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January 14, 2024F95

The inexperienced protagonist takes a leap of faith, leaving the comfort of his parent’s home to pursue a master’s degree. Settling as a guest in the house of a family friend, his life takes an unexpected turn after a fateful night out in town. Entangled with a mysterious woman, he finds himself hurtling into a whirlwind of chaos, where control slips through his fingers.

In the midst of this chaos, a crucial question arises: What path will he choose? Will he succumb to the depths of primal desire, surrendering himself to an irresistible sea of lust? Or will he willingly relinquish control, submitting to the enigmatic forces at play? Alternatively, he may forge his own destiny, harnessing newfound power to carve an uncharted path. Yet, the risk of failure lingers, posing the danger of him becoming a mere passenger in his own story.

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First of all, this game revolves around the femdom fetish, placing a strong emphasis on the main story. Throughout the game, you will encounter numerous powerful and confident female characters who seek to dominate the MC. There are alternative paths within the game that allow you to bypass the femdom scenes, but making the right choices is crucial to doing so.

While the majority of relationships in the game are femdom-oriented, there are also vanilla relationships that do not involve BDSM elements, as well as a small number of maledom relationships. Among the femdom relationships, some will exhibit healthy and romantic dynamics, while others may depict unsettling and forced situations. Additionally, to engage in a maledom relationship, the MC will need to become involved with the Dominas.

The progression of the main story hinges on the MC’s stats and choices, which determine whether the MC willingly joins the Dominas or is coerced into joining them. As the storyline unfolds, the MC will face a crucial decision: whether to remain with the Dominas for their rewards and pleasures, or to muster the resolve to retaliate and seek revenge.

Thread Updated: 2023-04-01
Release Date: 2023-04-01
Developer: Asmodeus_  PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordF95Zone
Censored: No
Version: 1.06.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, big tits, exhibitionism, female domination, footjob, handjob, humiliation, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, oral sex, romance, school setting, sex toys, spanking, teasing, titfuck, urination, vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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  • 625 scenes total
  • 323 renders
  • Dialogue improvement and fixes
  • New 2D art for chapter intros
  • Increase the save slots to 12 (your already existing saves’ thumbnails might not fit anymore)
  • Complete revamp of the choices for Lust, Obedience, Domination, and Experience paths.
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  • Entire game script has been completely rewritten
    • Ch01 added 4K words
    • Ch02 added 1K words
    • Ch03 added 3K words
    • Ch04 added 1K words
    • Ch05 added 13K words
  • 3D Model Changes for the full cast of characters.
  • Game renders were completely redone
  • New 2D art and revamped game interface
    • Added more info on Game Progress
  • New dialog options and paths
    • Rewritten MC to be more neutral
    • Removed blackmail path with Andrea
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  • New Stuff for this release:
    • 300+ Renders (9 naughty scenes)
    • 35K Words (approx. 1.9 hours reading time)
    • Introducing dynamic checks for stats and relationships.
    • Added sex sounds for all the game.
    • New revamped menus and interface.
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  • Minor changes
    • Corrected a render in Chapter 1
    • Updated the way notifications are shown for stat checks, relationship checks and previous condition checks.
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  • New Stuff for Ch4
    • 90+ Renders (3 naughty scenes)
    • 7K Words (approx. 23 min reading time)
    • Introducing notifications for previous decisions checks. If you have made a decision (to leave, to agree, to ignore etc.) and the game checks on this decision, you’ll be notified on this.
    • Introducing new Icons for Character Stats and added them to menu options. Now the player will know which stat will be affected should they make each choice.
    • Introducing a Relationship Stats screen. The player can track their relationship with each girl.
    • Developed a system to add Relationships progressively as you meet new love interests. This way the Relationship list will be updated as you meet the new love interests and as you learn their names.
    • Created an App Icon
    • Introducing a Scene Guide Screen for all love interests with Hints. This way you can check if you’ve seen all scenes, and if you haven’t you can read a non-spoiler guide to get it.
  • Changes/Updates for previous Chapters
    • Updated Tina’s model in Ch1. Slightly changed her face, and hairstyle. Changed her clothes to match her green color name tag.
    • Updated the 3rd person dialogs in CH1 to 1st person.
    • Minor fixes/typos in dialog and script.
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  • Changes/Updates for Ch1 and Ch2
    • Minor fixes in renders.
    • Improved choices and added additional paths. You can now cock-block yourself if you’re not careful.
    • Character stats were renamed for clarity.
      • Assertiveness renamed to Dominance.
      • Confidence renamed to Experience.
    • The conditional menu options (for in-game choices with stat checks) that were hidden before, are now shown and their requirements are displayed.
  • New Stuff for Ch3
    • 130+ Renders (2 sex scenes and 3 story scenes).
    • 13K Words (approx. 40 minutes reading time).
    • Introducing 2 new female characters.
    • Introducing notifications for Love Interests. If a character liked/disliked something you did, you’ll get notified.
    • Introducing notifications Stat Checks and Fails. If you pass a check you’ll get a notification to be aware. If you fail a check, you’ll get the requirement needed.
    • Introducing notifications for critical options. If the next option might “cock-block” you, or if you’ll have to make a decision that alters your path in-game, you’ll get a notification.
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  • Changes/Updates for Ch1
    • Model redesign for Suzie and Tina.
    • Added flash effects in CH1
    • Improved some expressions/poses in CH1
    • Minor fixes in the dialog in CH1
  • New Stuff for Ch2
    • Introducing 2 new female characters
    • 50+ Renders (1 sex/story scene)
    • 5K Words (approx. 15 minutes reading time)
    • Introducing a Character Stats button and screen. This way the player can check how their decisions affect the stats.
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  • Introducing the protagonist and 3 female characters
  • 50+ Renders (1 sex scene and 2 story scenes)
  • 4K Words (approx. 15 minutes reading time)
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Developer Notes:
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I’ve been a member in this forum for a while now, enjoying the great games and discussing with other passionate people. For the past years I have worked with Suzinak to create the story for Measuring My Cum (MMC), and created the comic My New Boss with Lucius Logan.
I’ve been writing the “Neuvau” story for a while now and I got inspired to make it into a game. So, I started learning and this is my first attempt at creating 3D graphics, creating a game with Ren’Py and everything else. This is a one-man-show and I’d appreciate any feedback you have.
It’s very possible that you’ll encounter errors with old saves. We suggest starting a new game.

Extra: WTmod

*This port/version isn’t made nor is endorsed by the dev, download and use at your own risk

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