New Life – Don’t Mess it Up [v0.3.1] [Bpy]
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New Life – Don’t Mess it Up [v0.3.1] [Bpy]

June 30, 2024F95

You’ve began a new life, far from the one of your past. However to do that you need a house and a job.

Thread Updated: 2019-06-17
Release Date: 2019-06-04
Developer: Bpy Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Language: English
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Real porn, Female protagonist, Exhibitionism, Corruption, Male domination, Female domination, Lesbian, BDSM, Oral sex, Groping, Anal sex, Big tits, Masturbation
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1. Extract Image Pack to desired directory.
2. Extract/move the HTML file to the same folder as the Image Pack.
3. Click on ‘New Life – Don’t Mess It Up vX.X.X.html’ to play.
Your directory should look like this:
340215 Capture | Free Adult Games
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-Added training for both Madison and Bridgette in the boss mini games.
-All of the scenes for the office sub-job are complete. I also tried a new type of scene where the videos are shown one at a time, I think I might change the others to this.
-Added the rest of secretary XXX-Scene introductions.
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“You’ve began”->”You’ve begun”
“Your not”->”You’re not”
“aretaking place and”->”are taking place, and”
“This is were”->”This is where”
“pose and”->”pose, and”
“On first”->”At first”
“everyother”->”every other”
“less clothes”->”fewer clothes”
“stronger then”->”stronger than”
“eyecandy”->”eye candy”
“strapon”->”strap on”
“pent up”->”pent-up”
“good looking”->”good-looking”
“it’s easy money”->”its easy money”
“you’ve ran”->”you’ve run”
“you boss'”->”your boss'”
“In fact”->”In fact,”
“Time find”->”Time to find”
“The he”->”Then he”
“heres a”->”here’s a”
“this guy know”->”this guy knows”
“a women”->”a woman”
“a know”->”a known”
“so whent”->”so you went”
And some others I forgot to add.
The rest of the maid sub jobs have been given introductions. Adding 7 scenes and getting rid of the placeholders.This one took a while, enjoy!
This update starts my implementation of the Job Corruption Introductions. This update added three introduction scenesto the janitor sub-job. 0.2.8 Will finalize the maid introductions adding 7 more scenes to the game. This gives backstory on why you are being hazed/punished/trained. It also changes how jobs are played, as you have to go through each introduction for the side scenes to happen.
This update adds an introduction to going out and the jobs. This update also changes the start of the game to be more streamlined. Next update will be adding story to the jobs, giving a reason why you’re hazed or punished all the time.
Added the first two boss mini game scenes-
The first prostitute: being Bridgette B, and the first secretary: Madison Ivy. These are some of, if not the, longest scenes in the game and portions of them do include audio. I might get rid of it in a future update…
No more ugly watermarks- Got rid of the sex.com watermarks on jpgs. They keep their original, intended, watermarks however to keep credit.
The Future- The next couple of updates will be ironing out the story. With this I intend to give a reason for the things that happen. Like why you’re hazed the way you are or why you should go to the beach, so on and so fourth.
Added images-
To both of the main mini games I’ve added pictures, I changed my mind and ended up making them explicit pictures. This giving incentive to play though and upgrade the various faculties.
Created the sex mini game’s framework- There are no images yet, nor are there any scenes, but the overall way that mini game is headed towards is mapped out.
Something brought to my attention- The amount of sex and such in the earlier levels of jobs is off balanced. In the next few updates I will add more of a build up in the lower levels of the jobs, along with finishing this huge level 3 mini game.
Also, to restate- If you like my game and want to post it somewhere else you are free to do so. I’m too caught up in making the game to advertise it, so it actually helps me tremendously.
Image Pack  v0.3.05

Thanks to @Davox for sharing!

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