Nebel Geisterjäger [v1.2] [BBQ Lover]
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Nebel Geisterjäger [v1.2] [BBQ Lover]

February 11, 2024F95

An NTRPG from a male POV. Use tools like heart monitoring and surveillance to shield your girlfriend, Kana, from her scheming boss. With 5 endings and choices shaping interactions, can you keep her safe? Amidst exorcism, intrigue, and personal choices, protect your bond and confront inner desires.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-10
Release Date: 2024-01-24
Developer: BBQ Lover DLsiteSteam
Censored: No
Version: 1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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3367383 Devnotes Image 1 | Free Adult Games
This title offers a male-centric NTRPG experience.
Unlike traditional NTR games that narrate from a female perspective, players utilize various methods like heartbeat monitoring, phone calls, surveillance cameras, and questioning bystanders to gather information, aiming to protect their girlfriend from a nefarious boss.
Their unpredictable fate is unknown, just like any living human being. Change your actions depending on the situation, come up with a strategy, and enjoy the thrilling battle.
Events depicted from various perspectives such as tweets, images and videos uploaded on SNS, and dreams may change drastically depending on the progress of the game.
Pure love route is also possible! There is a chance to redeem the situation before she is completely stolen.
This game has five hidden endings depending on the choices made, with replayability. Can you really protect her until the end?
3367384 Devnotes Image 2 | Free Adult Games
The protagonist Tsukasa Sakurai and Kana Kashiwazaki were recently hired as full-time employees of Nebel Tokyo Branch, a globally renowned company in paranormal research and development. However, they were suddenly transferred to a remote town called Sara and assigned to a long-term exorcism mission. To make matters worse, their notorious boss also joined the mission as a support member.
Sara was the place where a strange incident that shook the nation 12 years ago originated. To purify the endless calamities and revive this desolate town, the truth that has been hidden for 12 years must be uncovered.
The story of their exorcism journey begins now with these three people…
3367385 Devnotes Image 3 | Free Adult Games
・ Multiple Large Exploration Maps.
・ Innovative Interactive Camera System.
・ Unpredictable adversaries requiring constant vigilance.
・ Rich event branching and numerical management systems.
・ Dual hidden storylines.
3367386 Devnotes Image 4 | Free Adult Games
The game flow is divided into two parts: the daytime part, “Exorcism,” and the nighttime part, “Event”.
In the daytime exocrism, players are forced to separate from Kana. Making each room safe and placing items in advance to accommodate her actions will reduce the difficulty of her side.
If Kana fails… Lawrence will not miss this great opportunity.
During the night, you will be free to act on your own. You can go out to dinner with Kana, meet up in the park for donuts, or intentionally fail to keep your promises.
Naturally, Lawrence is also trying to get his hands on Kana.
If you don’t notice the SOS sign from Kana or don’t get there in time…
  • 2613228 1683030610423 | Free Adult Games
    Name: Kana Kashiwazaki (CV: Yuka Hinata)
    Age: 22
    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 45kg
    Cup size: D~E

    An honest woman with a strong sense of responsibility.
    She is highly independent, but ignorant and conservative when it comes to sexual matters.
    While she can choose the right path based on her intuition alone, if you hand her a map, she will instead end up lost.
    Her analytical skills and adaptability are superb.
    Her hobbies are games, and making plastic models.

  • 2613227 1683030599649 | Free Adult Games
    Name: Tsukasa Sakurai
    Age: 23
    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Dick size: Player can set.

    An employee at Nebel. Leader of the induction course group.
    He has a calm disposition, is patient, persevering, and can be quite resourceful.
    He also has a strong will to carry through with the goals he has set.

  • 2613226 1683030589691 | Free Adult Games
    Name: Lawrence
    Age: 27
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 85kg
    Dick size: 19cm

    A wily and fickle fiend that will not let his prey get away. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
    He is pretty useless when it comes to exorcising. If anything, flaunting his abundant wealth and toying with woman is this man’s real occupation…
    He has his sights firmly set on Kana, who just entered the company this year, and used his connections to relegate her and Tsukasa to a rural location where he can abuse his power.


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