Nemesis Party: NTR, or NOT [v0.07 Bugfix] [NemesisGames]

Nemesis Party: NTR, or NOT [v0.07 Bugfix] [NemesisGames]

January 24, 2024F95

It’s Glendale High’s last house party of the summer, where you’ll either win over your long-time crush, Emma Winters, or lose her forever. The problem: your ex-girlfriend, Tara, will be there, and she’s out for revenge. You broke up with her, and now she’s trying to get every girl at the party, including Emma, to hook up with the school’s star basketball player – an old nemesis who is as cunning as he is tall, muscular, and hung.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-14
Release Date: 2023-11-12
Developer: NemesisGames PatreonDiscord
Version: 0.07 Bugfix
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Current: 3dcg, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Sandbox, Virgin, Teasing, Voyeurism, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Male Domination, Blackmail, Lesbian, Masturbation, Stripping
Planned Tags (Based on F95’s upcoming tag system): angst, branching routes, dating sim, drama, first person game, free roam, male protagonist, modern world, multiple endings, mystery, 69, anal sex, bisexual route, blackmail, blowjob, boob play, condom, corruption, creampie, cheating, cunnilingus, deep throat, defloration, dream sex, drugs, drunk sex, exhibitionism, facial, fingering, gangbang, groping, handjob, internal view, maledom, masturbation, netorare, netori, netorase, photoshoot, pov, protagonist-dom, protagonist-sub, public sex, rough sex, sex toys, size difference, stripping, swallowing, teasing, titjob, vaginal sex, voyeurism, workout, athletic, big ass, big cock, cop, dark-skinned, freckles, giant, glasses, goth, hair-blonde, hair-dark, hair-neon, hair-red, innie, kuudere, piercing, pubic hair, shaved, shortstack, student, tattoo, teen, tsundere, vampire, yandere
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1. Extract and run.
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0.07 Bugfix:
– Fixed intro animation causing game freeze
– Fixed Tara’s butt not appearing in NTR scene while getting alcohol
– Fixed other minor issues
– Lily NTR/Not Scene
– Abbie NTR/Not Scene
– Tara NTR/Not Scene
– Netorase for Emma Laundry Scene
– Girl-Girl Scene for Jasmine + Oona
Other Features Included:
– Text Animation in Tara’s Opening Sex Scene, Emma Bathroom Scene
– Previews of what scenes you’re heading toward is now shown after ending your turn.
– Jasmine’s model has been re-designed to look less goblin-like, more gorgeous.
– Emma’s model has been tweaked so subtly you’ll barely notice the change, except she’ll appear more attractive in certain lighting.
– Abbie’s nudes are findable if you ‘steal’ from characters, and Ace’s previous sexual conquest is viewable upon pickpocketing. The ‘steal’ action will eventually be more interesting and rewarding, but for now, this is fine.
– More music, more sound effects!
– Introduction of PatronView, a silver-tier and up benefit where you can see a couple additional POV renders during spicy moments.
– If you didn’t download the Hotfix version of v0.06, you’ll notice that nuisance bugs like strange images appearing, and the inability to view Emma’s NTR scene with Ace, have been fixed.
– Certain personality-specific dialogue and choices were previously unavailable due to a bug – they are now accessible.
0.06 Hotfix:
– A floating door after interacting with Benji
– A floating curtain in some scenes
– Multiple image duplicates on home screen
– Inability to trigger Emma’s scene with Ace in the laundry room
– The placeholder name ‘MC’ being shown instead of the user-defined name.
– Hint button not working after Rumor System is turned on
– Receiving a promise of reward from Abbie yet not seeing the BJ or HJ scene after telling Emma her boyfriend isn’t cheating
– Fixed dialogue choices that are dependent on personality from not showing up
– Fixed Malik being highlighted with help button during Turn 1 before he can be interacted with
– Fixed help button not highlighting the hallway and backyard for Jasmine and Abbie scenes.
– Fixed Darius not using Ace’s nickname for you (which is just the player-defined MC name + a prefix that phallically insults you based on first letter, ex. Crayon Cock Cameron, Inch Long Ian, etc.)
– Other smaller bugs and issues
  • Addition of main story scene at end of Turn 5 that hint at a character who will be arriving during Act II.
  • Added final touches on rumor system involving the ability to counter the Nemesis’s rumors about you.
  • Added two new semi-erotic scenes (1 NTR, 1 Vanilla)
  • Added clickable doors to initiate scenes where characters are supposed to be in other parts of the house
  • A new party home screen was introduced for Turn 5 and up – includes more personal items.
  • Small adjustments: removed some noise in renders, tweaked Emma being angry at you if you failed to convince her Benji is cheating, etc.
  • Removed some accidental spoilers in the files
  • Removed “Nemesis Countdown” concept. Previously, five turns would pass before a love interest succumbs to either you or the Nemesis, depending on Nemesis Points. But that meant there would be five erotic scenes hitting you all at once, followed by a five-turn wait until the next avalanche of sexy times.
  • Instead, to keep the sexual tension progressing evenly, I’ve switched to a “Nemesis Carousal” so that each love interest takes turns where they succumb to either you or the Nemesis.
  • Full integration of the rumor system, starting with five rumors that the Nemesis can spread about you and vice versa, and included more clear instruction from Ziggy on how rumors work.
  • Updated user interface and buttons so that it matches the rest of the art style.
  • Pickpocketing certain characters now gives you a chance of finding Abbie’s lost nudes. Skill modifiers may be introduced in the future, but for now, let’s keep it at a simple 50/50 chance.
  • Added content toggles during game intro so players can switch NTR from “regular” to “light”, and on/off for cuckold, humiliation, and male-on-male content. Skipping content does not affect main story comprehension or gameplay.
  • During game intro, you can select your personality type, which will tweak the main character’s dialogue options a bit. But it is purely superficial – it has no impact on the story, choices, or gameplay.
  • Mr. Malik no longer has a “three-strike rule” until game-over. Instead, being caught stealing or perving will result in negative Nemesis points with that character.
  • Took the first steps toward introducing “party favors”, an in-game currency system, that you can use to influence characters. (In keeping with my “minimal-grind” policy, the act of gathering this currency will reward you in the process.)
  • Removed Jasmine’s heterochromia since the mismatched eye color ended up being more creepy than sexy. Skin adjustments will continue for her until she looks more realistic.
  • A ton of code adjustments, small render adjustments, etc. that are too many to list.
  • Finished all story up to Turn 5
  • Finished all renders up to Turn 5
  • Added 3 new erotic animations (for Tara, Abbie, and Emma. All non-NTR.)
  • Fixed save game bugs
  • Fixed game menu showing wrong images
  • Integrated ‘sharing’ option. This is available if you have positive nemesis points with the Nemesis himself, as well as with the girl you want to share with him.
  • Added new male character, Ziggy, who’s only purpose right now is to help you spread and counter rumors, and can explain upon request how to win over different girls.
  • Removed text box for dialogue since it often blocks the player’s full view of images.
  • One million other improvements/additions I can’t be bothered to write

    – Redesigned UI, including the background party scenes, to a night-time “house party” aesthetic.
    – Upgraded skins and realism on Emma, Abbie, Lily, Farzad, and Mr. Malik. Jasmine had a complete re-work for her character design.
    – Added music, sound effects to already existing scenes.
    – Finished dialogue/story up to Turn 5, just waiting on renders and gameplay balancing via the points system.
    – Finished renders up to Turn 3, including the quest content for whether or not Benji is cheating on Emma.
    – Added string interpolation with Python, so repetitive code doesn’t need to be added every time I create a new turn.
    – Fixed bug of main menu not appearing, as well as a million other bugs.

    – Re-designed the main game title screen to a more “ironically cheerful” aesthetic
    – Finished tutorial with Mr. Malik, including highlighting buttons – just need a bit more explanation on action point icons during menu
    – Finished Turn 1 – Emma and  Benji relationship troubles
    – Changed interaction menu for characters: Gossip (part of rumor system), Serious Discussion (quest system), Shop (for Darius), Interact (give item, pickpocket, grope, etc)
    – Continued to create basic headshot renders for interactable characters

    – Fixed lag during interactions (caused by speech bubble system)
    – Fixed hint button graying background even during interactions
    – Coded and implemented rumor system
    – Replaced Nemesis Score bar

  • Gameplay Mechanics:

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  • Free-roam: Exploration designed to be intuitive, quick, and fun. A help button is always available to indicate who can be clicked on.
  • Minimal grind: One score bar per character – you gain or lose “Nemesis Points” based on choices that make characters prefer you or your Nemesis.
  • Shop System: Influence characters by using ‘party favors’, a currency as rewarding to earn as it is to use.
  • Rumor System: Gameplay based on rumors “played” by either you or your Nemesis, that spread among characters to influence relationships, until they are countered by you or your Nemesis.
  • Warning: It’s best to consider NTR unavoidable in this game. If this annoys you, please find another game and leave the thread for discussing for other topics.
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    NTR is unavoidable because you can only “win” vanilla scenes with some—not all—of the female characters during a single play-through. The ones you neglect will succumb to your Nemesis. This cannot be changed even if you beg me – it is written into the title, story, and gameplay mechanics.


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    Q: How long until the next update?

    A: In these early stages, I estimate six weeks between updates, so that I can lay a solid foundation for core game mechanics and future development. Later, I hope to get this down to four weeks between updates.


    Q: Why is Character X or Character Y ugly?

    The intention was not to make every character attractive to everyone, but rather every player being strongly attracted to someone.

    To this end, the body types and personalities of love interests vary broadly: Bubbly and busty Lily, petite yet fiery Emma, tall and intelligent Jasmine, slender and shy Abbie, and the bitch with a big booty, Tara.

    I designed these characters with the idea that even though physical flaws (big ass but with cellulite, big tits but slight natural sag, etc.) may reduce their attraction as individuals, it increases the realism of the overall story, and therefore the intensity of erotic scenes.


    Q: What kind of NTR content can I expect?

    A: While I love the idea of NTR, I have been disappointed by almost every single execution of it. My least favourite NTR content is that which is found in Japanese-style manhwa. So, you will not find the following Japanese-style NTR tropes:

    • Old/Ugly Man
    • Non-consensual sex
    • Characters under the legal age
    • Insane proportions (except for Ace)
    • Ahegeo

    So why call it NTR at all? Because this game  does contain content that falls under that category:

    • Netorare and Netorase
    • Cuckolding (optional)
    • Sharing (optional)
    • Humiliation (optional)
    • Jealousy
    • Cheating
    • Revenge
    • Heartache
    • Corruption

    Ultimately, while you play this game, I strive to create the impression that these events unfolded in real life with real people, somewhere, at some point.


    Q: What kind of vanilla content can I expect?

    A: Please be patient as vanilla lewd scenes will be slightly slower to get intense compared to their NTR counterparts. These girls need a bit of emotional connection before they drop their panties for you. After Act I, the vanilla content should be on par in terms of sexual intensity, however.


    Q: There’s bugs everywhere!

    A: Initially, you may encounter more bugs than you’ve come to expect in a visual novel. This is because Nemesis Party is as much a game as it is a visual novel. The code is a lot more complex.

    I crush any bugs as quickly as I can. Releases with big code updates are usually followed by a bug-fixed version within a week. You can help improve the game faster by messaging me on the official Discord about any bugs you find.


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