Numerous Nights [v0.01.0] [MrLollipop]
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Numerous Nights [v0.01.0] [MrLollipop]

July 1, 2024F95

Starts classic: a young man moves to a new city to continue his studies.
He settles in a new neighborhood where he takes on various jobs and new projects,
meeting people, learning their stories, and getting involved in all kinds of adventures.

But I like to see it this way:
From a “new neighbor” -to an orgy.  From “nice people” -to a series of problems.
Alcohol, drugs, sex, secrets, hacking,
AI, adultery, innocence broken and breaking innocence -and we’re not at the college yet.

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Thread Updated: 2024-07-01
Release Date: 2024-06-27
Developer: MrLollipop PatreonXYouTube
Censored: No
Version: 0.01.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, animated, male protagonist, vaginal sex, oral sex, voyeurism, lesbian, milf, teasing, groping, dating sim, big ass, big tits,
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1. Extract and run.
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Initial Release
2000 renders, 14,513 words of dialogue , lewd and nudity scenes(I simply can’t get everyone to bed on day one.).
Developer Notes:
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Is this game for you?
I want to keep it light, focusing more on comedy than drama. Expect unique personalities, each with their own subplot, meaningful dialogues, and impactful choices. Navigate through crazy situations and changing activities to unveil sexual content (there will be a lot). If this sounds appealing -it’s for you.
Key features
I want to bring something new to the genre:
Better art(good 3D comics quality), better animations(no assets  -custom made, with proper timescale better mimics and gestures).
Fluid simulation is a big one for me -if you catch my drift (if not, check the demo).
Branching storyline, but one that will allow you to get back to interaction with characters (so you don’t have to play the game 3-4 times to see all scenes).
Adult Skill Tree -the progression system, that will allow you to steer “interactions” to your preference. I want to keep it real: find what girls like and know, and try to explore new things together. Each character is different, each one will need a different approach. (can’t post the tree here, but you’ll find a preview in a DEMO)
DEV Progression
Making this game is expensive. Buying lots of assets, hardware, and software saves the time needed for art, animations, writing the dialogue, and programming.
Right now, I’m alone, but with a lot of experience in hiring and training people, I want to build the full team and make it a proper studio.
Goals of dev progress:
-> (~300patrons) I can fully focus on the project -> faster releases, patrons choice of a lewd scene;
-> (~600patrons) more assets and music -> better game quality,patrons choice of a lewd scene;
-> (~1000patrons) more render hubs and new equipment -> faster releases, more art and animation;
-> (~3000patrons) Build a team with the necessary skills -> this will skyrocket the project, with more time for me to focus on content, guides, and creating art.
How often do you plan to release chapters?
At a steady pace but quality is my priority. I cannot give accurate estimates until an update is almost ready for release. I will weekly update patrons on the progress. As mentioned in goals -help me to get releases faster.
Patrons Rewards:
Please check the tiers for more information on the rewards I offer for your pledge.
Prices shown in the tiers are monthly donations, paid up-front, that you can stop at any time.
If you like the art and concept of the game, please consider being my patron. Every amount you want to donate is appreciated. None is too small.
Thank you, I hope You will enjoy the game!
Mr Lollipop

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    Numerous Nights [v0.01.0] [MrLollipop]