Nemurimouto [v0.05] [pachipoi]

Nemurimouto [v0.05] [pachipoi]

January 12, 2024F95

Your sister will be staying at your place for university summer break.
She tends to sleep a lot, maybe you could take advantage of that and have some fun together!

The game is still under heavy development, there are only 5 H-Scenes so far. I’ll be adding more as the development continues, as well as more interactions, different game features, sprites, CGs, and more!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-27
Release Date: 2023-12-14
Developer: pachipoi Itch.ioSubscribestarSteam
Censored: No
Version: 0.05
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English, Japanese
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2dcg, animated, male protagonist, big tits, groping, sleep sex, incest, vaginal sex, mobile game, creampie, oral sex, romance, dating sim, voiced
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1. Extract and run.
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ෆ Added new dialogue
ෆ Added new voice lines
ෆ Added save feature
ෆ Added localization system (Translation: Pulse (JP), Quentin (FR), 太上月华静夜天尊 (CN), Lordscarpio (ES))
ෆ Added new BGM and SFX
ෆ And countless bugfixes and smaller changes!
New H-scene:
୨୧ Mayu will now occasionally go to the toilet
୨୧ You have an option to peek
୨୧ If you peek for too long, she’ll catch you a tell you off
୨୧ If her lust is 20% or higher, she’ll also masturbate in the toilet
୨୧ You have an option to walk in, scaring her off
୨୧ If her lust is 40% or higher, she won’t get scared off and offer you to watch her
୨୧ In that scenario, you will have an option to lower her shirt and masturbate along with her
– Updated UI
– Added a few more house assets
– Added settings menu
– The chat option will now show an “!” icon if the chat hasn’t been finished before (thought even in completed chats you may notice that Mayu’s behavior might change a little depending on stats)
– Added a little more dialogue
– Added a small interaction after Mayu taking a bath (you may notice that she’s a little vulnerable if her lust stat is high).
– Added voice acting! Hazuki Mana did a wonderful job giving Mayu a beautiful voice. I plan on adding more voice acting in special events, and maybe even getting the game 100% voiced if the support continues the way it has been lately~
– H-scene 04! You can touch her thigh, lift her shirt, lift her skirt, pull her panties down, lift her legs up, finger her, have vaginal and oral sex with her
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Hi, I’m pachi! Currently I’m working on Nemurimouto. It’s a simulation game, currently there are very few features, but I have big plans for the game!
Dynamic day: Mayu will walk across the map during the day, there will be different options of interaction depending on what she’s currently doing!
Events: There will be special events sprinkled throughout the game. You’ll be able to trigger them by reaching certain level of stats or fulfilling other conditions
H-scenes: There are at minimum 5 different H-scenes planned for the game, all with variants depending on your actions during the game!
Three stats: There will be three different stats that you could influence through your actions
Love: if you treat Mayu nicely, she might just fall in love with you~
Horniness: point of the game is to have sneaky fun with Mayu, but if you play your cards right, she might be the one to initiate H-scenes
Mental: for all of you mind break lovers… just don’t push it too hard, or she’ll turn into a yandere
Multiple endings: I have three+ different endings planned for the game.
Please consider supporting me on my journey!

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    Nemurimouto [v0.05] [pachipoi]