My Forest Home [v0.08] [ChimeraZak]

My Forest Home [v0.08] [ChimeraZak]

January 23, 2024F95

A sudden earthquake destroyed Azumi’s house. But living in a forest is very dangerous. She need to build a new house before the monsters’ raid.
You play as a girl who needs to quickly rebuild her house in the forest. Gather resources, fight monsters, build a house, sell resources for money, and buy “special” goods.

Thread Updated: 2023-09-25
Release Date: 2022-08-20
Developer: ChimeraZak PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.08
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLsite
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2DCG, 2D game, Simulator, Combat, Censored, Animated, Female protagonist, Monster, Rape, Bestiality, Tentacles, Masturbation, Sex toys, Monster girl, Futa, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Teasing, Lactation, Japanese game, Side-scroller
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1. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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The game also has an excitation system on which some scenes depend. Estimated time to complete the game is 45 minutes.
Keyboard or gamepad controls.
Z – Attack.
X – Jump.
I – Open inventory.
C – Masturbate.
If the game seems complicated, you can lower the difficulty level in the settings.
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– Changed all interactions between the character and the environment.
– Added various environment components (elevators, physical blocks with ropes, spikes and death blow mechanics, etc.)
– Changed the behavior of monsters (the basis is already made, so it is easy to add monsters)
– Changed the stamina system for the player and monsters.
– Added new locations (you can only play them for now)
– Also a bunch of code that you won’t be able to see yet (hooking on walls, air dash, fast running, etc.)
– Construction now requires resources.
– Added the ability to move what you have built
– Added the ability to destroy the building (you get half the resources, I do not advise using this yet)
– Added 8 rooms to the initial forest.
– Added 6 old monsters and scattered them around the map.
– Added the ability to move along the ladder (done so far poorly since it is impossible to go down normally)
– Added death screen.
– Added the ability to skip time in a tent (this also restores health)
– Settings (languages, sounds, keyboard and gamepad key settings)
– 5 initial rooms (transferred from older versions)
– Building repair system (bridge made for example)
– Simple building system (half done)
– Item boxes (made them work fine)
– Fixed the projectile speed of the slime girl.
– Finished the Lumberjack’s clothes (the transformation is not drawn due to the fact that I want to change the animation).
– Added a couple of new items.
– Fixed inventory (now it has a fixed amount of items)
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ver 0.01
Hey! For a long time I did not post anything and finally I got something that I can show you.
I also mention that new builds will be considered from version 0. Since the previous versions were made on a different engine. Well, right away to what’s new in this version:
Added inventory and pause menu.
Added the ability to put on different clothes and undress.
Added two types of clothes (but the sprite sheets are not finished for all animations, so it may disappear)
Added Day and Night cycle.
Added light system (currently being tested)
Added a counter of days in the game (in the future, this will affect the tasks)
Changed slime behavior (fixed bug with freezing after sex)
Added a new monster: slime girl.
Added two new hentai scenes with a new monster.
Modified hentai slime scene when a monster rapes a player.

Changed cuming animation pattern (I simplified it but made it more dynamic).
Male monsters can now lose all sperm (you can drain them)
Xray for the current version is unstable (I need to add an Xray for female monsters)

So far, this seems to be the main change in the build. I spent quite a lot of time on this, but it was worth it. Now this build is without much gameplay, but I think starting with the next build I will add more gameplay for you.
In the next build, you can expect a building system, gathering (gathering resources, selling / buying them), as well as new monsters and more locations.
Also news about the Village game. I overdid it a bit with how the plot will develop in this game and rewrote a lot. Therefore, I am busy translating the text into English (since I wrote a lot of dialogues), as well as new bosses that I added. Like this girl (one with options for the final boss)
In fact, it was the writing of the dialogues and the thinking through the lore of the game that took me a very long time. So I realized that I don’t need to go into details so much, otherwise I can disappear for a very long time (like last month)
– New gravity and improved jumping. It feels a lot better now.
– New ax, now it’s bigger.
– New base of attack:
1) Two combo attacks that can be spammed.
2) On the second attack, pressing down + attack do a strong blow.
3) Charged attack on the ground: throw an ax in the manner of a boomerang, deals damage twice.
4) Charged attack in the air: Strike the ground, which deals double damage to everyone it hits, it is also possible to break the ground in the right places.
5) Throw a charged ax: teleport to the place where the ax lands!

– New base of movements:
1) Crouch and crawl: Now there is the ability to crouch and crawl, which allows you to dodge shots.
2) Ladders!
3) Wall attachment! Now using the air attack close to the wall, you can attach to it!

– Naked mod: until I’m done with animations.

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– Change the aspect ratio. You may not have noticed this, the game was 2: 1, but now I changed it to 16: 9. Why? For a more pleasant vision without black borders, and also added the ability to zoom with which can now add more interactivity to the game. But it broke almost all of my levels in the game, and I started fixing them.

– Adding a new type of enemy and a new type of attack. Lust attack. I created a monster that no longer hits Azumi directly, but releases gas, which makes her more lustful (increases the lust bar). Also added a barrier mechanic for enemies (so that some enemies can be killed ONLY with an ax throw). This caused a lot of work and now, although I finished the enemy (everything is drawn), but I am still working on fixing the bugs that this causes.

– Developing the idea of a lust bar. I want to add the ability for enemies to fill in Azumi’s lust bar without an H-scene. So that, with maximum lust, Azumi cum and goes into knock down status.

– New locations, changes intro of the game, and the path to a new boss. Now I am stuck over new locations. Since I need to build the correct path in the game for the boss.

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– Redrawn monsters and scenes with them: wolf, shooting plant, tentacle plant, flying demon.
– Reworked the behavior of the above monsters (a little, but still it will be noticeable)
– Added Konck Down for the player.
– Added scene for two slimes (very lazy scene)
– Added new effects (they will be redone since the color is not very good)
– Fixed a lot of unnecessary things and now the game loads less CPU.
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– Redrawn all non-hentai Azumi animations.
– Redrawn masturbation, the use of dildos, and an H-scene with a slime.
– Added the ability to throw an ax (S button). To call the ax back, you need to press the attack key.
– Change combos and add a charged attack. Now, instead of a triple combo, there is a double combo, and a strong charged attack. Also in the air attack has become a charged attack.
– Fix some bugs.
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– Added new textures for the forest and caves.
– Added a new look of Azumi (so far not everything has been redrawn but almost all the main animations)
– Combo attacks.
– Roll (press key A)
– New slime (H-scene is not redone but will be soon).
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The final version should be released closer to the end of May.
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– New system of buying / selling.
– Dialog system and some text:
1) Seller’s quest (done)
2) Cow girl’s quest (the dialogue is written but I didn’t like it (it’s strange I wrote it myself) I will redo it)
3) Side goblin girl 1 and goblin girl 2 (done)
– Goblin village and new textures in the cave.
– Ability to extract resources (finally)
– Two scenes with goblin girls
– New bgm for the cave.
– And also fix some minor bugs.
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– New items and resources (to get all the items in the current build, press T).
– Active slots (for items that have different properties. Press C to use item in slot, D to change between slots.).
– Ability to fuck NPCs (Using a strange box)
– Cave location.
– New NPC blacksmith (who so far can do nothing but be raped by goblins)
– New music for the forest.
– New details on locations
– New effects on hitting monsters.
– Fixed several bugs that rarely appeared.


v2.5 & 2.35

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