Part 1 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Hotel [v1.04] [Seztworks]
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Part 1 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Hotel [v1.04] [Seztworks]

July 9, 2024F95

You play as a young man who starts work at a very special hotel owned by your mysterious uncle. During your stay you get familiar with the clients and staff through hard work and intimate moments. The story is self-contained while also setting up the world for Himeros Haven and Himeros Horizon.

Updated: 2018-11-18
Developer: Seztworks Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.04
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Real Porn, Text based, Male Protagonist, Group Sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, BDSM, Harem, Teasing, Adventure, Romance, Lesbian, Voyeurism
M/F, M/F/F, F/F, Adrift
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “HimerosHotelv104.exe” to start playing.
Note that Adrift standalone files might get flagged as false virus positives. This is a part of the runner and can safely be ignored. More info in the posts below on this page.
If you have the option in your anti virus program to create a folder and add that to exceptions and then downloading the file into it, that should solve any file access issues.
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Final 1.04
Minor corrections in combination with walkthrough.
Elevetor location name change.
Assorted image corrections.
Final 1.03a (only update on patreon link)
Fixed some images that got cropped wrong in the last update.
Slightly improved task list descriptions for the first couple of steps.
Final 1.03
Image aspect ratio fix.
– All images are now square as a work around to the Adrift bug. This increased the game size by a good amount, but worth it.
Final 1.01
Major corrections to spelling, wording and grammar. Thanks to Macster.
Minor fixes to bugs and gameplay.
Beta 0.99d
Task list missing event info added.
Beta 0.99c
Gamebreaking bug fixed. Very rare but could stop Janitor and Babe path link.
Fixes small flow bug with Janitor path leading into another path. No longer needed to wait a day.
Beta 0.99b
Replaced blurry image of waitress getting clean.
Replaced b/w image of starlet with different color image.
Slight wording changes in some story events based on feedback for increased clarity.
Slight changes to intro task list wordings.
Slight changes to description of player character when inspected.
Fixed possible progression bug with Janitor.
Assorted spelling and grammar corrections.
Beta 0.99a
Added some small hints to the task list for harder to find events and required “hidden” work tasks
Endmarkers from 0.75 removed. The old brain forgot.
Time bug fixed in event.
Movement bug in 1. floor rooms.
Name errors in certain events fixed.
Final Beta 0.98.
New Content:
6 Path story and content complete.
1 Path content complete.
55 Events.
7 Scenes.
Every timed task rewritten for endgame event.
Bug with event trigger fixed. Could halt progress.
Bug fix for time description error.
Minor assorted fixes, bugs and spelling.
Check outfits.
Check conversations about ohter chars.
End marker A20 C10 D18 F10 G17 L21 M17 R10 S16 T15 Z10
Beta 0.75
New Content:
1 path story and content complete.
1 path almost story complete. (A post choice event saved for final release).
46 New events.
– including large multi event task
– first 2 events with slight changes based on earlier choices. 1 page and 1 picture changed for both events.
– a lot more story and lore
– new news
9 New scenes.
Assorted spelling and bug fixes.
Task list will note once the current content is complete.
If you task list is empty you have to find an event in the common areas of the hotel.
Saves past Beta 0.26 should be safe.
There might be some issues with the S.E.X. counters but they are all visual and have no effect on progress. Will be fixed if any bugs pop up.
End markers 69710172117613710 A6 C9 D7 F10 G17 L21 M17 R6 S13 T7 Z10
Beta 0.55+++
New Content:
1 Path story complete.
30 New events.
– including large multi character story event.
– least seen girl gets a dose of story
4 New scenes.
Large requested feature implemented. The Task List is here!
– 100+ tasks listed
– Shows active tasks. No spoilers. Only reminders of given info.
Teased room upgrade is ready for completion.
More staff conversations about other characters.
Added hint to janitor about an important conversation that can be missed.
Added hint event to lead into getting your first computer.
Added hint event to lead into cooking.
Added hint events to basement events.
Added hint events to singer path. A bit too hidden.
Added correction to adrift command block.
Fixed timing error on tome research.
Fixed small overlap of receptionist events.
First task for model will continue to prompt until started.
Assorted small fixes, spelling corrections and bugs.
18:44 09-04-2016
End markers 3/X/22 585617181721068 A5 C8 D5 F6 G17 L18 M17 R2 S10 T6 Z8
Beta 0.40
New content:
1 new path scene and story complete. (She might still show up in other paths.)
1 previous path story complete (Might still add conversations and outfits).
32 New Events.
– Including 1 new multievent task.
7 New Scenes.
More work opportunities.
First story choices for next game saved.
Added some task reminders to room descriptions.
Added some starter hints to character descriptions.
Added player name input. Players starting from a save can use “set player name” to change from the default.
Added work titles. Players starting from a save will not see a change until the next promotion.
Added recap text to the tome when reading it after complete decoding. Fixed error with last page.
Added reminder event in Janitor path.
Spelling and bugfixes. A bunch.
Room upgrade hinted at in last release still not completed. This is working as intended. Linked to different path.
This release has a clear endpoint so you will know when you have seen all the content.
Beta save info:
If you load a complete save from 0.25 or later and your S.E.X counter is at least 2.X.X you should be fine.
Anything before 0.25 is not recommended.
Beta 026:
New content:
6 New Events.
0 New Scene.
Some new conversations. Minor.
More content on the internet.
Model path streamlined.
Janitor path breakable. Fixed.
Janitor path streamlined.
Muliple minor fixes.
Patch Notes B025:
New content:
1 “complete” path. Missing final story events to avoid spoilers.
33 New Events.
– First attempts at problems with multiple solutions.
– Including some new non-interactive lore events.
10 New Scenes. Tripled the amount in the game.
1 New System. Another energy source.
Added more area specific outfits. Work in progress.
Added better in text tips. Italic text will in many cases point towards a conversation option.
Assorted fixes and bug corrections. Too many to list.
Bug in waitress path. Restriction could be avoided. Fixed. Clarification added.
Clarification in janitor path. Item upgrade line.
Clarification in hole line.
Todo B020 (next release):
This could end up being the last release before I shift focus to the the first beta.
This means that the next major release will be a while (month+) but also contain a bunch of new content.
Going forward any new content will be listed spoilerfree. (example: 6 new scenes added.)
If there is a need for it there could of course be another alpha release to fix major issues.
Known issues:
Spelling, grammar and structure. All work in progress. Will do slow reads/testing before next release.
Command and conversation gaps. Linked to above.
Flavor gaps. Outfits, event and location pictures and descriptions.
Patch notes A017:
Fixes and minor changes:
Changed food run task reward chain. One less step.
Added additional hints and commands to hole event.
Testing Italic words as a hint for Ask conversations. Less intrusive then color hints. For intro steps only at this point.
More conversation checks. Still a lot of work to be done to catch non-liniar question chain errors.
Camera is now as free as advertised. Bug fix.
Some more commands work for eating and cooking in the lounge. With complete rewrite of failure text for those. Thanks adrift 🙂
Started adding area specific outfits. Work in progress.
Bus corrections. System is still work in progress.
A lot of minor corrections.
Patch notes A016.
Unscrewed the mess made in A015. Adrift is weird, for a noob like me, sometimes.
Corrected some Scruffy dialog that had been bugged for a time.
Added key block on a missing scene.
Zoe is back to her normal self.
Adrift XP +1
Patch notes A015. (I know 013 would make sense. But it is closer to a percentage then incremental.)
New content:
Changed model path. Might have broken your save if you have anything before 0.12.
Added the starlet. Very basic. No story.
Added the babe. Very basic. No story.
Added the singer. Very basic. 1 event.
All major girl characters are in the game. But just so nobody tries to find all 10. One of them is not shown anywhere at the moment.
Missing info in patch note 0.12. All multipage events have key press stops going forward.
After remodel of model path I broke stuff. Fixed what I could find. Hope she is working now.
Assorted minor fixes.
Patchnotes A012
New content:
Nothing worth mentioning. Would not recommand replaying if you have cleared the game.
Rolling spelling corrections. This will be work in progress for some time 🙂
Some flavor conversations added. Much more to come.
Added “z” to the wait command. Hope it does not break stuff.
Food run fixes. Streamlined. Failure state checks.
Fixed lotion task. Gem does no longer hangs on to it forever.
Fixed clean mold. No longer feel the need to do this before it is pointed out to you.
Frey’s path is easier to start. Hints make more sense.
Frey no longer breaks her own path by talking about her uniform or other stuff.
Changed a specific porn picture. Did not intend to imply that the game contains monstersex or rape content.
Slight corrections in intro.
Scruffy is more willing to talk about computers.
Scruffy is less confused about the order of events.
Small basement room changes. A cabinett does not have to be there all the time 🙂
Fixed the market bus. It no longer is in love with the lobby.
Fixed important story bug.
Slight change to wank/hole stuff. Layout and story corrections.
Slight change to intro regarding tech. Leads into other changes later.
Camera request changed. Different and a lot cheaper. This is meant to be the first path. So a big moneyblock is not optimal.
Picture upload optimised. Bonus change. 1 picture was added in poster size by mistake. Game size down by 2mb.
Patchnotes A011:
New Content:
Added the much requested Wait command. “wait or nap” will jump 1 hour into the future.
Event to get free food added. Also brings another income source.
Added a bunch of task/event pictures.
Another event/scene added to the horniest staff member.
Rewritten intro. More focus on text making sense overall.
Fixed the wank command. No longer costs energy. Does not give experience anymore but will count towards a future unlock.
Added internet commands. use computer, use laptop, surf porn, use internet should all work now.
Added room pictures to the the newly added rooms.
Added missing room descriptions with directions. Some fixes.
Changed boss intro. Staff introduction is mandatory. Info about eating added. More color hints in intro.
Added another option to open up the Gem path.
Added more hint text in Gem path.
Added more hint text in Scruffy path.
Food run task is counted as a workshift. Less yelling from the boss.
Added pointer towards food run task.
Added a lot of info into the help command. Eat, Sleep.
Blocked a certain purchase until the story leads into it.
Rebalance costs.
Adrift Version: MEGANOFILEGDRIVEPatreon (free)
Blorb Version: MEGAGDRIVE (Usable on Linux/Mac or other runners. No support from Dev.)

Extras: Walkthrough


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    Part 1 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Hotel [v1.04] [Seztworks]