My Normal Family [Final] [Firenzo]
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My Normal Family [Final] [Firenzo]

July 1, 2024F95

I’m the family doctor so i’ll examine everyone!
My Normal Family
Mr Paker, David …. Mrs Parker, Katrin …. Miss Parker1, Esther …. Miss Parker2, Naomi
Our Maid Gwenn …. And me, Alex (I’m a doctor)

Thread Updated: 2020-12-01
Release Date: 2020-12-01
Developer: Firenzo PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Big ass, Big tits, Harem, Male protagonist, Milf, Harem, Honey Select models,
Chyna Clits, RPG elements, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, BDSM, Oral sex, Incest
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1. Extract and run.
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-Remade first Ivy Blow Job videos. 8 new videos
-Remade Ivy – Mary Threesome in secret room. 36 new videos
New content:
-First Ester sex work . 17 New videos
-Second and last Ivy/Harry threesome, repeatable. 17 New videos.
-Call Rosy, invite her to picnic. 37 new videos.
-Weekend, invite your girls to the beach, choose Katrin/Ivy, 24 new videos.
-Added a new Hint system. Open your phone, click the new icon Hint, choose the background you like, a new step by step in game hint at your disposal. Of course at the beginning there will be a lot of things to do but as you progress through the game they will decrease.
-I’ve been forced to introduce some new variables so maybe your old saves sometimes will give you error like “…. is not defined” where the “….” will be the name of the new variable. For those who can use console just write *new variable name = False* without asterisks. I have added in Save file 5 new saves, 1- All character at Trust 10, 2- Half game (around version 0.5), 3- End version 10, 4- End version 11, 5- First Family Beach event. As a last option you can start the game over again, now it’s very less grinding and easy to do with the new hint System.
-Rebuild the first Katrin beach event. 10 new videos.
-Rebuild the first Ivy sex on pool. 15 new videos.
-Rebuild the Katrin foot job on her bathroom tube. 8 new videos.
New content:
-New character Harry.
-Ivy/Harry threesome repeatable event, 15 new videos. To be continued.
-Katrin bathroom sex 12 new videos.
-Found a new job for Ester.
-Week end, invite your girls to the beach, choose Ester/Naomi, 24 new videos.
First gwenn sex done.
Ursula done.
Bridget done
Lesbo done
Ester Cinema done.
Emily sex  done.
81 New videos.
Morning time, your room, get a sms from Ivy.
Go police station.
Go Lingerie shop.
Invite your girl to the beach.
Choose Katrin.
69 New videos.
Fixed bug with bridget at version 2. Now 25 Lust points are possible.
Fixed bug with Ester cinema event, now she give 2 Lover points to reach mc Lover 40.
Fixed bug at the last Beach event with Naomi. Please redo it if you have a save or use my save.
I hope there will not be more bugs but if there are some, please report it in my Patreon page or my F95 page or my Discod page. Thank you.
109 new videos.
Finish the Ivy’s gift event in secret room. 3 Days.
Call Ursula, invite her to cinema.
Call Bridget, invite her to restaurant.
Invite to a day on the beach your family girl.
Read the WT for more detailed explanations.
Tired of seeing most of the girls at frost level,
I have changed some evaluation criteria so now with trust 10 level will be Friend,
since 40 love points the level will allow changes.
From this version onward I will attach the WT to the game
so the hints will no longer be implemented.
Ester 25 new videos.
Katrin 43 new videos.
Jenny 19 new videos.
Threesome Ester/Naomi 37 new videos.
Release 0.5.0
Due to the fact that David won’t be home for 15 days,
I had to change the codes of some main screens which is why
MAYBE your old saves won’t work properly. If this happens,
I apologize and invite you to use the save of my latest 0.4.0 version supplied with the game.
Of course you can change the names as you like in the usual way.
I finally found a way to make videos with better resolution, I hope you’ll like them.
In this release David will stay in the Clinic 15 days and automatically back home,
so don’t advance days if not needed.
32 new katrin’s videos
20 new Naomi’s videos
13 new Ursula’s videos
4 new Ester’s videos
What you can do this release:
At the start of this release it’s mandatory got katrin 35 Love and 30 Lust (you can’t increase lust if David is not home).
Answering Naomi sms will automatic trigger David in clinic.
Starting for my 0.4.0 save, which starts just after talking to David in the living room, wait for Naomi to be home (Saturday or Sunday), stay in your room until Late Night, read her sms.
Back from the Night Club helping Naomi, sleep without panties.
Scenes are automatic until the night with Katrin (Sleep with panties).
Early morning go to Katrin bathroom.
The following mornings you can shower with Katrin (Repeatable).
With 45 mom love points go find her at Night and Knock (Repeatable).
Go to Bob’s house to raise Ursula love and lust.
Late Night time go sleep with Katrin. (Repeatable until David not home)
With your Lover points 70+ have breakfast with Ester. (Repeatable)
Release 0.4.0
Fixed bug Frank House.
Fixed bug Phone/Settings.
Fixed bug that you can go to the beach with mom with only 25 love points.
Maybe this release may seem a little short but i worked hard making 6 new videos with Ivy and 49 new videos with kelly.
The 49’s Kelly new videos can be seen in a unique scene where you can choice which one you want to see.
Each videos can run until you choice a new one.
What you can do this release:
One a day, buy the 3 gift Ivy will ask you at the secret room.
Meet Mary, Rosy and Denise at Ivy’s secret room.
Be in your room Morning time to get one sms from your boss.
After your trip go living room after dinner to speak with your father.
Release 0.3.0 Webcam Event.
14 New video to see.
Go Emily house to see 3 new videos.
Go Gwenn room to see 3 new videos.
With 30 Love and Lust have breakfast with Katrin.
With 30 Love and 35 Lust invite Ester to cinema.
40 mc lover points, trigger the webcam event, go Ester room at late night time to see Naomi enter Ester room.
After this buy 4 webcam and place them Ester room, Naomi room (nothing to see yet), Bathroom and Katrin bathroom.
Turn on Pc in your room to see webcam.
With 30 Lust and 35 Love, enter Katrin room Night time.
  Release Two, focused on sisters 0.2.0
This release is quite ‘grind’ I know but be patient, reach the highest scores achievable and from the next release there will be no more grind.
Scores will only increase via text messages, mobile phone calls and special events.
ADVICE: (This is only for who have played the first release and have saves):
if your save crush changing time or day or jump you again to the intro,
please change the variable ‘introduction’ to ‘True’ typing  introduction = True  using console.
If you don’t know how to do that, start the game again. I’m sorry for this.
I will try to add a complete save at the end of release 0.1.0
and a complete save at the end of this 0.2.0
15 New Video to see.
Take good cure of Frank till Trust 10 after give him bromide to increase Ester Lust.
His sister Bridget will reward you.
Spy Frank at Night Club, take photo an show them to Ester to gain Ester Trust.
Start gift Ester with some money to increase her Love.
Take good cure of Bob till Trust 10 after give him bromide to increase Naomi Lust.
Giving Bob bromide his sister Ursula will reward you.
Spy Bob on new Ivy secret room, take photo, show them to Naomi to gain Naomi Trust.
Start gift Naomi with some flowers to increase her Love.
With Trust 10 start to buy Katrin coffee to increase her Love.
Give bromide to David to increase Katrin Lust.
SexShop item for Ivy are not implemented yet.
Max stats you can reach with Katrin, Ester and Naomi are: 10 Trust, 30 Love and 30 Lust in this release.
What you can do this first release 0.1.0
First of all, sorry for my bad English!
Release 0.1.0
Reach 30 agility points, absoluty needed!
Reach 10 trust points with Gwenn, Katrin, David, Ivy and all the girl working inside the Shopping Center.
Spying on Gwenn, Ester and Naomi in bathroom so you can see 3 videos.
Bang 3 times Gwenn and 3 times Emily to see 3 videos each.
Developer Notes:
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Dev Talk:
What you can do this release:
[ISPOILER]Night time Ester room, trigger party dress event.
Buy dress, give to Ester, BJ.
Sleep Naked.
Have sex with Ester.
Sleep 4 late night with katrin.
Go find Jenny at bar.
When Naomi’s home, go late night Ester room.[/ISPOILER]
My Normal Family
From Options menu you can change character name and degree of kinship,
please don’t use this before you seen the introduction, will have no effect and maybe the game crashes.
Please, don’t mess with console stats points, you will loose scenes.
You can, if you want, increase money with console but isn’t really necessary.
Read Hint on your Phone/Relationship.
Review your videos from your Phone/Gallery.
Dev Guide:
What you can do this first release:
Release 0.1.0
Reach 30 agility points, absoluty needed!
Reach 10 trust points with Gwenn, Katrin, David, Ivy and all the girl working inside the Shopping Center.
Spying on Gwenn, Ester and Naomi in bathroom so you can see 3 videos.
Bang 3 times Gwenn and 3 times Emily to see 3 videos each.


Extras: Walkthrough

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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