Monster Monsoon [v0.9d] [Impy]

Monster Monsoon [v0.9d] [Impy]

May 21, 2024F95

Most erotic events in this game are of either NTR or voyeuristic nature.

Protect your clients as you escort them between neighboring towns.
Fight road monsters and spend your hard-earned rewards in sultry taverns.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-20
Release Date: 2024-05-17
Developer: Impy – SubscribestarItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.9d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, voyeurism, ntr, adventure, fantasy, strategy,  monster girl, Futa/trans
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1. Extract and run.
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New Content
  • 46 new events.
  • 18 older events animated.
  • New courage system that allows some events to be extended after completing a series of challenges in harder maps.
  • Minion event system added to Nupert’s skill.
  • New title screen.
  • Bonus events added to gallery.
  • Various touchups.
Quality of Life Changes
  • Added screen resolution controls.
  • Added volume controls.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cauldron ending not showing up or being recorded.
  • Fixed animations not resetting correctly on date scene changes.
  • Fixed talk animations not always playing on first line of dialogue in taverns.
  • Fixed battle proximity animations not resetting on new turn.
  • Fixed attack on witchrider angel having unintended extra range.
  • Fixed bug where battle events in gallery would play one default frame before switching animations.
  • Fixed bug where not all speaker animators were being added to dialogue in certain circumstances.
New Content
  • 8 new events.
  • Special combat skills for each client.
  • New quest.
  • 12 old events animated.
  • Characters added to 4 ending illustrations.
  • Various art, code, and animation touchups.
Other Changes
  • Endings can be viewed in gallery.
  • Nadia’s special skill now ignores armor.
  • Stun is indicated in unit description.
  • Reworked battle character and menu positions to prevent things from overlapping.
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New Content
  • 12 new events.
  • Wendy can be kidnapped by the queen.
  • 2 (text only) endings.
  • 4 pinup ending illustrations (Felix+Nadia, Felix+Wendy, Lilly+Mara, Lilly+Anne)
  • 5 craftable items.
  • 3 quests. (For Viki, Waffles and Fizi)
  • New enemy type.
  • Various art and text adjustments.
Gameplay Changes
  • You now need 2 dates to start queen kidnapping endgame (I’m aiming for 3 date options for each pair, and there are 4 missing, so some combinations will be harder to to get than others for now.)
  • Phone events that show specific characters together now require for those characters to be present in the same town with you.
  • Tougher sprout types will appear earlier (to make up for the increased pool over the last few updates)
  • Allies can no longer pick up quest items.
  • Slime witch movement reduced.
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New Content
  • 15 new events.
  • 8 craftable items.
  • Anne and Maria can be kidnapped by the queen.
  • New quest.
  • New tavern character.
  • New enemy type.
  • Added code to support crafting.
  • Added code to support new item effects.
  • Added comment variations for the queen videos for each protagonist.
  • 4 (text only) endings.
  • Various art and dialogue adjustments.
Quality of Life and Balance Changes
  • Added app for tracking trade deals.
  • Removed topic selection from dialogue. Automatically picks in order of “quest”, “talk”, “trade” if an option is available.
  • Added jump animation for crossing water and terrain effects. (the move-through mechanic has often been called confusing, so now it’s visually clarified)
  • Enemy hp budget accounts for revival and armor. (fewer of those enemies will appear at a time)
  • Quest weather can only be 2 or 3 on most difficulty settings. 3 or 4 on “monsoon” and “typhoon” difficulty levels.
  • Quest items, enemies and obstacles can no longer start next to the player.
  • Enemies will prioritize attacking summoned minions if they can’t reach the player.
  • Queen fight starts with 3 thistles but fewer sprouts.
  • Days to rescue kidnapped companions are shown, no longer directly associated with bond levels.
  • 8 or more clues now need to be collected before a kidnapping happens. (to prevent it from surprising underprepared players)
  • Duster item renamed, effect changed a bit.
  • Added random sorting for battle events after one plays, with priority for new events.
  • Various trade options have been moved around.
  • Small changes for a few friendly combat characters.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug, invite swap app didn’t clear invites after an event plays.
  • Fixed bug, bond level requirements for special training did not show correct numbers.
  • Fixed bug, button interactively for trade options didn’t always reset correctly.
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New Content
  • 26 new events.
  • 2 new phone apps for date invitations and videos.
  • Sprout Queen as an alternative final boss.
  • Nadia can be kidnapped by the queen.
  • 2 new enemy types.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed visual bug, particle draw order now takes position into account, uses different shader.
  • Fixed bug where tile draw order was not being done correctly.
  • Fixed bug where the other protagonist’s portrait could appear in the gallery.
  • Fixed a bug where your selected client was reset after winning a map.
Balance Changes
  • Wendy does more damage.
  • Increased costs for many powerful items.
  • Cursed Mirror range changed to 2-3.
  • Various events moved around, generally made to happen earlier.
  • Riza starts with a small amount of bond with the player.
Other Changes
  • Big overhaul how text for events is grabbed. The game now reads it from a text file. (Will save a lot of time, and could allow translations in the future. I will do this in all of my games from now on.)
  • Overhauled the way in which the event system works. (Tags stored in string lists instead of two dimensional arrays.)
  • Added screen transitions. (Makes dating and training a lot less abrupt.)
  • Condensed battle info a bit. (Enemies with too many special effects didn’t fully fit.)
  • Doubled bond point gain and event requirements. (Better distribution on the line.)
  • Added code support for removing and adding new party members in battle.
  • Lots of touchups for art and dialogue.
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1 phone event with picture.
Items are no longer saved separately for each character and changes will be saved when you return to the tavern.
Minor text and art adjustments.
Slight adjustment to event bond level requirements.
Slight adjustment to enemy spawn quantity.
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  • 12 new lewd events.
  • Final (avoidable) boss that appears on the map instead of a day limit.
  • Event gallery.
  • Lewd training events that unlock special companion skills.
  • 3 new characters, including a new client.
  • 3 quests.
  • 4 items.
  • New rooms in every tavern.
  • Expanded code for battlers, adding allied units, enemy skill swapping, and smarter enemies.
  • 5 roads.
  • New dialogue and phone events.
  • A lot of art touchups and palette changes.
  • Expanded code for quests, allowing special unit placement and world events.
  • Added support for event chains.
Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes characters could show up in events they are not present for.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest reward giver was not displayed in some quests.
  • Fixed a bug where quests could be taken on day 2.
  • Fixed rare enemy spawn bug and improved placement code.
  • Items are no longer saved separately for each character and changes will be saved if you return to the tavern.
  • Improved hitboxes in “Fortune Doctor” app and made events you have seen show up as a different sprite.
Game Balance
  • Reduced quest rewards.
  • Increased skill cost scaling.
  • Terrain effects will now override each other.
  • Terrain effects that prevent further movement will also prevent attacks (only for enemies).
  • Gave Siege Sprout a second attack type, removed 1 hp.
  • Changed which characters provide which item and training.
  • Slight enemy spawn quantity adjustments.
Other Changes
  • Battle maps now all load from a single scene.
  • Many small touchups and adjustments.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Left mouse button controls all actions.
You need to select both a road and a town on the map to embark.
Spacebar advanced dialogue in taverns.
1-4 keys select your skills, spacebar switches characters in battle.
[Future Plans]
Development for this game will continue! I plan to add new content for most of 2022. All updates will be made freely available after several weeks of early access for my subscribers.
If you wish to support my work and influence future development, please consider joining me on SubscribeStar
All music and most sound effects are sourced from RP Music
Many ideas and suggestions were contributed by my wonderful SubscribeStar Supporters
All other art, code, sound effects and assets were made by me for this project.


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