pic_intruder [v0.1.6 – RE:BUILD] [LUNA]
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pic_intruder [v0.1.6 – RE:BUILD] [LUNA]

April 13, 2024F95

Pictures store many things besides metadata: memories, emotions, but… and if you now had the possibility of being able to access them so that you could live what happens inside them… it would be like stopping time… but without affecting real life. It’s like a dream, isn’t it? What use would you give to this tool?

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—– what is: pic_intruder —–

In pic_intruder you will take the role of a young man who had a happy and peaceful life only to suddenly find himself surrounded by tragedies that lead him to fall to the lowest point of his life. Although he seems to have managed to get ahead, he has lost the good relationship he had with those close to him.

One day on his way home from work he receives an unusual email to test an application: pic_intruder. An app to satisfy sexual needs, but this application could go far beyond its main function.

A simple decision turns what is an app for a good moment of intimacy into a tool to solve doubts about the surrounding events… and to satisfy male needs, sounds like a good combo, doesn’t it?

—– Enjoy your:intrusion —–

Thread Updated: 2024-03-21
Release Date: 2024-03-21
Developer: LUNA (whoisLUNA)Itch.ioPatreonDiscordPixiv
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.6 – RE:BUILD
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Creampie, Dating Sim, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Multiple Endings, Oral Sex, PoV, Romance, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1.6 – RE:BUILD
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—– What’s:New —–
->Progress of the story from previous version
->2 H-scenes added (animated). In total (so far): 6 animations (with variations) of random girls + 7 animations of the main girls + 1 Main animation
v0.1.5b – RE:BUILD
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—– What’s:New —–
->Redesign of the UI.
->Redesign of the animations for the pic_intruder app.
->2 H-scenes added (animated). In total (so far): 6 animations (with variations) of random girls + 6 animations of the main girls.
(Note: The story remains the same, until version 0.1.6 there will be progress in the development of the story)
v0.1.5 – RE:BUILD
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—– What’s:New —–
->Modified gameplay (no longer sandbox), now it’s decision based (mostly).
->Improved in-game phone functionality (I think)
->App pic_intruder works as it should (ehe)
->Some changes in the dialogues and player’s decisions
->Small scenes added to support the narrative of the story (Approximately 8 + 1:4 secret)
->Individual routes with the main girls (as in previous versions)
->3 bad endings (+1:4 secret)
->Due to the code update the story goes back to the events up to version 0.1.3
->Redesign of the main menu
->New main animation
->+4 H-scenes added (animated)
Among other things that I leave as secret… ( ≖‿  ≖ )
v0.1.4– Ch01 – Part II
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—– What’s:New —–
->Continuation of the story where the last update ended (v0.1b)
->Correction to some lines of code to avoid bugs.
->Added a mini-game with one of the main girls.
—– Enjoy:Intruder —–
v0.1.3 – Ch01 – Part II
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—– What’s:New —–
->Continuation of the story where the last update ended (v0.1.2)
->Correction to some lines of code to avoid bugs.
->Added a “H scene” with one of the main girls!
—– Enjoy:Intruder —–
v0.1.2 – Ch01 – Part I [FULL]
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Due to the narrative I’ve already been writing I decided to finish the first part of Chapter 01.
Honestly… it’s not much I added for the end of this first part since the next part will continue the story and with some… interesting scenes. 😉 (I’m already working on it)
—– What’s:New —–
->Continuation of the story where the last update ended (v0.1b)
->Correction of some renders.
->Redesign of the MC’s room
->Correction (insignificant) to some lines of code to avoid bugs regarding rollback.
v0.1b – Part I
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—– What’s:New —–
Not much really, the modifications that were made were with respect to the code to avoid possible bugs.
But… something did change and I think it is important to mention it: the animations.
I’ve animated again the scenes that were already there to try to improve them (I’ve been practicing the animation and I think I’ve improved).  You can see the gif I uploaded to compare the difference. Better, right?…  right?…
Also I have added two new scenes so you have more pictures to intrude 😉
I’m still working!
—– Enjoy:Intruder —–
v0.1 – Part I
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Finally (after several weeks of rendering, coding and storytelling) pic_intruder version 0.1 is out!
—– What’s:New —–
->Story progress with Allison, Ayla, Lara and Madelyn.
->Introducing ⱯNꓵꓶ
->Map and phone system
->Interactive activities
->Character gallery and status
->4 pictures to use with pic_intruder not related to the plot (animated)__(Added 2 pictures [v0.1b])
->9 pictures of the characters as part of the storyline (+4 bonus)
->1… bad ending?
—– Working:Features —–
I will be working on some features for this version of the game (animated scenes, fix some renders, etc.).
I’ll be glad to know what you think about this version, all feedback will be welcome.
—– Enjoy:Intruder —–
v0.01 – Intro
Initial Release
IMPORTANT:  Due to the code change, files saved in versions prior to 0.1.5 [RE:BUILD] do not work correctly and will be omitted from this version onwards.


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