Our Life: Now & Forever [v1.3.8 Beta] [GBPatch]
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Our Life: Now & Forever [v1.3.8 Beta] [GBPatch]

January 16, 2024F95

Begin your life anew in this second installment to the lovingly nostalgic “Our Life” series.
Fall has settled over a quaint town high on a mountain as the story begins. But it isn’t only the leaves that are changing. You and your mother were leaving behind everything you knew before, having just moved into that well-worn house in the middle of a tight knit cul-de-sac. It’s there where a delicate paper airplane lands at your feet and leads you to unanticipated crossroads…
Make your own path through life as you grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. Even in the chilly autumn weather, it’ll be a truly heartwarming time

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Four different periods of life to experience: childhood, teen-aged, young adulthood, and fully grown
Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he/him, she/her, they/them, enter your own, and you can use more than one) customization for your character. Your mom is also partially customizable to match!
Change your character’s details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
Two love interests; Tamarack (female – she/her) and Qiu (gender fluid – they/he). Their dynamics with you will develop in a custom way over the years based on their experiences with you
Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationships develop; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
Letter size, font type, and text positioning customization. Present the words in whichever way works best for you
A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with the two leads

Thread Updated: 2023-12-22
Release Date: 2023-12-20
Developer:  GBPatch PatreonItch.ioSteamDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.3.8 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2dcg, No sexual content, Female protagonist, Character customization, Dating sim, LGBT, Multiple endings, Romance, Slice of life, Yuri, Mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.3.8 Beta
  • Fancy Fun Part 1
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
  • Additional BG locations and alterations
  • Additional outfit for Qiu
  • Added chapter cards
v1.3.7 Beta
New Content:
  • Wheels Part 2: 19,000 words of new content
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
  • Added player suggestions from earlier feedback threads
v1.3.6 Beta
New Content:
  • Half-ish of the Wheels Moment. It’s Part 1 of the script but Part 2 is notably bigger which isn’t usually how this goes
  • A new music track is included
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
So, this update was a struggle and smaller on the whole than normal. But I’m glad we got something out this month while the KS was going! That’s an achievement in and of itself. I hope people still enjoy this little look into a brand new Moment of the game. Thank you for supporting us
v1.3.4 Beta
New Content:
  • 24,000 words of new scenes; a preview of the Step 2 prologue
  • Added in suggestions from Tier 5 Backers throughout older scenes
  • Implemented the Type-In-Your-Own-Answer feature for where the MC came from and your ethnicity
  • New MC Doll options were added
  • New music tracks were added
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
This was quite an intensive update. There was a lot that went into making everything for Step 2 work programming-wise. We’d love to hear your feedback on how it’s coming together and will appreciate reports of any bugs you might run into. And thank you to everyone who gives the beta a try
v1.3.3 Beta
New Content:
  • 12,000 words of new scenes: the second part of Walks Moment
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
Man, it’s so exciting to have an entire Moment complete! The game is really starting to take shape and things are just gonna keep building. Thank you for taking the time to check out what we’re working on
v1.3.2 Beta
New Content:
  • 15,500 words of new scenes: the linked opening for Walks & Wheels and the first half of Walks
  • The Moment Screen with temporary assets
  • And updated system for choosing what gendered terms are used
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
v1.3.1 Beta
New Content:
  • 18,000 words of new scenes
  • New locations, a new music track, and a new CG were implemented
  • MC’s room decorating system is in place
  • A leaf falling animation appears in the deep forest
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
Thank you for all the patience as OL: N&F slowly came along in between our work on Our Life: B&A. I hope you’ll enjoy how the prologue resolves, and that you’ll look forward to getting into the heart of the story later. I’m certainly ready to put a lot more time into in developing this game. We’re gonna do our best!
v1.3.0 Beta
New Content:
  • 14,000 words of new scenes
  • New locations and a new music track implemented
  • There’s now sound effects throughout all the events!
  • Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build
New Content [Same as prior build]:
  • 16,000 words of new scenes
  • MC doll eyebrows matching your chosen hair color
  • Earrings as a new accessory option, along with some other new MC doll pieces
  • The option to take a full screenshot of your MC
  • One new music track to hear and unlock in the music room
v0.06 Beta
New Content:
  • 16,000 words of new scenes
  • MC doll eyebrows matching your chosen hair color
  • Earrings as a new accessory option, along with some other new MC doll pieces
  • The option to take a full screenshot of your MC
  • One new music track to hear and unlock in the music room
Man, it’s exciting to finally see the other kids around town. They’re both precious. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them a little better!
v0.05 Beta
New Content:
  • 13000 words of New Scenes
  • More MC doll options
  • A background showing upstairs of MC house
  • Two new music track
v0.04 Beta
New Content:
  • Brand new scenes that total about 11,000 words of additional content
  • More MC doll options
  • Opal’s two additional skin tones being fully implemented
  • Updates to the MC creation screen itself. Neck layers were divided into two parts, over and under layers, and you can save customized color tints for future use
  • The option to change your clothes and accessories for school
  • A music room. It can be accessed from the Extras button on the main menu
v0.03 Beta
New Content:
  • Night scenes for Prologue Day 1 and a little bit of Morning Prologue Day 2. Almost 10,000 words added overall between the many alteration branches
  • More sticker options!
v0.02 Beta
New Content:
  • There’s a couple more references to the MC’s details
  • You can acknowledge your chosen nickname though, because you’ve just met these people, the two of them don’t usually go right to calling the MC by a nickname themselves
  • A handful of new MC doll options were implemented, the MC icon also closes their eyes in some expressions
  • You can now use a Randomization button on the MC Appearance Screen
  • We’ve added info buttons to the Dynamic Screen
  • The buttons on the Preference Screen have been updated
  • The mat image at the end of the game had its finished version added
  • Some small errors were fixed, a bit of rewording was done, and a few more choice options were added
v0.0.1 Beta
Initial Release

Patches: Spanish Patch*

Thomas1999 thanks for the links
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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