Mystic Valley [v0.0.16.1] [Mucski]

Mystic Valley [v0.0.16.1] [Mucski]

April 16, 2024F95

Your mother died when you were very young, and your father disappeared without a trace when you were 15. You were living in orphanages, when all hopes were lost, you got a mysterious offer … to move in a mansion with 5 beautiful girls.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-02
Release Date: 2024-04-02
Developer: Mucski DiscordItch.ioPatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Humor, Big Tits, Blowjob, Vaginal, Harem, Animated, Spanking, cunilingus, Mobile Game
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1. Extract and run.
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– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t finish Amy’s new event
– Fixed a bug where Zoe was showering forever
– Fixed a bug where some of the girls names were missing during Amy’s cafe event
– Fixed a bug where Mia was overleveled for some reason in saves from 0.0.16-0.1.0
– Fixed a bug where you could repeat the Easter Bunny’s events which resulted in an error
– Added a check that will remove the “egg count” from your inventory once you’re done with the Easter Bunny
If you have any more issues or bugs don’t hesitate to hit me up.
– 1 new Ava event
– 1 new Amy event
– 1 new Luna event
– Easter-egg hunt is here! Collect them all, and earn prizes!
– Introducing PornLub on your PC with 1 event
– Finished the UI (couple of buttons left only, such as the Gym Icons, reading, teaching and fishing)
– Re-made most of Zoe’s scenes with better lighting (this will continue until all scenes are re-rendered again, however this time I’ll do it slowly patch by patch)
– Re-made the intro scenes with better lighting
– Re-rendered some of the animations with better video quality and lighting
– Fixed an issue that would make your game perpetually repeat Selena and Patricia’s event
– Added 1 new wallpaper for $17 patrons
– Added a new cheat code to gain all the eggs for $17 patrons
– Added 1 new wallpaper for free users
– Finally added a proper lottery ticket icon in your inventory and shop, instead of a heart.
– Decreased Zoe’s affection requirement from 8 to 7 to be able to sleep with her.
– You will now earn more money on your PC based on your smarts stats.
– You will now earn more money teaching based on your smarts stats.
– Re adjusted the Zoe’s night event (where she gave you a handjob), to be a bit slower.
– You can now sleep with Zoe with a 50% chance for meatballs … ops, I mean sex
– Continuation of Mia’s Sunday schenannigans
– Added a joint event with Zoe and Ava for the first time ever (choose wisely)
– Added hate system, you will have to buy gifts for girls and in the future they will get angry for bad choices
– Added a new quest log that shows every hint + player hint on the same screen
– Added player hints
– Added a new random park event, can you find the mysterious girls earings?
– Changed main menu animations
– Changed main menu music
– Tons of backend optimizations and changes
– Changed UI (which will most likely continue into 0.0.16)
– Removed some redundant sounds (such as the dumb clicks on some buttons)
– Added DOF to some renders to hide ugly backgrounds (mostly in the park)
– Added many cheats for patrons
– Added 2 patron specific wallpapers for your PC
– Removed the cheat panel (which is now replaced with entering a cheat code instead)
v0.0.14 Beta R3
This update has no version change and it has minor bugfixes such as cheat menu not working properly
v0.0.14 Beta R2
– Your Dora and Selena levels are going to be reset to 1
– If you still have issues unlocking the cafe or whatever, then my sole suggestion is to start over. You will still start with $200, so it’s not like you lose much, and you can just skip, or look at the new dialogue I implemented to avoid girls to talk about things they don’t know about yet.
v0.0.14 Beta R1
– Girls will no longer comment on things they can’t possibly know about
– Added a ton of new dialogue to make sure this doesn’t happen and you can level them in any order you wish
– Another attempt to fix Selena and Dora (both level is reset to 1 if you use your older save or start over)
– Re-enabled replay gallery
v0.0.14 Alpha R2
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– Addressed an issue hindering the progression of Dora’s levels.
– Corrected a situation where the Cafe remained closed despite unlocking it.
– Resolved an error in the Gym default settings, allowing access to the Gym.
– Rectified an income discrepancy in earnings from classes.
– Ensured the progression of Zoe’s levels by fixing a related issue.
– Fixed a bug preventing the opening of the map.
– Temporarily reinstated the old inventory images.
– Resolved an issue preventing the saving of names when using the “OK” button instead of Enter in the name entry menu.
– Implemented a change preventing access to the kitchen until the player has visited their room in the introductory sequence.
– Corrected an instance where Amy incorrectly acted as if she already knew the player upon their first visit to her Cafe.
– Addressed a problem impeding the advancement of Joana’s levels.
– Fixed a scenario allowing two consecutive events in certain situations.
– Resolved an issue preventing interaction with Selena or Dora in the classroom.
– Fixed a game crash occurring when purchasing and attempting to use a lottery ticket.
– Adjusted the fishing button’s placement, preventing it from being hidden behind the turn right button in the lake.
– Updated the Patreon list.
– Changed the cheat code to enhance security, considering the sharing of the source code in the last patch.
– Properly archived the game, facilitating future script-side fixes.
v0.0.14 Alpha R1
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What’s new? Everything, your old saves also won’t work, I need people to report bugs, dialogue, or things they don’t like about characters, scenes and poses, and once this version is polished I’ll focus only on new content and will never remake the game ever again because quite frankly it’s gotten tiring. To the point I see a cool new hair style or clothing item and I want to use them but then is have to re-render that girls entire story line
Also I usually keep test versions for testers but they all left or in hibernation, quite understandable when I haven’t made an update in 5 months
I know some of you’ll be mad that you have to start over but this was unavoidable anyways, has to get rid of the previous garbage hint system
You get some starting money in this version
Several important points to note about this release:
  • It may contain bugs.
  • Previous saved game files are not compatible.
  • Discrepancies may be observed between certain dialogues and the new introductory and storyline content.
  • The process of remaking the game, which originally spanned a year, has taken approximately two months. Consequently, aspects such as characters, scenes, and script may appear rough. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of content was lost during this process, and despite the potential for a quicker recovery, unforeseen circumstances such as a flood hindered progress.
  • The Replay Gallery feature is disabled until the full release.
  • The Fishing mini-game remains unchanged, resulting in significant disparities in the appearance of the main character and renders.
  • Comprehensive feedback is urgently needed on all aspects, including character appearances, bug reports, dialogue coherence, scene construction, poses, and any elements that may be perceived as unappealing. I encourage you to communicate your observations through various channels, such as Patreon comments, the community tab, itch.io, or my Discord server. Your input is highly valued.
v0.0.13b Bugfix
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– Another attempt to fix Dora in the class
v0.0.13a Bugfix
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– Fixed a bug that prevented Zoe’s night event to start
– Fixed a bug that made Dora’s event repeat to the infinity and beyond
– Fixed a bug where hovering over any button in the cheat menu made the game crash
– Fixed a bug where Mia’s sex scene in the bathroom had the cum animation play during sex animatio
– And probably some more that I forgot about
v0.0.13 patch notes
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– 1 new Ava event (animated)
– 1 new Ava bathroom repeatable event (animated)
– 1 new Zoe event (animated)
– 1 new Amy event
– 1 new Selena event (animated)
– 1 new Dora event
– Added Replay Gallery: You can now replay most sex scenes from this new gallery (except bathroom ones)
– Fixed an issue where winning lottery tickets did not grant you the ammount it was supposed to
– Many grammar fixes
– Some old scenes have been updated
– Made Android version look exactly like PC version (no more bigger text than textbox and such)
v0.0.12c Bugfix
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– Fixed an issue where the Gym only stays open temporarly (because it disappeared from the map once you finish amy’s story)
– Fixed some missing images pertaining to the MC’s showering in the gmy
– Fixed some audio and music files wrongly labeled
– Compiled Android version
v0.0.12b Bugfix
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– Another attempt on fixing Zoe’s event
v0.0.12a Bugfix
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– Added a check to go to 2nd part of Zoe’s story (currently was stuck at first part) – use the “Talk” on her door when it appears again
– Fixed a bunch of missing values and names
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– Upgraded engine from 7.4.2 to 8.1.0, as a result 32 bit is no longer supported and your save games won’t work most likely.
This had to be done because Ren’Py 8.1.0 supports new features and file formats that will be used later to crunch the game
– You can now unlock Blossom
– You can now unlock Phoebe
– New location, Gym
– Random tiny events in the Gym
– 1 new Amy event in the Gym
– 1 new Mia event on the beach
– 1 new Zoe event
– 1 new Selena event
– Added sound effects across almost every button and action
– Many bugfixes
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– 1 new Dora scene
– 1 new Amy scene
– Re-Rendered 298 images, 21 videos
– Added sounds to the day time cycle
– Changed MC room daytime music (for now anyways)
– Buffed the lottery max win to $1000, the low win to $50
– General bugfixes
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– 1 new Joana scene with animated sex
– 1 new Zoe scene with animated sex
– 1 new Ava scene
– Lot’s of improvements in the backend
– Recovered intro scenes
– Changed girls looks
– Added condoms into store (useless this patch)
– Added lottery tickets into store. Have too much money to spend? Try your luck to win 100 bux, it only costs 5 bux. (the icon is a heart for now, I know, it’s cause I couldn’t find a proper lottery ticket asset that matches the game)
– Fixed a bug where you did not earn any money if you talked to Dora during class
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t proceed Mia’s story due to the card label being mislabeled
– Fixed a mirriad of grammar errors and elipses
– Added checks if the girls are leveled up to certain areas (this will continue next patch too)
v0.0.9b Bugfix
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– Fixed an issue where hovering over Selena my cause a crash
– Fixed an issue where Selena’s last event was looping forever
– Fixed an issue where Ava’s door had no knock sound
If you still have issues with hovering over Selena you should most probably start over or send me your save file so I can fix it in the next patch.
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– Brand new in game and menu GUI (will improve in time)
– Added option to increase/decrease dialogue background image
– A new pool location
– Upgraded MC’s room
– Upgraded MC’s PC
– 1 Dora small event
– 1 shared Dora / Zoe and Ava and Mia event in the pool
– 1 small Luna event
– 1 Joana event
– Remade all characters
– Remade 90% of all scenes ( I’ve had a big oopsie with Honey Select, corrupted many files, so I had no choice, you will also notice some inconsistencies, theres are long scenes that I still have to re-make from 0 )
– Fixed INDEX errors when trying to do certain things ( related to time module )
– New main menu music
– New main menu look
– Fixed old saves not loading properly
– Added versioning when loading older saves
– Added a possibility to skip intro for those that wish to replay
– Added android icon ( not sure if it works until tested )
– Android version should be signed now ( again not sure if it works until tested )
Developer Notes:
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Fixing and upgrading the game continues, there will be a patch mid month too. Once I am done recovering all scenes I will only focus on future scenes will not change anything in the base game anymore.
Because of this, there are still inconsistencies, in certain cases the MC, or the girls look different, or the entire scene looks different.
Using cheats other than the one provided with the game can lead to crashes and or other issues. I am not responsible if you burn your house down, or your dog bites you by using them …
On PC/Linux/OSX do not overwrite old installations with new ones. Make a new folder for every patch. Your saves should be safe in %appdata%


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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