzle and get some hints! Perhaps you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come? Talk with Zara and follow the main quest line for more details.
A new girl joins the cast. The first one will meet you in the desert zone in the future update, young harpy. Here’s her preview.
Added a new meeting with Yoshi after you help Cleo with the ritual. She will offer to teach you a new kind of spell if you know firepuff. The new spell is a more powerful version of it with a lasting damage-over-time effect. Don’t worry, the burn effect won’t knock out the girls on its own.
Added books that increase your seduction score to the special trader at your bar. You invite him during the option quest “Brick by brick”. Each book gives you ~10% bonus point during seduction encounters.
Added a new way to increase passive income. Check out Quentin’s services in your camp for new options. You can get updates that will generate extra income each evening. More options will appear with the progression of the main quest.
Added a pair of new exploration quests that want you to seduce a number of girls regardless of their encounter type. Of course, this is properly mentioned in the quest itself.
Increased quest reward for a more difficult exploration quests like getting a lot of gold.
Added a new item on the hunter’s altar. It increases the magic shard reward from all exploration quests by 1. Plus, added an option to exchange your magic shards for jink.
Small fixes and improvements
Altered Spine scene pre-load method. It should reduce the amount and the longevity of loading screens for H scenes.
Fixed the happy finish sound not playing for young butterfly’s scenes.
Fixed an incorrect scene start for Mommyfly’s doggy scene.
Added a new Lovense FAQ entry about the input and a way to conceal the top slider if it still stays after the input.
Fixed several doggy animations that transitioned from 2nd to 3rd phases with a jerk. Now these should run with full smoothness.
Fixed the credits section for mobile devices. It no longer shows as a big black block. The engine couldn’t handle all the entries. Patron section got segmented as a result.
Fixed a crash that occurred if you finished the tutorial quest in the journal and selected it in the completed section of the journal. Now it’s working normally.
Fixed a bug that prevented some of the combat girl encounters from counting towards exploration quests where you needed to seduce a certain amount of girls. Now, all encounters should properly give credit.
Adjusted both quest acquisition dialogue and journal entries for exploration quests. Now, all quests that wanted you to seduce girls from common (blue fire) encounters are telling this directly in the quest description to avoid possible confusion.
Adjusted keyboard config menu button display for a better look.
Changed seduction encounters so these can’t be beaten by spamming a single button from start to finish.
v0.2.0 Public
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H content
Let’s start with the lewd stuff. There’s a new H scene that tied to the main quest. It’s a combo with both Catarina and Cleo. You can check out the preview here. To get it, just follow the main quest and complete an exploration run. I plan to add extra phases to it in the next update. Couldn’t do it this time since I’ll need to experiment with 2 animation skeletons in the same scene for the first time. This needs long testing before the release. Still, all the new motions are already in.
Plus, v0.2 comes with 3 Spine scene updates. Namely, these are lynx mommy blowjob, cheetah doggy, and young butterfly blowjob. You don’t need to re-seduce the girls to see the new scenes. The upgraded scenes are available in exploration zones, home evening dates and gallery automatically, if you unlocked them earlier.
New features and activities
Two new girls join the cast. The first one will meet you in the desert zone in the future update, young fennec. You can see her preview here. The second one, Eve, is already in the game and plays a part in a new quest. Here’s her preview. Just visit the bar after progressing the main quest far enough and a new cutscene will trigger.
I’m more or less done with the first batch of new exploration features. Remember the charm Cleo gave you? That wasn’t just a bauble. After finishing the first main quest, you’ll encounter a special zone with mini-quest for your current run. Like seduce X girls, or get Y coins during this exploration run. As a reward, you’ll get special gems that you can exchange for items.
One such item is a magic lamp. It will allow you to affect what you’ll encounter during the run by changing some encounters to what you need. Searching for that rare encounter monster girl that was added in the last patch? No problem! Just use the lamp and change one of the encounters on the current exploration map to a rare mongirl encounter. These are consumables, so one lamp = one wish.
Another item is mastery gem. Take one with you during the exploration run and seduce any girl in the minimal amount of turns to impress the ancient hunters. The game will change its color and type. If you’ll encounter this mongirl type in the future, you will have an option to seduce her automatically. Such gems aren’t consumed on the auto-seduction, and can be used forever. One charged gem, one girl type. So, if you want to get them all – prepare several gems! Just to be clear, I’m talking about seducing by touching, not combat encounters.
Hopefully, this will make your exploration runs a bit spicier. Of course, more items and other bonuses will come if the future. What do you think about these changes? Don’t be shy to share your thoughts!
Backlog option is fully enabled for both desktop and mobile platforms. For desktop, you can use the Tab button to call the backlog during any dialogue. You can also use this feature any time from the on-map menu. There’s a new button, “Backlog”, which works for all platforms. You can scroll with arrow keys on the desktop. Alternatively, you can click on the up and down arrows on the screen. Tapping and holding does the same on mobile platforms. The backlog holds the last 20 messages.
Fixed the FAQ and Patreon buttons in the main menu. Despite waiting for more than half a year, Patreon response was a gentler version of “Not our problem, lul”. I tinkered with the code a bit and changed the external link to use your default browser instead of the in-game window. Testing on several platforms didn’t reveal any problems with these. If you encounter any – contact me via yeehawgames@gmail.com.
Small fixes and improvements
Changed how serving drinks to customers works in the bar mini-game. Now you can serve drinks directly to the customer and not the table. This is already 100% working, but the whole deal is still an ongoing process. To do this change, I had to sacrifice the randomization for clients’ sprites. I’m planning to restore character diversity, but with no luck at the moment. Eh, even if their sprites will be the same, it’s a good convenience change that players wanted to see.
Fixed the clothing sound during seduction phases for Mommyfly both in exploration zones and evening dates.
Adjusted the preloading for some Spine scenes. In theory, this should help with scene loading times on older systems. Android is still pretty slow, but it’s just RPG Maker – Spine engine link that I can’t really fix on my own.
Fixed a bug that prevented Mommyfly’s doggy scene from starting in certain circumstances.
Added a missing text block if you failed to seduce Mommyfly in exploration zones.
Fixed young bear’s sprite. It was loading over the encounter user interface.
Fixed a bug that reset girls working in the bar. If you’ll get this effect in the current version, just talk with Mike in the bar and enter the working girls menu. You don’t need to change anything there. The girls will update properly after this.
Adjusted the main quest journal entry. Now, it directly states that you need a camp upgrade to get the potion for Cleo.
v0.1.9 Public
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H content
Let’s start with the lewd stuff. There’s a new girl in the game. Young bear now roams the feline hunting zone with a new seduction encounter. You can check out her preview here. And here’s her first scene. Aside from this, there are several scene upgrades:
Reworked frogomama’s doggy scene preview is here. And here’s some new doggy action for tongue-twister. Wild cat got a reworked BJ scene with a different kind of action than the usual. You can see it here. To get the new scenes, you don’t need to re-seduce girls. If you got these scenes before – you can both watch them in the gallery and during night visits.
Cleo x Catarina scene that I planned for v0.1.9 release will be delayed as the artist who was on the task vanished again. Yes, that’s the same guy from before and I’m no longer working with him. I’m pretty sad about this since everything aside from the art pack is already done… Well, looks like it will appear in the next, v0.2 update.
New features and activities
There’s a new armor for you. You can get it during the tracker’s trial. Just follow the main quest line and talk with Zara the panther to enter the puzzle zone after advancing the main quest far enough.
Sidestepped an issue that used a default character name for H scenes if these were activated from the gallery. Now, it taps into your autosave file for your main character’s name and uses it instead of the default one.
There’s a feedback poll going about the new bar minigame that appeared in v0.1.8. You can participate and share your thoughts here if you didn’t check it out already.
I’m looking into the bar that appears on the top side of the screen after entering your character’s name and doesn’t disappear on its own. Looks like hitting the cancel button (like escape) will clear the bar. Double-finger tap/tabbing to a different window works too. Still, I’ll look into an automatic option to hide it without player input.
I made some nice progress with Yorna’s Lovense upgrade. There is still a lot of work to do, but April sounds like a decent estimate for the Lovense update roll out. Most likely, it will start with Patreon and Itch before going to Steam and Nutaku. Either way, I’ll keep you posted and announce the release date once we’ll get closer to it.
Small fixes and improvements
Fixed a problem that forced status effects like bleeding outside of the proper UI zone. Now, all such effects should be properly placed under your HP and MP bars in combat.
Changed feline encounters after you finish the first main quest and help Cleo with the ritual. Now you can just talk and walk away instead of fighting with wild cats and lynxes.
Adjusted Cleo’s sprite placement during ritual preparation dialogues.
Adjusted some map geometry in the feline exploration zone.
Sped up a little the response after entering your character’s name or girl’s name in the bar. It’s still slower than in-game transaction since I need to tap the core system, but it should be a bit quicker now.
Adjusted the code so the gallery H scenes could use your player’s name from the autosave slot instead of the default name. No player interaction needed to work properly.
Fixed a bug that prevented dick movement in the updated Mommyfly’s BJ scene + decreased the overall pulsation.
Added another mongirl to the restored camp after you finished the first main quest. Plus, there’s a new encounter close to your home (needs to be upgraded to trigger). I plan to add more of these later.
Added a sound for delivering a wrong order in the bar minigame.
Changed some text in mongirl encounters to be more suggestive about their readiness to have fun with you.
v0.1.8 Public
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H content
We’ve tried to move old scene to Spine 2D standards. Both scenes got their base versions. These will allow for faster upgrades in the future. You should notice the changes at a glance with new ass bounces in doggy scenes and extra details in BJ scenes. I say they look pretty juicy.
Reworked werewolf’s doggy scene preview is here. And here’s the some doggy action for titwolf. Mommyfly got a reworked BJ scene and you can see it here. I guess some players will not be happy about upgrading older scenes even if they are pretty important. After all, these will be the first scenes a new player will see. But, as always, I’ll correct my plans based on your feedback through the upcoming poll.
To get the new scenes, you don’t need to re-seduce girls. If you got these scenes before – you can both watch them in the gallery and during night visits.
New features and activities
The story update. This time you’ll mingle with the kitties after everything calmed down. Some cute details from Catarina’s past and Cleo’s biggest weakness will come up in preparation for an important ritual. This will evolve into a light story with more kitty stuff, both fun and lewd.
New bar minigame! Talk with Mike after completing the first main quest and he’ll discuss managing bar shift with you. You’ll be able to play as a monster girl waitress during the shift and get some money serving drinks. At the moment, titwolf  is the only girl type available in this mode. But, based on your feedback, I plan to expand the minigame. Managing a shift will also forward time to the evening. You can use this instead of exploring to pass the time. Yeah, you can earn jink while teasing clients in a topless shift. Sounds good? Oh, and you can give your girls stage names for extra personality.
Added a way to input gallery codes and names via the keyboard on mobile devices. It’s done via a pop-up window that should be fully operational on any platform. Now it works for both mobile and desktop releases.
Implemented a text backlog plugin. At the moment, it’s working properly only on desktop releases since you need to hit the “Tab” button during a dialogue scene to see the history. This will allow you to see what happened in the dialogue before in case you skipped too much or simply want to double check something. Obviously, this is not an option on mobile devices at the moment since you can’t hit any special buttons like tab during a dialogue. I’ll think about a proper solution for both platforms during the next development month. Plus, this will allow you to pass me some feedback and thoughts about this feature.
Yoshi will make a new appearance both in the main quest and optional meeting. As always, the mischievous furball is here for a prank. Just visit your home to get her scene.
There’s a new girl in the game. Mommy panther will make a brief appearance before fulling getting her content in the next update. You can check out her preview here.
If you missed the previous public update, all H scenes, both old and new, got full Lovense toy support. The specific type shouldn’t matter, but feel free to contact me if you’ll encounter any troubles. It’s the first release with them. Some hiccups can pop up here and there.
Connecting your toy is pretty easy. I’ve prepared a detailed instruction for players in this FAQ post. It covers both the mobile and desktop connections. Don’t forget to enable the “Discover” function in Lovense Remote app for mobile connections. It resets each time you exit the mobile app.
Small fixes and improvements
Added more monster girl in-game sprites. Not all girls got one, so you’ll encounter some placeholders.
Fixed incorrect jump destinations in the first exploration zone.
Fixed unintended tutorial item interactions if the player skips the tutorial.
Decreased “happy finish” volume level for titwolf and werewolf doggy scenes.
Fixed in incorrect dialogue interaction during Elly’s personal quest.
Adjusted Elly’s first dialogue in the bar. Now, it will correctly move the player to the intended zone.
Fixed decoration jitter like smoke turning on and off during camp movement.
Fixed an option to call the on-map menu during H scenes. This change doesn’t change any in-scene logic aside from the menu calling.
Fixed a problem with the first stages of the main quest incorrectly counting the seduced mongirls. Now, these are properly credited towards completion right after the encounter with them.
Fixed a lot of typos and grammar thanks to Nobody.
Fixed a problem with the day – night cycle not working properly in some cases. Please report these to me if you’ll encounter anything like it.
Changed the confirm sound effect you heard with each “Enter” hit to a more subtle one.
Changed map geometry in first exploration zones to limit hovering over the edge cosmetic issue.
Adjusted the credits section. Some nicknames were too long and were cut off before.
Adjusted the first stages of the main quest. It was possible to skip a step in the sequence.
Fixed some extra animations like blinking getting stuck and not playing during Spine2D H scenes.
Fixed a bug that allowed the menu button to pop up during H scenes on mobile devices.
Also, you’ll see some changes in the camp after completing the first main quest.
v0.1.7 Public
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Added direct input from keyboard for desktop releases. Now, you can directly type in your character’s name or the gallery code with your keyboard. The previous input scheme is still working if you prefer it. Proper mobile implementation is trickier, but I’ll see what I can do before the v0.1.8 release.
Fixed a problem with the first stages of the main quest incorrectly counting the seduced mongirls. Now, these are properly credited towards completion right after the encounter with them.
Fixed a lot of typos and grammar thanks to Nobody.
Fixed a problem with the day – night cycle not working properly in some cases. Please report these to me if you’ll encounter anything like it.
Changed the confirm sound effect you heard with each “Enter” hit to a more subtle one.
Changed map geometry in first exploration zones to limit hovering over the edge cosmetic issue.
Adjusted the credits section. Some nicknames were too long and were cut off before.
Adjusted the first stages of the main quest. It was possible to skip a step in the sequence.
Fixed some extra animations like blinking getting stuck and not playing during Spine2D H scenes.
Fixed a bug that allowed the menu button to pop up during H scenes on mobile devices.
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New features and activities
Added an option to switch story scenes like Catarina’s to animation-only. This is an option and you still can view the full scene if you choose to do so. The choice is per scene playthough, not global.
Added an optional quest line where you’ll encounter one of the familiar faces if you played my other games. Just visit the bar after progressing the main quest far enough.
Bar management overhaul. I had to rework a lot of inner logic, but now you can manage girls through an equipment-like menu. Will be extra handy to have with the upcoming upgrades to the bar and associated activities. You don’t need to actually do anything, your active girls will resume working in the new system once you’ll visit your camp.
Small fixes and improvements
Fixed a problem with vanished and misplaced HP bars for some enemies. Namely, the skeleton and bear encounters.
Fixed a bug that crashed the game if you tried to delete a saved game. This change won’t affect any of your current saves, just remove the problem in the future release. At the moment, you can safely overwrite saves without any problems.
Fixed a problem that sometimes showed Android/mobile buttons in desktop releases.
Fixed a problem with lighting during some camps returns.
Fixed a pack of typos and grammar stuff both in dialogues and H scenes.
Fixed an incorrect height level in the new player’s house zone. Now, you can’t walk over the roof or trees.
Removed an option to back out from the main combat menu and see the greyed-out option to escape. Since there’s no escape from encounters, it was redundant and could cause misunderstandings.
Changed the gallery screen a bit. Now, it has some free space at the bottom for easier arrow tapping on mobile devices. Since all elements of the gallery screen are tied together, I couldn’t just increase the arrow’s hitbox. So, this will be a temporary fix until I will think of something else.
Turned off all background sounds, including nature sounds during the safe puzzle in exploration zones.
Fixed a bug that cut off all background sounds if you declined a stranger’s offer to play the coin game with him.
Fixed a pair of jump points in exploration zones that were obscured by overhanging objects like trees. No logic/jump changes, just visual stuff.
Fixed a black screen if you hit the escape button during bunny’s pose selection in the evening/home visit.
Fixed double-playing sound in Catarina’s cowgirl scene.
Werewolf no longer talks while her mouth is busy during H scenes.
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H content
Here’s a preview for Catarina’s new cowgirl/rider scene. It uses Spine 2D as the core and it’s a new pose, just as you wanted in the public feedback poll a while back. Codename “Hypnotits” ^^ A lot of time went into this one, but I think this is the best scene we have in the game. Also, this is the first scene that uses the text/narrative part along with gorgeous animation. Sort of like I did in Yorna. If you want to hide the text box, just press the shift button. Pressing it again will show the text box again. Don’t forget to share your thoughts!
To get the new Catarina’s scene, you need to progress the main quest. Just visit her in the feline camp. If you aren’t sure how to do this – just use the map in your tent or house. All important locations like the kitty camp will be there. Oh, and make sure it’s daytime.
Here’s a new mongirl – Bunny mommy. Players picked her in the “next girl” poll for this release and here she is. And here’s her doggy scene. This one uses the old animation mechanics and not Spine 2D since, at the moment, there’s only one artist who can handle the full animation. I hope to get another one, but the current support level makes this rather impossible.
You can encounter bunny mommy in the feline hunting grounds as a common mob in the blue encounter flames. She always wants some action, so you might not even need to seduce her for sex. After this, you can call her in the night, just as with other girls.
New features and activities
Added an option to jump to all neighbor islands on all exploration zones.
Added an upgrade for player’s tent. Now, you can upgrade it into a nice house with a lot of space for future stuff.
I added a pair of new encounters with Yoshi. This time you’ll get to know Yoshi a little better. Are her jokes something bigger? What does she think about you? Find out in the upcoming update! What I know for sure, this time you’ll see something spicy! As always, you can find Yoshi picking herbs around feline cat tribe’s hunting grounds.
I’ve also started working on some interface changes, Android menu buttons to be exact. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to do everything I wanted. But, the basic functions like calling a menu and canceling are already in. You’ll see the buttons in the Android version. Please contact me if you’ll encounter any problems with them. If all goes well, these should be ready in the next update.
A friend of mine passed me an interesting idea. For now, I will keep it as a little secret since I’m not sure anything useful will come of it. But I’ll definitely will check out to see if it’s applicable to my games since it can improve the overall feeling from all of them. Getting it to work sounds like something that will take more than a month, so I can’t even say a rough date. Still, if everything will go well, I’ll get you more details about this “mystery” idea next month.
Small fixes and improvements
Added a direct link to Patreon’s FAQ post in the main menu.
Added a readme mark to the features file inside all releases to help identify it as such.
Changed gallery button logic. Now, it leads straight to scenes from the main menu of the game.
Changed all “MonGirl hunter” in the narrative to “MonGirl wrangler” to better reflect the player’s goal in the game and avoid possible confusion what players wants to do with girls. Yes, some players wanted to see the clarification.
Fixed a bug with Yoshi’s encounters. Now, reaching the final one won’t force the encounter to stop responding. No need to do anything. If you have a save affected by this problem, just load it, and everything will be fine.
Fixed a problem with returning into the initial cave/puzzle zone in the feline camp. It’s no longer forcing the game to freeze. No need to do anything. If you have a save affected by this problem, just load it, and everything will be fine.
Changed some geometry and tiles on maps.
Disallowed selling mongirl encounter upgrades like scented candles and the shiny brooch.
Also, I wanted to mention the scene feedback poll that was online some time back. Not a lot of players participated in it and it’s hard to draw any conclusions about animations in the game. So, don’t hesitate to contact me with issues if you’ll encounter anything strange in the game. Especially the new scene since it has much more dynamic parts. Anyway, I’m happy with all kinds of feedback, so don’t be shy to share your thoughts!
v0.1.4 + Bug Fix
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H content
  • Here’s a preview for the wild cat’s doggy scene. This scene uses the old animation mechanics. Some of these will pop up before we fully switch to Spine 2D animations. This causes a lot of work shifting between the artist, but they should be able to return to normal monthly planning in a pair of months. At least I hope so.
  • The next Spine 2D should arrive in v0.1.5 and will involve the new tiger girl. Initially, we tried to squeeze it in this one, but it’s a completely new scene done from scratch and rushing it would most likely hurt the quality. So, we talked with the artist behind it and decided to shift the animation to the next release to do it justice.
New features and activities
  • You can check out the new character, Catarina, here. She’s a part of the feline tribe mini-story and you’ll get to know her really closely if you can handle her proud character. Can you though?
  • During Catarina’s art update, we noticed that her character looked different from the PSD itself. More grey. A lot more grey, like she fell into dust. A quick investigation later, we found out that somehow Photoshop switched to a different color pallet for exporting. In short, most art pieces weren’t as colorful and juicy as they should be. We updated most of the assets to the planned standard. You’ll see a bit of improvement in color almost everywhere across the game: encounter and dialogue sprites, scenes (including frogomama’s Spine2D scene).
  • A mischievous kitsune joins our cast. You can see her preview here. A fair warning – foxes aren’t easy prey, so don’t expect to win her over at once! You’ll encounter her in the new exploration zone – feline hunting grounds. It will unlock during the main quest progression. See what the naughty foxy has in store for you!
  • Aside from the tech aspects, I’ve changed the recording software to reduce the amount of noise in preview gifs. I love the sites that don’t allow high-quality options like webm or webp. Sadly, I have to use them for promotion and distribution of my games. That’s why I tried to improve the overall quality of previews. The first test of this new approach is wild cat’s new preview. Also, Frogomama’s updated teaser looks better with it. Yeah, it’s still a gif, but what do you think? Does it look better than previous ones?
Small fixes and improvements
  • Changed sex talk for all scenes in the gallery and events themselves so they won’t be the same all over them.
  • Fixed a problem with gallery scene count. Butterfly’s BJ scene counted 2 times while Mommyfly’s BJ scene wasn’t accounted at all.
  • Fixed a problem with the first stage picture for Butterfly’s encounter. It was blurred compared to the other ones.
  • Fixed some geometry and tiles on some maps.
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H content
  • Frogomama got the first Spine 2D scene. Here’s a preview. It’s based on her blowjob scene. We decided to test out our capabilities on a familiar preset before moving on to something new. What do you think about it? Leave your feedback in the comments! There’s no need to unlock it if you already had the previous version. Just go to the gallery and check it out in-game. Of course, it’s available in the game both in seduction and home encounters.
  • A fair warning – this is the first time both for me and the artist to make a full Spine 2D scene with 60 fps animation. It’s done through a custom plugin that doesn’t have any support from the official RPG Maker developers. Even if our pre-release testing didn’t find any problems, things can get weird on your own device. So, don’t be shy to contact me.
  • Players who supported me know that I take player feedback seriously. Knowing a problem may not guarantee that I can fix it, but I can at least try to do so. If I don’t know about your problem – I can’t fix it. No problems? Great! Leave me a comment and share what you think about the new animation. After all, the animation ate up a lot of time and effort and both I and the artist want to know what you think.
  • We started out with a rework of an existing scene for Spine 2D conversion because it was easier as a first step. Plus, now we have a base for other girls with similar scenes. The next Spine 2D scene will be a new setup. So far, we are thinking about a cowgirl pose. Well, we’ll see how it goes.
  • You can check out wild cat’s blowjob scene here. Also, her other sprites like combat and dialogue ones received visual updates too.
  • You can already see new the blowjob scene preview for our Mommyfly here.
New features and activities
  • Added a new girl – lioness. You can check out her preview here. Along with her, I will add the first mini-story of the game. So, the game won’t be just random mongirl encounters in different biomes. The idea is to build small, local stories and finish them before moving on to a new one. The feline tribe will be the first to come.
  • Added a seduction bar to all seduction encounters, including the tutorial. It’s a visual indicator that shows you how well you are doing. The bar starts blue and fills from the bottom to the top as you get seduction points. You seduce the girl once the bar is fully filled. No other changes to seduction encounter logic as a whole. The graphical part will be improved later.
  • Added 2 sokoban-like puzzles to the new zone as a trial from the feline tribe. One of them is easier and mandatory, the other one is a bit harder but optional. Guess I should add solutions for both of them to my YouTube channel after the release, so players who have trouble with these will have a solution.
  • Added an item that gives you an extra turn before a girl runs away during seduction encounters. This should make finding their weak spots easier. You can get this item from a monster girl vendor in your bar once you’ll make the corresponding upgrade from the quartermaster Quentin.
Small fixes and improvements
  • Added more mongirl characters to the bar if you pick them to work there. Not all of them are available with visual characters, though. No changes to the amount of money they make.
  • Fixed a small bump up in combat plates’ positioning during active skills.
  • Fixed a problem that in specific circumstances shown H scenes behind a black pre-load screen.
  • Added a more detailed food description to some items to list how much HP they heal out of combat.
  • Fixed a bug that gave more seduction points for some cases when initially planned. No changes to the difficulty threshold for seduction encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the young butterfly’s scene to count up for total gallery completion even if the scene was unlocked.
  • Fixed “Have fun” skill. Now it no longer counts as an attack skill and doesn’t show the damage result of 0. Somehow it ducked under the radar when I did the first pass for this type of fixes.
As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like MonGirl Conquest – tell your friends ^^
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H content
  • The public feedback poll ended with 133 votes and 71% chose animation as the main goal over the narrative. I hear you. The upcoming updates will be focused on our H scenes and ways to make them even better. The main effort will be getting Spine to work with RPG Maker MV natively. This will allow us to directly import complex animations into the game without using RPG Maker’s meager tools.
  • As for the current status, I’ve tested out the plugin I mentioned and it seems to do just fine. Now, I’ve discussed this matter with artists, and one of them decided to give the animation a try. She will need some time to prepare and take a course on the Spine and its tools, but we are definitely moving forward to making the first detailed animation for one of our girls. Frogomama’s blowjob is the current goal for Spine animation, but we don’t have an estimated date for completion. Stay tuned!
  • Just to be sure, all the new scenes are made with the classic RPG Maker animation tools, not Spine.
  • Frogomama got a new scene. This time it’s a blowjob. Here’s a preview. You can either seduce a wild one in the forest or ask a girl who’s already in the camp to visit you in the evening. You can learn more about this in the “New features” part of the changelog.
  • Young butterfly got a new blowjob scene too. You can check it out here. It’s the same deal as with frogomama.
  • Wild cat is the new girl for v0.1.2. You can see how she looks here. There is a problem with her though. Initially, I planned to add a scene with her, making the kitty a full-fledged addition to our monster girl roster. Sadly, the artist didn’t make it in time for the release. Can’t blame the guy though. His brother died, and we ended up in this situation. Most likely our cat will get her scene in the next, v0.1.3 update. Or there’s a small chance that my business trip will end up shorter than planned and I’ll make a mid-month update with it. We’ll see how it will go.
New features and activities
  • Added material and exotic merchants as upgrades for your camp. Talk with Quentin the quarter master about this once you finish your starting tasks. One of them will supply raw materials you can use for camp upgrades and gear crafting, like the new herbalist gear. And the exotic trader will sell you some monster girl stuff like scented candles. Both traders will expand their wares in the futures.
  • Added extra lore/fluff dialogue with Mike the manager about your current goals and what your camp is supposed to do. Some players were confused about what they were supposed to be doing and why. Hopefully, this will help. Just talk with Mike.
  • Now you can call a girl you already encountered and seduced for some fun when you go to sleep. After a bit of prelude, you can pick any of her scenes and have fun before going to sleep. One girl per evening. This function unlocks once you complete the first part of the current main quest – seduce 3 different mongirls. You can skip the prelude seduction if you buy aroma candles from the exotic merchant.
  • The second big tech improvement is partial loading for H scenes for everything except the slowest devices. Until now, it was possible to get some pictures before others were still loading. This could potentially lead to a situation where you can see a girl’s body, but not her face. Since Mongirl Conquest is not a horror game, I made an adjustment that doesn’t show the H scene before all elements are ready to go. As always, I will be waiting for your feedback once the update rolls out.
Small fixes and improvements
  • Also, I improved the code for in-H scene transitions between phases. This should result in smoother animations once you hit the menu button to switch the current phase.
  • Added different stripping sounds to most of the applicable seduction encounters instead of the usual combat ones.
  • Fixed a bug that started a wrong H scene during the tutorial section of the game.
  • Changed seducing skills not to show 0 damage message since they aren’t combat skills. I plan to give them overhauls because, by default, RPG Maker treats them as attacks.
  • Reduced volume for buff sound effects from the orbs you can find during explorations. Previously, these were higher than the overall level.
  • Fixed a bug that made the pussy of some girls an active zone in seduction encounters too early.
  • Fixed several location names for save games. These should be correct now.
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H content
  • Here’s frog’o’mama’s preview. She’s a new character that you can encounter in the new exploration zone. She gets a doggy scene in the release. You can check it out here. Yeah, it’s in a gif format and it looks better in the game itself. Still, Patreon is pretty restrictive on the ways to add R18 videos to previews. Guess we are stuck with gifs for now.
  • I also wanted to make a blowjob scene with frog’o’mama, but her tongue is just begging to be used in it. In the end, artists didn’t have the time to fully prepare it. No problem, it will most likely shift to the next, v0.1.2 release.
  • The second new character is the butterfly. You can encounter her in the new exploration zone. Check out her preview here. She gets a doggy scene in the release. You can check it out here. Most likely she will get a blowjob option in the next update if everything will go well.
  • Aside from this, the werewolf got a fully voiced and animated blowjob scene. You can check it out here in a gif format. You can encounter werewolves in the first exploration zone, camp surroundings.
New features and activities
  • Removed target confirmation in all encounters. Previously, players needed to click the skill menu, pick a skill and then confirm the target. Now, it’s just skill menu -> pick a skill. Auto-attacks are one-clicks. This should make the encounters quicker and more fluent. Though I’m always open to your feedback!
  • Added an option to remap keyboard keys with full WASD support. It should be on by default if you start a fresh new game. Otherwise, just go into the options menu, choose keyboard config, and make a comfortable set for yourself. There’s a quick option to switch to WASD layout in a click, but it won’t keep any custom decisions you made before that.
  • Added a pair of mini-games to help players with getting more money in alternative ways. One of these is a luck/chance-based game with a coin. The other one is a safecracking mini-game. You can encounter them in the new, second exploration zone in the forest.
  • Added a cursor to the gallery code input window. It’s geared more towards mobile devices, but it’s always convenient to see which digit are you inputting.
Small fixes and improvements
  • Fixed flicker that could happen during the mid-H scene where some elements could have disappear for a second before switching on.
  • Added more sounds for all H scenes, both young and mommy types.
  • Fixed a problem with unique items like clothes. Now, the game properly counts equipment items on the character toward the limit. So, you can’t craft a new set of clothes just to find out that you already have it.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented unlocking werewolf’s H scene to be unlocked in the gallery.
  • Adjusted cursor placement for the quest journal. It no longer hovers over quest names.
  • Fixed Mommyfly’s images. They no longer have different tints between phases.
  • Fixed the dialogue if you offended a girl in a seduction encounter by hitting her.
  • Some interface elements need tuning and improving, though it will require more time to properly finish. The remaining changes are scheduled for the upcoming update or the next one in the line.
Initial Release

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