Pies & Apples [v0.5.0] [Neon Night Time]

Pies & Apples [v0.5.0] [Neon Night Time]

June 14, 2024F95

Marta(41yo) is a simple housewife who, from time to time, hires temporary workers to do small repairs and collect apples,

the fruit she sells to support the income of the house where she lives with her daughter Stacey.
Rocky (18yo), and Jennifer(18yo), are two young people who met at Marta’s house.
Both were hired temporarily to do small day-to-day jobs,

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such as weeding, picking apples and doing small repairs.
On a day that seemed to be like any other day, something very unusual happens.
Some of the inhabitants of the kingdom experienced the effect of a physical transformation. Marta,

who also received this “gift of fate”,
is going to turn to the witch for help and asks the guys to bring apples to cook a pie for the witch as a gift,
but the situation changes dramatically…

Everyone will immerse themselves in a world full of adventure and challenges, as the solution will not come easily.
Mysteries, intrigues, dangers, pleasures, discoveries, new encounters and much more will be part of these erotic

adventures in the world of of “Pies & Apples”.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-14
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, milf, urination, monster, fantasy, adventure, Futa/Trans
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1. Extract and run.
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1. The game design has been changed to warmer pastel colors.
2. Added new sprites for characters and NPCs.
3. Some sprites have been improved.
4. Storyline continued.
5. Added portraits to characters and key NPCs.
6. Added images to almost all scenes.
(In Kaise’s house, the sleeping Martha has a new “front view” image. Unlike the other characters, Martha sleeps in shoes, because after the transformation she became a little sloppy (Well piggy lol). This can be seen even in the morning in the kitchen if Rocky looked in under the table. The shoes of Martha, Stacy, Greta, etc. are a permanent part of the character’s image (like Mickey Mouse’s gloves. Characters have fingers, but such shoes better show their type of transformation).
7. Several new locations have been added:
1. Public bath (+ toilet).
2. Laverne’s house.
8. Added several new key NPCs + simple NPCs.(All non-key NPCs in the game will be improved and there will be more of them so that the locations do not look empty).
9. Some locations have been slightly changed.
10. Added quest log:
Very simple and intuitive interface, only 3 states:
1. Received quests:
They start automatically, you cannot refuse. The quest will remain in this category until the player changes the situation. If the game is completed, but there are still quests in this category, thenthe player missed something. Therefore, it is recommended to explore each location with different characters after each action, even if you need to return to the starting location of the game.
2. Updated:
List of quests in which information has changed. Regardless of how many steps a quest has, the player must check for new information in that category after an alert (Quest “blah blah blah” has been updated!) appears on the screen.
3. Completed:
Well what can I say?). List of completed quests with the latest information. Next to each quest there is a character icon, playing as which you can complete the quest. Some quests have icons with a “?” Here the player does not know which character the quest is intended for. I specifically removed the various “Quest Requester”, “Reward”, etc. and left only the essentials. Who the customer is and what needs to be done is in the quest description, the “Reward” is visible visually (items in the inventory, bar counter, etc.).
11. Added 3 visual bars (design for test, I’ll think about it later):
1. Level of sympathy.
For the player (Rocky does not have this parameter, because he is the protagonist). Will be filled depending on the player’s choice in different situations. When the scale is filled to a certain value, new opportunities will open up, etc. To develop relationships with characters and some NPCs (in the future).
2. Level of corruption.
The same as above, but for situations with “dark matters” and “dubious characters”.
3. Level of transformation.
Same as above, but depends on transformation type, etc. This thing is a little more complicated than the first two and is currently not active due to the storyline. Of course, after reaching certain values, new opportunities open up for the player.
12. A short pause has been set for the animation of receiving condition points.
13. A new character has been added.
14. New inventory has been added.
15. All locations have been completely redesigned for a smoother gameplay.
16. Now if the player does not have enough royal coins, Trisha will not sell panties.
17. Icons have been removed from the world map that signaled random events. I abandoned this idea and now instead of icons there are regular transitions to locations. (Interactions with some locations and events depend on who is the leader in the group at the moment. You are Martha – the location is empty, you are Rocky – there is an event at the location. The same with interaction).
18. Several new quests have been added.
19. One new point has been added to the map (Public Bath).
20. Now visiting places intended only for men/women depends on the gender of the group leader.
toilet M/F
If the leader of the group is Rocky, then all the other members of the group (these are women) remain waiting outside and after leaving the toilet they automatically rejoin the group. The same thing if the leader of the group is any of the women, if Rocky is also in the group – he is waiting outside.
21. Martha’s guest book:
1. A new scene has been added to Martha’s Guest Book. But this scene only appears if the player selected the mode (all scenes) at the beginning of the game due to the specifics of this scene.
2. Added the names of all patrons who requested this. There are currently three scenes in Martha’s Guest Book (read above). Almost every update will add a new scene; it can be any location and not always just Marta. But now such scenes can only be seen by completing certain tasks. For example (just an example) you collected 100 royal coins – “A new scene has been opened in Martha’s guest book!” Etc. This does not apply to the three scenes that are already in the game.
3. The book design has been improved, but I’m still thinking about it lol.
22. Some scenes and quests have been slightly reworked:
Expanded the scene with the orc in the cave when the player sneaks into his house. Now women cover their faces with their hands when approaching an orc when he…
The quest “Call of the Road” (when you need to get ready for the road) has been reworked. Now, when interacting with things in Rocky and Jenny’s room, there will be no unnecessary messages and there is an opportunity to leave. Also, if the player wants to explore the locations of Piglet Hill and houses, now they can do this not only in the house, but also outside.
23. Some dialogues have been redone.
24. Notification of secret places (question mark above the character’s head) does not flash and works only in the right place. The icon sprite was also replaced (now pixelated), transparency was added and sound was removed.
25. Now, if the player plays in the “Skip Scenes” mode, you can still get Martha’s panties (if you want, of course).
26. The message “In the next updates” remains only in places where the storyline has not yet reached and in some places where there should be images.
27. Now the game is in 3 languages:
1. English (translation will be improved when the developer has time),
2. Russian (translation from Portuguese by a native Russian speaker),
3. Portuguese (main version of the game, will be released a little later).
The pixel font is currently only available in the English version (due to the specifics of the code), but of course I will fix this in the future.
28. The folder with the old version of portraits has been temporarily deleted to reduce its size. At the moment this makes no sense because (according to the results of the Patreon poll) I will release 2 DLC after the full game is released:
1. Portraits for all non-key NPCs,
2. Portraits in the old style.
29. Some key places are now visible visually (made by request).
30. Some emotion balloons have been removed.
31. Some scenes have been simplified (no losses, nothing cut).
32. Useless selection options have been removed. For example, now Jenny in any case takes the teddy bear from the orc’s cave, etc.
33. Added some Easter eggs (just for fun lol).
34. Added more options for interacting with the outside world.
35. “Laverna’s Note” has been removed from inventory (not needed). Now Martha reads the note right away.
36. The effect of the HoneyLiker spray is now only 30 seconds.
37. Now the mouse cursor disappears when using the keyboard.
38. The key for temporarily deleting the message window has been changed to “SHIFT”.
39. Now, when playing with the mouse, the selection only works when you press the left button.
40. Choices now sometimes depend on corruption points, sympathy, etc.
41. Complete remaster of Kaise.
42. Complete remaster of Stacy.
43. Added a new item to inventory. Now Stacy needs to take 2 items with her on the road.
44. Added 2 new quests.
45. Added many animations and some NPCs.
46. Some scenes have been improved and expanded.
47. A small location has been added.
48. Added music to “Cherry Blossoming”.
49. Mouse control removed. Guys, this is old school. And frankly speaking, mouse control causes slight freezes in some places due to an old plugin that is necessary for the game, but it’s real old.
50. Touch controls are disabled. It looks ugly, steals space on the screen and for the PC version this makes no sense. If I make a version for Android, for example, I will include it of course.
51. Added the ability to climb to the top platform of Piglet Hill (Stacy only).
52. Added sprites.
53. Portraits have been added.
54. A lot of little things have been fixed (you will see for yourself).
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All outdoor locations have been changed to more old school ones. (In the next updates we will update the interior locations).
All images improved + new ones added.
All sprites and their animations have been improved + new ones have been added.
All item icons have been updated.
The menu and other screens have been changed.
The portraits have been changed, but only the variant in clothes. The next update will be all the rest.
(If you like the older version better, you’ll find this in the “Old Portraits” folder). Move with replacement.
ATTENTION! Old portraits do not include new emotes and characters. We will be adding them…very gradually…).
Added shops.
Some things (especially “specific ones”) only appear depending on the character, which you are currently playing (such things have a dark color in the name).
Some things appear depending on your “Dark Reputation” among the “Dark Persons” (while in development).
Some things appear depending on your Curiosity level (maybe we will change “Curiosity” to another name in the future).
Some items (especially “specific ones”) can only be bought with “Rare Coins” (Royal Coins).
Next to the price you will see the currency icon (Big coin – “Rare coins”, small coin – common money).
Study each location carefully. You can find rare coins and other things (Question mark above character’s head).
But sometimes there will be no question mark, because some places are visible visually.
Now sometimes you will be able to play other characters of the group. Each character has their own worldview and its own character, so the dialogues and reactions to the environment, etc. change depending on the character
which you are currently playing.
You can also find some items or events only by playing a certain character.
Added some “Dark Persons”.
There are no more incomprehensible moments in the orc cave.
Some controversial points have been redone for better understanding (but in any case, READ THE DIALOGUES, everything is there written and there will be no questions to the developer).
Fixed music and sounds + added new ones. It is also planned to leave only the key sounds of the voice, that players are used to, changing the rest and adding new ones so that each character has its own timbre votes (in future updates).
Save locations have been changed. The raven flew away and was replaced by a parrot). Now he has animation and voice.
Save location’s board now says “Save”.
The sound in the game is increased! You will be able to adjust this in the options.
Added several new locations.
The beginning of the game is slightly expanded.
Several new NPCs have been added.
Now, if the night has come, all locations change to the night version visually and not only (previously in Kaise’s house was always light).
Title screen changed.
A new option has been added to Martha’s guest book (now there are 2 of them). We remind you that options are always “Russian roulette”). They are random, it is impossible to know in advance which option will turn out. Try it).
In the future, there will be more options and not only with Martha and not only in one location.
In the next updates, the book image will be drawn beautifully.
Added different “Game over” endings (still in the test phase, we want to show this to the players and see tips/reviews etc.)
At the beginning of the game, as always, you can choose a version of the game with skipping some scenes or with all scenes.
Both versions are the full version of the game, not cropped. Because the choice only concerns some scenes and images, but the events are only slightly different so that there is logic.
For example, if you choose to skip scenes, but the character in the skipped scene receives an item, you still can get this item but in a different way or in a different place.
Many events have been slightly changed and supplemented / expanded.
Genies are removed and Rocky’s homecoming scene is changed. But this idea came at the last moment before release and I did not have time to implement the full version (draw some art), so in the next update this point will be slightly expanded.
The Options menu is back to normal, but I removed the Always Dash button. There are several reasons, this affects visuals and sounds.
For the same reason, I disabled scrolling with the mouse.
Now the finds (coins and things) differ in sound.
The items used also differ in sound. The sound when the player eats, drinks, bites an apple (for example).
Improved and added new ambient sounds.
Button and mouse acceleration was always disabled. The game has the sound of steps and if you do not speed up, then the steps turn into  “Shhhh…” while the player or events are moving.
Added a lot of interactions with the environment for each character.
Reworked Kayse’s quest “Wild Honey”, now “HoneyLiker” needs to be used only once. bees
added sound gradually fading as you approach / move away from the bees.
Bees now have the correct animation.
Made at the request of the players:
Added futa NPCs.
It is currently possible to exchange various fetish items for rare coins (this will be expanded in future updates).
Added names to messages.
Women’s and men’s names differ in color.
The text of some messages has been changed visually. It’s just weird when a character says every phrase aloud).
Therefore, now it has been converted into thoughts (For example *I would drink coffee* – thoughts, Thank you for coffee! – phrase). The color has also been changed.
Added test combat system. Nothing special so far (just click-click and win), it’s just added to the places where it should have been.
There is only one enemy so far (well… he is a plot lol).
Visually, the fights look old school and the characters will be animated (in the future).
The game now has a world map.
So far, only a few locations can be visited.
Depending on situations, reputation and character, different events will appear on the map (Still in the testing stage!):
eye icon – you can see the scene. Sometimes it can give you reputation, Curiosity, or you can get something. But sometimes… “Game over.” There is a choice, you choose “Yes” or “No”).
(Enemies, merchants, NPCs, etc. will also appear on the map in future).
The story line continues, but not much. Now that all the main work is done (finally!) we will to focus mainly on the story line.
Old saves of course won’t work in this version, too many changes.
Postponed for the following updates:
I didn’t include Kaise at night, Martha sleeping in the toilet, and Martha’s panties in this update.
I drew it, but at the last moment I decided to redo it. For the same reason, the image remasterhanging jenny is also not included in the update.
Sometimes you will see “In next updates” messages. As a developer, I always have toexplain to people why there is no picture here and why it is impossible to go to some places and the main question
“Is this the end of the update or did I search badly?”. I decided to save my time and yours).
We promised that from this version the game will be in three languages:
Guys, it will most likely be in the next version. The problem is not in the translation process, but in the game system.
Do you see crisp pixelated text? That’s the way it should be. We specifically found a way for such a text. But unfortunately, only the English font is displayed this way. Any other looks normal, blurry, nopixels and large. This problem is solvable, as one person told us, so we will keep the promise most likely in the next update.
While everything. Neon Night wishes you a pleasant game and… SAVE OFTEN!).
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New images,
Characters animation,
Places to save progress (Yeah).
Farm shop,
various little things.
All known bugs
Some graphics.
Some locations have also been improved.
In Martha’s guest book, we have included the names of only those patrons who have the Yummy Pie and Strawberry Pie membership levels.
And only those of them whose name does not look like a real name (for example, “John Smith” should write us a private message where he agrees to add his name to the game, but “Dark Super-Mega-Ultra Prince of Darkness” may not write us a private message).
Old saves will not work because there are very big changes, etc.
But we’re aiming for older saves to work in future releases, just give us some time).
That’s all for now. Have a good game.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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There is adult content is this game! It means it’s prohibited to people under the age of 18 or 21
(depending on the legal minimum age of your country).
This is a work of fiction.
All names, characters, races, events, titles, situations; have nothing to do with the real life.
All coincidences are only coincidences.
All characters in the game that are involved in any kind of sexual behavior or nudity, are 18 or older.
All races in the game that are involved in any kind of sexual behavior or exposure, are humanoid.
All characters in the game that are involved in any kind of sexual behavior or nudity, they aren’t from the same family as well.
The game is purely for entertainment.
This game shows an absolutaly fictional world inhabited by people and other races, monsters and various creatures
In this story, our characters (and not only) constantly find themselves in different situations (again – for adults!).
Funny, silly, dangerous, incidents, waiting for them at almost every step.
Pies & Apples will immerse you in a world full of unusual characters, beauty, eroticism, softness, missions, danger,
mystery, combats with different types of creatures, rewards and much more.
Old saves of course won’t work in this version, too many changes.


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