Parasite Infection [r1.34] [Anon Smith]

Parasite Infection [r1.34] [Anon Smith]

April 17, 2024F95

Parasite Infection
is a sexually explicit game dealing with multiple niche fetishes.  It is currently a text and picture adventure game being developed in Twine.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-15
Release Date: 2024-03-02
Developer: Anon Smith – Patreon TFgamesiteDiscord
Censorship: No
Version: r1.34
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Monster, Text based, Sci-fi, Adventure, FF, F-Self, Sub, Dom, Preg, Swap, F2M, Involuntary TF, M2F, Possession, Herm, Corruption, Voluntary TF
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Run
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Additions & changes:
* [Part 3-4] Bridged the transitioning of picked host with infested parasites to be usable in part 4 from part 3
* [Cheats->Walkthroughs] Added a small description for those who stuck and want to progress from part 4 to 5
* [Part 2-3] Added transition with biosuits and other infested parasites. If MC is not equipped with a biosuit there will be a warning in red color about not being able to progress to part 3
* [Part 1+] Character that wears a merged starfish suit now gestates the parasites at an increased speed rate by 2
* [Part 2] Added to the self inspection page in the list of characters met the status of infestation with a biosuit
* [Part 1+] Character with a canal infested vagina now gestates the biosuit in their womb with an increased speed rate by 1
* [Part 5] Added mindhack lvl increase possibility if host orgasms to “Induce masturbation” option (The full mindhack event descriptions will be skipped, while increasing mindhack lvl with this option)
* [Part 5] Now when the host is over aroused – the passage will change automatically to the masturbation page. Increased arousal drop from ordinary masturbation 5→10
* [Part 5] Added a text descriptor of pheromone infestation progress in base rooms that pheromone release was initiated at least once
* [Part 5] While in control of host added the option to harvest fluids and parasites from an infested nearby NPC that you can approach without extra passage entries
Bug fixes & corrections:
* [Part 4] Fixed conditions in the lower bedroom main house for the chosen host from previous parts to be displayed correctly
* [Part 2] Fixed incorrect part checkers for displaying infested parasites on body of Amy
* [Part 4] Fixed a bug where possessing another body from previous chapters that is not Chloe added that character body to the harem member list
* [Part 2] Fixed a bug where the player can inject a biosuit into a character with already gestating biosuit
* [Part 2] Excluded Rene from ‘During the day’ event list
* [Part 2] Fixed bug where gestating a biosuit would still allow to create a new biosuit larva on top of it
* [Part 2] Added space key usage to progress through morning mind assimilation passage
* [Part 2] Added audio stop of infestation music after doing any infestation with captured Joan
* [Part 2] Parasite inventory placement fix back to profile image top location
* [Part 5] Fixed ventilation traversal in werm form in the night time phase. Space button assigned for “Crawl out” from ventilation and “Get back into last host”(the last one that was possessed by the player) while in werm form
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* Added part picker to the title screen directly
* [Part 5] Added option during night phase “Masturbate close to someone” that can be used if host has a parasite in vagina or penis. The infestation has a 15% to occur on a randomly picked NPC in room
* [Part 5] While in control of the host, approaching and having sex with another NPC while their resist is 30 or more while there are other NPC’s in the room results in a discovery bad event (+10 to busted meter)
* [Part 5] Added option “Induce masturbation” that can be used while not in control of host. This option advances time, increases host perversion by 5 and if there are other people in the room at the moment of using this option +20 to detection meter from each person. Doing this action when arousal is quite high will increase host’s perversion by 5 more
* [Part 5] Added option “Increase birth rate” that can be used on any time phase excluding night. This option advances time and gives 1 extra werm parasite on night phase
* [Part 5] Added “Pheromone release” option to be also available when in control of the host (inhabiting the neck choker)
* [Part 5] Added the option to safely get out of the current host and possess another host in Sleeping Quarters rooms during the night phase
* [Part 5] Pheromone infected rooms can now infect the characters that visit the room. The probability is based of the % of the room infection
* [Part 5] Removed message when exiting host not on “night” time phase
* [Part 5] Added progress tracker to the “Resistance Reclamation” events descriptor (“#/Total”)
* [Part 5] Added “You released pheromones” to the descriptions of pheromone release mechanic
* [Part 5] Changed room size for pheromone release to work faster. Armory 100 → 45, Laboratory 100 → 30, Brig 100 → 60, Dining 100 → 45, Bathroom 100 → 30, Engineering 100 → 80, Kitchen 100 → 60, Range 100 → 50, Sleeping Quarters 1/2/3 100 → 30, Utility Room 100 → 30.
* [Part 5] Room clearance mech requirements lifted, mech simplified
* [Part 2+] Decreased perversion stat requirement for auto-accept of parasite infestation on ‘During the Night’ events (150 → 100)
* [Part 5] Changed text color of perversion increase(cyan → purple) and resistance decrease(cyan → dark orange) for pheromone release event and % display rounded to 1 decimal
* [Part 5] Added bottom navigation menu(s). Can be accessed when in control of host character
* [Part 5] Added Unique parasites. Other characters can be turned into werms in the engineering room when they are choker and neck werm infested. Unique parasites use unique slots that do not take up space from ordinary infestation slots
* [Part 1+] Space button can now be used to progress through most infestation passages
* [Part 5] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to navigate through the base
* [Part 4] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to cycle through bottom navigation menu and some other passages
* [Part 1+] Space button is now used on “Continue” in self/other body part infestation passages
* [Part 1] Directional keyboard buttons can now be used to use some of the options in passages with multiple click options
* [Part 2] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to cycle through bottom navigation menu. ‘←’ – jump to first page in the menu, ‘→’ – cycle through the passages in the navigation menu; ‘↑’ and ‘↓’ – upstairs/downstairs if there is any.
* [Part 2-5] Space button can now be used to progress through most passages
Artwork changes & additions:
* [Title screen] Added images of picking game part to the title screen
* [Sex acts art] Added male chest base image links to “doggy style” sex act
* [Part 1+] Fixed auto speech bubble portraits to display correctly male/female version of how Chet/Chloe looks.
Bug fixes & corrections:
* [Part 5] Added [?] notification message at the “Laboratory” for the biosuit tech usage about capturing threat
* [Part 1+] Fixed NPC sex act chooser by preference getting off bound with no value (cannot execute macro <<npc_sex_choices>> during NPC sex act bug)
* [Part 5] “+1 phase delay” and the supporting it text of “Reclamation plotline” on during the “Time advances” events now have extra bold text formatting
* [Part 1+] Added measures of removing “undefined” NPCs that can surface on “During the night/day” events
* [Part 5] Corrected NPCs ‘masturbate’ behavior to infect the room with moles of pheromones
* [Part 5] Removed “Actions x/max” description when in parasite form
* [Part 5] Removed “Up/Down” buttons from the elevator passage. Added correct descriptions for each floor.
* [Part 5] Added a limiter to “overall awareness” for the value to stay in 0-100 bounds
* [Part 2+] Fixed situation where on during the day events “check body” & “infested open” events bugged the message display with a “<<day_cycle>>: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘merged’)”
* [Part 2+] Fixed “partnersex” night event not increasing “infected” quest count occurence
[Part 1] Space button can now be used to progress through most passages
[Part 1] ←, ↑, ↓, → button image directions can now be used by pressing the corresponding keyboard buttons
[Part 1+] Now “Map” can be closed by pressing the “M” key
[Part 5] Moved “Get outside of current host” lower on the passages
[Part 2+] Changed NPC during the day/daytime decision tree
[Part 5] Added plotline progression on `during the noon` passages
[Sex acts] Added doggystyle art image links. Changed doggystyle target requirement from a ‘fuckable anus’ to a ‘fuckable vagina’
[Part 5] Added busted meter that can be seen during the “Night” time phase
[Part 2] Added day and day of week display to profile image viewer
[Part 5] Added night infestation options that can be accessed in the “Night” time phase
[Part 5] Now in the ‘Night’ time phase parasite birthing event occur
[Part 5] Added extra descriptors to be more aware of time progression (start and end of ‘During the Day/Night’ events)
[Part 5] Added time progression icon at top left of character profile
[Part 5] Now attempting to infest the host while in werm form and the host perversion is less than 60 or resistance more than 40 will result in instant game over
[Part 2] Added Brett’s female version display if their gender is female
[Part 5] ‘Release pheromones’ action now increases host perversion, lowers host resistance. Message displayed on ‘During the Day/Night’ events page
[Part 5] Infection lvl of each room is now displayed on the overall map
[Part 5] Added ‘Mutate or Merge parasites’ options
[Part 5] Fixed empty ‘Continue’ passage link during Egg incubation infestation passage
[Sex acts] Fixed perspective issues in ‘Receive blowjob’ act
[Part 4] Fixed progression issues while using a biosuit to do pheromone infestations in houses
[Part 2] Removed Julie too large belly image links for suit gestation situation. Large belly images for gestation situation are now the same as for egg incubation situation
[Part 5] Fully removed ‘tension’ stat from having a role in ‘game over’ mechanics
[Part 5] ‘Release pheromones’ now infects the room with pheromones. Amount is relevant to the amount and type of parasites infesting the host. Message displayed on ‘During the Day/Night’ events page
[Part 2+] Fixed attached parasites color mutations not consuming intended fluids
[Part 2+] Fixed self injection of fluids. Fixed MC overnight vaginal colored parasite mutations
[Part 5] Removed the “Tension” stat from starting an instant “Game Over”
[Part 5] Now “release pheromones” advances time to the During the Day/Night events directly
[Part 2+] Fixed incorrect starfish breasts display on naked Chloe when breasts size less than 25
[Part 4-5] Fixed chapter transition error to the 5th from 4th
[Part 4] Corrected addition of Malopin to the harem to be converted to female right before the addition
[Part 4] Corrected over the night antari extra infection/infestation to 33% of already infected/infested
[Part 4] Upper limit of infected and infested antari were set to 401,680,000 each
[Part 4] Malopin, Marcia, Greyce, Dexter, Reginald artwork updated. Still more to add.
[Part 4] Simplified infestation process for the green house, added perversion events.
[Part 4] Added notifications of doing the harvesting action in the harem member viewer page
[Part 2+] Added naked Chloe colored vaginal werm parasites image links
[Sex acts] Corrected colored breasts starfish infestation image layering for antari and human
[Sex acts] Added colored parasites image links for breast penetration act
[Part 2] Added neck choker, mouth canal, breasts starfish (large and normal) colored parasites image links for Linda
[Part 2] Added neck choker, mouth canal colored parasites image links for Nurse and mouth canal, neck choker, breasts starfish, vagina canal colored parasites image links for Chloe in Nurse interaction/visit page
[Part 2] Added breast starfish (large and normal), neck choker, vagina canal and mouth canal colored parasites image links for Tracie
[Part 2] Added breast starfish, neck choker and mouth canal colored parasites image links for infested Claire
[Part 1+] Added D+ breast sizes image links for MC in a jumpsuit
[Part 1] Added large breasts image link for “Scientist”, “Secretary/Admin”, “Comm Officer”, Rene
[Part 4] Entering the “Create other parasites” page now automatically collects all of the fluids from the character that is currently occupied
[Part 4] Added harvest switcher in the harem page. Now can harvest also fluids from the harem list page
[Part 2] Added Robyn starfish colored parasite variant image links on large breasts
[Part 2] Added Quinn large breast image links. Now colored starfish images for large breasts are used
[Part 2] Added Julie large belly image links for suit gestation situation. Previous belly images are moved to egg incubation situation
[Part 4] Fixed bug occurrence where doing a fast color mutation did not consume intended fluid type
[Part 1+] Returned the birthing functionality of all colored types of the werm parasite
[Part 4] Fixed Spiir fight progression for gaining them as a harem member
[Part 4] Fixed the hospital infection sequence. Now the “Artificial Womb Room” can accessed after infecting the hospital
[Part 4] Increased trap chance by 3 times than it was before. Increased the minimal trap chance of all parasites to at least be able to do an infestation
[Part 4] Fixed passage change to another passage occurrences when doing a solo parasite color mutation in the “Parasite Conversion” passage
[Part 2] The image on the “A Bright Light” passage is now clickable to access the next passage
[Part 2] Removed text-only cyan parasite conversion options to visual clickable options in Sanctum
[Part 1] Removed text-only cyan parasite conversion options to visual clickable options in Surgery Room
[Part 1] Fixed undefined line of text when doing the seduction sequence with the scientist
[Part 4+] Added grayed out button images for the parasite conversion unavailable actions
[Part 4+] Fixed bug occurrences when infesting another person with a biosuit
[Part 4+] Added the options to transfer/inject biosuits to another character
[Part 2] Fixed biosuit wear bug with Amy
[Part 2] Added alternate graphical display menus to “MC self inspect”
[Part 4] Changed `instant mutations` fluid requirements to 1
[Part 4] Replace text menu of parasite conversion to graphical menu display
[Part 4] Added more graphical elements of fluid display
[Part 4] Replaced text menu of instant parasite color mutation to alternate menu display
[Part 4] Added alternate instant parasite color mutation menu display
[Part 2 art] Added choker variations images for Steve(male)
[Part 2 art] Added all parasite color variations for Brett
[Part 5] Fixed Cyan case mutation error occurrences on “during the night” events. “Mutate into a …” options are not working correctly right now (when not in control of host)
[Part 5] Corrected typo in suit incubation description of “watching as parasites merging together” from 10 to 15
[Parts 1, 2, 5] Added a default map size value when starting chapter or skipping to a chapter
[Part 5] Fixed “Artificial Womb Room” conditions to open it in the Hospital
[Part 1+] Added a restart button on the Game Over page in case the Restart side menu button does not work
[Part 4] Added description to the Canal usage during Large Dark House infestation plot
[Part 3+] Fixed portrait “…-image” does not exist error messages display occurrences when swapping to another body and being unable to open the “Self inspect” screen. Added as a replacement image placeholder for such occurrences
[Part 1+] Fixed “…-image” does not exist error messages display occurrences on NPC character interaction screens
[Part 4] Edited typo of “four canals” to “four White Canals” in plot advancement info
[Part 4] Fixed occurring error messages in “Hospital Admin Room” after infesting Reina
[Part 1+] Fixed ‘inseminate_all’ naming “term” bug occurrences if the attached parasite was mutated into another that cannot be infested on that bodypart directly
[Part 4+] Fixed mindfuck passages error wall of text during infestation of other NPC neck choker with a werm
[Part 2+] Fixed a bug where antari squirt did not trigger a womb parasite mutation overnight
[Part 5] Fixed bug where past host is not available anymore after swapping to another host body
[Part 5] Vagina body part now cannot be used for “egg incubation” and “preparing a parasite” simultaneously
[Part 5] Increased the “finger vagina” option immediate tension reduction from 10 to 20
[Part 5] Reduced penalty to tension when MC is caught masturbating on during the day events from 150 to 100
[Part 2] Renamed existing clothing items. Added 7 new clothing items.
[Part 2] Testing clothing mechanism
[Part 4] Removed image display of the character on the passage right after body swap
[Part 4 art] Fixed size of Greyce portrait when in her body to fit size of side menu
[Part 1+] Separated social and biological character sex recognition. Character is considered biologically male if they have a penis above 10 in size. Character is socially seen as female if breasts size is more or eq than 20.
[Part 2] Added option to get MC squirt from masturbation option ‘Finger vagina’ (requires at least 1 action to be used)
[Sex acts] Fixed squirt acquiring during orgasms with vaginal orifices
[Settings] Removed alert message if ‘translations.js’ file is missing. Now the message is displayed in the settings screen. Need to “RESTART” game if placing the translations file in the game directory during play.
[Part 1+] Added antari variant of the werm breasts infest image link
[Sex acts] Fixed “show/hide non available acts” flickering occurrence
[Part 2+] Changed needed fluids for attached parasites mutations: for merged – 4, for unmerged – 8
[Part 2+] Added alternate parasite color mutations without the need to incubate, but a lot of fluids is needed in exchange (6 for now). Requirements for it to be open is same as for womb incubation
[Part 4 art] Added greyce image links
[Part 3+] Corrected the portrait display on speech bubbles for the MC if MC is not Chloe/Chet
[Sex acts art] Added image link to “scissoring” act
[Part 2] Expanded optional “journal” entries.
[Part 2] Added “journal”(located in the cheats page for now). Added journal entries for the main questline.
[Part 2+] Colored parasite mutation picker moved lower to the mutation section of “Self inspect”
[Part 4] Added ‘Victoria’ image links
[Part 4] Fixed “Yellow house” pheromones infestation error during infestation quest
[Sex acts art] Added new human participants “fellatio” and “fellatiogive” acts image links. Added new canal parasites image links for human participants
[Sex acts] Added a “show/hide” button for non-available sex acts. Sex-menu now has a height scrollbar if the menu is longer than the screen height
[Sex acts] Added a duo-shaft mindfuck sex act
[Sex acts] Changed “mindfuck” acts requirements from “a penis of any type” to “a natural penis or werm in vagina”
[Sex acts art] Antari with human ass to ass image link addition
[Part 2] During first intro scene after kissing Tracie will now be aware that the MC is infested
[Part 1+] Fixed spelling of `mindfuck` act for male targets
[Part 1+ art] Fixed missionary sex canal art layering
[Part 1+] Now during sex encounter NPC/MC can learn of the opposite side infestation state
[Part 1+] If the NPC knows that the MC is infested it is now displayed as an additional descriptor in the infestation page of NPC
[Part 1+] Added additional description inside each sex act to be aware of the cause of arousal changes at the end of the act
[Part 1+] Unavailable sex acts are now displayed as grayed out options. Hovering over the `[?]` will display the conditions for the option to be available to use.
[Part 1+] Removed sex act initiation description on sex act start if the initiator is the MC
[Part 1+] Added new `ass to ass` human version image artwork link
[Part 1+] MC can now initiate giving option of `Missionary` and `Fellatio` when their resistance is more than 50
[Part 1+] Mind meltdown during neck penetration stat changes. 1st stage: 50%->10% decrease of resistance, perversion set to 75%->30% of max perversion; 2nd stage: minimal arousal set to 30%->20% of max arousal, resistance set to minimum->[20, minimal_resistance*2], perversion set to 100%->60% of maximum perversion.
[Part 1+] Fixed parasite inventory item image disappear on quantity = 0
[Part 4] Infestation menu corrections to work with harem system & NPCs in harem
[Part 4] Fango images corrections to work with harem system
[Part 4] Maroon house final infestation step now correctly adds Fango to harem
[Part 1+] Added extra descriptor when initiating a `inseminate all` option and no parasites were inseminated/fertilized
[Part 2+] Starting a “mindfuck” now costs 1 action point (all characters have 2 action points by default, NPC’s use up 1 action point when attacking the MC for sex)
[Part 1+] Red Choker parasite now increases MC/NPC action points by 2 and Blue Choker parasite decreases it by 1
[Part 2] Attached parasites menu color switcher and color mutation usage is now restricted from the `Your room` passage
[Part 2+] NPC’s with “Partnersex” behavior will now initiate insemination on their partner on during the day events
[Part 1+] “Masturbate” behavior option has been removed from mindfuck options
[Part 1+] Added “Erode Mental Armor” (reduces resistance by 40 and max resistance by 20) and “Perpetual Fantasies” (Increases minimum arousal by 20) mindfuck options
[Part 1+] “Oral penetration” sex act now reveals the stomach werm parasite if there’s a hidden one
[Part 4] Grey house code execution fully implemented for current plot volume
[Part 1+] Changed max size of breasts influenced by cyan starfish 90->80.
[Part 4+] Harem member collect parasites button fixed to as was intended
[Part 4] Corrected parasite birth display/execution to intended for case when not inside Chloe and visiting their room
[Part 2] Added passage links to Joan and Jessica rooms in “Dining Room” and “Your Room” if they are neck infested with a choker parasite. Also passage links back to “Your Room” from those passages if that character(Joan/Jessica) in the room is neck infested
[Part 1+] Moved attached parasites mutation color chooser right before infestation display text
[Part 1+] Attached parasite fluid mutations quantity usage quantities changed (merged – 10, not merged – 20)
[Part 2] `home` passages not existing bugfix
[Part 1] Audio error fix on `captured` bad end
[Part 1+] “Preferences” renamed to “Sexual Preferences” and moved below right after “Others” NPC info.
[Sex acts] `Fellatio` act got a separate action for non-MC characters executing auto-encounter on room enter – MC will be put to do `Fellatio` for them. Current `Fellatio` option renamed to `Perform Fellatio`.
[Sex acts] On during `missionary` act hidden vaginal parasite exposure is now notified by a prompt
[Part 2] Fixed social relations between Chet/Chloe and Quinn so that they don’t have sex on during the night events when player did not visit Quinn before
[Part 2] Amy _cont_location fix on brain infestation event
[Part 1+] Fixed occurrence of not interactable areas around the movable map boxes
[Part 2+ Night Events] When npc’s don’t accept a parasite, gain additionally +1 to the detection meter
[Part 2+] Day Event not infected “NPC behaves as normally as possible” now does not increase resistance
[Part 4] Encounter sex system corrected to work with harem system
[Part 4] Now infested NPCs move into the harem
[Part 2+] Added additional info on mutating parasites with fluids – what mutations will result with inserted fluids
[Part 2+] Added info on mouseover for stored fluids about parasite mutations with fluids
[Part 2+] Not stored fluids (those that are inside a body and is not in containers) display changed for easier readability
[Part 2+] Stored fluids are now available while being in any body
[Part4] During the day infected unknown fix
[Part 3+] Disabled the harmony/dominance infestation due to lack of usage
[Part 4] Added random events in Portal Hub. Priest, bureaucrat, politician random event mini plotlines
[Part 1+] “[undefined]” text display at end of page on mute audio fix
Parasite Infection 1.2 Changelog:
[Part 4] New characters addition to the story code: Marcia, Sapphire, Victoria, Dexter, Reginald. Removed characters from story: Ramellen, Strema, Alpi, Jothran, Sidra, Xelum, Motten, Girt.
[Part 4] Added `harem system` rework (main plot NPC’s can be turned into a harem member; mech in testing)
[Part 4 art] Added Reina main uninfested image link
[Part 4 content] Reworked all the houses to be less dynamic and more on rails. There is a main story for each house and a specific infestation progression. Rewrote the stories for the portal hub.
[Part 1] Fixed “is” and “are” usages in Infestation Menu
[Part 2] Amy infested image links. Corrected height fix (text now does not hide behind image)
  • [Part 1+] NPC started sex encounter freeze due to orgasm loop fix
  • [Part 4] House naming on during the night corrections
  • [Part 2] Added NPC’s stats display for the Nurse
  • [Part 5 art] Preggo belly and aroused werm(with and without canal) images intersection corrections
  • [Part 5] Added Ventilation shaft 2 & Ventilation shaft 3 passages
  • [Part 5] Added small profile pics when choosing a first body to infest as a werm
  • [Part 4] Added coffee machine passage in the hospital
  • [Part 1+] Added a stat clamp on stat display of NPC’s (resistance, perversion and arousal will stay within bounds when the stat display is first met in page)
  • [Part 1 art] Added back old image links of MC antari self infesting mouth with werm
  • [Part 4 art] Added black market image link & translator image link
  • [Part 2+ art] Changed male PC naked choker layer to be higher than the breast images (to fix the small breasts image overlap the choker image)
  • [Part 2] Added Joan in closet image links (breast, neck & mouth)
  • [Part 2] Added Amy’s room and image link
  • [Settings] Added font size changer that changes the text size inside the #passages (changes the story text font size). Default value is 16px, range is 10-48. Character portraits scale with text size. Settings will reset on page reload.
  • [Settings] Separated volume and map scaling apply buttons (“Save changes” no longer applies any changes to volume and map scaling values) [Settings] Fixed a situation where the options of “Show mouth canal art” where unavailable/disappeared after setting it to “NO”
r1.13 – added the ability to resize the map (for people using lower resolution screens)
– Updated the map for the house and mall
– Added in new artwork for small objects
– Started cleaning up the sex module, less #’s and stats
– Will continue to update Parasite Infection 1 in the short term, I think I have a plan of what to do with part 4 to make it much better and more coherent.
Added r1.11 Android Port*
  • an transition from part 3 to 4
  • [Part 4+] Fixed hidden status exposure on infesting self with a canal in left or right hand
  • [Part 4] Greyce image overlap fix
  • [Part 1] Fixed Continue button after infesting NPC’s necks with a werm 1.1 Lots of quality of life changes, enhanced cheat menu, no plot additions. Only one version (cheat menu enabled)
  • [Part 3+] Enabled generic Antari female and set her image to be equal to Sarah, along with Greyce
  • [Part 1+] anticipation.mp3 overlapping audio during infestations bugfix
  • [Part 3] Biosuit counter errors bugfix [Part 1+] Canal exposure during infestation/sex scenes bugfix
  • [Part 1+] Inseminate error bugfix
  • [Part 2+] Squirt(fluid) during sex scenes bugfixes New cheat menu, can be accessed through the settings (Added the contributors name to the Credits page). Old one renamed to basic cheat mode Updated sugarcube engine to latest (2.36.1) (edited)
  • Update r1.08 – Part 4 fixes
  • [Part 4] Create other parasite types removed from other houses (only starting house has this option now)
  • [Part 4] Added solo Werm infestation (looks almost the same as the area parasite infestation, but only with one parasite type and quantity of 1) that has 100% infestation probability but random NPC pick. Message on during the night will have a solo additional descriptor. Can only be attempted once per day
  • [Part 4] If the NPC that the player is interacting with is not married to the occupied host, then the initiate sex option will display that the ocupied host can’t initiate sex with the current NPC
  • [Part 4] Self Infestation with parasites if now available only in the Blue House (starting house, where Sam and Greyce are)
  • [Part 4+] Fixed correct image display if the occupied host is not Chloe for starfish on ass and werm in anus self infestation passages
  • [Part 1+ art] Fixed image links for purple and red werm infestation passages. Fixed starfish image links for cases of infesting other than the 1st pair of breasts
  • [Part 4] Options wait till evening and go to bed that were in the Blue house lower bedroom are now in the Blue house master bedroom
  • [Part 4] Fixed some grammar issues (when first infesting grayce and sam in the first house, infestation menu) [Part 4] Arena invitation progress is now displayed in the arena signup passage
  • [Part 4] Now a NPC’s room will not be shown in the house passages if they are the currently occupied host
    [Part 4] Fixed a situation where infesting the inhabitants of the first house two chokers and two werms were not used
  • [Part 4] Added naked Chloe image links to “2 Story Blue House – Lower Bedroom” room (when not in Chloe)
  • [Part 4] After the battle in the antari arena both of the participants become married. Now can use infestation options on an uninfested NPC if the NPC is in a married relationship with the occupied host
  • [Part 4] Doubled the amount of pheromones that are released during “Pheromone release” option fix (now works as intended)
  • [Part 4 Art] Added Ormus & Sam image links
  • [Part 4] Added a method to progress to part 5 – Infest Ormus, controll them, open a portal in portal hub, get back into the original body, enter the portal
  • [Part 2] When teacher is fully infested (neck choker and breasts starfish) and nurse if fully infested (neck choker, breasts starfish, vagina canal and werms in mouth, breasts, vagina, anus) there is a special infestation scene in the classroom after all sex education classes
  • [Part 3-4] Profile images(when infesting a character from part 2) links changed to lowercase and added brett and linda profile image links
  • [Part 5] Map image is now a movable div
  • [Part 4] Adjusted Will’s parasite additions images to be displayed as intended (8 pixels upper)
  • [Part 2+] Increased fluid injection quantity options for x5/x10. Now the NPC’s can collect fluids in themselves (but can’t move it to others) [Part 2] Added parasite color mutation for the NPCs.
  • [Part 2+] Added biosuit mutation option for merged biosuits on PC/NPC’s (can transform one suit into another if there is: 1 suit of the wanted type, 20 parasites of the suit type family, 50 werms)
  • [Part 4] Parasites now influence host battle stats. * blue: strength–, intelect+, agility++, * red: strength+++, intelect—, agility+, * white: intellect—, agility+++, strength+, * purple: intelect++, strength+, agility+, * cyan: intellect-, strength+, agility+, Each +/- increases/decreases battle stat (1 – 0.075, 2 – 0.15, 3 – 0.3). Efficiency of each types of parasites: werms: 40%, canals: 50%, starfish: 70%, choker: 100. Example: red starfish – strength: 0.30.7=0.21, agility: 0.0750.7=0.525, intelect: -0.3*0.7=-0.21 Every parasite that is infesting a host influences the stat changes (but not biosuit for now)
  • [Part 4] Expanded manual battle actions. 3 main stances that each are mainly influenced by a certain stat the most. Aggresive – strength, thoughtfull – intelect, nimble – agility. [Sex acts art] Added starfishes on small breasts image links for target in missionary sex act
  • [Part 5] Increased arousal influence on tension decrease during induced masturbation (4x more than before) [Part 4] Added Fango image links
  • [Part 5] Fixed inability to infest other NPC’s with biosuits
  • [Part 5] Taking control of NPC and first entering the “elevator” passage will always enter the 0 floor bugfix [Part 5] Added the option to enter the brig cell and enter Chloe’s body [Part 5] Approach Kandy option is now displayed as intended
  • [Part 5] Increased line breaks between the Grab the key option and Approach… when inside Arnold (edited)
[Parts 1-2] Added walkthrough help section in menu
[Part 2] Added male MC naked mouth canal image link. Added female breasts werm, female mouth werm (can be hidden with the hide mouth canal art) image links
[Part 4] Added antari arena fight appointment
No artwork was added yet (several pieces done/incoming)
[Part 2] Fixed audio in the main room being too loud as well as playing during choker
[Part 2+] Overhauled the werm mindfuck mind control sequence. To get the domination pathway, put a red werm in your neck while having high resistance. To get the submission pathway, put any other werm in your neck with low resistance.
[Part 2] Discovered and fixed the extra vaginal infestations outdated stat changes (still had force). Updated choker to only set resistance -50 instead of setting it to zero, making it easier to maintain high resistance for the mindfuck sequence.
[Part 2] Discovered that there is still a lot of artwork that needs to be fixed
[Part 1] Autosave occurrence decreased to not affect game data load too much than needed (at room exits at the spaceship & at key points at the station)
[Part 2+] Added antari version of handholding, ass to ass, blowjob, breast elopement, hand breastfuck image links (only showable if the MC and NPC engaging in the sex act are both of the same species)
[Part 1+] Added MC starfish self buttocks infestation image links (antari & human)
[Part 1+] Replaced image links for MC/NPC werm mouth infestations
[Part 1+] Self infestation with colored werm variants in ass and vagina image links addition
[Menu] Autosave slot can be accessed starting from Starting Gender passage
[Part 1] Added autosave when entering Vertical Passage Fore/Mid/Aft, Spinal Corridor, Key Saychu Entrance, Key Dock Key Saychu Station Main Ring
[Part 2] Added autosave when entering Your room
[Part 2] Changed music play after freeing Joan (both cases)
[Part 2] Changed audio when first encountering Joan
[Part 1] On the page of Joan’s initial seduction on the spaceship, added lines with tan font color of PC’s holes getting fertilized
[Part 1+] Ejaculation into merged starfish infested breasts increase it’s size by 1 (doesn’t work on infestall)
[Part 2+] Infesting penis of MC/NPC with any werm will now increase current size of penis by 5
[Part 1] Fixed parasite_exposed() error during Brain Masturbation (when putting a werm into neck choker)
[Part 2+] Corrected Pretend to help anyone trying to turn you in(subvert) condition switch to avoid a possible During the Day(<<day_cycle>>) error. Added a descriptor for the subvert behavior while in a NPC room
Part 1+] Choker on crotch dick size changes per time progress: cyan – shrinks by -3(was -1), white – shrinks by -2(was -1), red – increases by 1(max is 80 size), purple – shrinks by -2(was -1), blue – shrinks by -5(was -2)
[Part 1+] Putting starfish on males now gives them a type considering their overall species
[Part 1+] the menu for “body parasite mutation color” and “inject milk into vagina” now only shows up if the MC is able to perform mutations
[Part 1+] Restricted portrait & settings link clicking for sex options till the encounter ends
[Part 1+] Placed more specific conditions for fixing emerging errors on clicking back and forth between profile image and back to sex module
[Part 1+] Character/NPC main grouped stats are now displayed as integer(floor)
[sex menu] Re-added penis docking (receptive) sex option [Part 5] Exploration variable initiation changed to proper sequence order (a lot of bug messages on first entry of garage bugfix)
[Part 5] Fixed the option to enter the garage even if not in control of the NPC
[Part 5] Changed egg incubation conditions to infinite inventory
[Part 2+] Added naked male profile image links
[Part 2+] NPC Choker parasite mind meltdown resistance decrease on during the day now only occurs if the NPC has more than their minimal resistance value (0 for most NPC’s)
[Part 1] Added west passage exits to Rene room and Kitchen and passages to enter them from the west side
[Part 2] Lesbian threeway with Linda and steve/stacy starfish pics show conditions fixed to as intended
[Part 1+] Option to click portrait image and settings links is disabled during the during the day/night events
[Part 1] Fixed image layering problem of neck choker and mouth canal for Rene
[Part 2] Linda mouth canal image link addition. 4 image sizes were corrected to fix alignment problem (lindastar, lindapreg, lindastarpreg, lindanakedsmall), download the new images for this case if alignment problem occurs
[Part 2] Fixed bug when after inserting werms into full size breasts the torso of the player portrait becomes undefined
See More
[Part 1] bottom navigation arrows height raised a little higher. Width size set to 5 em (~64px), on screens that have resolution less than 790 px – 3em (~38px). Fixed css image reference to shrink arrow bar for mobile devices. All artwork is now lower case to fix bad image references on devices that are case sensitive [Part 1+] Removed excessive line breaks in infestation options (too much flex options corrections) [Part 1] Archive notes now have the option to close/collapse (archive room at the bottom left of spaceship) [Part 1+] Non-clickable text around parasite infestation links when infesting characters is now colored in white [Part 2] Changed the school fight days from Monday/Thursday to Monday/Wednesday/Friday [Part 1] Lower bound condition of infescore removed for the remove parasites option (remove parasites not available after rene infestation in the beginning bugfix) [Part 1+ art] Added suit incubation image links
[3:38 PM]
[Part 2] Added tentacle pits to the mall rooms (can proceed to create one after infesting the room) [Part 1+] NPC’s with werm infesting neck now reduce detection meter on during the night events [Part 1] Added egg breeder bad end [Part 2] Added mind assimilation – place choker and use their neck. Mind assimilation against the MC (only part 2 right now): descriptive consequences. Mind assimilation agains the NPC’s (only part 2 right now): lvl1 – reduces resistance by 50% and if perversion < 75 increases it to 75; lvl 2 – Arousal floor at 30, Resistance to 0, Perversion at 100, Behavior not locked and can be changed simply by talking to them instead of having sex. Mind corrosion occurs during the night when a choker is on an NPC [Part 1+] Collected fluid of undefined species now converts to species of the host(donor) when injecting into vagina [Part 1+] At end of sex acts scroll focus is reset to start (starts at beginning) [Part 1+] Infest breast with werms when having less than two werms of one type displaying empty choice option description fix
[3:40 PM]
———————————— We are still not at full release status, but its getting close. I think part 1 is completely clean now, all sorts of text linebreak errors and backdated descriptions are fixed. Images were all changed to completely lowercase so no more bad image links should be popping up. Arrows should be working for mobile, will hopefully have the mobile version available tomorrow. By the end of next week I’m hoping to clean and polish part 2 and 3 and then we can move on to working on part 4 and 5. ————————————-(edited)
– biggest changes are naked female art in private room while in part 2 or 5,
and multibreast/multivagina as well as a morning scene that triggers if you get mindfucked by Julie/Sandra/Jessica.
– NPC mutated parasites infestation
– Werm suit red/blue/white/purple parasite mutations
– PC fluid collection through inseminations
– [Part 5] Added profile display
– [Part 4] Changed static portrait images to dynamic NPC images(fits in portrait space)
– Added NPC behavior descriptions prior to earlier raw output (“free”, “subvert” and etc)
– Added `gestate` behavior which makes the person automatically birth parasites and eggs via self fertilization (can be changed to after a certain infestcore is accumulated)
[Part 2] Added new goal endings, before being brain infested
[Part 2] Fixed the bug where Brett won’t show up in the Garage after being infected
[Part 1] All choker egg antari self infestation pictures are now clickable links
[Part1->2] Fixed the bug where the neck parasite remains attached after “a bright white light” scene transitioning from part 1 to 2
[Part 1] Fixed the multiple choker loss bug when going back and forth between settings and secretary infestation picture
[Part 1] Secretary infestation link is now inside the infestation picture
[Part 1] Escape pod inability to advance to part 2 bugfix
Fixed a bug where infested NPCs will notice your infested nature (PC breast increase)
Now when an NPC accepts the parasites in their body or the changes to their body the detection threat will decrease too
[Part 3] Rebalanced all the choices, made it possible to get every choice (except the end choice) with a single team loadout.
[Part 4] Added starfish mutation artwork, cleaned up a bunch of the content
See More
[Part 2] Joan having only a human penis fix (allowed to use a choker on crotch fix)
Cheat menu is now available in part 4
[Part 4] Added the option `to make out` in another body with the original body
Fixed the bug where the biosuits may disappear after loading a save.
Added the option to show/hide mouth canal art (in the settings page)
Major overhaul of the settings page
Crotch parasite can now only be put on males that don’t have an already existing vagina
Added penis sex acts to the sex menu.
[Part 4] Added the current body description + the original body descriptions
Fixed the usage of the option `Vaginal Werm: fuck their…` in the sex acts when having a mouth or anus werm while not having an actual vaginal werm.
Fixed the `inseminate all` option that can inseminate a non-existing vagina.
Fixed the `phantom vagina` bug.
[Part 4] Fixed the `Sex acts` which were hardcoded under Chloe/Chet to be usable under any currently occupied body
See More
Fan-made `Parasite Inventory` system added w/ minor corrections
[Part 2] New variable for tracking sub/dom for mind infestation
[Part 2] Steve/Stacy house:
1) Linda + Brett’s rooms now allow parasite traps + infection
2) Steve is now not at home during school hours unless he is infested
[Part 2] Steve/Stacy additional text on MC visits, testing out domination/harmony options (not quite finished).  Eventually, only one pathway will be available to the player depending on whether they have harmonized with the brain werm or been dominated by it.
Choker effects split up between crotch and neck: crotch parasite shrinks dick size instead of neck parasite
[Part 4] Fixed the error that occurs during the night, that breaks further progress (feedback is needed if the bug occurs again, as it was reported to occur when `infesting antari politician`)
[Part 2] Mechanic tweak – Joan should not be contributing to the discovery bar when captive in the house
[Part 4] Fixed a bug with including the current/default body as an NPC in day/night cycles checks
Brain infestation infinite loop fix
[Part 2] Detection meter freeze feature in preparation for the clinic being infestable
See More
[Part 4] Fixed the bug that occurs when changing back to the chosen body from part 3
[Part 4] Antari male artwork, antari male/female body choice integration from part 3
[Part 2] Brain infestation corrections + harmony conclusion.
[Part 2] Fixed the werm minigame so the brackets stay on the bar
[Part 2] Improved acceptance system by describing what is going on with other characters
[Part 2] Re-added the ability to put choker onto crotch for males
[Part 2] Discovery progress bar in part 2 for being discovered by feds. When any parasite is ‘not accepted’ it creates a small bit of progress toward the bar.
[Part 2] Clinic agitation – simplified mechanic and combined w/ discovery bar
[Part 4] Arena of Destiny infestation
[Part 4] Slave system:
Slave resource gender differentiation
Slave gender differentiation
Parasite birth per day over night
[Part 4] Room system:
Slave resource usage by gender(male, female) or slaves in general (males will be used first)
[Part 4] Food Dome:
Level 2: Stage Req Slaves set to be 2 male 2 female
Level 3: Stage Req Slaves set to be 5 male 5 female
Added generic Antari Male artwork to part 4
See More
Neckfucking fix: now the behavior options are not available if the target is the MC
[Part 4] New NPC’s:
Ormus + random infestation event for him
biohazard box transition into part 2 fix
Nurse biosuit infestation fix
[Part 4] MC House fix
[Part 2] Added Bad-ends of being mindfucked by NPC’s [in progress]
[Part4] Fixed the bug sending the player from the Hospital Break Room into part 2 Break Room
[Part4] Infectable Rooms:
Hospital Admin
Underground Holodeck
Arena of fate – for both NPC’s
[Part4] Fixed passage looping:
Holodeck – can’t return to town
Hospital – can’t return to town
Arena of fate – can’t return to town
See More
– Sex system & biosuit infestation overhaul. Now the biosuit will infect the correct target during sex and, also, themselves during first usage
– Created code for random events in Portal Hub
– Part 4 house search fix + show text on hover for city center links
– Can corrupt the parents friends in part 2
– Patron cheat mode for $7 tier and above
– Fixed “_ does not want to have sex with you, you are not strong enough to force them” appears even when able to inseminate the person via sex
– Added artwork for Gabrielle pregnancy and large breast
See More
some bug fixes and the adding of the quinn art and the starfish biosuits.
See More
“cleaning up tons of bugs”:
– Unique infestation scenes for each store
– Stores are part of the data structure
– Stores have a patronage value which will infect/infest the city at a certain rate, which will be displayed somewhere in game once I get the mechanism running
– Fixed some grammar in sex passages (not all errors were caught here)
– Can now only infect 1-2 places per day
– Fixed Julie’s art to properly display pregnancy and breast sizes
– Updated Sandra’s art
– Updated credits
– Some text cosmetic fixes in part 1
– Used to have a bug where incubating werms would be detected as a full cock for sex scenes, that has been fixed
– Fixed parasites carrying over from part 1 to part 2 when going through ‘normal’ plotline
– Fixed breast infest art displaying based on gender rather than breast size
– Bug fix – mouthwerm breastfuck was targeting “breast” rather than “breasts”
– Fixed music for Tracie’s room
– Fixed music for some infestations in Gabrielle’s lab and Robyn’s changing room
– Made changes to breast size reset when using escape pod to advance
– Fixed Mall Infest sequences exiting directly to dining room rather than advancing time
– Spaceship is… technically visitable now but still no important plot advances in this update
See More
Part 2 –
The sex module should be pretty much done at this point.  This is a test round to find any bugs and see if it generally works, then I’ll implement it everywhere that it should be implemented then move on to the mall.  Rebalancing of stat changes and effects of specific sex actions will happen over time.
– Sex is now a separate encounter, with both the NPC and the Player taking actions in turn which affect pleasure, arousal, and tension.
– Lots of sex acts available
– Each sex act has certain requirements, such as the presence of specific parasites or a certain arousal/pleasure threshold
– Orgasm is required for parasite infestations.  For instance, you can fuck someone with your parasitic cock but only if an orgasm is triggered (at sufficient arousal) will they be infested because of it.
– Having canal and werm parasites in various orifices mutates the various sex acts slightly.
– Being mindfucked or mindfucking someone then orgasming should end the encounter and allow you to change their behavior.
– NPC’s can automatically initiate sex against you if they are horny enough.  They should do this at maximum once per ‘time cycle’.  If you have low resistance, you will be unable to stop them.
– Explanations start at the bottom then scroll upward, separated by a line.  The stat portion at the top displays current arousal and pleasure.  I think to the right of the stats is probably a good place to put the art.
Part 1 is broken now, I’ll have to fix it later.  This update is only for the sex module.  However, there were a couple other things updated:
– massive passage renaming scheme, shouldn’t affect anything you can see but its becoming more data driven
– Art for Julie has been updated except forgot to include preg/large breasts.
– Art for Robyn has been updated, ditto on the preg.
– Somehow the code that sped up the game got lost in the last few updates, it got put back in this one so the game should run really fast now.
See More
– Implemented a system that allows all NPC’s to move around randomly
– Direct infestation mechanic is working now
– If an NPC is infected, there is no chance they’ll be discovered.  Only infested characters can get caught and have parasites removed.
– Sex ed, Altar Room, Quinn Workplace seem to be working.  Strip club is only partially working, something is wrong with Robyn’s private room but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.  Laboratory isn’t working.
– Fixed some art bugs with the main characters
– Fixed some typos and description issues in part 1
– Trapping rooms was reworked slightly, you now automatically retrieve excess parasites used in traps
– Infesting yourself raises Force w/ additional parasites
See More
Part 2
– During the Day and During the Night code overhauled.
– Main game loop is mostly working
– Infestations are working
– Side character locations accessible, not quite working yet
– Parasite trapping and room infestations overhauled
– The mall is completely populated with stores but is mostly broken
Part 1
– Main title art updated
– The way line breaks were handled in the entire game has been changed.  Mostly cosmetic.
See More
– Fixed all the bugs mentioned from the previous round of bug checking.
– Polished music in part 1
– Fixed Joan’s quest triggers again
– Fixed Scientist
– Updated map for the spaceship
– Fixed a bug for inserting eggs into rectum
– Fixed captain not being able to be brain infested if the player infested their own brain first
– Fixed an issue with Twine that was causing lag to build up as the game progressed.  It should run extremely fast now.
See More
– Updated introduction art sequence
– Updated profile art for part 2
– Updated male neck infestation art for helmet scene
– Altered canal infestation in part 2 to reflect human skin tone
– Removed horniness barrier for escape pod (felt kind of annoying)
– Altered parasite brain infestation
– Parasite brain infestation now generates a list of quests.  Fulfilling these quests makes you more submissive to the parasite.  You can do the quests before infesting your brain and it will allow the story to progress w/o being submissive to the parasite.
– Fixed some bugs but there is weird behavior for the space station, sometimes it returns to the wrong room.  I’ll try to fix that next.
See More
– Sarah will now let player advance to space station
– Neck infestation voiceover plays
– Removed duplicated file, reducing the download size by ~20mb
– Partially changed the werm brain infestation for part 1
See More
– Infesting a person with a parasite now changes their status to infested immediately
– Updated Quinn and Tracie (lesbian girl)
– Tracie doesn’t have a profile pic yet
– Because there’s no way to mind control Tracie, her behavior is set to never get caught
– Added altar for Tracie’s pathway – can convert parasites from werms into other forms
– Access altar by having C-cup breasts and being fully female when talking to Tracie (hard to access as male start)
– Quinn office takeover works
– Fixed gender issue for part 2
– Altered parasite canisters to spawn faster and have same pattern for both genders
– Tracie is accessible on any day now
– Updated infection description
– Fixed main character force resetting every day
– Fixed characters losing 60 resistance multiple times due to infection (should only happen once now)
– Werm incubation in NPC ass/stomach now correctly shows
– Added description to infest neck and fuck their neck
– People getting caught and cured should work correctly
– Infesting peoples necks with werms now sets their behavior to help you against being caught (temporary fix, will be changed again in the future)
– Strip club reworked, Robyn should be working correctly
– Rearranged canister parasites to make more sense
– Fixed massage parlor <<if>> error
– Claire sex ed is now working, accessible by fucking her neck and altering her thoughts
See More
Altered part 2 Julie, Jessica, and Sandra with a new system of infestation
– Rooms are now objects that have their own variables.  Rooms can be infected.  An infected room has a 60% chance to infect the occupant during the day.
– Direct infestation will now be % based on target resistance and main character ability.
– Rooms can be trapped with multiple parasites.  Additional parasites cause % success chance of stealth infestation to increase.  Also, more than 1 hole may be infested.  Chance of multi-hole infestations has diminished success.  For instance, if you use 8 werms it’s an initial 80% success chance for first infestation, then 40% chance to infest the next hole, then 20% chance for the third.  To be honest it’s not that important yet but may be in the future.
– Since tons of werms are needed, they now birth after 1 day and will asexually reproduce from every orifice.  I’ll put in a better system for werm collection so that parasites get rounded up during the wake sequence.
See More
– Updated scientist interaction in part 1
– Updated mess hall interaction in part 1
– Updated navigation in Julie’s room when going to lab Fixed a bug at Gabrielle’s lab
– Started reformatting dialogue in part 2 to the new format, it has issues with the picture setup
– Removed werm fertility from oral/anal sex in part 2
– Decreased birthing speed in part 1 by 50% Fixed week to have 7 days in part 2
– Altered condition for advancing plot in mall
See More
– Removed defunct school map
– Altered code on Steve’s page
– Fixed error for infesting pussy if starting as Chet in part 2
– Fixed Jessica’s room not displaying correctly
– Added Brett in the LAN center, not fully tested

Extra: Debug Mod*

*This port/mod is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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