OverSoul [vPre-Alpha2.5] [DAIMOND]

OverSoul [vPre-Alpha2.5] [DAIMOND]

January 26, 2024F95

‘OverSoul’ is a text-based life-sim RPG, where you create your character and live your daily life in a world where anthropomorphic races are the norm. You can perform various activities, get a job, work, earn promotions, build relationships, have sex, get knocked (or knock someone) up, and have children. The NPCs also live their own life, improve their own skills, and interact with each other independently from the player.
Current game length: 12 in-game months

Thread Updated: 2023-09-13
Release Date: 2023-09-13
Developer: DAIMOND BlogDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Pre-Alpha2.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Character Creation,  Male Protagonist,  Female Protagonist,  Text Based,  Anal Sex,  Big Ass,  Big Tits,  Creampie,  Furry,  Futa/Trans,  Gay,  Groping,  Handjob,  Lactation, Lesbian,  Masturbation,  Oral Sex,  Pregnancy,  Spanking,  Teasing,  Vaginal Sex,  Fantasy,  Monster Girl,  Rpg,  Sandbox,  Simulator,
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1. Extract and run OverSoul-PreAlpha2.5.exe.
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-Added romance system
-Added persuasion system
  -Added additional checks for flirt/court actions if already has a lover
  -Added various romantic interactions (gaze, hint, pet, feel hands, hint, feel cheek, kiss cheek, whisper, smooch)
  -Added ‘ask going steady’ interaction
  -Added ‘propose’ interaction
  -Added cheating sex recording
  -Added various sexual interactions (flirt, feel body, feel crotch, feel chest, feel butt)
  -Added manually stripping during intimate  
NPCs & Interaction:
  -Added stranger greeting dialogues (default, confident/unpleasant, shy, shy/nice, shy/unpleasant, nice, nice/humble, unpleasant, unpleasant/humble, humble, proud)
  -Added acquaintance greeting dialogues (default, shy, shy/nice, nice, nice/humble, unpleasant, unpleasant/proud, humble, proud)
  -Added friend greeting dialogues (default, shy, nice, unpleasant, humble, proud)
  -Added intimate inviation/acceptance/rejection dialogues
  -Added ‘discuss’ interaction
  -Added NPC asking PC to go steady
  -Added descriptions showing what each character is doing during activities
  -Made NPCs alway interact with their baby if doing childcare
  -Made NPCs interact with each other when PC is present
  -Made NPCs be able to approach PC
Pregnancy & Childcare:
  -Added paternity test
  -Added pregnancy revelation event
  -Added child support discussion
Character Creator:
  -Added various new fetishes (cheating, stealing, and sharing)
  -Added more information display regarding sexual encounters
  -Added information display regarding romance and infidelity
  -Added auto-set location and outfit for hangout
  -Fixed 2 baby-related bugs
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-Fixed male characters having breasts during character creation
-Fixed crashing when selecting ‘fuck harder’ during anal sex
-Fixed anal pregnancy not getting saved for custom NPCs
-Fixed sexuality and genital preference not getting saved correctly
-Fixed crashing when orgasm during intimate in ‘on knees’ positions
-Fixed evening effects overwriting day effects display
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  -Added childbirth
  -Added childcare system
  -Added diet system
  -Added anal pregnancy
  -Added hermaphrodite sex
  -Added custom character creator
  -Added custom NPC import
  -Added customizable world generation settings
  -Added orgasm limit based on endurance and willpower
  -Added ‘on knees’ position
  -Added blowjob
  -Added handjob
  -Added cunnilingus
  -Added fingering
  -Added cum swallow
  -Added facial
  -Added ‘on bed’ position
  -Added missionary sex
  -Added doggy-style sex
  -Added ejaculation request
  -Added leg-locking
  -Added option to return from sex to intimate
  -Added option to stop being intimate
  -Added option to change partner position while standing back
  -Added sex score record
NPCs & Interaction:
  -Added ‘baby’ type NPCs (younger than 3)
  -Added interaction with babies
  -Added ‘ask’ interaction
  -Added interactable NPCs filtering
  -Added more descriptive information regarding attractiveness & affections
  -Added overview viewing during interaction
  -Added text that indicates what action a character takes during social, intimate, or sex
  -Added relationship value/love/lust limit
  -Improved NPC greeting narration
  -Improved NPC intimacy/rejection/acceptance narration
  -Reworked NPC sex system
  -Added character creator screen
  -Added world generation settings screen
  -Added overview screen in ‘Bio’ menu
  -Added finance screen
  -Added additional character information recorded ‘Relationships’ screen
  -Reworked week/month planning screen
  -Reworked outfit management screen
Character Creator:
  -Added hermaphrodite sex selection
  -Added pronouns selection
  -Added age selection
  -Added anal pregnancy selection
  -Added character image import
  -Added appearance preview
  -Added saving & loading character settings
  -Added ‘give birth’ activity
  -Added childbirth event & alternative
  -Added child naming
  -Added child support costs
  -Added ‘childcare’ activity
  -Added randomized default settings during character creation
  -Added tooltips when hovering over selected outfit
  -Added also setting up ‘Soldier’ outfit when auto-set outfits
  -Added explanation as to why an outfit is unequipable
  -Extended game length (8 months -> 12 months)
  -Added game icon
  -Changed game name from ‘Over-Soul’ to ‘OverSoul’
  -Adjusted lust gains during various sex actions
  -Adjusted arousal gains during various intimate and sex actions (removed some random elements and added genital preference checks)
  -Adjusted cat-morphs attributes and height (endurance 10 -> 15, magic 15 -> 10, height 145/185 – > 140/180)
  -Adjusted mouse-morphs height (130/170 -> 120/160)
  -Adjusted bunny-morphs height (130/170 -> 140/180)
  -Adjusted default text size (from 26 to 22)
  -Lowered tax by half
  -Lowered relationship gains when flirting (from 1/2 to 1/10)
  -Lowered arousal requirements to start sex (from 40 to 25)
  -Lowered starting arousal during intimate (from 1/2 to 1/5 of current lust)
  -Lowered PC’s and NPCs’ starting money (from 500-2000 to 100-500)
  -Lowered skill gain rate during sex
  -Lowered chance of pregnancy
  -Lowered stamina recovered by relaxing (from about 60 to 15-20)
  -Added genital preference check for attractiveness calculation
  -Removed randomness in attractiveness calculation
  -Fixed NPC memory logging the PC as ‘you’ rather than their name
  -Fixed too many NPCs leaving their job or getting fired
  -Fixed NPCs being unable to get a job
  -Fixed NPCs forming relationships too quickly
  -Fixed duplicated memories
  -Fixed penile ejaculation when being receiver describing position incorrectly
  -Fixed guard job not working
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-Fixed ‘kiss’ action causing a crash if either partner has no penis
-Fixed sexuality effects being swapped
-Fixed ‘drink’ activity incorrectly lowering stamina
-Added an option to set daytime schedules automatically
-Added an option to set up ‘casual’ and ‘work’ outfit sets automatically
-Added a tooltip that displays what each store sells before going to shop
-Added additional text display for the chosen activity specification (e.g. what topic to learn during the ‘study’ activity)
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-Fixed infinite orgasm loop.
-Fixed anal sex crashes.
-Added ’emergency escape button’ during sex in case you get stuck.
-You can now change button size in settings.
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-Fixed masturbating to a non-existence penis or vagina.
-Fixed being stuck in an intimate scene and unable to start sex.
-Added ‘Settings’ option.
-You can now change text font and size in settings.
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-Initial release
Developer Notes:
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  If you’d like to report bugs, give feedback, or just chat, you can contact me on my discord and/or my game thread. Additionally, you can read up on the new mechanics in detail on my blog.
If you encounter a bug, try going into any menu such as Bio, then ‘Return’ and see if that fixes it. Then please take a screenshot of the console and send it to me, as this will help me pinpoint the issue faster.
  IMPORTANT: if your antivirus flags the game as malicious, then you can safely allow it on the device as it is a false positive.  Apparently, many hackers used Python exe compiler to build their malware. This causes some antiviruses to flag completely innocent software like mine as malicious simply because it uses a compilation method similar to those malwares.

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