No Love [v0.02 Rework] [Jooh Jooh]

No Love [v0.02 Rework] [Jooh Jooh]

January 17, 2024F95

Jump into “No Love” for a dive into the eclectic world of apartment living. It’s like peeping into a building where every neighbor is uniquely cool in their own way.
Here, each day is a new slice of life – from chill hangouts to spontaneous parties, and those unexpected little moments that make life interesting. Imagine living in a place where there’s always something happening, and every door leads to a new story.
From laid-back movie nights to unforgettable parties, heart-to-hearts in the hallway, and everything in between – it’s all happening here. Each neighbor brings their own flavor, and when they come together, it’s a mix of fun and chaos. “No Love” is all about the real, sometimes messy, and always interesting moments of apartment life.
So, gear up to explore a game that’s not just about living in an apartment – it’s about the cool, weird, and wonderful things that happen when diverse people are neighbors.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-01
Release Date: 2023-12-28
Developer: Jooh Jooh – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.02 Rework
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Space Jester
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3DCG,Male Protagonist, Voiced, Masturbation, Teasing,  Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Humor, Sandbox,
Pov, Masturbation,Oral Sex,Futa/Trans, Interracial, Netorare, Gay ,Cheating
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.02 Rework
New Hangout and Event for Lucy
New Hangout for Lucy + Emily
New Hangout and Event for Emily
New Hangout for Rachel
New Hangout for Dorian + Rachel
v0.01 Rework
A bunch of changes
Truth or dare Harry: 20 new animations
420 event: 6 animations
6 Patreon Bonus 420 event
Truth o dare: Lucy rework 47 new animations
420 event: 18 animations
Patreon Bonus: 7 animations
VR: Emily 18 animations
New event “420”: 30 animations
Patreon Bonus: 8 animations
More idle animations for the sandbox
Sandbox added
MC name change is now available ( Jeff’s intro )
VR: Laura 19 animations
Beach: Dorian, Homura, Rachel 30 animations
Patreon Bonus: 12 animations ( Laura, Homura )
New Event: Beach part 1
Lucy: 25 animations
Evelyn: 7 animations
Rachel: 7 animations
Dorian: 7 animations
Patreon Bonus: 7 animations ( Evelyn )
Patreon Bonus: 5 animations ( Homura’s Game )
Homura’s Game: 17 animations
Alice’s Game: 7 animations
New language: Portuguese PT-BR
Alice: 56 animations
9 Patreon bonus animations
9 Patreon bonus animations.
35 new animations.
Jeff: 2 events and a new intro.
Lucy: 1 event and a new intro.
Emily: 7 events and a new intro.
Truth or Dare: 30 New Animations
5 New Patreon Bonus Animations (Truth or Dare)
New Game Mode: Visual Novel (Click on the TV in the living room)
(If you’re playing on Android or if the game runs poorly on your PC, try the VN mode)
v0.06 Public
Truth or dare : Talk to Lucy ( Living room )
Bonus stuff / Replays on the TV ( Living room )
Nicole : Visual Rework (For now, it’s just some images. I’ll finish her events in the next update.)
34 new animations
v0.05 Public
Scenes now have sounds (older ones too)
Emily : 3 new events
Laura: Visual Rework / 2 new events (bedroom)
New character Lucy : 1 new event
28 new animations
v0.04 Public
23 new animations
Quest system reworked. ( Easier/Faster Quests for you boomers )
Game size reduced
Turn ON/OFF Futa/Gay/NTR button: MC’s bedroom
Dorian: 1 new quest
Homura/Dorian: 2 new events
Emily: 1 new event at “Movie night”
Alice/Ray: 1 new event
Rachel: 1 new event
Evelyn/Homura: 1 new quest
v0.03 Public
MC: 1 new quest
Laura:1 new quest
Nicole: 1 new quest
New location: Gym showers
Gym showers: 6 new events
New character: Rachel
Rachel : 2 new events
Evelyn: 1 new event
Futa ( optional )
30 new animations
You can go to Evelyn’s house now ( apartment hall )
–  Alice/Emily: 1 new Quest
–  Alice: 1 new Quest
– Laura: 1 new quest
–  MC: 2 new Quests
–  New location: Gym
–  Gym: 2 new events
– 19 new animations
– Character’s locations now show on minimap
– Emily : 2 new quests
– Alice : 1 new quest
– Laura : 1 new quest
– Evelyn : 1 new event
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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The  game is being reworked. Check the tutorial for more info.
I’m too busy to check forum messages. If you’ve got questions, hit me up on the Discord Server. I’ll respond when I can.

Before the Rework

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