Pocket Gal Hunter [v1.12] [Pon’s Lab]
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Pocket Gal Hunter [v1.12] [Pon’s Lab]

January 15, 2024F95

In a world where there are magical creatures called gals.

RPG where you meet various people and gals and have adventures!

Thread Updated: 2020-06-05
Release Date: Japanese 2014-10-24, English 2020-05-24
Original Title: ポケットギャルハンター
Developer: Pon’s Lab Website
Translator: bazeeeng PatreonULMFF95zone – @bazeeeng
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.12
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DMM
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2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Male protagonist, Loli, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Turn based combat, Big tits, Monster girl, Japanese game, Censored, Titfuck, Oral sex, Urination, Internal view, Prostitution, RPG
Netorare (avoidable), Netorase (avoidable), Netori (avoidable)
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* Japanese locale is required *
1. Extract and run.
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 After using the love hotel, the bug that the status decreases when a gal levels up is fixed.
 The message when it takes the charm of the state abnormality is corrected.
 Fixed the bug that the standing picture may not disappear.
 Corrected the typos in the event.
 The traffic setting of a part of the map is corrected.
 Abolished the process that becomes loading when opening the save screen while pushing the SHIFT key in the menu screen.
 Fixed a bug at the time of equipping the feather ornament of the fool.
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 - Fixed an error in judging CG comp.
 The error of the judgment of CG comp is corrected.
 The judgment processing of the characteristic with the absorption recovery effect is corrected.
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 Fixed a bug that the partner does not evolve after clearing.
 Fixed a bug that a picture is not erased when a transfer card is used from Mando Forest.
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 Fixed a bug in Erin’s form change that did not change her attribute resistance.
 Fixed a bug in which a player is cancelled even though he has not entered the tournament at Tohen Dome.
 Review the lines after the end of the battle with Kronos.
 Corresponded to the omission of the correction of the server used for the Internet battle. (Play against the author only.)
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 Changed the server used for the net game.
 Characteristic: The activation condition of My Pace and the amount of recovery have been modified.
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 Corrected the appearance condition of the bell.
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 Fixed a bug of the characteristic of the net battle.
 What to bring: Modify the description of the accessories.
 Fixed a bug that Erin is not registered in the picture book after evolution.
 Fixed a bug where an error occurs after evolving to Miu.
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 - Changed fishing icon display (!)
 The icon display of the fishing is changed. Battle,♪: Skill machine, ? (Trap).
 The cross-sectional view of the picture book is unified to the specification during battle.
 When you break up with a gal, you have to collect your belongings.
 Moves: Fixed because the critical probability of Urgent Assault was not 1/2.
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 Removed the restriction on the attributes that only Miu can remember with the skill machine.
 Changed so that the nickname of the captured gal is always input.
 Since there were two types of Shinkai Punch skill machines, they were unified into one.
 Enemy Characteristics: Fixed the effect of hating exposure.
 Fixed a bug that the entry of the net battle is canceled by itself.
 Characteristic: Fixed a bug in which a characteristic was replaced when a co-dependent gal was captured.
 Fixed a bug in which the trait that is triggered when receiving a physical attack was also triggered by a special move.
 A part of the map where it is not possible to pass originally was corrected because it was possible to pass.
 The bug that the capture place of the gal of the legend system is not described is corrected. (Status, Diagram)
  However, if it has already been captured, it remains blank. Only new catches are supported.
 Changed the battle BGM of the last boss fight.
 Fixed a bug that tries to attack even though the enemy has fallen.
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 The Gokigen Attack and Grumpy Attack were merged into one, since there were two types of machines.
 Fishing skill machine: Fixed so that you can’t get the evil aggression.
 Corrected the contact area of the vending machines in the recovery center.
 Skill: The icon of resentment was a special skill, so it was changed to a physical skill.
 The up and down arrows are added to the character correction of the status of the equipment screen and corrected to be easy to see visually.
 Fixed a bug that the effect of the characteristic is generated on the opponent when an ally is confused and attacks you.
 The orientation of the pot in the gal’s village is fixed.
 Changed the Chiota’s wall passage setting.
 Fixed a bug where there is no gal born in the party when using the deposit system immediately after spawning.
 Corrected the error in the judgment of the possession of the fishing rod.
 The bug that all the gals made to lay eggs after a different color is born in the spawning facility becomes a different color is corrected.
 Fixed the bug that the man in front of the management office in Shinjuk plays a game of pass-through again. (Add the remedy if it’s already manifested.) 
  When you recover in the recovery center, a man will move to the side.
 The bug of the addition processing of the effort value is corrected.
 Fixed a bug where a gal does not level up.
 Fixed so that Tomoe’s event will always occur in front of the Makoto Training Center.
 Reviewed the timing of the event occurring in the gal’s village. (Elona only).
 Added a remedy process for a bug in which a gal who doesn’t have a color difference is treated as a color difference and has already become apparent.
 Add a possession that will not evolve if you let the gal have it. (It’s available in Taito’s shop.)
 When the characteristic of the captured gal is a wild intuition and a woman’s intuition, the bug that the critical rate display becomes 33% is corrected.
  (Display only change, no change in critical rate.)
 Added the condition that the degree of latchiness decreases.
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 Fixed so that Erin will not evolve by leveling up.
 Fixed a bug where the form change of the Knight Erin is not released.
 Fixed a bug that the man in front of the management office plays a game of “Shinjuk”.
 Item: Fixed a bug when using Kawaritakunar.
 Skill Machine: Data ID for Grumpy Attack has been modified.
 Characteristic: Fixed the description of the girl who fights and has bad hands.
 Corrected the upper limit of recovery by the possession so that the effect of other possessions is taken into account.
 Fixed a bug in fishing.
 Fixed the victory reward items of the Battle Dome.
 Fixed a bug in which a high individual is not born when a different color is born by spawning using a high individual ovulation agent.
 Fixed a bug in which some gals are born after evolution.
 The bug that the rename of a gal cannot be done is corrected.
 The bug of the level-up processing is corrected.
 The bug that the gal who does not have a color difference is treated as a color difference is corrected.
 Fixed a bug that cannot talk to Urumi after clearing the game.
 Corrected the typos in the conversation.
 The explanation about the renaming of the gal was added.
 Fixed a bug in which it becomes stuck by the step jump of the village of the gal.
 Fixed the message when checking the locker at the station.
 Because the control of the fishing rod acquisition was wrong, it was corrected. (Add a remedy if it’s already out of whack.)
 Belongings: Fixed a bug where the effect of the recoil recovery may not appear.
 Fixed a bug in the deposit system.
 Fixed a bug that was treated as the same as a defeat when you won the game on the net.
 Characteristic: Fixed a bug where the effect of this mischief does not work.
 Fixed a bug where the locker does not open at the Black Clan headquarters.
 Characteristic: Guard processing is added so that the error does not appear by co-dependency.
 It is corrected so that the bug and the use charge when using the villa do not occur.
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 The mosaic of the male genitals is corrected thickly.
 Added a stage to the cross-sectional view of the capture scene. The display can be turned on and off.
 Fixed a bug that the effect of the characteristic is not invoked during the battle.
 Fixed a bug where a gal not participating in a battle was getting an effort value.
 Reviewed the experience value required to level up some gals.
 The bug of the status change by the personality at the time of the level-up is corrected.
 Fixed a bug where some gals’ attributes are not changed when they evolve.
 The ability to use the secret technique of some gals is corrected.
 Corrected the typo of the Machoto event.
 Fixed a bug where you can fight with the instructor in the Lin Training Center as many times as you like.
 Fixed the probability of the Legendary color difference appearing in Tohen Dome.
 The passage setting of the wall of the station is corrected.
 Changed some of the acquisition conditions of the skill machine.
 Moves: Fixed the explanation and effect of the grudge.
 The effect of the yellow rubber of happiness is corrected.
 Fixed a bug that Elona’s evolution event does not occur.
 Review the timing to be able to go to Shibuya by flying in the sky.
 The behavior of the consultation when executing an event is reviewed (not supported for holding down the key).
 The hint of the album is corrected.
 Fixed the message when you break up with a gal.
 Added bug avoidance processing to “Withdrawal” of the deposit system.
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